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Essay on national riffle association

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The National Riffle Association is a United States non-profit group that was established in 1871. It is an organization that is used to support firearm ownership, firearm safety, marksmanship, hunting, police training and self defense training in the US. It is dedicated to voicing the rights to bear arms and instructions on how to safely and correctly operate with firearms in the United States. This is done through certifying firearm safety training and proficient training bodies in the United States.
The National Riffle Association effect the public policy through sponsorship, education and recruitment of more interest groups. They educate the public and policy makers on the use and fire arm ownership and the legislations guiding fire arms ownership (Anderson, 1996). They actively lobby against the regulations the government has imposed on the use of fire arms and encourage the interested groups to own fire arms for protection. The NRA promotes hunting and firearms safety in the US. Additionally, it provides quality education and trainings to the public or guns use and ownership. The National Riffle Association supports organizations and programs which ensure the continuance of proud shooting and hunting heritage.
The National Riffle Association power is so strong and wider because it has a large number of members and it is an influential organization in the US. It is the most muscular and powerful lobby group in the US and most politicians fear them because they can effects their candidacy during elections (Sugarmann, 1992). They are widely spread and can change campaign trails in the US to favor their favorite candidate than any other lobby group. The NRA spreads message beyond their membership compared to all other lobby groups in the United States. Furthermore, it supports so many programs and institutions in the United States and this makes it very popular and strong.
The NRA is a group of about 4. 5 million members. Its board of directors consists of 76 members of which 75 are elected to serve a three year term and one is elected to serve until a qualified successor is found. They have a president, one or two vice presidents, a treasurer and a secretary. The National Riffle Association stakeholders are members who hold fire arms, frightened conservatives and other police bodies that use fire arms.
The National Riffle Association has been successful because it has many members and it has been able to block the laws restriction fire arms ownership in the Unite States. It has been able to protect the members’ rights on gun ownership. NRA has been successful in loosening gun laws in the United States. According to their statistics for the last ten years, the National Riffle Association has won 230 full legislative victories on the state level on gun ownership. It has won many debates on fire arms use and ownership. The NRA has been successful in promoting marksmanship skills to those who love participating in shooting sports by defending their rights to the sport. Moreover, NRA has successfully enhanced the trainings on the use of guns in the US and defended the second Amendment rights of all law abiding citizens in the United States to be allowed to use fire arms (Davidson, 1998).
NRA represents the people with fire arms most of the times. Many laws have been put in place to ban fire arm ownership in the United States but through the National Riffle Association, people are still allowed to own guns for personal defense. It also represents those who love shooting sports. In addition, it represents many institutions which train the public on the use of guns.


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