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Essay on psychology

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Industrial organizational psychology

Industrial organization refers to a discipline of economics that helps one to study specific firm’s interactions and the firms- market links. This study facilitates management and competition of organizations such as non-governmental organizations, government firms, schools and hospitals. It enhances organization improvement through provision of qualified and motivated workers. An industrial organizational psychologist gives advice on methods of improving workers efficiency through educating, hiring and emphasizing on the important of feedbacks.

My main aim is to undertake a doctorate degree in industrial organization psychology. A doctorate degree is a certified educational level that qualifies the holder to train in the field of specialization. Since high school, I always had a passion in this field and highly participated in business related surveys and research programs, which I believe formed the basis of my future career as an industrial organizational psychologist.
I am highly attracted to this course because I believe in growth and development of businesses. Am irritated by how some organizations are poorly managed and therefore feel there is need for improvement. I would enjoy managing a viable profit making business where workers are motivated in achieving the set target and goals. In such a position, I would get good monetary compensation to support my family and make my dream come true.
Although this course demands a lot of financial commitment, I have a great support from my family and friends. In addition, I intend to acquire a higher education loan from the Ministry of Education which will spearhead the completion of this course. After completion of this course, I will be in a position to teach students undertaking industrial organization course and also train workers in business management careers.

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