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5. Results and analysis of mystery points, hardware and software system for the business
6. Bus topology diagram
7. Analysis of journey map
8. Overall Budget plan for the business.
1. Business description: Semesh is a business organization that wants to incorporate information technology in business. The business management wishes to determine the lowest cost for installing hardware and software and spend less than $25, 000. The budget should not include expenses such as cost of the ISP-set up and communication system. The business, however, intend to get a router that is free as part of the ISP-set up package that is currently given free to the new ISP business customers. The business wishes to purchase the recent software that is currently selling in the market and suitable for their software. It, therefore, requires a recommendation on the suitable software that suits the organization systems. Moreover, due to the recent attacks over the internet, a business wishes to know what types of software suitable for protecting its system and recommendations on the appropriate and reliable software and its cost in the budget. The aim of the business is to install in its system the recent models ofserver, desktop, and laptop that are currently in the market. It also wants to know the appropriate output, input and storage devices that are important in their system. The business also wishes to know the appropriate LAN to install in their system and the appropriate plan for the LAN. The advantages of the LAN and network topology are need by the business to the effectiveness it will have in the system. The business also wishes to know the best internet connection that is suitable for its system. Finally, the business wants the installation of ISP from the best telecommunicationcompany. The business wants the total budget for installing the software and hardware in the systems as recommended by the researcher.
3. Mystery points
Safaricom is a business organization that has recently installed information technology in its system. The organization bought the recent computer hardware and software that have the best performance in terms of security and improving the business activities. The business organization has the best have comment and recommendation on the type of hardware and software to install in a new business system.
Kennedy is an It expert and has over 20 years experience in installing IT system in business organizations. He recommended the best type of laptop, computer and server that the business should opt for its system.
The business organization shouldfind out the type of Computer software that is cable ofoperatingcomputer programs and systems in the business system. This software is the non-tangible component of computer. It enables the computer system to operate its services such as data handling efficiently. The business should know the contrast of the computer software depending on the organization and its computer hardware. The software to be acquired y the business should be compatible and suitable for the computer hardware. Computer software that organization need to purchaseincludes all the computer programs that depend on the architecture that the organization wishes to have control. Such architecture can require for instance, library’s computer or scriptsoftware. In that case, software necessaryfor the organization should have a well and clearly-defined instructions, as well as, procedure that upon execution of the instruction, canperforms it is designed tasks.

The recent software in the market that the business can buy for its computer system includes:

The System software, that refers to an interface designed for operating and managing the computer hardware. It also gives basic functionality of its computer. The system software, further, gives a platformsystem for running numerous application of software. For the business above, system software necessary for its system includes:
Operating system: These include systems such as  Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, OS X Tiger, Windows XP, Windows 7, OS X Snow Le and OS X Leopard.  These are the most important collection of computer programs. It manages and controls resources and providescommon services for other software. The operating software doesfunctions such as Supervisory programs, boot loaders, window systems management and shells.
The most appropriate and useful operating system for the above organization is Windows 8 Pro. In practice, the business should consider this operating software because it isbundled together with other software such as control application software. The above operating system helps the user to potentially perform task using another computer that has one operating system. Windows 8 Pro, furthermore, is similar to window 7Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional. It is the most useful and targeted operating system for business users. Moreover, it has all possible features and applications that the normal Windows 8 supports. Additional applications and compounds present in window 8 pro are the ability of Encrypting File System, capability of receiving Remote Desktop connections, Virtual Hard Disk Booting and Hyper-V and participating in the Windows Server domain. It also operatesBit Locker and Group Policy. It canenable the Bit Locking to Go. The most interesting component of window 8 is its Windows Media Center. A functionality system that is present only for Windows 8 Pro. It provides a separate and different software package. The importance that the Windows 8 Pro has are presence of Mobile broadband features, Thumb keyboard, Refresh and reset of OS, Supported third-party apps, secure boot, and Microsoft account integration.
Device driver that the business needs to purchase include; Display Drivers, Motherboard drivers’ Sound drivers, LAN, A computer program that always operates or controls a given type of device that attached to a computer. Each device requires at least a single corresponding device driver. Utilities system that the business will need, that is software designed to enable the users in maintenance and caring of their computers. They include DirectX End-User Runtime, window media players, Skype Microsoft safety scanner Bluetooth drivers, wireless drivers,
For the business protect its computer from different security threats, the business needs its computers to have security software such as antivirus software or any other antispyware technology installed in its computers. The business should also need to keep its computer firewall on at all time and try to get the latest updates for the computers’ operating system.
The business can protect its computer from viruses by either downloading free security virus software. The virus software can perform different levels of virus scans as needed. The business can also set a strong and secured password for its entire computer so that others unauthorized persons cannot access the in formations contained in the computers. The business should update its Mac computer system as soon security software providers such as Apple security updates become available and published. Software updates generally address recently and most of the discovered security issues. It is known that failure to update the computer system can be dangerous to the data stored in a computer system.
The business should choose virus and malware protection provided by the major players of computer’s security in the field. These players include; Microsoft, McAfee and Norton in the field of antivirus software. If the business has its computer running slower than the usual, then the business should seek to run a fresh scan of the whole computer system. Other security element that the business should include in their computer system are Anti Lightning, provided strong and Different Passwords after every two months, Dust plugging system and enhancing automatic updates of software such as Firewall in the computers.
Generally, a business organization should install Antivirus that Includes Phishing, as well as Malware Defenses. Regularly maintenance is also necessary for both the Hardware and Software system of the computer. Therefore, to protect its computers from attack over the internet, the business should consider the following element of the computers:
Firewall: As explained by the Microsoft Security, a firewall is either a hardware or software that acts as a filter for all information passed over the Internet to the computers. A firewall filters and eliminates out malicious programs that may get into the computer as well as attempts by hackers to have access to the computer system. Therefore, the organization should always ensure proper and regular updates of the computer’s firewall.
System Updates: According the security providers such as Microsoft Security website, the operating systems should be constantly given recent updates that are important to the protection and security of a computer. Updates enable a computer system and software to have the latest security and protection updates that enable the secured and combat attacks on the computers.
Virus/Spyware: It is known that viruses or spyware are the most dangerous of malicious programs that can gain access or and control of a computer system. Anti-spyware and Anti-virus and programs help protecta computer system from any attack. The updates for both Anti-spyware and Anti-virus are available on the internet to maintain protection and security at a high level.
Unfortunately, Antivirus software is the most neglected but important aspects of computer security. Often, most computers come with a free trial version of the Antivirus and, therefore, the business need to buy one before the trial version gets out of date.

The table bellow shows various Anti-virus and their prices that the business can opt to buy.

The properties of each antivirus include:
KASPERSKY TECH TITAN: Provides other Layers of Protection during services such as Financial Transactions in the Online Banking & Shopping
NORTON 360: Detects & Eliminates Viruses, Malware & Other Online Threats. Protects against Online Identity Theft and Secures PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet
MCAFEE: The antivirus offers Password Manager. It Remembers All the Passwords used in the computer system. Identity protection. Itguards Personal Information from Hackers & Identity. Cross Devise, Protects all PC’s & Mac’s, Smartphone and Tablets from Online Threats
MICROSOFT WINS 8. 1 PRO: It enables access PC from another from another PC with a remote Desktop. Enables Connection of Company network with Domain Join

Plus, Get Windows Media Center

KASPERSKY PURE 3. 0 for TOTAL SECURITY 3PC: Ultimate Protection for PCsscans Identity Passwords and Photos. Uses the recent Cloud Data and has Anti-phishing Technologies as well as a Secure Keyboard Mode that Keep Personal and private Data from Being Stolen. The most appropriate and recommended antivirus for the business is KASPERSKY PURE 3. 0 TOTAL SECURITY 3PC because of its important futures named above.

The table bellows shows the top five recent desktop available in the market:

The suitable model of desk top that the business should buy is Lenovo Think Station E32 SFF. It is because; the computer is fairly cheap and supports all the applications the business can need in its computer system.
The specification of the computer includes: Specifications of Lenovo Think Station E32 SFF, Intel Xeon E3-1240 and CPU of 3. 4GHz, 8GB internal memory. Has Nvidia Quadro of typeK600 and 1GB DDR3 with GPU of 331. 87 driver, It has 1TB 7 and 200RPM, It has Intel C226 chipset of motherboard

The most recent servers in the market include: Aberdeen Stirling 229 , Apple Xserve and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

The recommended server for a new business organization isMicrosoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.
The specifications include: The recent laptop mode include: HP Pavilion 15-e072sa, HP Envy X2 . The best laptop for the business is Apple 13-inch MacBook
Specifications include:” Core Duo “ of 2. 0 13-Inch in size , features a 2. 0 GHz Intel processor with two independent processor, 667 MHz , hard drive , 4X slot-loading layer read , DVD/CD-RW Drive, an Intel of GMA 950 integrated , wide screen of TFT display.

The laptop can support all the programs and software need by the business.

It has large storage capacity that stores most data for the business.
The best Smartphone for the business is Motorola Droid Razr XT912.
Specifications include:-16GB internal memory, 1. 2 GHz duo-core, Android version 4. 2. 1, memory 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.

The phone is portable and therefore can be used by the business operators anywhere.

The phone is cheap and avoidable.
The business should also include in their system the following input and output device:
Input device: keyboards, digital cameras, mouse, scanners, and joysticks.
The output devices include: projector, printers, monitor, sound card, Computer Output Microfilm and Speech-generating device.
The bus topology of the system should have Server, hub, workstation, desktop and file server. The business should opt for bus topology because:
( 1) It is simple to set-up the bus net work topology and extend bus network. 2)  Cable length required for bus topology is the least compared to any other networks. The following are the best internet connection and advantages that a business organiztion should install in its system, DSL – Digital Subscriber Line. It is technology that enables Internet access by transferring digital data through the wires of a locally connected telephone network
It has Independent services and cheap line charges from the phone company. Broadband connection has a high speed internet connection. It is wide bandwidth that is characterized by a transmission medium. It has ability to transmit multiple signals as well as traffic types simultaneously. It enables rapid loading of web pages and e-mail and has fast downloading of files, programs, and computer updates

The recommended internet service provider for the business organization is ADSL internet Broadband ISP.

In the journey map, the client walk into the business room and meet customer care at customer touch point. Directions are given at customer touch point. Customer walks into the first stage called one stage employees action and select the best software or hard for his/her computers. In this stage, the customers has the opportunity to select the desired software/hardware depending on the organization’s system requirement Backstage employee actions, customer can return the item bought if not satisfied. Finally at the support processes, the customer gets technical support on how to handle hardware and software bought.
After the analyses of the data collected, journey and blue print, the budget plan for the business organization is shown bellow.
8. Overall Budget plan for the business.

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