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Example of the magic of the iphone 5 essay

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Technology is evolving rapidly, and nothing exemplifies this aspect better than the mobile telephony industry. Each month sleek and technologically advanced mobile phones and computers are being released to suit dynamic demands of the world’s populace. Leading the pack in the quest to saturate the world with high-tech mobile devices is Apple Inc which has developed several masterpiece techno-gadgets over the last few years. Having used several makes of phones in the past, the iphone 5 is one phenomenal device that I have come to deeply love. I have one and I enjoy using it very much.
The iphone 5 is a Smartphone based on the touchscreen technology. It was developed by Apple Inc as the 6th generation of Apple’s iphones. Boasting of super sleek features in design, this phone is a tremendous improvement of the iphone 4S which had been launched the year earlier. The announcement in June 2012 that the company was developing a new phone to improve on the existing iphone 4S raised expectations of millions of apple fanatics around the world and the iphone 5 has not disappointed! According to a review done by expertreviews. co. uk (2013) in the run-up to the formal launch of iphone 5 more than 2 million handsets had been ordered! Three days after the formal launch, Apple Inc. sold more than 5 million units of the iphone 5! This figure was a million more than what its predecessor the iphone 4S sold within the same period after it was launched on October 4 2011 (Beavis).
What is it that has caused such a great demand for the iphone 5? I asked someone this question and he simply asked me to purchase one and that way I could understand why there was such a mad rush for the iphone 5. Five months now, after I purchase mine I have come to love the iphone 5 so much that I have pushed nearly all my friends to buy one.
We all hate to have a phone that runs out power quickly. With my iphone 5, that concern is long gone. This phone has superb battery life. Sometime last week, I charged my phone at 3 p. m and it was fully charged at 6 p. m. I pulled it off the charger and checked some emails and make some calls. I left the phone at 8 p. m (the battery was still at 100%). I slept for till 5 a. m and upon waking up, I checked my phone and it still had its battery at 100%. On my way for my morning jog I listened to my favorite album for more than 30 minutes. All this time my push notifications for emails and twitter were turned on. After several calls and text messages to my friends I checked my battery at 1 p. m and it was at 88%. Wow!
The design, appearance and weight of the iphone 5 are simply unrivalled. This phone is superbly light yet very sturdy. I have on several occasions slipped it on my pocket and later forgotten it was there yet when I hold it in my hand it still feels substantial and I can text using one hand something I found difficult to do with the iphone 4S. The iphone 5 weighs 112 g which is 28g less (20% lighter) than the iphone 4S which weighed 140g. The phone is also slimmer with a thickness of 7. 6mm compared to 9. 3mm thickness of the iphone 4S. The reduction in weight can be attributed to some changes in the materials used in its manufacture. The glass rear of the iphone 4S has been replaced with an exquisite aluminium panel to cover the back which makes it sturdier and more resistant to scratches and breakage.
I also love iphone 5 for its large screen, resolution and graphics. Measuring 4 Inches and with a considerably high resolution retina display, working on iphone 5’s 4 inch screen is simply exhilarating. I watch movies comfortably, type more accurately and faster, read files of different formats and do better spreadsheets on the iphone 5 way better than I used to with the iphone 4S which has a 3. 5 inch screen and relatively poor resolution. Initially, I never saw the logic of a tall 4-inch screen, but now I do! While holding the iphone 5 in one hand I can reach both the top and the bottom of the screen with my thumb making it absolutely comfortable to use with one hand. The taller screen also allows me to view 5 rows of icons on the home-screen as compared to the 4 viewable on the screen of an iphone 4S. This way, I manage to view a longer emails list and more appointments on the calendar.
The iphone 6 runs on the operating system famed as the most advanced mobile operating system – iOS6. I am always assured of a stable, reliable and effective usage of my phone all the times. The iphone 5 also has excellent graphics powered by an A6 chip. The performance and the appearance of icons and basically all the graphics is exquisite and quite appealing. The phone’s isight camera shoots in panorama enabling users to take super-quality pictures. Though it takes some time to focus, the pictures obtained thereafter are superb.
The iphone 5 is a really good bargain for money. It purchased mine for US$550. Bearing in mind all the benefits that I derive from the phone, I find iphone 5 quite commensurate with its price. Its predecessor, the iphone 4S retails at US$500 (expertreviews. co. uk, 2013).
I love the iphone 5 because of its data downloading speeds. I can stream online content at blazing-fast speeds. It is faster than the iphone 4S and the 3rd generation ipad! I have used all three having set up the push email in all three devices. iphone 5 constantly alerts me when I have new emails three times faster than the iphone 4S and two times faster than the ipad! In terms of data speeds the iphone 5 is super fast. It uses the 4G cellular technology based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) which provides faster speeds than my internet connection at home. I get to download and access the internet at very fast and convenient speeds.
The iphone Siri has been my most favorite application this far. This application lets me use my voice to command sending of messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings and many more functions. I have personally used siri to ask my iphone to play me some smooth jazz music, enquired about a Chinese restaurant in my locality gotten asked for directions to my home just for fun. My favorite of all is asking siri to tell me joke!
Though I have tremendously enjoyed using the iphone 5, I did not like the replacement of Google maps with apple maps because the new maps contain several minor errors. Newer handsets have this function rectified and it is now easier to use the apple maps.
The iphone 5 is truly “ the best thing to happen to iphone since iphone” (apple. com). It is by far the lightest, thinnest and fastest iphone ever made.

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