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Free corporate social responsibility essay example

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Questions 1

Discuss that factors that would be involved for a business to choose a framework to guide their CSR programs.
CSR is a critical aspect in the modern times. Companies and firms have to come up with these strategies for various reason. However, the framework of the company depends on the social and economic environment of the business location, the ethical framework of the enterprises, and the cost implications.
According to Ismail (2009 p. 201), the managerial theory of CSR suggests that a firm has to consider everything hat is external to its operations in making decisions. Such entails the social and economic environment that may affect the company. In this respect, therefore, the framework the CSR ought to address the immediate challenges in the social, legal, and economic environment. For example, global warming affects all parts of the earth and, due to this, any organizations can direct its CSR in addressing it. However, this is not the only venture. Companies may move to help in solving other social problems such as improving education levels, and elimination of poverty, among others in conjunction with non-governmental organizations.
Having the right partners propels the company’s vision and mission aspirations (Klein, 2013). The collaborations also help in dealing with the economic implications of the CSR of the enterprises. Technically, some ventures might require a lot of funds such that any firm attempting to address it single-handedly without the financial capabilities would fail. As a result, the managers seeks partners with similar aspirations to pull resources together. As a consequence, the firm has to consider the possible collaborators in what it aims to do. Organizations have their primary role as making profits. Therefore, the CSR should not act as an impediment to the same. Additionally, these active have to be in agreement with the ethical principles of the company. In most cases, the internal ethics of firms originate from the social, legal and economic environment, and they tend to be the pivotal point of action either internally or externally (Enrico, 2007).


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Question 2
Discuss how CSR strategies can integrate programs to address both environmental and social impacts. Use examples to support
Firms have many options to choose from so as to engage in to ensure that the CSR framework addresses the environmental and social problems. Although the levels may be different, the goals of most of CSR remain the same. The following is a description of how organizations can address both environment and social problems in their CSR framework with examples.
Maintaining an ethical business conduct is critical in the upholding of the moral principles of the organization. For example, Microsoft has ensured that the majority of its workers attend training on its standards of business conduct (Microsoft, 2014). At the same time, companies ought to address the social-economic problems facing their operational areas. In this respect, Microsoft has embarked on this path by establishing YouthSpark that has created job opportunities for about two hundred and twenty-seven million young people across the globe. Education empowers the generations of the communities. It is, therefore of paramount importance that organization seek to help the society address educational challenges. The BMW group has used this approach by creating several institutions such as the Paris Mountain Program in Carolina that has since become a state-of-the-art education complex (BMW Manufacturing Co., 2015).
There are internal standards that such as carbon neutrality that each organization must adhere. Reducing the emission of carbon dioxide helps in decreasing of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and consequently reduce the rates of global warming. The use of renewable energy would also ensure that the environmental impacts of non-renewable energy both in its extractions and its use reduces significantly. Other enterprises seek to recycle as much waste as possible. Such would lower the pollution of the land, water, and the air.
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Questions 3
Discuss the challenges related to being a socially responsible business, and suggest ways these challenges can be overcome.
Since CSR has become a mandatory venture, many enterprises come up with elaborate plans on the same. However, the implementation comes with various challenges. The following are some of the hindrances to successful CSR and possible solutions.
Ezendu (2010 slide27) asserts that firms may lack a clear vision of what to do in its CSR activities. In this respect, the lack of vision leads to disorganized activities whose results do not align with the ethical, legal, and social expectations. It is important that the firms create a clear vision, strategies and set aside resources for the implementation of the CSR activities. For example, if the company seeks to reduce poverty, it has to work towards that by establishing means that economically empower the poor people. Also, if the vision is to reduce emission of carbon dioxide, the firm ought to use renewable energy sources such as electricity, solar power, wind power and adopt lean manufacturing to increase the efficiency.
According to Berald (2011, p. 103), there is an increased pressure from investors in terms of assessing the performance of the companies. The CSR activities of the firms come in handy and hence, business have to invest heavily on the same. Such may reduce the profits in the short terms, but can increase them tremendously in the long run Customer interests are also changing. The preferences of the buyers depend on the perceptions the companies have. The impressions come from the CSR activities since people may not want to associate with businesses that do not uphold the human right and fairness in the workplaces. It is upon the firms to ensure that it follows all the legal and social regulations to remain afloat in the market. Governments have reduced their participation in important aspects leaving them to companies. Such reduces the level of impacts of the activities. However, organizations can partner with NGOs to address the problems.
It is critical that proper planning take space before beginning the CSR. Such would guarantee success and improve the reputation of the firm. Additionally, involving the communities and the NGS is also necessary to reduce the cost and increase effectiveness.
Berald N. R. (2011, March 28-30). Corporate Social Responsibility – Issues and Challenges in India. International Conference on Technology and Business Management. Retrieved on June 22, 2015 from http://www. academia. edu/5832519/Corporate_Social_Responsibility_Issues_and_Challenges_in_India
Ezendu E. (2010). Challenges of Corporate social Responsibility. Retrieved on June 22, 2015 from http://www. slideshare. net/ezendu/challenges-of-corporate-social-responsibility

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