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I am delighted to write a recommendation letter for one of my best employees, Michael, for the education program of graduate school of finance at your esteemed institute. Michael joined my medical billing company on 1st September and has been working for my company since.
Michael is a very good person at heart. He belongs to the Chinese nationality. He did his graduation from the University of California, San Diego. Economics was the major subject of Michael.  Michael is a very brilliant man who possesses a very strong communication skill. He can communicate really well in both English as well as Chinese language. He speaks English in Chinese accent and it is good to hear from him as his attitude while talking is really very good. Michael joined my medical billing company just for doing his internship. But it is an amazing fact that within a span of only 2 months he created 30 new customers for my company! I was more than happy with his performance. To appreciate his work I promoted him and designated him as my marketing assistant. Although Michael did his major in economics, yet he acquired a lot of knowledge in different fields through self education. Not only in Economics and communication, but Michael is also strong in computer programming techniques. Recently I was overwhelmed to see that Michael made some welcome changes to my company’s operating system. After the changes were made, my computer became faster and safer than before ever. Hence Michael is now the marketing and operating in-charge of my company. Michael is a quick learner who learnt all the jobs in my office within a short span and stood by fellow employees while doing several projects. He also has a remarkable experience working as a part of a team and has played a significant role in leading and motivating the team. Recently, Michael has taken the initiative to train the other employees of my company that has helped to improve the performance of the company as a whole.
A dedicated, intelligent and modest person like Michael may show the way to many people in the entire world. He is undoubtedly born to get love, respect and care from every individual he meets. Being with him everybody feels an extra enthusiasm and dedication. Michael has worked hard all along his tenure in my company to make dependable relationships with all the other employees and trustworthy dealings with my customers. His efforts in my company have produced a happier and more productive team than ever before. I am really glad and pleased to have such a good employee in my company. Hence I am very happy today to write a good recommendation for Michael.
I have full confidence on Michael’s enthusiasm and capability for studying at the graduate school of finance. I am confident that he will confirm once again his devotion and talent for the study. Through studying in a top-level school of finance, I expect him to develop further, which may be beneficial for the country as well as the world. Hence, I strongly hope Michael will get admission to the course in your school. I wish Michael all the best for his future life and am waiting to see him get success and come out with flying colours. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

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