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The roles of managers have changed in a tremendous way over the last decade. In the past, the role of a manger was scientific. The course, which was, mostly offered to managers, BBA was offered in a scientific approach. It was about analyzing data and research. In many companies, most of the policies were self-driven for the employees and the customer thus leaving the mangers work as only looking at the present data and looking for ways to improve the position of the company(Buono, 2009).. It went unsaid that the manager was the boss thus there was no need of much supervision. However, in the present world, this role has change in a large way. It has moved from being scientific to being philosophical and psychology. This is due to the several emerging conditions and issues in the managing field.
The unstoppable innovation in technology is one of the contributors in the management role. As this was not the case in the past, a manager these days has to be well conversant with the present technology in respect to the company he or she is managing. Technology is now the key monitoring tool in many organizations. It collects data from all departments for analysis (Buono, 2009). Technology on the other hand is used to formulate strategies as well as communication. In short, most of the management poles are taken up by technology. This marks a big change in management as the individuals ought to have the knowledge to operate the devices.
Managers in the past few decades were the most learned members of the organizations they were running. However, nowadays, due to increased unemployment and entrepreneurship this is not the case. In the same perspective, it went unsaid as mentioned in the essay that the managers were the boss. This has however changed in the present cases. Some employees due to the duties they perform tend to assume otherwise. This thus makes the work of managers a bit complex to equalize such employees to promote harmony and cooperation. Managers have to lead with good examples in their organizations. They are assigned some duties to show other employees that they are up to the task still. For this reason, their roles have change in a big deal (Buono, 2009).
Employment bureau have too changed in the recent past. There is diversity in employment as well as posting. In the past, an engineer to oversee its operations headed a company in the manufacturing industry. This has changed though (Buono, 2009). A business oriented trained manager can head almost any company. The role has change from scientific to social where that manager is involved in uniting and harmonizing the members of the organization. He or she brings together the diverse knowledge; cultures as well as genders to work as one for success, for this reason, the role of managers have turned out to be more social and psychological.
Managing task is not just a by the road job. It takes the right person to offer the up to standard management tasks. There are several criteria to depict such personnel among the numerous who make applications and qualify for the interview (Kador, 2006). At the interview, the interaction with the prospectus manager should be evident that the individual have the capability to manage and move the company forward. The questions can be divided into three parts (Kador, 2006). The fast part is the general information. The second part is the action information and finally the management information.

The general information will have various questions. Some of them include:

– How would the people around you describe you?
– What is some of the most useful criticism you have ever received? Why?
The two questions are very important into the introduction of a management interview. It provides information of the type of person you are dealing with. Honesty when answering these questions should be the key point. Personality should be suitable for a manager.
The manager should be a person of actions, there should be some experience in the management roles. As the interviewee of a project or a company, he or she managed (Kador, 2006). How was it from the start to probably the end? This will give you an oversight of how good the managers have been in terms of actions and strategizing. Some of the questions to help outline this include:
– What has your biggest achievement been at?
– What were the big things you were trying to achieve in the past year at? What things were/are worrying you? What were/are you doing about it
– What is an example of a goal you did not meet? How come? How did you respond to that?
– What will success look like for you this year? Why is that important? How hard will it be to get there?
The manager should be a person who moves the department from better to best. His past works should show such trends in his mode of answering questions (Falcone, 2009).
Finally, the interviewee may be asked to make a management simulation to test his or she is management skills in action. This may be through asking him questions pertaining management in action (Falcone, 2009).


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