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– The language of the owner’s manual should be English. The reason behind using English is the fact that Canada is a multilingual country. It is home to people from different regions around the world. Although French is also common in Canada, but the best language to publish the owner’s manual will be English. It would make sure that every market is targeted within Canada and not only one segment of the market is targeted. This will ensure that the company remains competitive in its marketing and sales efforts, and at the same time targets the mass market.
– The company has an illustrious brand name. It is one of the top brands of the world. Considering this, the company should not outsource its printing services it should print the owner’s manual in NAFTA region itself. The reason being that the manual has to be printed in English, and not in some foreign language and the companies available in Canada would be able to provide cost effective solutions. As a result, the company should do the manual in NAFTA countries instead of off shoring. However, within Canada or NAFTA the company can outsource the job to a reliable company. And since the job will be done in Canada, Ford can keep an eye on the quality provided by the company printing the material, and can solve any quality issues.
– The most feasible option for Ford would be to outsource the printing services to the United States of America. Since it is a professional job requiring machinery instead of cheap labor, Mexico is not an option. As a result, the job should either be done in Canada or the USA. The technology available in USA would be more advanced, and hence the printing would be more cost effective there.
– The alternative language in which manual is printed should be French. Canada consists of more French speakers than any other language. They represent a very large market. Hence, it is very important for target the French-speaking market. Hence, the other language in which the material should be printed is French. There are also a lot of Asian in Canada, and hence printing the owner manual in Arabic, Hindi and Urdu are also feasible options.
– Canada is a multicultural country. There is a influx of people from Asian countries coming into Canada. In future, NAFTA region will have access to large number of cheap labor. Hence, off shoring might diminish in the future owing to this trend. Therefore, it is better to outsource the service to NAFTA currently, because it will become very difficult to bring this job back to NAFTA once it has already been off shored. Hence, the company should realize this trend and should be willing to pay a higher cost for some time period before the influx of cheap labor increases in NAFTA region to meet the needs of Ford and other large brands.
– The support center services should be off shored. Since Ford has presence in major countries of the world, it would much better to have a centralized support center in a country when Ford has access to cheap labor like India. Since India has a growing population of English speakers, the best option to locate Ford’s support center is India.

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