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Fly in the ointment

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He was very well known for his short stories that were collected in number of volumes Tone & Mood Tone: Realistic. Pessimistic Mood: Sad, desolate Background The background Is about a son who wants to help his dad that has Just gone bankrupt. Everything from the factory was taken away by the creditors, however there is a sign outside the factory which is freshly painted and the brass plaque outside the office is shining.

Character/Characterization There are only two characters In the story: Harold: -Harold has no illusions about his father. -Made his life somewhere else though he doses t have muchmoneyhe should help his father. -Trusts his father despite he Is aware of his wheeling-dealing ways. Helping him makes him feel mean and disloyal. Harold ‘s Father: -Mixture of bravado and weakness. -Shifty, boastful and dishonest. Feels -Not -He never misses an opportunity to deride his son’s position in life by making negative comments. Plot -The fly in the ointment is about a son, Harold who is worried about his father that as gone bankrupt, his father has worked for many years and he was expecting him to be in a very bad state as he had last seen, but then he sees him very optimistic about his situation. – They then talk and the son gets to see his father’s two faces, one good and a bad one.

In the end the father decides to give up and live without money. Summary -Harold wants to help his dad that was bankrupt -They chat for a while and the dad tells him how if he wasn’t optimistic he would’ve already been dead -The dad decides to give up on money and live without it The son offers his father some money and he accepts Literary Devices Used -There is some foreshadowing when the son is going to enter his father’s place: ” The name of the firm, newly painted too… Eely polished”. It lets us know that his father isn’t in the same situation his son remembers him. Vocabulary & Expressions -A fly in the ointment means -someone or something that spoils a situation which could have been successful or pleasant. -The father is the fly in the ointment in this story as his father says: ‘Eve made my mistakes. I was thinking about it before you came. You know where I went wrong? You know where I made my mistake?… The father himself admits he messed up the whole business and as his son says ‘Don’t oblige me to say we know all about it’ it means that they all know about it and that his father had problems with moneySymbolism-The fly in the room they’re talking in is one of the father’s weaknesses. It symbolizes his lust for money that he’s unable to reach. When he tries to go to the roof he’s very unable to and makes him appear as he is more old than he already is.

Analysis -A fly in the Ointment has Just two characters and it depicts a dysfunctional relationship between a father and his son, Harold. The father is an aggressivepersonality. -There is a streak of dishonesty and cruelty in him. He has Just gone bankrupt but has the attitude that it is for the best. -He claims he has no need for money but plans to live by the sea enjoying the sun which he can’t shake off. -Harold is aware of his father’s flaw and even if he’s mean to him he tries to help him. The father has mask on all the time and it slips every now and then.

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