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The group members were to carrying out an analysis on the brewing industry in the globe. The group decided to allocate different tasks on research and analysis on the brewing industry. The group members met and came up with some question that each member was supposed to address. Each member was supposed to get detailed analysis in the area of research allocated and the analysis was to give almost a similar conclusion before combining it.
A brewing industry is a company that produces beer. Beer is one of the handiest drinks and the world most consumed beverage. This is because of the wide range of new flavors that boost the drink popularity. There has been significant growth in the beer industry and the growth is expected to increase more rapidly in the next five years. The market for the product is divided in to three segments. According to the analysis, Standard lager dominates the market with over 55% of the total market. The three leading companies dominate more than 40% of the market. Consumption of beer is driven by the modern trend of drinking beer along with meals. Another trend encouraging widespread is the health concern that encourages consumption of beer with lower percentage alcohol content. Analysis shows that globally the industry of beer will develop in the near future. The rise will be a result of increase in disposable income and the spread of western culture influence worldwide and the economic growth and the increase in population worldwide.
Demands from developing nations will also result to improvement in marketing of the beer. This is because the companies do seek to sell their products to the new emerging market since the already markets they sell to offer less opportunities in daily basis. Movement to new markets results to changes in flavors to change the diverse tastes. Companies also focus their market efforts to capture female consumers that are expanding their consumption bases. Focusing on the female taste also result to new better products as the fruit influenced flower beers.
Group work is work that involves lots of commitment among people to reach to a common goal in their point of discussion. Each individual in a group is obliged to do lots of research in their field of research and in their meeting; they are supposed to bring out their results in summarized manner. They are then to combine all the results to get to a common conclusion. For a successful group, team members should be willing to meet their expectation to the end of their required work. This will result to efficient quality work. The members within the group should understand each other and allocate work equality and in accordance their capability. Many people within a group results to less workload directed to an individual as compared to that of lots of people. Therefore as my opinion, I would encourage more people in-group participation since they will be efficiency in results and less workload.
That participation in the group should ask themselves several questions like if all the members got fully involved whether orally or in any other action. If there is any chart of participation each member should follow to the letter. in their areas of research they should understand if the questions were addressed to the whole group or part of them and the time allocated for each of the members is key to be observed. This will result to efficient teamwork with quality work. For a successful group to exist, members should periodically submit a checklist of the issues they experience while in the group. This will help in identifying if the group members are coming up with viable solutions to the problems they are addressing. A member should understand properly the topic of discussion before initiating the group discussion. Members should also give chance to each group member to speak and contribute to the topic of discussion. While speaking, members should speak clearly and use simple words that are understood by everyone. Members should also express their arguments politely and in a clear manner.

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