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Starbucks Corporation is one of the most successful and most admired coffee companies globally and, operates a chain of coffee houses across the United States and, globally. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington DC. It began with a single store in 1971 as a retailer and, a roster of ground coffee and whole bean. Currently, it boasts of over 19000 retail stores in more than 60 countries and, has more than 30 different brands of coffee. It also serves iced beverages and related products.
Globally, Starbucks is one of the leading firms in utilization of the internet to market its products and, interact with its clients. It has used social media marketing successfully to reach a wide client base. It has taken a leadership role in using Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, and My Starbucks Ideas. It has built its internet marketing through these six social platforms and the company website. These platforms have proved to be a success in creating their brand awareness, engaging their customers and, creating fresh customer experiences. Rather than use their online presence to advertise their products, Starbucks went a step further to create a platform for interaction with their clients and, act on their feedbacks. Hence, it provided real value to its clients.
Every other business face obstacles and, Starbucks is not an exception. The major obstacle that it currently faces is the stiff competition from other retailers who are providing similar products in the market. Its biggest competitor is the burger chain called MacDonalds. Traditionally; Starbucks has faced a challenge in doing business in a market where price sensitivity is the key to success. MacDonalds entered the market by offering lower prices as compared to Starbucks and, this proved to be a major challenge for Starbucks. Additionally, Starbucks have been forced to shut down over 600 of its stores in the United States since 2008 in a bid to reduce operational costs. The closures were mainly as a result of the financial crisis that hit the USA. These obstacles have somehow slowed down the fast global growth of the coffee giant. Although the company faces challenges, it has always proved its ability to handle these challenges in a productive manner.

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