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Example of [address of addressee] argumentative essay

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Dear Mr. [Name of Addressee]:

As the Vice-President of HR Department of the company, I feel proud in stating that our company started its operation in year 2000 and since its inception, it has gradually progressed through time and currently the working strength of the company is 75 full-time employees along with 25 part-time employees which brings a total of 100 employees working in the company. The Human Resource Department at the company has efficiently managed the working requirements of the production deadlines through introducing effective working and leave scheduling system. The deployment of each employee is according to their expertise and skills which further enhances the overall efficiency of the company.
Since the company is in the business of manufacturing customer goods, so the deadlines to meet the customer requirements become more essential than services sector. The competitive market situations push the need of meeting the customer requirements to even higher levels. The targets set by sales department are becoming more and more difficult for the production department to meet on time. The reasons for this issue are quite a few including the competition from other similar manufacturing companies, high turnover ratio due to stagnant careers in the company and lack of communication between sales and production departments. These issues are of critical importance in today’s competitive market and the company may lose its reputation resulting in losing customers if these issues are not properly addressed on priority basis. There may be various solutions to resolve the issues discussed in above para including training and development of the employees, outsourcing some of the production workload, enhancing better pay package and career growth. These solutions are already effectively implemented in most of our competitors and many other manufacturing companies. The results of implementing these solutions have been extra-ordinary for other companies.
The first example is General Electric Corporation. General Electric promotes the empowerment of employees. Within General Electric, each associate of the company takes part in the ‘ Work Out’ meetings. These meetings are assisted by a procedure devised by professionals which is anticipated to educate skills, cooperation, and decision making in order to improve or oppose the destructive assets of organizational reforming and downsizing, employees representing dissimilar functions and levels. General Electric has developed such a culture in which workers are empowered to attain their utmost potential. General Electric’s presentation of meritocracy is challenging other than the rewards which are usually of good level as compared to the market. All the procedures at General Electric are instrumented considering what is significant to workers and providing opportunity to tackle information and assets in order to assist workers and bring them to their best potential. The corporation allows the workers to take individual responsibility and do their best to manage what they are capable of managing in the organization while carrying out their primary tasks side by side.
General Electric realized right from the beginning that stripping and delay ring out of administrative ladder would comprise their latest axis of managerial significance which would be mandatory in the future operations of the company. Empowerment of employees is considered as a valuable factor in the growth of the employees’ career. Workers are delegated with further responsibility above their primary jobs. Employee empowerment assists workers to turn into useful decision-makers. By generous they further control; they build up wisdom of possession above their jobs. Employee empowerment assists workers to improve their skill levels as well. One of the benefits for the employees about employee empowerment is that it permits them to sketch for their exercise and growth. Employees recognize their guidance and growth needs. These are supported completely through the Human Resource Development Division within the Department of Human Resource. General Electric understood the concept at very early stage and studied its significance .
Finally General Electric was able to achieve the desired results of employee empowerment through introducing the Human Resource Development Division with their Human Resource Department. This division looks after various areas of employees’ careers including their training and skill enhancement programs and career advisory & counseling. General Electric as also adopted a concept known as Arrow Learning which is proficient by managerial structures as in entirety, more or less as whether the association were only brain. The top management of General Electric is aware of the importance of managerial education in the accomplishment of corporation goals and objectives. Workbooks are organized to direct their workers individually throughout organized self-assessment of morals, benefits, goals, abilities and personal growth plans. General Electric has expanded and wide set of workbooks for its job growth programs, as well as manuals to assist workers discover living matters that concern job decisions.
The Human Resource Development Division at General Electric empowered significant number of employees through various programs and organized internships for undergraduate students and for graduate students to leading entry-level worldwide Leadership Development curriculums. Several of General Electric’s crown leaders can mark out their occupation to early stages to these plans. Plans such as these assist and facilitate the organization at the general levels as well. These programs besides assist and take care of core procedures and levels of skills which are local that surplus the company. Challenging mentoring, regular exposure, and assignments to senior executives assist to recognize and expand outlook the high prospective leaders. General Electric’s dynamic civilization promotes enduring learning. General Electric workers are together encouraged and expected to accomplish training that assists them find the way a further aggressive market position, study domain capability, build up skills and fulfill with the corporation’s honesty and residency initiatives. General Electric, nowadays is amongst America’s mainly admired corporation. Its teaching and growth strategies during the managerial stage have been victorious. Yet, there are silent aspects that are further then to manage the company. General Electric works in the fast-changing atmosphere. Human resources are immobile its input aggressive advantage. Training and rising workers to be capable to settle in to changes be immobile significant. The transforms in the peripheral environment, particularly in technology in attendance together confronts and opportunities. The organization wants to snatch the occasions given through technological improvements .
The second example is Toyota Company which is one of the leading commercial car manufacturing companies. The organizational culture at Toyota has evolved right from the corporation’s inception and has remained more or less the same throughout the life of the organization. It is the explanation why procedures are inclined, cars strike the marketplace on budget and on time, chief engineers budding cars genuinely and are aware of the clients, corporation executives look forward to long-term drifts and have patent strategies, and each worker which is called a group member in the Toyota culture is dynamically working on accomplishing the targets of the corporation.
The Toyota Corporation has been initial and leading about civilizing the way citizens think and perform is intensely embedded in the corporation principles and its philosophy. At the center it is concerning respect for citizens and continuous development and this have not distorted since the corporation’s beginning. Companies of many types throughout the humanity have been scrounging particular processes from Toyota to have been curved into plans like lean industrialized, lean six sigma, and lean venture. Fundamental these plans be a fundamentally dissimilar supposition than is observed in Toyota’s civilization. The hypothesis of these incline programs be that the correct tools useful to specific troubles by skillfully trained persons will radically improve trade presentation in a comparatively short phase of time. All of the concepts were implemented in Toyota through the introduction of Human Resource Development Division within the company’s Human Resource Department .
Toyota’s primary assumption has been that vigilantly selected and local people above long phases of occasion will constantly improve procedures and ultimately guide to viable benefit and common prosperity. These theoretical underpinnings guide to extremely different visions of how towards develop and manage people and dissimilar visions of the task of the HR sections in the unyielding. The Human Resource Development Division in Toyota considers the human resource as the prime resource of the organization and one believes of the Human Resource Development Division in Toyota is that processes citizens in a parallel way that secretarial processes wealth. Huge PC systems & IT infrastructure and big process manuals among reams of information explanation for such belongings as benefit packages, salary structures, retirement programs, health insurance, and career paths are the prime factors which are looked after in the Human Resource Development Division in Toyota’s Human Resource Department. Toyota’s advantage over its competitors is a lot more holistic and broad. It begins with an attitude that the force of the corporation is to stand on respect and kaizen for people. Measurement of accomplishment is reflects and multidimensional the achievement of the venture, not particular projects.
In Toyota corporation the leadership ladder is not present to farm out development to black-belt experts but pretty privileged at each level participate an essential task in daily enhancement and privileged are educators to extend team members. There are large number of techniques available for development but the communal unit of development is principally at the stage of the effective team led by a team leader. The team leader is beard by hourly group leaders who assist kaizen and team-member stage. Improvement be not focused merely on huge incline projects, other than numerically further are little improvements guide by store floor-team associate so there be strong possession of the procedure and results. Over time constant improvement by recognizing and solving troubles strengthens the corporation, which be able to be regarded like a educational organization.
Toyota Corporation is full of employees which are highly erratic from individual to individual and yet the same individual remains effective over time. So not each action of each individual each day ropes the model of Toyota’s culture. What does place out by Toyota be the capability to be familiar with troubles accurately and sincerely and resolve them with vast rigor. Toyota offers an instance of education institute that be real and flourishing. It is flourishing for the proprietors of the industry and also for the group associates. It begins with the supposition that citizens are the mainly important source and also require to be raised and challenges and developed. Human resource administration be the most observable and significant tasks in the corporation because human beings be the only spirited source that may cannot be derivative. Organizational transform is not merely a strategic administration issue. It involves barely the goals and strategies of the institute. More than something, it concerns the citizens within the institute. Organizational transform can be disordered and problematic, particularly to the workers who discover themselves catch in an unsafe situation. Development and training must be a major deliberation in organizational transform. The institute cannot execute its new objectives and strategies if the workers are not ready, educated and trained. Human resources progress plays a vital function in the achievement of organizational transform efforts .
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