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Essay on marketing mix

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The iPad is an ideal product of my liking. A product that combines the features of a smartphone and a laptop, iPad is the ideal for a student like me. I can use it as a phone as well as a computer. It mobility and size makes it easy to move around with than a laptop. Some of the elements that make it so important are:
It is an easy device to use than other computers, the touchscreen technology makes it even easier to browse and navigate through its features with a finger (Sutherland, 2012). Their functions are helpful to me in my education and general life. I not only use it to access online reading materials but also taking photos and videos, video call, watch movies, listen to music among others functions. This makes it an important product and of interest to me.


The iPad is a tablet device that has features of a laptop and a smartphone and has a touchscreen technology. Its dimensions are 9. 56 by 7. 47 inches. It is thin compared to the laptop and its battery life is ten hours. It has various functions like surfing the internet, taking videos, making video calls, listening to music, watching movies, playing games among others (Sutherland, 2012). There are of different versions with different hard drive capacities and 3g capabilities. It has Bluetooth profile and on-screen keyboard for inputs.


The iPad can be purchased at different prices depending on its specifications. The base model, a 16 GB without 3g capability, is the cheapest going for around $400, as does the iPad mini. A 3g capable base model sale at $130, above the other 3g disabled model. It also comes with an AT&T data offer, for network provision, in areas without Wi-Fi. They Apple Inc. offer $100, off certain products to college students as well as seasonal offers.


The iPad is available in Apple retail stores as well as in other mobile stores in the United State and other places in the world. It is also available online on the Apple online store, which provides free shipping. This makes it purchase easy and faster (Sutherland, 2012). Best Buy, an Apple partner also stocks the Apple products and the iPad can be bought from there.


The Apple Inc. uses various promotion methods in promoting the iPad. They advertise on their websites and on magazines. They also promote the product through sales promotions and using third party (Sutherland, 2012). There are advertisement on the television, billboards and many other advertising medium.
The marketing and sales department is responsible for marketing the firm’s product. They therefore have to answer the following four questions, how much to offer, at what price, where and how to offer it. In so doing, it will be looking at the 4P’s.
The product definition will determine it marketing. This is considering the quality of the product. How it fits with market requirement and meets the consumer needs. The iPad meets these criteria as it fulfills the niche in the market.
Price set for the product determines the sales and the returns. When the price of the product is favorable, it will attract customers. The iPad prices are affordable and vary according to the models.
The question on place is well met by the iPad marketing. The distribution channels are well outlined and the availability of the product in the market is assured (Sutherland, 2012). The prices in the Apple store are quoted and known to the clients.
Promotion has been done extensive through advertising. The promotion strategies applied work to the benefit of the product. The iPad promotion and extensive advertisement has enabled it to take over the market in such a huge way.


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