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Fly high with sti college angeles

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Fly High with STI College Angeles A. INTRODUCTION July 11, 2012 – 10: 15 A. M… (1st Semester of S. Y 2012-2013) It is her second week in her new job as a Marketing Officer; Ms. Eleanor Pineda is very enthusiastic while checking the STI College Angeles Strategic Plans for 2012. “ It has been eight (8) years that STI College Angeles is not achieving the projected number of first year students that must be enrolled each school year, not to mention that the shortage is majority half of what is projected. This is alarming Madam. – Eleanor Pineda “ That is correct and it is disturbing in our end. We have been working it out to hit and surpassed every year’s projection, however the competition with all the colleges and universities around Angeles City makes the competition stiffer. As you can observe, we are located in a market saturated with lots of tertiary schools which also offers diverse courses. ” – Ms. Rowena T. Selom, Administrator – STI College Angeles. “ This will definitely serve as a challenge to you Eleanor as a newly hired Marketing Officer.

You will be in-charge in initially encouraging fresh graduates of secondary level to be part of our school, and promoting our identity within the circle of Pampanga. My faculty can be of help in internal marketing, for we make sure that all professors and instructors are qualified and meet all the requirements as set by CHED and TESDA. This is to ensure that qualityeducationis being given to our students. ” – Mrs. Avelina A. Pena, AcademicHead – STI College Angeles. “ Thank you Madam, I will surely be needing helpful hands for me to materialize the projection of the school. – Eleanor Pineda “ Competition gets stiffer, The City College of Angeles will become one of our greatest concerns, since according to the news I have heard, the construction of its building (classrooms and laboratories) will be fully utilized by second semester of this school year. It might even compete well with Holy Angel University and Angeles University Foundation, because hearsays is that it will offer affordable tuition fees like all other government initiated colleges. Indeed, we should watch that scenario as well. – Mary Ann Canlas, FinanceManager. A moment of silence engrossed the room… “ Oh.. before I forget, I would like to remind you that our monthly meeting for July will be on Friday next week (July 20, 2012) together with our President, Mr. Condrado M. Dayrit. Eleanor please continue looking at the concerns we have on falling to achieve our projected number of new students each year. Kindly formulate ideas and recommendations that would help STI College Angeles sustain its existence, profitably. ” I’ll give my best Madam, and present only the best. ”, this statement was followed by a confident smile and a wink. Everyone separated path and work accordingly… B. COMPANY BACKGROUND SYLLABUS, Inc. Background SYLLABUS, INC. (Symbol Sciences Languages and Laboratories for Business, Incorporation) was established with the purpose of bringing to the country side the fast emerging InformationTechnology. The company believed that through technology the Filipino youth can become truly globally competitive.

Sharing the same vision for the Filipino youth, thru franchise agreement with Systems Technology Institute (STI) the first STI school in Pampanga was opened. In February 12, 1987 at Evangelista Bldg. , Mac Arthur Hiway, Angeles City (now located at Agson’s Bldg. , Mac Arthur Hiway Balibago, Angeles City). Through the constant change in the industry STI diversified its product slowly integrated itself into education industry as a school that provides boundlesscareeropportunities through ICT-enhance, non-IT programs such as the B.

S in Business Administration and BS in Hotel Restaurant and Management. STI College Angeles branch was the pioneer franchise of SYLLABUS, Inc. , and because of the passion of Mr. Condrado M. Dayrit to continuously be a channel of quality education he later on decided to franchise other STI College sites; STI College San Fernando (1988), STI College Nueva Ecija (1991) and STI College Guagua (1998). Unfortunately, because of economic crisis and downturns STI College Guagua and Nueva Ecija were closed, leaving San Fernando and Angeles in its existence. STI San Fernando is located at 2/F Tita’s Bldg. Gapan-Olongapo Road, City of San Fernando (Capital), Pampanga and is labelled as the main branch of STI College under the franchise of SYLLABUS. SYLLABUS, Inc. Vision and Mission Vision Statement: To be a world-class institution primarily engaged in education and training offering a wide range of technology based courses. Mission Statement: SYLLABUS, Inc. exists primarily for bringing high quality, technology based education and training to areas outside the Metro Manila in order to assist in the process of countryside development and de-urbanization.

It is also the purpose of SYLLABUS, Inc. to harness its resources of people, money, technology and management know how in order to establish upstream and downstream enterprises and subsidiaries that will continuously provide opportunities for the company’s own graduates, faculty, staff and the community at large. STI COLLEGE.. A Taste of History It all started when four visionaries conceptualized setting up a training center to fill very specific manpower needs. It was in the early ‘ 80s when Augusto C. Lagman, Herman T. Gamboa, Benjamin A. Santos, and Edgar H.

Sarte – four entrepreneurs and friends came together to set up Systems Technology Institute, a training center that delivers basic programming education to professionals and students who want to learn this new skill. Lagman, Gamboa, and Sarte were all heavily involved in the growing computer industry, while Santos just retired from his IT position in a pharmaceutical company. Sarte’s software house, Systems Resources Incorporated (SRI), kept losing programmers and analysts to jobs abroad. Programmers and analysts were a rare breed then, with only a few training centers offering courses on computer programming.

There was clear need to find and hire people for SRI, and fulfil the need of a growing business industry that was migrating to automated or computerized business processes. The founders transformed the problem into an opportunity. Systems Technology Institute’s name came from countless brainstorming sessions among the founders, perhaps from Sarte’s penchant for three-letter acronyms from the companies he managed at the time. The first two schools were inaugurated on August 21, 2983 in Buendia, Makati and in Epa, Manila and offered basic computer programming courses.

With a unique and superior product on their hands, it was not difficult to expand the franchise through the founders’ business contacts. A year after the first two schools opened, the franchise grew to include STI Binondo, Cubao, and Taft. A unique value proposition spelled the difference for the STI brand then: “ First We’ll Tech You, Then We’ll Hire You. ” Through its unique Guaranteed Hire Program (GHP), all qualified graduates were offered jobs by one of the founders’ companies, or through their contacts in the industry. The schools’ 1st batch of graduates, all 11 of them, were hired by SRI.

And through GHP, more qualified STI graduates found themselves working in their field of interest straight out of school. No one among the four founders imagined that the Systems Technology Institute would become a college, or would grow to have over 100 schools across the country. But it did, all because of its unique value proposition, the synergy between the founders and their personnel, and the management’s faithfulness to quality. Before the 1990s ended, STI also recognized the younger generation’s need to superior IT-enabled education.

It was during this time that STI started to venture into basic and secondary education. With its vast experience in managing tertiary level campuses, STI understood theresponsibilityof providing the same quality of learning tools and experiences to preparatory, elementary, andhigh school students. The outcome was the launch of the STI Basic Education and STI High School. The STI Colleges provide associate, baccalaureate, and masteral programs in the fields of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Engineering, Business and Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Education, and Healthcare.

These programs are duly accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). TESDA programs under the Colleges can also be ladderized with exit points that equip graduates with TESDA Certifications and the option to continue further studies in programs accredited by CHED. STI Vision We envision a technologically empowered society whose development and growth is driven by a knowledge-based workforce. STI Mission To be the leader in ICT-enabled human resource development through innovative learning and career planning methodologies.

STI Values *Respect* Excellence * “ Malasakit” * Meritocracy * Teamwork * Entrepreneurship * Service The following individuals are those who have control and influence in the decision making activities of STI College Angeles (SYLLABUS). Mr. Condrado M. Dayrit SYLLABUS, Inc. President Ms. Mary Ann CanlasFinance Manager Ms. Rowena T. SelomSchool Administrator – Angeles branch Ms. Avelina A. PenaAcademic Head – Angeles branch Ms. Eleanor PinedaMarketing Officer – Angeles branch Mr. Leo AdaptanteChannel Manager for North and Central Luzon – direct employer STI Headquarters (oversees the operation and sustainability f STI Colleges franchise) C. INDUSTRY BACKGROUND STI College Angeles has been existing in Balibago, Angeles City for 25 years, pursuing its commitment in delivering quality service to all students who aspire to become professionals with its affordable tuition fees. It occupies the 2nd to 5th floor of Agson’s Bldg. in Balibago, accompanied with two (2) computer laboratories, one (1) kitchen laboratory, one (1) bar set-up laboratory, one (1) hotel room, one (1) electronics room, one (1) library and eight (8) classrooms for lecture setup. Class hour is within 7: 00am to 6: 00 pm.

STI College Angeles offers two-year courses (under the supervision of TESDA) that have ladderized program, four-year courses (under the supervision of CHED), and special courses such as Call Center Training, Effective Keyboarding Training, andPersonalityDevelopment Trainings. STI serve students from the 33 barangays of Angeles, Mabalacat, Dau, Porac, and Tarlac. Within the vicinity of Angeles, it tries to attract enrollees from the existing 46 Secondary Schools especially fourth year students. | | | | | | | | | | | COURSES OFFERED by STI College Angeles| | | | | | | | | |

Four Year Courses| | Two Year ; Special Courses| | | | B. S ComputerScience(BSCS)| | Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) | B. S Information Technology (BSIT)| | Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Services (HRS)| B. S Office Administration (BSOAd)| | Certificate in Computer Electronics Technology (CCEP)| B. S Business Management (BSBM)| | Certificate in Call Center Training| B. S Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM)| | Certificate in Effective Keyboarding Training| B. S Tourism (BSTM)| | Certificate in Personality Development Training| | | | Its Competitors…

Angeles City has more than 60 schools (from primary, secondary, tertiary, and graduate schools) within its circle, and about 17 out of the 60 offers college courses. True enough, STI College Angeles is living in a school saturatedenvironmentand competition is getting stiffer each school year. Below is the matrix of all the competitors of STI College Angeles. (Source: Marketing Concern created by: Mr. Mark Lagman, Computer Laboratory Coordinator of STI College Angeles) College/University| Distance fromSTI| Courses Offered| Tuition Fee(Per Semester)| Estimated Population(as of S.

Y ’11-’12)| Angeles University Foundation| 3 Km| MedicineNursingLawHRMComputer ScienceInformation Tech. Bus. ManagementEducationCriminologyPsychology| 26, 000 to 45, 000| 9, 000| Holy Angel University | 4. 5 Km| AccountingNursingEngineeringComp. ScienceInformation Tech. Bus. Management EducationHRMCriminologyPsychology | 27, 000 to 40, 000| 12, 000| Republic Central Colleges | 4 Km| EducationNursingHRMManagementAccountingEngineeringComp. ScienceInformation Tech. Comp. SecretarialComp. Technician | 21, 000 to 28, 000| 2, 000| Systems Plus College Foundation| 1 Km| BS Computer ScienceBS Info.

Technology BS Bus. AdministrationBS Comp EngineeringBS ECEBS HRMBS in TourismBSNursing| 26, 000 to 45, 000| 4, 000| Systems Plus Computer College | 4 Km| 2yr Computer Science with Photoshop2-yr Info Technician with AutoCADD 2yr Comp Technology2yr Computer Secretarial2 yr HRSCaregiver2-yr Comp Engineering – Major in Networking Technology| 15, 000 to 18, 000| 700| Mega Computer College | 4 Km| 2yr Comp Science2yr Comp EngineeringIntegrated Programming1-year Computer Technician2yr Comp Technology| 15, 700 to 17, 000| 250| AMA Computer College – Angeles City | 4. Km| BS Bus AdministrationBS Info TechnologyBS Computer ScienceBS Comp EngineeringBS Electronics ; Communications Engineering| 19, 000 to 23, 000| 400| AMA Computer Learning Center – Angeles City | 4. 5 Km| Comp. Based AccountingOffice ; Information ManagementComputer Systems Design ; ProgrammingInternet TechnologyComputer Systems ; Networking Technology2-year Hotel ; Restaurant Management| 13, 000 to 18, 000| 400| AMA Computer Learning Center – Dau, Mabalacat | 3 Km| Computer Systems Design ; ProgrammingOffice ; Information ManagementComputer Systems ; Networking

Technology2-year Hotel ; Restaurant Management| 13, 000 to 18, 000| 400| Integrated Computer School Foundation| 3 Km| BS in Infromation TechnologyComputer Science2yr Computer ProgrammingComp. SecretarialComp. Engineering in Hardware Technology1-year Computer Technician| 14, 000 to 17, 000| 200| Montessori ProfessionalCollege| 3. 5 Km| Nursing ScienceComputer ScienceOffice SecretarialComputer AccountancyBusiness ManagementHotel and Restaurant Management| 8, 000 to 10, 000| 150| AIE College or Asian Institute of E-Commerce | 3 Km| 2yr Info.

Technology 2yr Business ; Information Management2yr Computer Technology2yr HRS| 10, 000 to 12, 000| 250| Asian Institute for Computer Studies| 2 Km| BS Comp. Science 2yr Comp. Science2yr Comp. Secretarial2yr Comp. Technician2yr Hospitality ; Restaurant Services | 9, 300 to 14, 000| 450| Asian Institute ofScience and Technology| 2 Km| 2yr Comp. Science2yr Business Information2yr Comp. Technician2yr Hospitality ; Restaurant Services | 7, 600 to 12, 000| 350| Clark International College of Technology| 2 Km| 2-yr Comp.

Programming2-Yr Comp. Secretarial2-Yr Comp. Technology2-Yr Customer Relations Management2-Yr Consumer Electronics2-Yr HRS| 14, 000 to 17, 000| 400| Jose C. Feliciano College | 2. 5Km| BS Business ManagementBS Tourism2yr Computer Technician2yr Electronics TechnicianMarine EngineeringSea Farer CourseMidwifery ; Nursing Aide | 16, 000 to 22, 000| 1, 200| Comparative Analysis on Tuition Fees Marketing Strategies ; Activities… STI College Angeles conform to the policy and set laws of STI Head Quarters located in Global City Taguig, Philippines.

From the management to the academic concerns all of which need to be addressed to STI-HQ. Marketing techniques and activities were also product of STI-HQ. From billboards, to flyers, to CDs, sponsorships, career orientations, competitions, and scholarships month were all advised at the Head Quarters. This is to maintain the centralization of franchised branch of STI. Next page shows the Marketing Calendar and the Advertising and Promotion Expenses of STI College Angeles for S. Y 2012-2013. INQUIRY VS. NEW STUDENTS

A. Y 2009-2011 ENROLLMENT SUMMARY A. Y 2006-2011 (All Graphs Source: Marketing Concern created by: Mr. Mark Lagman, Computer Laboratory Coordinator of STI College Angeles) STI College Angeles TOWS Analysis **THREATS**| **WEAKNESSES**| 1. Stiff competition with other colleges and universities. 2. Unstable economic condition in the Philippines that might affect parents’ decision in sending their children into college. 3. K+12 Policy ratify by the Philippines Department of Education which started S. Y 2012. | 1.

School facade and location not visible to the public. 2. Lack spacious surrounding and minimal number of rooms; 2 laboratories not enough to accommodate large classes. 3. Incomplete and obsolete facilities (for IT laboratories, Kitchen laboratory, and Library) 4. High-turnover rate of faculty members. | **OPPORTUNITIES**| **STRENGTHS**| 1. The increasing demand of High School students to finish bachelor / associate courses. Continuous demand for ICT and other skilled professionals. 2. Educational institutions will not become obsolete. 3.

There are about 40 + Secondary Schools in Angeles City alone. Not to mention nearby places like Dau, Mabalacat, and Porac. There will always be new market to encourage every school year. 4. Can attract working people who wishes to continue study to enroll at STI. | 1. Job Placement Assistance (E2E – Employment to Enrollment) Program. 2. One of the reputable college institution in-terms of IT in the Philippines. 3. Flexible schedule can be given to an employee who wishes to study while working. 4. Well equipped faculty members and staff. . Legal consent and requirements of CHED and TESDA properly organized. | D. ALTERNATIVES July 20, 2012 – 1: 30 P. M (STI College San Fernando – Conference Room) Condrado (SYLLABUS, President): It’s nice to finally meet you personally Eleanor, welcome to SYLLABUS. Eleanor (STI Angeles, Marketing Officer): It’s my pleasure to meet you Mr. President. Thank you for the warm welcome that I have been receiving from all of you. Mary Ann (SYLLABUS, Finance Manager): Since everyone is settled already, I think we can now start Mr. President.

The main agenda we have for today’s meeting is the issues being face by STI College Angeles in failing to achieve the projected number of new student every school year. Condrado (President): Okay, that is clear with me. How can we address such dilemma then? Rowena (STI Angeles, Administrator): I believethat we must continue investing in improving our facilities and equipment. If students have good equipment to use in their studies and can see nice facilities within our vicinity they will be spreading news on how good it is to be part of STI and will be encouraged to enroll.

In addition, we must do additional effort in promoting our school by doing double effort in our promotion and advertising activities for 2012. Visit more schools; sponsor seminars, events, and competitions; make STI existence visible to the public by displaying multiple STI banners, billboards, and flyers indicating the courses we offer and the location for them to reach us. Condrado (President): Isn’t that we have been doing the same things before? Avelina (STI Angeles, Academic Head): That is true Mr.

President, however I believe that Rowena’s suggestion is only one of the strategies that we can do to achieve our projected number of students. Yes we can improve our current facilities and equipment within the school and it can attract more students but additional students require additional space. As of the moment, our location can accommodate less than 500 students and we still experience minor problems in terms of room assignment and space. If our objective is to increase students and to meet our projected number of enrollees, we must start in preparing a better building first.

A new building with larger and spacious structure, plus a visible facade will be an effective marketing strategy. Condrado (President): Hmm… our place is really not visible to the public. Mary Ann (Finance Manager): Your proposal is for STI Angeles to locate into a new building, larger than what we rent now; a building with a visible facade for it to be more obvious to the public. The intention is good, but we must consider the financial status of STI Angeles before we can decide on that. Condrado (President): Can we now hear your proposal Eleanor? Eleanor (STI Angeles, Marketing Officer): Yes Mr.

President, as I have listened carefully and as a result of myobservationwith the previous years of STI Angeles – the problem that we wanted to conquer is to get the target number of students. The solution that I would like to propose is Internal Marketing with STI Students. In every 1 student he/she should migrate 4 students (transferee or new student then the student will be given a gift of knowledge of 50%scholarshipin tuition fee. And in every 6 students enrolled by 1 student, he/she will be given 100% scholarship plus a uniform and any STI kit.

The way I came with the computation is shown in the screen: 50% Gift of Knowledge (GOK)| 100% Gift of Knowledge (GOK)| 1 student = 20, 000 (estimated payment, 50% GOK)4 student = 80, 000 (enrolled)_________________________________________Total: 60, 000 10, 000 (miscellaneous fee and OSF)__________________________________________ 70, 000 (School)| 1 student = 20, 000 (estimated payment, 100% GOK)6 student = 120, 000 (enrolled)___________________________________________Total 100, 000 5, 000 (Miscellaneous fee and OSF)___________________________________________ 105, 000 (School)|

Other resolution is to have rental fee for any available rooms that we have: Example: a. Kitchen laboratory (7: 00-9: 00 pm) class for any tutorial culinary (others). b. Computer laboratory (7: 00-9: 00 pm) class for any tutorial in computers (others). c. Marketing strategy with the help of any organizations like SM Supermalls in SM City Clark. d. Sponsoring activities of any high school (example: held a competition within their school or tabulations with their school or having seminars) e. Talk to different school principals and have communications like school open house (some of the principals need an exposure). . Posting out STI College Angeles through the use of streamers. Condrado (President): I love the zest of ideas that are coming from everyone’s mind. Give me an action plan and a feasibility study on all your suggestions, present it to me next month. Let’s call it a day… *end* Gratitude to the following people who provided me the information and data to complete my term paper. Mrs. Rowena T. Selom, Administrator of STI College Angeles. Mr. Mark P. Lagman, Computer Laboratory Coordinator of STI College Angeles.

Thanks for voting and helping us improve!
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