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Marketing communications plan to launch a new brand marketing essay

The image of carbonates, the biggest player of this sector, has been on a decline due to growing health concerns and the manufactures consequently try to reinvent their offerings in order to attract the consumers. This is to be achieved through a mix of both above and below the line activities.

Developing a management plan for type 2 diabetes

To obtain Jane's consent, a full detail of the information about the process was explained to her. However, the nursing team worked with Jane to determine if Jane's overweight was caused by her not complying with her dietary advice, as a result she agreed that a referral to a dietician and diabetes specialist nurse was her concern and

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A case study into counselling and mentoring

The cardinal point on clip direction is effectual and efficient usage of one 's clip to enable necessary undertakings to be completed within their timeframes in a structured and prioritised mode Stressdirection accomplishments Human 's reaction emphasis is seen more they on work than the other state of affairs. It is critical for every concern and professional organisation

Performance measurement in the public sector

Performance measurement inprivate sector For the private sector, such as the profit-oriented organization, the primary measure of performance is profit and the majority of performance measurement activities are still based on the financial statements. Nevertheless, the values of goods and services in public sector are more difficult to identify and measure than the one in private sector, how

What is a pressure group?

Pressure groups are known to be small and extremely diverse formed on the basis of interest and activities, their functions give them a high public profile where minds are influenced and driven to make change." A Pressure group is an organisation which seeks to influence the details of a comparatively small range of public policies and which is

Walls cornetto report

In Pakistan the Heart brand is called Wall's and it is one of the most active players and the only nationwide seller in the market. The main strengths of walls are that it has the highest market share in the ice cream industry in Pakistan which is about 45%.

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Romantic or classical

In the discussion on the " Orientation of Critical Theories," which were attributed to art, the modernist perspective of viewing, realizing the significance, and interpreting art focused on a single perspective, and that is of the artist, and not on the many factors that exist in art's externalenvironmentthat contribute criticism and interpretations to it. Such a criterion will,

Comparison of jumeirah group and hotel formula 1 marketing essay

Starting business in 1997 with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Group dreamed of becoming the most innovative luxury hospitality group in the world. The key criterion in the hotel sector is to provide a service which meets the demand and expectations by customer.

The chiropractic profession essay

In one of the texts published he said, " Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.". The results of research conducted shows that spinal manipulation is beneficial for low back pain, neck pain, and migraines in some cases.

Child abuse types and features: literature review

This is commonly seen in marital relationships, but it is interesting to note that it is applicable to a parent-child relationship, because there is a cycle, and it's referred as the cycle of abuse. Sexual abuse appears to be the one form of abuse that is least reported.

Flaws of peter singer’s arguments essay

Singer says that there is a slight distinction between animals and humans and that there is no reason to give one more moral weight to the ' interests' of one to another. In today's society, this desire goes to other animals and we have Peter Singer saying that everyone has a duty to minimize the suffering all beings

The dilmah tea company marketing essay

Added to this also the world possess sub-cultures and it is then that we have the national culture which is the common culture of a nation. And therefore the same set of challenges will apply Dilmah when going to Japan maybe in a more complex way too since Japan is known to be one of the countries that

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Ethics form

A respondent information sheet must be provided to all respondents, giving them clear information about the research and the need for their consent to be given, and a copy of this sheet included in an appendix in the final report. If yes, you MUST complete B4 If NO, proceed to B5 B4 If known, give the name of

17th century venetian opera

The creation of public opera houses sparked the interest of the people of the time because of social and philosophical changes that were happening in the Republican state of Venice. The wealthy were about 5% of the population, but the common people were pleased with this way of government and lived happily without too much complaint.[1] Venice's government

Conflict management among chinese and americans assignment

Knowledge of communication norms and traditions of the people allow participants of the speech act, belonging to different national cultures, to perceive and understand each other, and consequently, to promote intercultural communication. It should be noted that Americans and Chinese need to respect the culture of each other and to communicate in order to understand each other better.

Paediatric nursing teaching session: reflection and analysis

This reflective essay explores and analyses a teaching session carried out with a young person within a paediatric nursing setting, in order to evaluate positive aspects of the session, skills involved and skills developed on the part of the nurse during the session, the effectiveness of the session, and the ways in which this activity could have

Sources of conflict in organziations assignment

The lack of communication from the beginning of the project brought about the conflict, and communication must rectify the conflict. In order to understand the root of a conflict caused by communication, one can look at the ingredients that went into the communication.

The butterworth low pass filter design marketing essay

7 is the schematic view of the op-amp designed in Cadence using the specified components.Fig. 35 The AC response of post-simulation is shown in Fig.

Dream interpretation

The content of the persons dream is usually made up according to how old the dreamer is and how educated the he or she is. Forty to fifty percent of dreams have some form of communication present in them and a very small percentage of dreams give the dreamer the ability to use his or her five senses.

The development of equity and trusts essay sample

The problems and issues of this method was stopped by the Provisions of Oxford 1258[1] and the Statute of Westminster,[2] these provisions and statutes narrowed down the number of writs and a few times they have not allowed a legal action simply due to the fact that there was not a legal writ that covered it. A conflict

Monitoring and managing employees emotions in the workplace

Between personal finance worries and concerns about the possibility of unemployment, more and more organizations are wondering what they should do if anything to help in the process of managing employee emotions. The general emotional state of a workforce plays a major role in both the amount and liquidity of an organization's intellectual capital.

The structure of personality psychology essay

This means that the influential environmental factors are experienced by the twins independently of each other".[2] The researchers intent to highlight the structure of personality, personality theories, big five factors of personality, personality and the school environment and type A behaviour of students and teachers so that the researchers can emphasis the need to promote education on personality

Physical distribution is the better half of marketing marketing essay

But the term physical distribution management refers to the process of designing and administering the systems to control the flow of goods. In general the function of physical distribution attempts to accomplish the delivery and is performed and managed by marketing such as dealers, merchants and mercantile agents Physical distribution is the set of activities concerned with efficient

Research paper on why people dream and what the dreams mean

Therefore, according to Sigmund Freud theory of the Id, the ego and the superego, people dream as a result of the failure of the ego to balance both super ego and Id parts of the brain. An individual's perception of the world results in dreams.

Editorial: temporal structure of neural processes coupling sensory, motor and cognitive functions of the brain

Editorial on the Research Topic Temporal Structure of Neural Processes Coupling Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions of the Brain Temporal structure of cognitive and sensory processing holds the key to understanding complex neural mechanisms involved in higher order brain functions like perception of time. Resonance and the perception of musical meter.

The general environmental influenced mcdonalds development in china marketing essay

McDonalds have so much penetrated China that even in the recent conflict when NATO accidentally bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the War in Kosovo, when it became the primary hit list for boycott of American food and beverages, that the McDonalds restaurant remained busy with local Chinese customers Mac Donald became so popular in china that

Chapter 1 – the first civilizations

Neolithic Age Paleolithic: * No permanent settlement-always on the move for food * Hunter-gatherers * Beginning of human beings-11, 000 B.C.* Sophisticated kind of cave painting * Religious?-shown through cave paintings Neolithic: * " New Stone Age * 11, 000 B.C.* Discovered agriculture * Produced food * Larger populations * More food supply * First settlements Gender Roles

Business plan for toy shop

The application of new materials and technologies have added value to the variety of the toys. Price: The price of the product sell in the shop will depend on the sourcing and also the total cost of procurement.

Writing guide assignment

Write the References Add the References according the requirements of the BIB Style Guide, and submit the assignment to BIB, remembering to provide a word count which includes the Introduction section through to the beginning of the References section. The first paragraph of your introduction gives the background to the assignment and why it is useful.

Preserving privacy: a civil right

In the article " The Right to Privacy" author Judith Jarvis Thompson asserts that the common definition of privacy is " the right to be left alone". Despite the right to privacy not being explicitly named it can be argued that because one is given the rights in the Constitution they have the right to privacy.

Forensic science – toxicology essay sample

Thin-Layer Chromatography is a simple and inexpensive procedure that is often used to provide information on number of components in a compound or to indicate the extent of progress of a chemical reaction. A study on the simultaneous determination of seven barbiturates in human whole blood and urine showed the technique is simple and sensitive enough to be

The river cross sections essay sample

The cross sections will be ascertained by measuring the depth of the rivers at different points along the middle valley stage, and we will use different floats to measure the speed of the rivers by recording the time it takes for them to move between two fixed points. We tested this by using floats to measure the speed

Is marxism and democracy are incompatible politics essay

He writes 'the executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie'[1]and that 'the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class to win the battle of democracy'.[2] As a starting point for a critique of

Project on demat account

Before the introduction of the depository system by the Depository Act, 1996, the process of sale, purchase and transfer of shares was a huge problem and the safety perspective was zero. It increases the efficiency of the registrars and transfer agents and the Secretarial Department of the company.

Tesco versus sainsbury financial performance analysis finance essay

The report hereto would investigate and compare the financial performance of two of the largest UK food retailers J Sainsbury plc and Tesco plc. The corporate strategy of business and geography diversification of Tesco was initiated in mid 1990s with the aim of broadening the business scope in order to deliver strong sustainable long-term growth.

Uk government processes, actors and structure

The Parliament and Their Role The Parliament is the supreme governing body of the country and is made up of three parts the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarch. Strengths and Weaknesses of the UK Governmental Structure Run by the Parliament which consists of three parts, we will assess and evaluate the UK governmental structure

Dilemmas of the shortage of cardiovascular surgeons

Even as the burden of cardiovascular disease in the United States is increasing as the population grows and ages, the number of active cardiothoracic surgeons has fallen for the first time in 20 years With complete elimination of coronary artery bypass grafting, there is a projected shortfall of cardiothoracic surgeons because the active supply is projected to decrease

The story of the indian railways business essay

In 1950 the Railway Board of India decided to " regroup" the Indian Railways into six main zones namely, the Northern, the North Eastern, the Southern, the Central, the Eastern and the Western Railways[2]. The Indian Railways is a department of the Government of India and is the largest organization in India.

Groupon marketing plan assignment

Currently, Groupon does most of its marketing and advertising on the internet and on the following cellular phones: Android, Blackberry, and the iPhone. Furthermore, to determine and develop a marketing plan will help to ensure the success of the new service that is currently in developmental stages.

Range of materials for an event

The mission of the event is to raise funds for the regeneration of the area of South London. The Youth Athletics Championship will provide a great opportunity to bring the community of the 3 south boroughs together and with mutual cooperation help benefit the lives of their children by raising funds for regeneration of the South London area,

Minds are open only when hearts are open analysis essay

Female Infanticide and Sex-Selective Abortion Female infanticide is the murder of a young girl child, often occurring as a deliberate murder of a girl infant or young girl child or as the result of neglect. Particularly in Arab and Islamic communities, a family's honor is often determined by the actions of its girls and women.

The emergence of green theory

According to Ken Peattie, green was a buzz word that was used by marketers in the 1980 as a consequence of the increased awareness of the sustainability issues in politics, mass-media and financial groups. It did not take long for radical voices within the environment movement, and critical voices in the social sciences and humanities, to question not

Analysis of phytochemical constituents of syzygium aromaticum biology essay

Herbal drugs are having less considerable side effects than the other classes of synthetic drugs and most of the medicinal uses of plants seem to have been developed by trial and error and by interpretation of wild animals. It was a primary part of the development of modern civilization and In fact, well into the 20th century to

Devil in the white city essay

At the end of the book in Erik Larson's notes, he explained that " the thing that entranced me about Chicago in the Gilded Age was the city's willingness to take on the impossible in the name of civic honor,". Burnham had the overwhelming task to rebuild the " Black City" of Chicago into the beautiful " White

A progressive mental disorder health essay

The risk is also great if a family member is suffering from the Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is not a part of regular and normal aging, however, the majority of persons with Alzheimer's are 65 and above.

Editorial: from fires to oceans: dynamics of fire-derived organic matter in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

The relics of fire, in the form of PyC, are present in all compartments of the Earth: In the air, soils, marine and fresh water sediments, rivers, and the oceans... This research topic explores these different questions in our understanding of fire-derived organic matter, from the characterization and quantification of PyC components, to the transformation and mobilization processes

Factors that cause or influence schadenfreude

In addition, envy was most able to predict Schadenfreude when the targets were of the same gender as the participants. The first factor was of the importance of the domain in which an out-group performed." Although Schadenfreude is directed toward others, it is strongly tied to the self"..

Practice of insight meditation: types, uses and benefits

Readers and scholars of the suttas claim that the suttas were not exactly the origin of the meaning of Vipassan and its practice, although it is through the interpretation of the suttas that gave rise to the meaning of Vipassan. These are: The kaya or body; The vedana or the feeling tone of the person; The citta or

The perception of people with special needs

Due to the presence of discrimination in society, children and adults with special needs will be sensitive to this. The general public and parents need to be educated that having a child with special needs is not the end of the world or the worst thing to happen in life.

Product standardisation vs product adaptation

To conclude, the question of to what extent globalisation affects ones tastes and needs and thus the relationship with standardisation of products and services will be considered. Such a strategy is based on the principles of cost minimisation, where the expenses of research and development, adaptation, marketing and production in different countries can be passed on to creating

Is paul’s teaching on marriage easily applied to today’s church?

As the salvation to human is by way of atonement of the Jesus Christ at the cross so, as the two souls whose lives are made one by way of marriage thereby we could always see the marriage as the greatest concept of the creation. In the context of the present culture and society it is very difficult

The life of j s bach music essay

Perhaps the strain of view during the rewriting of the music at night was the cause of later development of cataracts, which played a fatal role for the composer. Some of the works of Bach are the treatments of works by other composers, and some reworked versions of his works.

Mix of travel and tourism organisation

Marketing is an is an attempt to increase the awareness of the product or service, and to make as many sales of the product or service as possible, the product must satisfy the need or want of a certain individual. To correctly promote a toy to a child, the company who is promoting the product, would usually use

Calcium ions have many uses biology essay

The focus is on Calcium ions role in the exocytosis of neurotransmitters in neurons as well as its role as in the stimulation of muscle contractions of human cells. When the action potential reaches the synaptic nob where most VGCCs are located and the transmembrane potential is approximately 10-15mV the VGCCs are activated allowing for the transfer of

Media representation of the queer

The underrepresentation of this in the media has sparked controversy and heated debates across the world as the victims try to seek an end to these discriminatory practices and even attract the audience of the followers. Therefore the laws did not allow the media to showcase the beliefs and practices of the queer in the community.

Editorial: mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum dysfunction in parkinson’s disease

Editorial on the Research Topic Mitochondria and Endoplasmic Reticulum Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease Endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria are distributed in close communication via a dynamic ER-calcium mitochondria interconnection and regulate a plethora of vital cellular functions, including Ca 2+ homeostasis, mitochondrial transport and dynamics, bioenergetics, ER stress, apoptotic signaling, and inflammation. The roles of PINK1, parkin, and mitochondrial

Mark twain’s a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court: arthurian legend, armour, slavery and catholicism

However, towards the end of the twelfth century Chretien de Troyes described a different Arthur in Perceval, The Story of the Grail, as did Wolfram von Eschenbach in the early thirteenth century in an adaptation of Perceval's story: Parzival. In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court the knights also go on the Grail quest but Hank Morgan

The conflict in western sahara assignment

The official language of the country is the Spanish one and concerning the religion, the predominant one is the Christianity with 76% of the population being Christian. For Morocco, Western Sahara has always been a region of the country because of the historical links of the Sahrawi tribes and the allegiance to the first Moroccan dynasty?

Optimal levels of pollution

Optimal Levels of Pollution Using the words " optimal" and " pollution" in the same sentence may appear daunting to many, however when the notion of an " optimal level of pollution" is fully explained, it appears more logical and applicable to our current global pollution problem. He is correct in saying that there is no possible way

Market research report pulse motors product marketing essay

As, pulse motors tries to launch its product in the UK market, the discussion of the groups will be unstructured and free-wheeling as the focus is on the understanding and exploration of the selected research topic. In this case, to determine the perception of the respondent towards electric vehicles; the interviewer will first try to know the travelling

The rise of a mercantilist economic system history essay

Mercantilism brought upon the rise of the merchant class, a transfer of wealth that brought with it a sense of hope for much of Europe. One of the major objectives of mercantilist countries was to create a bond between the powerful aristocracies and the rising merchant classes.

Panayiotopoulos syndrome in a 3 year old child

Detection of occipital epilepsy at very early stage is needed to successfully treat this condition and allay the fears of the parents and care givers of these children with PS. CASE REPORT A 3-year-old girl, only sibling from a poor socioeconomic family of a non-consanguineous couple, presented in the Out-patient Department of Paediatrics, Amala Institute of Medical Sciences,

Durkheim’s account of the importance of rituals in modern society essay sample

However, some criticisms have been raised concerning the limitations of his sole use of the totem tribes in order to theorize about the function of religion and ritual; especially when it came to validating his theories on religion and social change and the rise of modernity. Such rites included the adherence of all members of the religious community

In the poems “the laboratory” by robert browning and “havisham” by carol ann duffy

I will tackle the question by looking at different areas of the poems, such as the meaning of the poems, the structure, the type of language used and the image they create. In stanza three, onomatopoeia is used to describe how the potion is made: " Grind away", " Pound at thy powder", the use of these words

A question never comes alone: comments on ‘what is aging?’

This can even lead to such claims as that aging is due to a reduction of the size of telomeres with age, a clear confusion between association and causality, with no power to add understanding to the deep, general, evolutionary causes of aging. This is not superficial rhetoric, since we have seen recurrent arguments in the literature that


The purpose of those opportunities In the racket is when there are gaps or opportunities to offer products that can meet the demands and tastes of customers. It puts more ideas on the table than would be the case if the development and implementation of the effort were confined to a single organization or to a small group

Sequel to the unprecedented changing business environment commerce essay

0 External and Internal thrusts for alteration at Tengo Ltd Changes are a portion of flexible administrations with the purpose of maintaining their clients satisfied nevertheless, to successfully implement the alterations, administrations should decently analyze why they need the alterations, how they hope to consequence the alteration and the range of alteration with a well laid alteration direction

Syllabus planning

There are three types of syllabus described in the following: The Structural Syllabus Historically, the most prevalent of syllabus type is perhaps the structural or grammatical syllabus in which the selection and grading of the content is based on the complexity and simplicity of grammatical items. In order to establish objectives of such a syllabus, the needs of

Breaking clod: hierarchical transformation in pope’s an essay on man

The concept of hierarchy, both as a cause of limitation and as praise of man's place in the world, is brought into focus as Pope considers the confines of these hierarchies, and the ways in which a lower and a higher level might merge. One might even perhaps consider the significance of " breaks" in the second half-line;

Culture and values in family and marriage therapy

The allegation of abuse reported to the therapist in this particular case is a serious one and must be reported to the appropriate authorities at the earliest opportunity or in the first thirty-six hours of receiving the report of abuse. The California Penal Code provides that the report must contain the name of the therapist, the business information,

Example answer to exam on entrepreneurship

According to Thornton, while the first is focused on the individual characteristics of entrepreneurs, the second is concerned with the influence of the contextual factors on the creation or restriction of entrepreneurial behaviors. Regarding the influence that information asymmetry has on the creation of opportunities for entrepreneurs, it is possible to infer that if all individuals had the

Acquisition and participation metaphors of learning

The elevation of the learner's status in relation to the act and process of knowing, is an appealing way to view the nature of learning. Situated cognition and the culture of learning.

Comparison of police corruption in china and singapore

Methods and policy recommendations will also be made to see how China can be benefited or learn from Singapore in the view of tackling police corruption Review of the Literature The reason why police corruption happens around the world is that cost of the punishment is low, which means that the offenders think they can escape from the

Reality bites an the english patient essay sample

The contrast used at the beginning, and the omniscient narrator in the restaurant scene allows us to see the characters from different perspective and gives us, the audience background information to their lives hence developing narrative. Mise en scene in The English Patient, an example of this is when the shot is in the present.

Talent management for competitive advantage management essay

The aim of this report is to undertake a critical appraisal of competitive advantage through talent management with special focus on the hospitality industry in general and Hilton Worldwide in particular. This report will cover: A survey of Hilton Worldwide and its place in the hospitality industry A definition of Competitive Advantage and critical consideration in relation to

Swot analysis of manor house country club hotel

The climate of Singapore is pleasant for the full year, that makes more no of visitors to this country which indicates the growth of hotel industries. The collection of information to measure and analyze the changes in environment is environmental scanning.

Civil war essay sample

Where in the Americas did each build their empire, and what were their differing goals?" The start of the European colonization of the Americas is typically dated to 1492.[1] However, L'Anse aux Meadows in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador is much older. From the beginning of Virginia's settlements in 1587 until the 1680s, the main source

Advantages of sole trader ship business essay

In order to analyzed the strategic goals of the GSK it has been identified and explained the mission, vision and objectives as well as core purpose of the GSK and values. In partnership each person shares directly in the organization's profits and shares control of the business operation.

Customer service and store management techniques in retail to improve shopping experiences

Finally, I will demonstrate my understanding of the academic topic through providing a variety of examples to articulate my analysis.' Retailing is the last stage in the distribution process...that encompasses the business activities involved in selling goods and services to consumers for their personal, family or household use.' Customers are the heart of every business, it is imperative

Kroger retailer swot analysis

The purpose of the analysis is to gather information on the strategies employed by the firm as well as the competitors' strategies and how Kroger outperforms them. The strengths of the firm in the industry are based on the production of unique products through the use of highly-effective strategies.

4 discussions week 4

This is certainly not to say that these types of experiences should not be utilized as I believe it would be a disservice to the overall educational experience if diversity were dismissed due to lack of creativity, ingenuity and ability to make such information relatable on the part of the teacher. While I understand the need to "

Improving neonatal care with technology

The care for preterm infants has improved considerably in the last decades and although the outcome improved, prematurity is still a large global health issue and is ranked in the top 10 of the WHO list of leading causes of burden of disease. For a successful change in the approach of preterm infants at birth, the neonatal and

Importance of youth sports | essay

Sports has mainly been a preserve of those in their youth as that is the point at which one still has the strength, agility, mindset and the motivation to be actively involved in it. These are just a few of the beneficiaries of youth engaging in sports, but it is therefore true to say youth and sports are

The company history of intel corporation

A By the terminal of the 1990s, Intel had become one of the largest and most successful concerns in the universe. The company must follow the guideline whenever to utilize the company 's hallmarks and trade names to protect the values and acknowledgment of the Intel 's hallmarks.

Effect of pornography on violence against women

Anti-pornography writers, such as Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon -authors of the famous ' Minneapolis and Indianapolis ordinances'[2] advocated the censorship of pornographic material, on account of its role as ' a practice that is central to the subordination of women'[3]. Dworkin understands pornography as the platform where sexist ideology thrives by exhibiting male supremacy, discernible in seven

Virgin group and samsung electronics

McLean and Marshall, 2001 Control is the key element in a power culture. And the culture is Corporate culture.

Common psychological factors in chronic diseases

The development of therapeutic interventions able to fuse different perspectives into a tailor-made interdisciplinary management approach in a single patient and the development of a quality body of research on the topic are future challenges in order to improve QoL and the subjective well-being of patients with CPD and psychopathological signs and symptoms. Quality of life depression and

The leading cause of death health and social care essay

Therefore, to decrease the complication of hypertension and to improve the quality of life, the patients with hypertension should have knowledge and practical skill in controlling blood pressure and its complication. To associate the knowledge regarding management of self with selected demographic and variables among patients with hypertension.

Investigation of thyroid emergencies

0 Objectives After reading this unit, you will be able to: Enumerate thyroid diseases which will land the patient in the intensive care unit; Describe the clinical features, investigation and treatment of throid storm; Describe the clinical features, investigation and treatment of hypothyroid coma; and Describe the clinical features, investigation and treatment of obstructive symptoms due to goiter.1.

Critical evaluation of social psychology essay sample

To clarify this, this essay will utilize the concept of situated knowledges, to examine the advantage and importance of this concept to the critical evaluation of two pieces of social psychological research. By utilizing the concept of situated knowledges this essay will develop a critical evaluation of Darley and Latane's study and demonstrate the importance of this concept

Fddi and cddi

Figure 8-6 and Figure 8-7 illustrate the effect of a ring wrapping in FDDI. FDDI Frame Format The FDDI frame format is similar to the format of a Token Ring frame.

How big data, comparative effectiveness research, and rapid-learning health-care systems can transform patient care in radiation oncology

To help with the analysis of Big Data, the NIH has created the Big Data to Knowledge program which has invested over $200 million in grant awards to foster the development of methods and tools to analyze Big Data in biomedical research. As the amount of biomedical Big Data and our ability to analyze these data continues to

The dental team: an additional resource for delivering vaccinations

Potential workforce capacity gaps, expansion of the eligible cohorts, requirement to drive improvements in uptake, and to reduce inequalities support the rationale for members of the dental team to join the vaccinator workforce. The members of the dental team could support the delivery of the seasonal influenza vaccine, as well as other immunization programs such as the childhood