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Five aspects of language knowledge

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Five Aspects of Language Knowledge College It should be taken into consideration that learning a language requires much work. Moreover, the process cannot be successful without a teacher’s proficiency in this sphere. For example, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that there are five essential aspects of language knowledge to consider while learning a language. Their development contributes to a child’s success in school, at home and in various social situations. All the aspects of language development are interdependent. They are the following ones: 1) phonetic awareness, 2) phonics, 3) vocabulary development, 4) reading fluency including oral reading skills and 5) reading comprehension strategies. It is necessary to emphasize that there are several phonemes that may not occur in children’s native language. That is why there can be some difficulties in the process of language learning. In this case, a teacher should create a good instruction to make students familiar with all new sounds. A child’s brain is trained to systemize all sounds according to the categories common for native language. This fact frequently conflicts with English phonemes. To make the lessons more effective and involve the students in active participation a teacher should apply games, songs and poems. It is proved that children percept information better through such methods, especially when they learn a language. It is difficult for a student to learn phonics of a new language if they are not good at their native one. They cannot understand initial concepts of the correlation between phonemes and graphemes. There is also the list of vocabulary that is applied to communicate by means of a certain language. It has been already proved that children learn their vocabulary by means of three ways: 1) active reading on their own, 2) listening to adults and 3) with the help of interaction with adults.
Child’s language development may affect a teacher’s methodologies. They are different on various levels of student’s knowledge. Moreover, both delayed development and fluency relate to the acquisition of written knowledge. They also require changing the methods for language learning.
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