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Example of essay on is google making us stupid

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The article that Carr instituted is targeted towards the Internet users. This is more for the individuals that use the Internet as a source of information. Individuals that are fanatics of reading and writing are integrated more in the article compared to other individuals. This is based on the fact that the effects they derive is more severe compared to other individuals that use the internet for fun activities. To this effect Carr has been specific on Google since it is the site that provides its users with variety of information (Carr, 2008). He has been able to reach his audience appropriately by way of being specific with the target search engine. Most internet users are quite familiar with Google since it has been acting as the store house for vast information.

Carr’s writing strategy focuses on various aspects of writing. Among them is the angle of vision. He makes use of the angle of vision by analyzing various trends in the society. To begin with, he examines his own behavior since he was in school. When in campus, he used to read numerous books with ease. It was a way finding identity with what he used to like most. However, things have changed with time. Carr’s ability to read has diminished substantially. This has been affected by continuous exposure to internet. There is a lot of information available on Google hence minimal time is given to each script. The trend has been duplicated in the aspect of trying to read books. Boredom creeps in faster than it used to before. The angle of vision is vivid as Carr tries to analyze the extent of this effect in the future. He thinks as times passes by, things will be worse as they are at the moment. This is based on what is available at the moment and where the society is heading.

Carr has also focused on the usage of ethos in his article. This is evidenced on the way he is trying to create credibility on his writing. He supports his article using credits from renowned professors and scholars. An example is the usage of Marshall McLuhan who is a media theorist. Marshall claims that Google is reducing his capacity to contemplate and concentrate (Carr, 2008). This outline is in line with what Carr is trying to bring out to the audience. Such an instance makes his claims credible on the face of the audience. Maryanne Wolf, a developmental psychologist claims that how we read usually describe who we are. This is because the equipments that individuals use when writing usually influence the thoughts to be involved in the writing. Experiments conducted by different scholars have also been included to show how the human brain varies with different stimuli. Using such ethos brings about credibility aspects in the article.

Pathos has also been portrayed efficiently in the article. In Carr’s article, pathos manifests itself based on fear possessed by the author. Carr has immense fear on what will amount with continuous usage of Google. His greatest fear is that people might end up being dumb as a result of this exposure. This is because of the risk of developing an essence of dependence to the Internet as a whole. According to him, people might end up leaving the computers to do all the thinking. This might be detrimental since the level of aggressiveness will reduce substantially. Development might tend to be minimal in the long-run. This is because creativity will diminish as the dependency of computer usage to search information increases (Carr, 2008). The level of innovation might reduce since individuals are not willing to conduct wide spread research on different projects. Carr claims our brains are not thinking deeply as they used when people had the mandate of doing their own research. To showcase the fear that he has for the society, Carr has used alerting language all through the article. Giving many examples has also been another way of showing his emotional concern.

Carr is also keen on the usage of logos in his article. This is evidenced by the way he tries to persuade the audience using reasoning aspects. Among them is trying to show how people’s concentration has diminished substantially. Initially, people could read a variety of books exhaustively. However, this is no longer the case. People are searching their desired information on Google in rather haphazard ways. There is a tendency of skimming through texts and headings (Carr, 2008). This has been prompted by availability of vast information. As a result, people are not sure of what information to incorporate and which to leave out. With such reasoning, it is quite vivid for any individual to notice various changes that have occurred with the introduction of search engines like Google. He also outlines that with time people might turn to the Internet as their ultimate resource. This is based on current trends on how it has become the people’s calculator, telephone. Typewriter and printing press among others. The reasoning is logic hence appealing to the target audience.

In conclusion, the point Carr it trying to outline is the effect brought about by the usage of Google as a source of Information. He is trying to portray the negative effects. According to him, the search engine has prompted the deterioration of concentration levels and contemplation aspects (Carr, 2008). This has been evidenced by various instances portrayed in the article. Under a wider perspective, Carr has succeeded in making his point vivid to any interested party. This has been aided with the usage of various writing strategies. Among them is angle of vision, Logos, ethos and pathos. He tries to convince individuals by giving them a recap of how things were in the past. He creates a comparison with how things are at the moment. This effect puts the angle of vision into play as he tries to make people see how things might turn out in the future. Use of renowned scholars has also been effective as it supplements the usage of ethos. This has enabled to create credibility on his information since other personalities are sharing similar views. It becomes easy to convince the audience with such a strategy. Enhancing the emotion of fear also shows his concern to the society. As a result, the audience will not take his information for granted due to the weight it seems to carry. The usage of the logos has also been effective. This is the most appropriate way of persuading people on a certain aspect. He tries to reason out with the audience all through the article. His reasoning is based on facts that are clear to all interested parties. Only ignorant individuals will not see the facts being brought forward.

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