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Facilitator critical thinking sample

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Critical Thinking – Nursing

Critical Thinking – Nursing
Cellulitis is a complexion that occurs mostly in individuals with diabetes and open wounds. The clinical manifestations of Cellulitis in Ms. G include an open wound, which mostly fosters Cellulitis development in patients. Furthermore, Ms. G’s left leg is red from knee to ankle, which indicates that she is suffering from Cellulitis (Petrou, 2011). The calf measurement on the left is higher than right measurement, which shows that the lymph nodes are swollen thus affirming high chances of a Cellulitis condition. I recommend the use of antibiotic in the management of the condition to suppress recurrence in the future. Furthermore, I recommend the application of intravenous antibiotics where other strategies are unsuccessful. My recommendation for the proper treatment of this condition is prompted by the consideration that Cellulitis if untreated may integrate into the circulatory system thus becoming fatal (Powell, 2011).
The muscles affected by Ms. G’s condition are mostly the dermis and skin muscles, making the patient present severe inflammations. The subjective and objective data mainly functions in treatment and educations as indicators of the complex and help the people in treating the infection (Jesitus, 2012). The objective data is the general data about the symptoms and manifestations of people suffering from Cellulitis, whereas the subjective data is specific to people who are diabetic and suffer from Cellulitis. Such data will help the medical specialists deal with the illness thoroughly without confusing it with any other complication.
High temperature in the body of the patient is likely to delay wound healing hence measures should be taken to lower the temperature around the world which may include conditioning the patient’s temperature. The thick yellow drainage makes the wound wet hence the healing is delayed. Measures to dry the wound would fasten healing.


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