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Papers already gathered: 1692

The burdening effect of remorse: atwood’s and macleod’s fiction

Likewise, the narrator in " The Closing Down of Summer" lives a solitary life as a miner, and he implies throughout the story and through Gaelic songs that he regrets the words left unsaid and the lapses in his presence around his family. Ultimately, the remorse that is a consequence of Lucy's death has led Lois to become

Opening a burger king franchise in pakistan tourism essay

Owing to the immense success, the company decided to expand the business and franchises were granted in the year 1959 but the initial focus still remained on the western markets where there was a demand for and similarity with the cuisine that burger king offered but the first franchise restaurant to materialize outside the US was in Puerto

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First and second new deals analysis

In order to evaluate the successes and failures, the investigation evaluates the goals of the First New Deal and the Second New Deal. The primary goal of the First New Deal was to help the United States from the Great Depression, while the Second New Deal was to reform the economy.

Attempt to stylistically analyze the film, pulp fiction essay

The lighting in the film is used very effectively to bring across mood and time as well as give the viewer an idea of how we should react to the character concerned in the shot. In scene in the film where we are introduced to two new characters, Marcellus and Butch, the lighting in this scene is tinted

How effective is congress as a legislature?

Recent developments in the world stage, in addition to the changing face of American politics and domestic interests have tested the bounds of Congress as well as its ability to function as a check against the executive. In his On the Hill: a History of the American Congress, Alvin Josephy asserts that the same Congressional bureaucracy that maintains

Attitude for the repect for nature

Then that definition moves into the principals and rules that people must follow in order to treat nature, This then is connected to Priority Principles and the aspects of that itself and how that is effected by having the attitude towards the respect for nature. Moving along the attitude for respect for nature is a direct correlation to

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Influences of colour on perception

Aristotle and Goethe classified yellow as a primary colour and noted how it is the first to materialise from white light.[5] The ' pure' quality of yellow is evident and it exhibits the highest reflectivity of all the colours.[6] Yellow is also a ' warm' colour of long wavelength and the retina must enlarge convexly in order to

Gang violence

Many people have become more aware of the violence committed by today's youth because of the media coverage of the viciousness of these crimes. In New York City's Lower East Side, " Mulligan's Alley" became the center of gang activity and was the home to one of the most violent gangs, the " Bowery Boys", who fought turf

An analysis of the ub group united breweries marketing essay

UB Group has achieved to amass the biggest share of the market in India and the world as well. Over the years the company has been keen to endeavor in dealings in the area of Life Sciences that have led to the development of Mallya Hospital at Bangalore that has a touch to the underprivileged in the community

Consequences of celebrity obsession

People are able to form a bond in their minds with their favorite public figure through the assimilation of the celebrity's characteristics and have positive emotions when they think about that celebrity.[3]Granted, some of the actions by celebrities are not the actions leaders or innovators should be doing, such as drug usage, but the public is interested in

Mind and montessori

Similar to the regime of soldiers in the army, discipline in education suggests a form of control and restriction; images of children seated in rows and kept in silence whilst being made to listen to the ideals and orders of the adults who reign over them. It is through the guide of the horme and the movement of

Franklin roosevelt was first elected president in 1933 essay

He wanted to create long-term reform of the system in order to prevent a repeat of the Great Depression and improve the USA. On the twelfth of May 1933, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration was set up in order to provide relief for the hungry, homeless and unemployed.

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Concept of promoting healthy ageing health and social care essay

Harmonizing to them successful ageing depends in the capacity of the person to accommodate, version to alterations in the bodily map, to relationships and to alterations in outlook and resources. Osteoporosis and arthritis are besides one of the jobs that ageing people has to endure.

The performance of giulietta masina: a character analysis from “nights of cabiria”

The audience comes to view Cabiria as a contradiction in conventional ideas of female virtue and sexuality, and increasingly grows to appreciate the sense of honesty with which she leads her life. From her outrageous dancing to her rough and ready stride and physicality to her caricature-like eyebrows, Masina paints Cabiria in a slew of over-the-top, Chaplin-esque character

Effect of globalisation on communication in tourism industry

Globalisation and the Internet have changed every aspect of the tourism and leisure industry from marketing and communication channels to booking and hospitality services. When it comes to the destination experience, word-of-mouth, travel kiosks, and tourist centres are other traditional channels that seem to work well.[1] These channels were and, to a certain extent, still able to provide

Triumph of human imagination over materials cultural studies essay

Computer-aided design, is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. The growing importance of innovation to entrepreneurship is reflected in a dramatic increase in literature that addresses the role and nature of innovation.

Commentary: parkinson’s disease genes vps35 and eif4g1 interact genetically and converge on α-synuclein

In addition the binding within the translation initiation complex and formation of the larger complex were impaired indicating loss-of-function in keeping with a neurodegenerative disorder and was supportive of the pathogenicity of EIF4G1 mutations. EIF4G1 gene mutations are not a common cause of Parkinson's disease in the Japanese population.

The archetypical character of the trojan war: its reflection in art

Shakespeare's break from tradition with the Homeric Iliad is evident in how Shakespeare portrays the heroes on either side of the conflict, his abandonment of the Greek deities' actions, and the various anachronisms he introduces in his play. Shakespeare's handling of characters is not in the least what changes when comparing the Iliad to Troilus and Cressida; being

The measurement issues in financial reporting

From the beginning they favour the historical cost base to measure a firm's assets and liabilities, then in the 1960s and 1970s, they started to favour the current cost base because of the high inflation rates at that time, accounting standards required forms of current cost accounting were introduced in the US and UK in 1979 and 1980

“omics” and immunologic approaches to optimizing cure rates in her2-positive breast carcinomas

In this research topic, Herter-Sprie et al.underscore the relevance of molecular alterations of HER2 that activate this molecule, including small insertions and missense mutations in the kinase domain, missense mutations in the extracellular domain, or large deletions of the extracellular domain in mechanisms of primary and acquired resistance to anti-HER2 therapeutics. A variety of immunologically based vaccines, such

Discrimination in contemporary british society sociology essay

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the concept of Human Rights in general were designed to eradicate oppression by giving a clear articulation of what limits should be placed on the power of any entity to control an individual or group of people. One may suggest that this murder is unjust as Mohammad is not in Britain

Bpr can be done in four ways

The main objective is of course to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole business. The performance of the business process reengineering can be improved through feedback received by the users of the goods or services.Iii.

Industry analysis report the australian wine industry

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS REPORT THE AUSTRALIAN WINE INDUSTRY ' The Boutique Producer' by 4 students Executive Summary This report provides an overview of the Australian Wine Industry using Porter's Five Forces industry analysis framework and seeks to provide recommendations based on the impact of the forces for a start up boutique producer. Through the use of Porters framework and

Editorial: nano-hetero-structures for chemical sensing: opportunities and challenges

The review of Li et al.summarizes the recent progress of microwave gas sensors including the characteristic of the various nanostructured materials, and propagative structures. The contribution from Chizhov et al.demonstrates that the illumination of ZnO/CdSe, ZnO/[email protected], and ZnO/[email protected] nanocomposites fabricated by the immobilization of nanocrystals colloidal quantum dots by a green light changes the population of surface states,

Introduction retail business. it utilizes forward planning criteria

Virgin holiday is characterized by the ability of the customer to book a holiday and fly Atlantic. Pricing strategy employed by Virgin group is highly sensitive to the demand and affordability of the customer.

Ethics and stanford prison experiment assignment

Describing the study briefly 24 undergraduates with no criminal and psychological record were chosen for the research to play the roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of Stanford University Psychology Building, equipped by hidden cameras and microphones. This paper will discuss the main unethical elements of the Stanford Prison Experiment, such

University of belize

Sickle Cell Anemia includes all of those hereditary disorder, the clinical, hematologic, and pathologic features of which are related to the presence of HbgS. The most common form of SCD are: Sickle Cell Anemia The homozygous form of the disease.

Construction industry is a vehicle construction essay

Sizing a valve is based on the flow through an isentropic nozzle, the pressure density relation for the fluid properties, and a discharge coefficient to match the calculated mass flux to that measured for the flow of air or water in the actual valve. For two-phase flow, the density pressure relation is complex and no values of Kd

Gangs in central america

In this research project I plan to: Analyze roots causes, Examine the transnational and regional nature of gangs in Central America and Mexico and Evaluate policies and programs aimed to decrease gang activity in Central America, Mexico and the United States. One of the goals of The Merida Incentive is to financially support Mexico and Central America to

Frobel’s ideas on early childhood development

Contributions to early childhood development during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which included the recognition of the child as unique and different from adults, of each child as a unique being, the importance of sensory perception to experience reality and gain knowledge, and the importance of the family in the young child's education, paved the way for the

Weston ltd v bloggs & co essay

So for example, the standard modern account of the distinction between contract and tort has it that, whereas in tort the duties are fixed by law and are owed to persons generally, in contract the obligations are fixed by the parties themselves and are owed to specific persons". The issue of working to a deadline which in this

Criticism and correction: satire and praise in dryden, pope, and beyond

Whilst Dryden may seek to provide a moral remedy with Absalom and Achitophel, the liveliness with which Pope fuses the classical and the contemporary in his Imitations of Horace, are more indicative of a playful sporting with the faults that he criticizes rather than a removed passing of judgment. This shift in reader interpretation is important as it

Japanese fans

The land of the rising sun experiences humid and hot days during the summer season and this is the main reason why Japanese are encouraged to use fans. Japanese fans were also part of Japanese marriage and coronation events to compensate the costume and the hot atmosphere during the aforementioned occasions.

The catholic religion

The Roman Catholic beliefs do not differ much from other Christian religious beliefs, the doctrine of Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the inspiration of the Bible. Just to name a few, of the distinctive Roman Catholic beliefs, the authority of the Pope, the ability of saints and the concept of the Purgatory as a place of afterlife

Analysis of playstation 3

Other than that, the marketer will get to know the problems and the matters that the product currently having. The first model is the basic model posed in the markets and capacity twentieth Giga, and the second model, which has capacity for more of the form first sixty GB and several extra features, since then, Sony has several

Risk management plan for a bakery business management essay

My plan will begin with the process of risk assessment that aims to make employers more apt for taking the right action in terms of improving workplace production, safety, health, etc.therefore let us discuss the major risks associated with the development of a baking industry. The second is to comply with the standards for a safe working environment


With the tools it is possible to determine and strategies the optimal peak operation for the plant in the next hour of operation and for the 24 hour of operation. Engineers need to know the consequences to employees, members of the public, plant and profits, now and in the long term.

Editorial for: microbial symbiosis of marine sessile hosts- diversity and function

Raftos et al.review the history and impact of microbial disease on shellfish and using QX disease in Sydney rock oysters, illustrate the complex interactions that exist between pathogens, the environment and hosts. A clear link between organisms and their functions is important to define the importance of HGT in marine microbial symbiosis and this is further explored in

Guiding procedures for response to emergency situations on construction projects

Although there may be little time between the award of the contract and the start of the project, a good emergency response plan can be generic and, with some minor changes, can be easily adapted to specific sites and readily implemented. The emergency response plan posted in a conspicuous place on the project must identify the designated equipment

Social issues and public policy topics politics essay

As the roots of the problem are located in the industrial structure it would be a vacuum not to refer to the role of the state in the industrial system. Indeed, the author devotes a whole chapter in order to give a definition of the industrial system and the state as well as to examine the power relations

Personal leadership development plan

I want to become the general willing to die for his soldiers, I want to probe Maxwell was correct with my leadership create the next generation of even better leaders, and have a direct impart in my followers knowledge, and life experience. I am the leader, learner, and the creator of my future.

Mechanics of cricoids pressure health and social care essay

The cricoids force per unit area is performed as with the unassisted technique except the helper 's other manus provides antagonistic force per unit area beneath the cervical vertebrae thereby back uping the neck8 in the absence of a pillow. To assist clinicians use the equal sum of force per unit area on the cricoids gristle and to

Aviation spare parts supply chain optimization

This will help to reduce the links in the existing supply chain and to reduce the length of the journey. The alliance of different airlines will also be useful to reduce the suppliers' power in case of critical parts and also help to share the inventory of spare parts.

Definition of the term fertility transition history essay

However, the less developed economies in the late twentieth century have not been following the exact same path of fertility transition that developed economies in Europe before WWI experienced and consequently, the speed and nature of fertility decline have varied among the pioneers and latecomers. In pioneers, cultural context played important role for setting the lower fertility level

Post structuralism & phenomenology concepts in architecture

Deconstruction, on the other hand, challenges the values of harmony, unity, and stability, and proposing instead a different view of a structure that the flaws are intrinsic to the structure.[5] Deconstructivist rejects the presence of metaphysics, as well as the function, scale, and context.[6] In terms of design process within the discipline of architecture, structuralism revolves around the

Early intervention in british columbia province

This Act reflected the need to protect vulnerable children while incorporating and acknowledging the importance of the family unit role in the contributing in quality child care. While number of children admitted to the in care and residential schools increasing.

Types of salad dressings

Many cultures have a specific dressing in common usage, such as the blend of yogurt, cucumber, and lemon juice used in the Mediterranean to dress simple salads, or the vinaigrette, which is in wide use in France and Italy. For dressing, in a jar with a tightening lid, combine the orange juice, lemon juju mustard, sugar, pepper, oil

Disentangling neural synchronization and sustained neural activity in the processing of auditory temporal patterns

A recently published study by Herrmann and Johnsrude examined the relationship between NS and SA in the processing of auditory temporal patterns using EEG. This observation led the authors to investigate the extent to which the attentional state of the participant affected NS and SA in detecting temporally regular patterns.

Factors influencing successful brand extension

Specifically the paper analyze the impact of similarity, brand reputation, perceived risk and consumer innovativeness on the success of brand extension into related or unrelated categories of FMCG products. The same insight on the part of Patro that brand extension is one of the new product development strategies which can decrease pecuniary risk by using the parent brand

Theories of disruptive innovation

This innovation expands through acknowledging the desires of the relative market and capitalizing that knowledge with a sense of economical value and defining the quintessence strategy. In contrast to disruptive innovation, a sustaining innovation is one that does not affect an existing market nor does this it aim to create a new market as the goal of a

Jason and the argonauts

Jason was the son of the lawful king of Iolcus, but his uncle Pelias had usurped the throne. Chiron tutored Jason in the lore of plants, the hunt and the civilized arts.

Benefits of water aerobics

Water Aerobics Introduction: Water aerobics is the execution of aerobic exercise in genuinely shallow water, for example, in a swimming pool. Water aerobics exercise is simple on joints and even can build muscle quality and continuance because of the water's inherent resistance.

Managing marketing activities of motorola

As the company purchased the patents to the automatic radio and developed the privileges of making trade. In the year 1943, the company erected its research and development platform with Dan Noble, a developer in FM radio and semiconductor technologies amalgamated with the company as director of research.

The african identity | history and concepts

Agreeably, it would have been hard to maintain that identity, but I strongly believed that the strength of the African people, the strength that made them qualify for the labour required on the plantations, was the same strength they tapped into to hold on to every sense of " I am an African". But to say that the

Understanding mcdonalds history and strategy analysis

With the expansion of McDonald's into many international markets, the company has become a symbol of globalization and the spread of the American way of life. The following also include in the marketing plan - Current state of human resources - Business's performance according to competitors Conducting a SWOT analysis is essential in assessing the company's position and

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Carl Rogers, originator of the person-centered approach, conceived it in the late 1 sass at a time when the therapeutic establishment was dominated by psychoanalysis, which holds that psychological problems result fromchildhoodfixations and biological drives buried in the unconscious mind, and behaviorism, which focuses on the annalistic mechanism of habits developing as a reaction to stimuli. Where the

Negative aspects of the whaling industry history essay

Many may view the act of whaling as a type of fishing, and therefore, hold no sympathy for the whales. Thus, the harpoon usually strikes the largest area of the whale, the body.

Characterizing hp’s from leptospira interrogans

Methods: Sequence Retrieval: KEGG is a large collection of databases having entries of genes, proteins, pathways in metabolism and diseases, drug and ligands of organism. Protein-Protein Interaction network: Protein in the cell environment interacts with other proteins, in silico these interactions were studied by STRING v9.1.

Tuesday with morrie book summary assignment

Following Morris's television appearance, Mitch contacts his beloved professor and travels from his home in Detroit to Morris's home in West Newton, Massachusetts to visit with hire When Mitch drives up to Morris's house, he delays greeting his professor because he is speaking on the phone with his producer, a decision he later regrets. Morris continually tells Mitch

Beowulf and sir gawain’s heroism, as a literary archetype essay sample

Sir Gawain also shows a similar bravery in his acceptance of The Green Knight's challenge in Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, although he is more hesitant then Beowulf, he too is able to conquer his fear, and face the challenge that the Green Knight presents to King Arthur with bravery. Sir Gawain's personal journey differs from Beowulf's,

Commentary: mobile and interactive media use by young children: the good, the bad, and the unknown

A commentary on Mobile and Interactive Media Use by Young Children: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown by Radesky, J. Supplementing Radesky et al, this commentary aims to clarify the influence of modern touchscreen devices on children's cognitive development from the perspective of embodied cognition.

Democracy and the development in uganda politics essay

It is, therefore, to be noted that the functional practice and presence of democracy, or the profound lack of it, or presence of the same, in diluted unconventional forms and content, in a developing country, such as Uganda, in the defined aspects of human corporate, political, social and even cultural endeavors, does also connote, as well imply a

The sand casting techniques engineering essay

This will cause contractions in the product due to the phase shift from liquid to solid state; in turn this may lead to depreciation in the cast's height, much like a concave on the surface of the product. The source of micro-porosity in sand casting may be due to turbulences formed while pouring the molten metal in the

Descartes notion of the mind/body problem in relation to free will

In the philosophy of mind, dualism is the theory that the mental and the physical or mind and body are, in some sense, radically different kinds of thing. After the Scholastics, Descartes takes the conception of will and affirmed that the main ability of the mind is the ability of free will.


The diagnosis requires a team of professionals because of the many unique characteristics and behaviors of the autistic child Each professional is assigned a different behavior to monitor. In 1968, the APA referred to autism as a single disorder, and now it is known to be a syndrome of behavioral and medical effects.

Us robotics merger

Discussion Description of the 3Com / US Robotics merger When it occurred, the merger of 3Com with the US Robotics was considered to be the biggest merger deal to be witnessed in the communication industry. The financial strategy of the merger The 3Com acquired the US Robotics in a stock deal that was estimated to amount to $6.

Designating english

The results of the research efforts will present several aspects concerning English as the official language of the united States including, but not limited to; language choices aside from English that are being presented as the official language, the financial ramifications between having and not having an official language, a brief history on he nature of English as

The negative effects of technology on the accounting profession research proposal examples

Skills in the accounting profession have to be constantly improved so as to navigate the profession the same way as the computers do. Cloud and mobile technologies are at the top of the list for technologies in the accounting profession that are transforming the accounting and tax profession.

Alcohol taxation advantages and disadvantages

And another study led in Switzerland had found that, at the time of market reforms in 1999 the price of alcohol dropped and arise so many social issues, the correlation between price and alcohol related problems for heavy drinkers and it's affected badly to the welfare of the society. The New Zealand of Ministry of Health and the

Basic principles of industrial automation engineering essay

If the customer requires that the HVAC unit needs to be installed in a certain part of the building then the HVAC's dimensions need to be customised therefore the machines have to be reprogrammed to satisfy the customer's needs. A flow meter and pressure gauge are installed to check the flow and pressure of the hydraulic.

Increasing healthcare costs becoming a concern economics essay

Literature Review A very common and simple reason that people give for the increase in healthcare costs often fall on the fact of aging population and the increased vulnerability of the population to health issues, leading to more medical consultations, both inpatient and outpatient. When such happens, the costs of health care will rise because the salary of

Definitions available for quantitative research given by different authors

Survey methodology will be used to collect data for the purpose of this research as the work of Saunders has been very valuable in orienting the choice of data collection method for this study. The aim of this research is to evaluate the consumer attitude towards internet banking and according to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill survey methodology is

A brainer on neurotoxicity

National Research Council: Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century a Vision and a Strategy. National Research Council: Exposure Science in the 21st Century A Vision and a Strategy.

Advances in seed quality evaluation techniques in soybean

Seed and seedling image analysis: Computer-aided image analysis, which are contributing to improving insight of seed morphology and biology, in terms of seed quality and germination and various aspects of seed image analysis like image acquisition and pattern recognition. Bio-morphological seed features may be analyzed by computer-aided image analysis systems and data quickly processed.b) Seed Analyzer based on

The life and literature of f scott fitzgerald

It is also fair to conclude that he was deeply concerned with class, wealth, and their effect on the corruption of " TheAmerican Dream." The novels and short stories of Scott Fitzgerald are documents that illustrate the hazy and glamorous Jazz Age, and had Fitzgerald's own life been any less hazy and glamorous, some of America's greatest literature

Dr. br ambedkar a multidimensional personality. essay

The noble cause to have unification of caste was one of the constitutional features of Democracy which he propagated that label him as a precursor of Social Democracy to meet the present day situation. At high school he had to sit in corner of the room on a rough mat, away from the desks of the other pupils.

Creative writing – it was just like any normal day in the picturesque suburb of massapequa, n.y.

Most of the criminal activity comes from the father of the family, Al Rediro, he was so high up in the ranks of the elusive New York crime family he practically had his own army there was talk from amongst his father's friends that Al Rediro was to become il capo di tutti cappi, the boss of bosses,

Annotated bibliography for scope of nursing practice

5, 195-197 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as the main focus of this article is to describe the standards and scope of nursing practices. 9, 403-409 This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as

Zen – past present future essay sample

It is often linked to the religion of Buddhism as the foundation of thinking and practice, however, Zen can be acquired not only through the practice of Buddhism. The higher the expectation in life, the more effort one will have to put in to achieve it and the harder it will be to find happiness.

Microwave bridge to measure absorption

The microwave bridge technique described here was developed for the study of a quiescent plasma having an electron density of 1015 to 1018 m '3 corresponding to a plasma frequency of 3 - 108 to 1010 Hz, and an electron collision frequency of 1010 to 1011 s '1. A meter comprising a waveguide through which a substance to

Ages of mankind

He told the other Olympians to shape the animals they wished to make out of clay, and directed Prometheus to fill them with power and life. The gods soon looked to the Earth for pleasure, and tested the humans particularly.

Incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis in the uk

In this essay, I will be analysing the incidence and prevalence of Tuberculosis and the pattern of this disease in relation to changes in society. The small percentage fall in the rates of TB cases in 2012 and 2013 is said to be associated with the fall in the number of cases in the non-UK born population.

Things fall apart: a critical analysis essay

The novel shows the life of the protagonist Okonkwo and his family, village, and Igbo culture and the affects of colonisation of Umuofia on him and the people of his village by Christian missionaries. In this essay, I plan to look at colonialism in the novel before and after and the impact on Okonkwo and the village Umuofia

Economic analysis of nepal

Lack of economic opportunities in the country has forced many people of the working class to look outside of the country for employment and source of income to sustain their livelihoods. In the year 2012, the country ranked 60th in the Global Hunger Index 1 and the prevalence of overall undernourished among residents of Nepal was18 percent of

The need for employee motivation in mexico commerce essay

This is to the extent of, the only way of knowing the person is by knowing the family and without knowing the person they will not do business with the person. The organisational learning strategy focussed on employee involvement and empowerment gives more focus on the growth of the individual in accordance with the growth of the organisation.

Why the versailles treaty failed to bring peace and stability

Unfortunately, the treaty failed to make a perfect negotiation to solve problems, such as the placements new borders between countries, the amount of reparations the losing powers had to pay, and therefore, the treaty finally could only build a kind of illusive peaceful system, which was instability, and directly led to the Second World War. However, in my

The role of the coach as a catalyst for change

The strength of the relationship that exists between the coach and coachee is fundamental to the success of the practise. Taking the time at the beginning of the process to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the coach and the coachee is important in avoiding issues further down the line, despite the fact that " initial contracting

Final test: marketing notes assignment

Personal selling want the person to do all the work and bring the product to you Hard Rock Caf? when purchased by organization in Florida, they realized fragmentation and decided to unify brand images " It depends" is always the answer. Corporate personal brand IKEA and next 2, and rest of articles to red sole shoes Retail mix:

Democracies and dictatorships in pakistan history essay

Since the basic purpose of this report is determine which proved the best therefore the natural disasters that took place in each of the governments and their intensity will also be taken into consideration Below is the brief introduction to these two democratic governments and two dictatorships which were in charge during the year 1977-2007: 1977-1988 Zia- Ul-Haq's