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Ethics in business report examples

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On behalf of the staff of Gilani clothing company, I would like to thank the public and our customers in particular from all the nations, for believing in us and supporting us to make us who we are today. Your backing cannot be underestimated and it humbles us to say that we would not have made it without each and every one of you. Gilani clothing is a big company multi-national company that gives the best of product to its customers. In addition to top quality products, Gilani clothing has several initiatives to giving back to the society. Observing environmental ethics is one of the top practices that our company observes. We believe in conserving the environment for the future generation. It is sad that as human beings, we are dying at the cost of their own pollution yet we can avoid this.
As an apparel company, we deal with many suppliers who provide us with the products we need to make our goods. We try as much as possible to be associated with suppliers whom we have common interests. Those who mind about the safety of their customers and the future generation and are not only interested in making money. A recent British newspaper released an article that linked Gilani clothing company with Amadom chemical supplier company which is headquartered in the Eastern part of Asia. Amadom is one of our suppliers that has several substituent companies around the globe. For us to get into contract with Amadom, we established that we share common interests and environmental conservation was one of them. The fact that one of their factories poorly disposed their waste does not mean the whole company should be crucified for it. I, however, do not oppose the fact that this company should face the law for poor disposal of their waste.
Care ethics is one of the ethical theories Gilani clothing company hold in high regards (Mizzoni, 2010, p. 134). This theory dictates that what dictates if something is right or wrong, good or bad, is if it either cares for other people or damages them. The vulnerable people in the society need to be taken care of. They need to be supported and not exploited. They include the children, workers, and old people. Amadom is a great company, however, one of its factories failed to observe the care ethics and by poorly disposing waste material, the vulnerable group in the society was negatively impacted. As Gilani clothing company, we are planning to play a role to help fix the mess created by one of our suppliers.
There are several steps Gilani clothing company is planning to undertake to address this issue. First is to offer education services on the importance of environmental conservation, second is to suggest proper ways of disposing waste products including the waste disposal agencies, and finally is help the affected people.
Education is key in transforming any type of society or institution. For a person or group of people to change from one way of doing things to another, they need to me made to understand the purpose of that change and the benefits that come with that change. In this case, we as the Gilani clothing company would choose to offer education services to Amadom Company on ways of proper waste product disposal. First it will be important to make them understand the consequences of poor waste disposal which include: affecting people they love and the environment they live in. when they release toxic gases into the atmosphere, they cause the people around to develop respiratory diseases. Disposing toxic effluent into water bodies where people draw bathing and cooking water is a health hazard to them. These people might include friends and family of the people working in the polluting factories. Also, dumbing razors, needles and hazardous chemicals into the environment poses a threat to the health of the people around. The management of Amadom Company should be made to understand that these people they are posing health threat to indirectly are related to them. When they are negatively affected, the sales of products to them go down hence the companies Amadom supplies products to will be negatively affected. Therefore, creating awareness to Amadom that poor waste disposal will eventually affect them personally, either directly or indirectly, will make them interested in adopting to proper waste disposal.
Second it will be important to make the management of Amadom understand the different ways of proper waste disposal. Waste from factories can be disposed properly through different means. Introducing Amadom to the best waste disposing agencies is a good idea. They should then be made to understand that devolution of responsibility for a given cost is way better than looking for means of disposing them themselves. Another alternative is making them understand that they can create a department of waste disposal. This department will be categorically responsible for taking care of waste product. They will employ professional personnel to manage this department. By doing this, they will ensure that their waste product is well handled and disposed. Amadom should also be taught how to treat their waste products before disposing them. This is a modern way of handling and disposing waste products. Effluent is treated before being released into the rivers, and dangerous material such as syringes, razors, and hazardous chemicals can be disposed in pits and covered immediately. There they are not easily accessible and will not harm anyone especially children.
As the Gilani clothing company, we will help the people already affected by this irresponsible disposal of waste products. The fact that the people have already been negatively affected should not be neglected. The child rag-pickers, as young as five years, whom search for cloth fragments to sell and to use them as fuel was negatively affected. The much time they spend at these dump sites they inhale toxic gases which affect their respiratory organs. Their eyes and skin to are damaged due to this harsh environment. Gilani clothing company will cater for the medical treatment of the effected children. This will be done by hiring a team of medical officers who will move in mobile clinics and give free medical services to the people affected.
Finally, Gilani clothing company will be involved in rehabilitation of the damaged environment. Our company will pay for cleaning agencies which will clear the damp sites and dispose them in a proper manner. Polluted rivers can be treated, and trees grown around rivers to restore them to their natural state. By doing this our company will not only be involved in stopping what Amadom has damaged but also restoring what has been damaged
The strategies we have that are aimed at solving this pollution issue by a factory of Amadom chemical supplies company has several setbacks. First, choosing to support Amadom will create an impression that we are supporting wrong doers as a company. Some customers might take this negatively hence causing an undesirable impact to our company. First being associated with a pollutant firm was a bad thing for the company’s image. Being involved in activities that support this firm will even tint the company’s profile more.
The high cost of implementing this strategies is also a setback to their implementation. A lot of funds will be required from the company to fund the cleaning programs, the education program, and the treatment program. It will be expensive to hire trained personnel to carry out these programs such as teachers and medically trained officers. The extra fund, therefore, that will be used to implement them might temper with the financial statement and plans of the company. This might end up making our company perform poorly (Jacques, 2001, 55).
Finally, the whole process of saving the reputation of a supplier of the company is not helping our company, in the cloth line industry, in any way. The move is not a constructive one and some managerial staff might not be for the idea. They might opt for cutting link with Amadom chemical supplies company instead of trying to save it.


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