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Executive Summary

Walmart is considered to be an extremely intentional in regards to their efforts to be able to attract and develop into a diverse secondary population, despite the fact offering an appealing and complete workplace. As Walmart has developed in the U. S. and all over the world, the face of our company has changed to be better able to serve our clients by meeting their exclusive wants and needs. Walmart obligation to diversity and inclusion remains in driving business Walmart officially recognized our Office of Diversity. At the moment, Walmart is celebrating a decade of specific focus on inclusion and diversity and inclusion. Walmart continues to be encouraged by their progress, and they are committed as ever when it comes to being an endpoint for great talent going on all over the world.

History and Background

Walmart started in 1962 as one man’s dream. Today, President and CEO Mike Duke runs the, what began with one individual’s openness to new ideas has grown into a global team of individuals who have diverse points of view, experiences and backgrounds. As a retailer Walmart is worldwide diverse, with formats in 15 nations that consist of stores, distribution centers, clubs, trucking services, optical labs and restaurants, other business arrangements. This rich diversity sets Walmart apart from the rest. Walk into any of Walmart facilities around the world and people can discover a diverse mix of services and products and associates who are passionate about making sure that customers are able to save a lot of money.

Vision and Mission

Walmart vision is to be a worldwide leader in inclusion and diversity. The company mission is to convey on our customer promise of saving money and living better by leveraging the influence of diversity in their workforce and by nurturing an inclusive place of work. Our three intentional pillars are workforce, place of work and open market.

Diversity Policy

Wal-Mart is committed to nurturing, cultivating and maintaining a culture of diversity and insertion. Our human capital is the most appreciated advantage the company has. The collective amount of the life experiences, inventiveness, individual differences, knowledge, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our employees capitalize in their work signifies an important part of not only our culture, but our standing and business’s achievement in addition.

Diversity Weaknesses

Wal-Mart is struggling with their diversity. On the other hand, Wal-Mart’s vision is to attain low prices, and superior customer service and to apply the three simple principles of founder Sam Walton: ” admiration for the individual, strive for excellence and service to our customers,” How could workforce diversity help an organization like Walmart company accomplish this vision? Companies in general mostly consist of diversity in the workplace because the law and since it progresses their output to remain economical. In order for Wal-Mart to utilize diversity so as to accomplish its revelation of “ Admiration for individuals, service to our consumers and go all-out for excellence” Wal-Mart needs to speak to the needs of their workers, providing them with the growth prospects that are obtainable and that each employee are worthy.
Getting rid of the internal barriers inside the organization that will regulate the employees from advancing in their careers with the company; this is particularly true for those employees that create part of a minority group or a group that is understated inside the company. Wal-Mart also needs to provide their employees with training and education.

Diversity Strengths

Wal-Mart leaders are the ones that are enabled to be promoters for change and bringing answers to problems by means of people’s diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. Also, career opportunities and global assignments represent Wal-Mart’s promise when it comes to growing their associates by providing them new positions to increase their opportunities and knowledge to donate in ways that will assist people in bringing together the next generation of Walmart.
Wal-Mart surface through numerous internal channels, for instance their Walmart annual Associate Opinion Survey, U. S. CEO’s Monthly Town Hall Meetings, associate network portal, and the Open Door Policy. Therefore, Wal-Mart has learned how to modify their programs and initiatives to deliver excellence career opportunities, professional development, and admission to top leaders by means of mentoring circles and support, important strategic projects and hands-on experience for progression of a career.

Problems with Diversity

In countries such as Russia, South Korea, and Germany Wal-Mart has had trouble growing on account of the global tension and significant cultural differences . The organization not prepared to enter the local marketplace dynamics for the reason that the business was not patient when it came down to foreign cultures. Not only did the company fight to keep up with their operations, they were enforced to make sure the stores were closed. The company has been cited for treating their employees unwell in both the United States and overseas nations. Wal-Mart will need to be able to apply the idea of cultural doctrine to increase their business in countries as well as Chile, South Africa and India. The business should provide products that are able to attract to the cultural perceptions of individuals in foreign nations. Worldwide expansion has very high hazards but for Wal-Mart it is essential for their development. With the intention of succeeding as a multinational establishment, they need to comprehend the standpoint and culture of the foreign nations they intend on occupying. In preceding years Wal-Mart has challenged much claim from staffs blaming it of unfair occupation activities – primarily from its female labor force that has given the society a bad position as a corporation.

Policy needed to be successful when managing diversity

Multinational businesses will need to keep an open mind and then learn more about the culture of others so as to successfully communicate and function inside the foreign nations. It is imperative for Wal-Mart and other multinational businesses to appreciate cultural diversity for the reason that it permits the companies to understand the values, language, standards and food of the foreign nations . These essentials are significant to the effective expansion of the corporation for the reason that they cannot go on with their operations without understanding and appreciating what they value, their normal practices, how the citizens speak, and customs and what they eat. All of these elements may appear to be unimportant to the corporation but without cultural relativism, international establishments would not be able to go along with maneuvers in foreign nations.
The company will need to look into numerous suggestions to finish up successful worldwide developments. Wal-Mart must have a clear reason for creating their store in each nation. People of the foreign nations want to identify the presence of the business and recognize why Wal-Mart is developing into part of their culture. Wal-Mart needs to pay attention to the consumers and be eager to become accustomed to their needs. The company should be tolerant of foreign cultures and stick to to traditional societies. It will be serious for the company to have clear real-estate strategies to conclude precisely where to place their stores . As a final point, the corporation should identify that customary local competition can be a severe threat.

Diversity Plan—Managing Diversity at Wal-Mart

In the future, Wal-Mart will confirm that all of their personnel policies from hiring to promotions and raises are founded on performance of an employee. The company will avoid permitting tenancy, ethnic background or any other kind of group into your human resources guidelines. Managing a diverse workplace starts with solid policies of equality from the corporation. Once these policies are prepared, the business can begin applying diversity measures during the course of the entire business.
Wal-Mart will be able to rate the qualifications of the applicant built on the quality of his experience, not the age or any other group, when the hiring process is going on. When Wal-Mart hires a diverse but qualified workforce, the company will be on the right track towards being able to manage the diversity in Wal-Mart.
The company will also do a better job when it comes to bringing diversity. They will start encouraging much more diversity especially when it comes down to producing teams and special work groups inside the corporation. If the manager at Wal-Mart brings together a work group that does not exploit the skills of the most qualified personnel, then contend that the group be changed to consist of all staff members that are qualified.
Also because Wal-Mart’s past with gender discrimination with women, they will come up with a whole new policy the will enforce their gender discrimination in the workplace. In the past, the complaints were not treated very appropriately. This time around the corporation will make sure that they treat complaints of favoritism or discrimination much more seriously. Wal-Mart will do things such as encourage employees to report every kind of instances of prejudiced behavior, and have a definitive process in place for examining and being able to deal with these kinds of subjects.
The organization could possibly benefit from a five-year plan in which the diversity plan is executed gradually over a span of years. Part of that plan would be to do things such as hold quarterly trainings for the whole staff on the profits of diversity in the workplace. The company will also do things such as encourage dialogs at these meetings on how the business is able to better manage workplace diversity.
With diversity comes new means of expression, as employees from different cultures and backgrounds communicate in slightly different ways. With that said, in some instances, there has been a lot of confusion and frustration in the company because of miscommunication. In the future, miscommunication Wal-Mart will address this issue and also start teaching their employees about the existing stereotypes about minorities. Wal-Mart will also improve their communication by fostering an atmosphere of clarity, and by tasking managers with understanding people’s cultures as much as possible to help smooth over any kind of confusion.


At the top of the Fortune 500 listing, Wal-Mart is considered to be the number one seller in the US. Wal-Mart functions in a lot of countries universal and is moving into new nations each year, trying to expand in so many different ways. It is clear that the company has been able to expand into several divisions of the marketplace, as well as groceries, electronics, gas stations, and auto maintenance. However, when it comes to managing diversity, there has been some issues that need to be addressed. Furthermore, the amount of individuals who have a stake in Wal-Mart grows. As a result, more claims are made against the corporation by the unions and other industries that have been forced to close. In the future, Wal-Mart is going to have to work harder to maintain a better strategy when it comes to managing diversity. Wal-Mart’s Foundation will become progressively more important and strategic in the effort improve diversity issues. In order for the company to stay at the top leadership will need to improve their diversity issues that go on inside the company and change the public’s perception of Wal-Mart from a rigid business giant to a community’s zealous best friend.


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