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Executive summaryprior military security company embarked in conducting a feasibility study that aimed at increasing the efficiency of its operations at reduced economic margins. The feasibility study also aimed at investing other key issues that relates to better development and establishment of the security company.
This mainly entails public safety, consultancy, organization requirements, training needs, specializations, and cost of operation relationships. The report from the feasibility study evaluates all the possible alternatives and then recommends on the best options and most concrete action plan for enhancing public safety and providing necessary and the inevitable training to the organization’ s personnel.
The prior military security company collaborates with prestigious security organizations both locally and internationally to efficiently meet all their security needs. This are:• Washington county sheriff’s office• Portland police bureau• Vancouver fire department• Clark county sheriff office• Portland community college
The development of the local public safety-training center would counter the many challenges associated with hiring land for conducting training sessions. A localized training utility would bring together all the regional security agencies to conduct their training at a facility specifically designed to address the modern regional public safety requirements and training demands. Proposal
Public safety forms one of the fundamental frameworks of the minds of almost every citizen. The need for public safety professionals to provide appropriate and professionally consistent safety and security services is always on an increase in the current society. Rigorous reforms are necessary in the public safety sector because of the evolving complexity in public safety provision. The today’s law enforcement officers encounter numerous violent instances as compared to the past generation of peacekeepers. As a result, security personnel ought to be subjected to high levels training to combat the increasing levels of insecurity.
The legal framework and guidelines are getting more restrictive and complicated day by day. As a result, security firms are finding it inevitable to subject their officers to rigorous training on the in legal issues that relates to public safety.
Development of various skills that aids in public safety service provision ought to be impacted among all the security personnel to avoid injury to both the security officers or to the citizens. The performance skills learned during the academy sessions ought to be constantly refreshed to enhance reaction at times of crisis and life threatening situations. Such officers need to be provided with training facilities that will impact meaningful on firearms tactics, critical driving skills and defensive maneuvers. All this aims in enhancing the security personnel efficiencies in their endeavors at the face of adversity.
Firefighting as a major public safety endeavor has evolved and adopted high degrees of professionalism. Today, firefighters must remain on the competitive edge of certifications and training to meet the ever-increasing emergency practices.
In the recent times, advanced and modern training technique’s results in immeasurable numbers of lives saved that may initially have been lost because of poor public safety training and techniques. Effective and meaningful public safety techniques can only be achieved when public safety professionals have appropriate and modern training facilitates to practice scientifically proven and standardized techniques continuously to enhance the development of satisfactory techniques and skills.
As a public safety and a security organization, Prior military security company has to adopt the above-suggested approaches to increase operational efficiencies among its employees. This will serve to reduce extra costs associated with injuries and damages thus increasing the company’s economic feasibility.

Rationale for the proposal

There has not been any serious company dealing with security, or rather not all that have been in place have been able to deal with insecurity. Insecurity bars entrepreneurs and traders, companies and even stakeholders from coming to the community to startup businesses. This causes the area to have a slow growth rate in terms of infrastructure.
This also affects the availability of jobs thus causing the idle people who also require basic needs to survive, turn to unfriendly activities, which accelerate insecurity. In as much as people would want to blame it on idleness, the same people need also to have personal responsibility to ensure security is paramount. Such cases of insecurity being caused by idleness are rare.
Unfortunately, criminals, people who have devoted their lives to crime and bad living over the expense of other innocent people, are causing many of the incidents. This is bound to stop soon, because it is the right of each individual to live in a conducive environment and conduct daily life activities in peace without the fear of the unknown.
Personal responsibility can be articulated by one’s step in search for a good company that sets good standards of curbing insecurity. If you have been searching for a company that delivers good, affordable, efficient services, you have found the right one. Our company is devoted to reduce crime by providing a good platform for a conducive environment and a peaceful living.
Our obligation is to protect and maintain individual safety to all citizens. We will work with the community to ensure that the law is upheld and apprehension of the criminals that violate others rights. We have an efficient and fast alarm security response team in our company that is here to instill confidence and surety that every member of the community feels secure and safe. In terms of crime solving, we will ensure that the numbers of crime cases brought to justice are paramount and many, having already been investigated, faster, efficiently and in time. Research/Best practices
The following is the manner by which we carried our research. In about one month’s time we carried a research. Our main aim was to gather views, comments and possible requests and suggestions to be implemented about the insecurity issue. Our research was based in the county.
Since it is an upcoming company, we first want to begin at the county level before we venture nationwide. The research was initiated in the month of August. This is when we it is believed to have high rates of insecurity. This month had received highest insecurity rates. In addition, insecurity is spread out in the rest of the months.
It is a necessity and a concern that let not it be that a possible solution can only be offered for one month. The research targeted the residents of the area and those who owned businesses. We came up with strategies to be put in place to ensure that our research was to be successful. The head of strategist suggested that we provide questionnaire, where members of our team were to visit the county from house to house and businesses’.
People were provided with questions that specifically talking about the threat of insecurity to the community and how to deal with them. We collected views from the people and comments about our establishment of our company in their area. The people had a very positive response and they felt that we had just come at the right moment. We provided special offers for the first three hundred people to register with us. The offer cards came in handy with registration forms and identification cards that will last up to ten years before renewal.

Research Findings

The external community user survey has indicated that there exists a need for training facilities and Prior Military Security Company (P. M. S. C) and its international partners feel that it is justifiable to give training classes services to the users. The following projects executing group believe that their planned training center would add some other resources to the available in the community to enhance and facilitate community training.
The respondents were positive on the suggestion of deliverance of training at a reasonable fee. Additionally the training location can be seen as community program aimed at raising their living standards and answering at their needs. To some extent, this is the execution of the company’s social responsibility as stipulated by business ethics principles.
The execution of the training also enhances cooperation and team building in training, community education and creation of awareness on public safety. Just as any other business entities Prior Military Security Company using the project management team had to employ the most efficient methods and materials for the project structures settlement. They had also to consider modernity in facility development and the security of trainee in the training drills.
In the short run, modular structures can be used for housing until the completion of permanent classrooms. Costs were estimated based on the facility assessment and information given by the project management team. The equipment manufacturers estimated the cost on equipment based on the provisions.
The cost on administration structures including office tools and equipment and classrooms are based on the consultation of the masonry and construction framed structure. The administration should operate in an open office due to cost reduction measures. The training center requires variety of classrooms to conduct the required staff training exercise. Among them the Burn Building/Drill Tower, Emergency Vehicle Operations and Outdoor Shooting Range.
The project team proposed and designed the site plan. This includes the mapping and the layer out of the center. The project management had to establish a Joint Power Authority between partner agencies. The Center needs to have a consolidated proxy management with consultants and project facilitators and exhibiting a hierarchy of power while ensuring good relationship amongst staff. At the end of it all the total costs estimates and alternative funding were formulated and strategized on costs minimization.


The rising demand for security and qualified workforce are issues that are of great concerns in addressing advancement and facilitation of response agencies in the society. Therefore, dedicated training of community members help in streamlining training efforts and enhance follow-ups.
Adequate training and education help enhance and adverse psychological impact on the education of emergency respondent and the launching of a training project in a community shows good leadership and commitment to social responsibility. Emergency response personnel can benefit from a technologically equipped program which will help them tackle the currently accruing issues in the environment of dwelling. A new training project in the area will greatly benefit the community around and members as a dedicated training Company will provide high skills training at low costs. The training of society members will help improve capability of the trained hence reduction of risks in the society.

Appendix A — Executive Summary

Appendix B—Project Proposal
Appendix D—Rationale for the Proposal
Appendix E—Research
Appendix F—Research Finding
Appendix G— Recommendation and future plans
Appendix K— Appendixes
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