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Tatami restaurant emerges as the most upcoming sushi hotspot in Kuwait. Despite its young nature, Tatami restaurant grows at a very high rate. Kuwait organization operates at the international level and plans to promote its products and services internationally. The determination of the readiness of Tatami restaurant from Kuwait uses different methods to decide its readiness. The restaurant’s goal shows one of the methods used to decide the readiness of the organization. Setting out the restaurants international goals shows its desire to venture into the international markets. Competitiveness of the employees is the other method used to explain the methods used to decide the readiness of the restaurant to international scale. Tatami restaurant must employ competitive employees to maintain its high competitive level. They must be competent at the international level. The competitiveness advantage gives the restaurant a comparative advantage over other international organizations.
Many potential markets in this industry exist in the international scope. These markets provide Tatami restaurant the advantage of the best potential market. The restaurant’s potential markets exist in the selling points. The restaurants local success increases the chances of international success. An assessment must be done to determine the cultural differences political environment of the whole world and the economic differences. Modification of the current restaurants products and services shows the other potential market of the product. The modifications must meet international standards and appeal the customers. They must be in compliance with the various countries safety regulations. Product licensing reflects the other potential market in international trade. Some of the products must be approved by the United States thus given some trading export documents for authorization. Product distinctiveness shows the other potential market in the international scope. Distinct high quality products offer a better potential market in the international scope. The after sale services provided by the organization may offer a potential market. Good after sale services from Tatami restaurant staff appreciates the clients and increase their customer loyalty. The training of the restaurant’s staff operations also sows the market potential. Training of these employees enhances working at the international level. There exists a potential market in product diversification. Tatami limited must diversify its operations and add transport services in its operations as well as offering accommodation.
There exist various sources of information of the restaurant at the international level. Tourists are the major sources of information. Their feedback and complains must be addressed at the international level to increase customer satisfaction. This improves quality of the restaurants products and services thus increase its level of reputation internationally. Suppliers also feed the restaurant with information regarding the progress of Tatami and the supply side. It solves the employee’s issues on the supply side thus ensuring a continuous flow of the raw materials for international manufacturers. Auditors and existing documents may also be sources of this information. The restaurant can obtain this information from competitors too in the international scope. They learn cheaper production processes from competitors and develop his unique commodity thus gain comparative advantage over competitors.
I gathered different marketing intelligence in the international scope. I gathered data from the different governments’ intelligence, the distributors’ intelligence, retailers’ intelligence external bodies’ intelligence, the sales intelligence as well as the suppliers’ intelligence.
The commercial services available in the international scope cover an extensive area. Financial services exist in the world. They increase the liquidity of Tatami restaurant. They help the restaurant grow by funding its expansion. Insurance services, on the other hand lowers the risk levels of the restaurant thus enabling it venture into new businesses requiring a hug capital outlay.
Key competency and application entails suitability and applicability of restaurants practices in the world “ in its success”. The organization must be competent with regard to other international restaurants for it to succeed. Comparative advantages of the restaurant improve its suitability. If the organization achieves a key competency, it achieves a comparative advantage over other international restaurants.
Total international market of the restaurants covers a variety of countries. Thus, necessitates division of the whole market into some market targets. Its division may be into total addressable market size which entails the bottom up and up down downsizing. It may also be the total market strategy explains the other strategy.
Target market for Tatami restaurant refers to the group of people with the same needs and has nearly the same level of income. The products and services selected for sale by the restaurant must be culturally acceptable by the consumers. Consumers determine the consumption patterns of the different commodities. Thus, Tatami restaurant must target the places where their target markets are high. The restaurant must specialize in the different requirements by the different target groups to ensure it sustains its operations and maintains its profitability.
Marketing strategic options may either be the competitor intelligence or the marketing intelligence in the marketing strategy. This option determines the restaurant’s success or failure. Competitor intelligence adds a competitive advantage to the restaurant over the others. It enables Tatami restaurant to make profits irrespective of the performance by its competitor’s losses. Marketing intelligence, on the other hand, helps the restaurant in delivering its products across the whole world. Marketer’s ability to travel across the world increases the goals of achieving a larger market share thus increasing the sales. In specific, I will focus on niche concentration. This helps my organization to review its market and segment it to niches. The niches allow restaurants determine the common assessment of the cultural differences and have individual solutions to the market segments.
The total market describes the whole world. It covers all the individuals targeted by the restaurant in the world. However, the selected market entails regions covered by a certain area. It is narrow than the total market. The total market covers a larger population of people than the selected market segments. In addition, the selected market segments have some similarities which lack in the total market.
The profile meets Tatami restaurant’s requirements. Its measurement based according to the criteria performance, the efficiency in the restaurant and the profitability.
Repositioning changes the identity of a product relative to competing products whereas de-positioning attempting to change relative to your own product. Repositioning the restaurant uses the change of the product line strategy. Brand positioning process fulfils the competition marketing requirement product positioning process fulfils the variety marketing requirement and positioning process fulfil the restaurants marketing requirement.

Positioning plan:

Goal: to be internationally recognized as the best restaurant.
Scope: the whole world targeting majority of the tourists.
Positioning strategies: repositioning and de-positioning.
Marketing requirements: competition, variety and quality products and services.
Implementation: through the international competitive employees.
The core activities involve marketing and customer service. The customer base comprises the target groups especially tourists. Business values entail integrity and provision of the best products and services. Currently, the business targets an increase in the number of clients.
The current international marketing performance increases the number of clients cost effectively. It uses the internet thus cheap and extensive. It bases their ranking on the profitability index and the level of customer satisfaction across the worlds. Past international marketing covered a smaller region of the world compared to the current marketing system. It became effective due to its hand on work nature.
The performance data from the different business areas to identify the strengths, weaknesses and critical factors relevant to the current international business activities shows that, the complains from the customer service department hold a strong ground on determining the proposed marketing strategy. The observed weakness from this area indicated that some clients never received the best attention thus customers were not fully satisfied. Sales increased in the marketing area attributed to the new marketing system through the internet. The observed weakness showed that there existed fraudsters in the marketing department who needed a clean up to maintain the integrity high
Currently, the restaurants potential of full employment of the available resources lies below average. Marketers have not attained maximum numbers. There exists a large room for improvement. Service providers idle time surpass the service time. They tend to work for lesser hours thus lowering their productivity. Customer care department too needs a major improvement to serve more clients. By using the internet in all the restaurants operations, there will be maximum utilization of the available resources.
The underperforming products in the organization require manual practice before usage. They include the current foods served in the restaurant. These foods require a service by the restaurant staffs for the client to use them. They are considered to be withdrawn from the restaurants system since they increase the costs relative to the revenue. The current strength of the restaurant lies on the provision of online transport and lodging services within the international market. Areas that require improvement include the semi-skilled labor force in the organization, the human resource department and the information technology department.
The trend analysis shows that, by having the business on international activity, the lifestyle of the employees as well as the citizens has improved. Cultural exchanges develop and competition of the business thus a high quality product. Product demand increased with the international market expansion. It brought economies of scale in the production process thus lowering the cost. This improves profits in the long run and delivers a variety of products.
Two types of comparative international market information include benchmarking, best practice and inter-firm comparison. In benchmarking, the restaurants performance of the international scope compares the local restaurants scope. Best practice involves comparison of the current practice to the best practice in that industry.
The different potential opportunities involve, introduction of new products, introduction of a variety of products, introduction of cheap products and the diversification of the production process. All these arise based on the restaurants strengths of the restaurant. Some arise from threats of competitors.
Sources of intelligence for warning of new products includes the competitors activities, economic reports, political issues, wars and calamities and the currency depreciation effect.
Forecasting techniques may be qualitative or quantitative. They may use the Naïve approach, time series methods, econometric forecasting or artificial intelligence method.
International markets constraints include, the imposition of quotas, taxes by foreign countries, international relations, religion and political situation.
Tatami restaurant may opt to use one of the following promotional activities to attract its international clients. It can participate in the international trade shows. It can also decide to make offers for its clients. The offers must be attractive even to the potential customer. The restaurant can also decide to use the sales promotion method.
Tatami restaurant wants to increase its market size to an international scope. I will consider the world calendar of events and target the world annual trade fairs to display the restaurants products and services offered. Networking and communication form the pillars of all the restaurants promotional activities.
Tatami restaurant management must approve the plan. The industry leaders in China must approve the plan as well as the government. It must be approved by international bodies and the relevant countries authority.
The promotion activities of the restaurant must be determined by assessing the access of the promotion service to the targeted clients, the access of the promotional service to a vast region and their feedback. Impact of the audience will be given by the audience feedback.
Based on the evidence provided by the feedback from various sources, Tatami restaurant will assess the effectiveness of the process. An increase in the sales report and increase in number of clients reflect the success of the process.
Costs decrease with an increase in number of clients. Expansion of the restaurants market achieves economies of scale to a certain level. International promotion activities increase the costs and in return increase Tatami restaurants revenue.
I conclude that Tatami restaurant must venture into the international business by use of effective promotional activities. This will increase its revenue and reputation in the world. My recommendation to Tatami restaurant considers the employees at the restaurant. It must now source employees across the world to achieve a comparative advantage over the other restaurants.
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