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Essay on human attraction

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Arguably, the issue of attraction among individuals is a concept that cannot be avoided. As a matter of fact, people become attracted to others on a daily basis. There are various aspects of attraction taking place between individuals in society, which has led to the identification of various factors that cause individuals to be attracted to another person. In some cases, these factors that cause attraction among people may differ for men and female. The mystery of attraction in society is unraveled by identifying responsible factors that will assert the meaning of various types of attraction among individuals. Perhaps, the mystery of attraction is even heightened when a stranger walks in and you are just attracted to him or her, yet at the same time you are not attracted to someone else. This implies that there are critical factors that causes this attraction from one person to another. He relationships that exist between various people is as a result of attraction driven by the unique factors. These factors that cause attraction between individuals include similarity, association, physical appearance, familiarity, common interest, as well as proximity.
It is worth noting that nature does not just cause attraction without a due cause. If this was the case, then all people would be attracted spontaneously and at an equal rate. Attraction happens for a clear and defined reason; hence, h being attracted nit to everyone in society but with certain specific people happens because of certain factors. The factors in some occasions may differ differ for women and men. One of the main factors that cause us to be attracted to another person is the physical appearance (Bernstein, 2011). As a matter of fact, studies show that physical appearance that makes individuals perceive others in society interesting compared to others. It is evident that many people in the world assert more emphasis on issues of physical appearance when developing a certain relationship (Martin, 2007). In the contemporary society, innovation and inventions have given individuals an opportunity to manipulate the physical appearance in various ways so as to make them attractive even when they are not thought to be.
Many psychologists agree that physical attraction plays a role in attraction between individuals. But is an issue is what causes the attraction. The issues of physical appearance may differ for men and women. For one reason or another men and women are attracted to good looking individuals so as to increase their self esteem. It is evident that men who are not good looking are attracted by good looking women so as to increase their self esteem (Andersen & Taylor, 2013). Also women and men differ on the issue of physical appearance since they look for different characteristics. Women in most cases attract more to men who have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. In fact, on issues of height, women are more attracted to men who are taller than them. Hence, physical appearance is a crucial factor that causes attraction.
Another factor that causes the attraction of one person to another is familiarity. Undeniably, the issue of familiarity plays a crucial role in looking for a partner or a friend. People tend to search for a partner and friend unconsciously, by looking for individuals who are familiar to them in one way or another. In fact, we are attracted to individuals who resemble those individuals that who are dear to us Crooks & Baur, 2008). In fact, in such scenario individuals are not attracted to people who have controversial values. The people who have the tendency to develop same character traits as other people, are attracted to them and feel very comfortable around them. Some of the connections that bring people together include happy childhood or even issues of accent. In most cases, men feel very secure and attracted to women and men who grew up together and had a happy childhood (Coon & Mitterer, 2011). People are attracted to each other basely because they are mostly familiar with.
The association is also another crucial factor that causes individuals to be attracted to others. This implies that people make various associations in the mind to what happens in the environment and the entire surrounding. Human beings in some occasions are stereotyped on issues of attraction, in that they judge the aspect of good and bad based on the environment. Many people are mostly attracted to individuals who they met in good and happy places, and tend to shy away from any person that brings bad memories. The aspects of association also applies to language, religion or even country. Therefore, people have their reasons for beings attracted to an individual who is associated with certain religions. In terms of association men and omen tend to differ in one way or another (Andersen, Taylor, 2013). For example, one in most cases is attracted to men with whom they put on red clothes. On the other hand, men are attracted to individuals who puts on the clothes of their color and type. Studies show that association causes an individual to be attracted to other people.
The fact that people share a common interest is a factor that causes the attraction among people. Studies show that individuals are in most cases drawn to people who share common values and interest. It is only when individuals have found a certain interest that they are attracted to someone (Bernstein, 2011). For example, students are attracted to each other because they support each other during exam preparation. This implies that if the examination was not available, then there would be no attraction between them. Men and women may differ in terms of being attracted on the basis of common interest. In general perspective, individuals are attracted to other people because they have something that they are interested in.
In addition, physical proximity and closeness among individuals causes attraction. It is evident that when people live close to each other The neighbors seem to always be attracted to each other and be friends, this occurrence is not by default (Coon & Mitterer, 2011). The fact that individuals are close to each other brigs in the aspect of attraction. It should be noted that not all people who are close are attracted to each other, there are other factors that cause attraction other than physical proximity (Martin, 2007). Closeness is a factor that causes the attraction since individuals are in a position to express their feelings, thoughts, and passion to those around them These aspects of expression will lead to attraction between the close parties.
In conclusion, there are various crucial factors that cause attraction between individuals. The factors can be complex to elaborate on since each factor has the crucial factors that affects it. Attraction among individuals can be for the same various reasons, but in the long run causes are far much the same. These causes include physical appearance, familiarity, proximity, similarity, as well as the association. It is also worth noting that the causes in some occasions differ for men and women. Perhaps, the factors that define men and woman are very different, and for this reason there is a variation of how women are attracted as compared to men. It is evident that attraction is not caused by nature, but there are specific factors that cause attraction between individuals.


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