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a) A brief, perhaps two paragraph or so summary of the issue as you understand it. Stagecoach Company has made road transportation the core and heart of its business. It has made this possible by using strategies that reduce carbon emissions. Stagecoach Company modernizes their vehicles and other modes of transport, making them efficient and environmental friendly. Old vehicles are replaced with new vehicles and the company implements new technology that ensures their vehicles are efficient. Drivers are made aware of the importance of preserving and conserving the environment. Stagecoach should ensure that green supply chain is connected to its transportation business to reduce costs and increase outputs. b) The specific stand that you take; what you see as right/good/just in regard to the issue. All companies must ensure that they act according to ethics and morals codes; for instance, Stagecoach Company ought to find ways of reducing pollution by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by their vehicles. c) Some thoughts about how the issue relates to your own life experience.
Just like other companies, Stagecoach has a difficult time in maintaining a professional relationship between their employees. This challenge can even become worse when companies in the same line of business decide to project it as a significant sexual charge. It is a dilemma on the images that Stagecoach Company should use to sell their services in connection with the conduct expected from their employees. There is no excuse for sexual harassment in any company; even though, willingness to sexually charged imagery can result to harmful conditions that result in costly lawsuits. d) A moral analysis that employs a deontological approach to ethics, either as the kind of duty ethics expressed by Kant or Divine Command Theory. (You need not use both approaches, you need only use one listed in (d), but must also do items (e)-(h).
In relating to Kantian theory, he argues that having a goodwill helps in maintaining ethical objectives of the company. He goes on further to say that in order to avoid nihilism; the Company’s ethics should be unconditional. Just like other companies, Stagecoach has faced some ethical dilemmas in different ways (Peck, Lee and Guy 31). There are various ethical issues in Stagecoach Company such as the pay rates of employees and the issue of discouraging harassment in the workplace. Stagecoach Company must be very cautious in dealing with these issues because they might earn praise and get anger from the consumers depending on the policies they apply to deal with these issues. e) A moral analysis using teleological approaches to ethics, either utilitarianism or Natural Law. (Again, you need not use both approaches, you need only use one listed in (e), in addition of course to the one you choose in (d). It is recommended that the one you choose for (d) and (e) be paired/opposites, just as they were presented in class.
According to utilitarianism, it argues that the Company should make sure their employees are focused in doing the right thing despite the outcome. It is proven doing the right actions; for instance, protecting the environment from pollution, will also result to good things such as good health, and clean environment. Federal laws stipulate that people performing similar jobs should receive equal pay regardless of race, gender, disability, and religion. Even with this law the problem of pay inequality is a problem in many organizations (Finkbeiner 32). There is a huge gap of salary between men and women globally. The dilemma of ethics arose when companies chose to offer men higher salaries than women and yet they are doing the same jobs. The company has used alternative technologies that are environmentally friendly, which reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They have more than 1000 vehicles with an alternative drive train, which are modified to ensure efficiency to their customers. The modifications include aerodynamics technology that has proven to be efficient and electronic adaptations that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Drivers are made aware of the importance of environment conservation. Drivers are trained on better driving techniques where they drive efficiently, thus, saving fuel. There are many campaigns for awareness of efficient driving that will assist in saving fuel. f) A moral analysis that focuses on the relationality-responsibility model we worked on in the course. Items (g) and (h) can be incorporated into this portion of your analysis. Please include mention of why this model for ethics works better than (d) or (e). The situations we face on our daily activities plays a major role in the understanding a relationality-responsibilty model. The company ought to be involved in various activities in the society in order to create a good relation between them. Relationality-responsibilty model enables the employees of the Company to have the freedom of making their own choices, and not to give them restrictions. Stagecoach must take the initiative of publishing general behaviors that the company has embraced as part of their policy (Johnston 102). It ensures that all employees are responsible of their behaviors, and they will not fake ignorance. Through the definition of prohibited behaviors, managers will reduce genuine confusion and convenient ignorance. Stagecoach needs to teach their employees ethical standards by setting up training sessions. g) A moral analysis that uses Young’s ideas about justice, including thoughts about how marginalization relates to your issue. Also include at least one from the following list: cultural imperialism, systematic violence, exploitation or powerlessness. Stagecoach Company controls the effect that carbon dioxide may cause to the environment by replacing old vehicles (Radetzki, Marian and Niklas 52). The company improves the efficiency of their vehicles; thus, offering their customers excellent services and as well reducing impacts on the environment. They have implemented new technology in their vehicles that do not consume fuel, and thus, reducing carbon dioxide emission. These vehicles have achieved a high emission standard in Europe. The company has set targets on carbon emission strategies at the center of their green program. It is possible, as they have introduced an accounting and control system of carbon emissions. This program is integrated with their business agenda to ensure transparency to their customers, and ensure they are managing carbon emissions from their vehicles. h) Thoughts about how an ethics of risk relates to your issue.
Stagecoach Company has to have transformative leaders who should be controlled by ethics of risk. Ethics of risk allows the company to make strategic and concrete decisions that will not harm the society, but rather challenge them to also find ways of protecting the environment. Hence, when taking ethics of risk, a leader ought to be sober and decide on ideas that will not result to unilateral and decisive actions. The company took the initiative of educating the society on methods of controlling the emission of carbon dioxide to the environment. Through this program, they have encouraged the community to involve in practices that are carbon-free in doing their daily activities. Some of the ways they have come up with include the use of solar power and other natural extraction of energy methods such as wind and hydropower. In this relation, they are planning to use electric vehicles in the future to replace the current vehicles that use fuel (Peck, Lee and Guy 28). It is believed that electric vehicles release negligible amount of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon; hence, becoming one of the best ways of conserving the environment from pollution. Stagecoach Company is also planning to partner with government to find ways of fighting this menace. It is because they want to protect the future generation from global warming, which is threatening the lifestyle and habitats of the living things worldwide.

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