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Negotiable and nonnegotiable instrument

On the other hand, the nonnegotiable contracts are simply put as any transaction in which the promise made by the bearer of the contract or the pay order does not go with the provisions of the and implied necessary requirements of the revised Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code. These are the drawer of the draft which

History of buddhism religion history essay

The versions of the canon or the accepted scripture preserved in Pail, Sanskrit, Chinese, and Tibetan language are different in each branch of the Buddhism because of the oral transmission during over three centuries. The spread of Buddhism In northern India, by the time of Buddha's death, he was about eighty years old; the Buddha's followers organize the

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Strategic compensation

The ultimate objective of this process is to ensure that the compensation system and ther important facets attract and retain the desired employees and that it motivates them to do those things that support the business plan. In assessing the ability of its pay system to motivate employees, ABC considered both the objectives and the results of the

Health risks in american football

According to " American Football rules ", " When a team has possession of the ball, the object is to move the ball forward into the end zone, or, barring that to move the ball a minimum of ten yards in four attempts. By introducing the history of football and explaining a little bit of the game rule

The benefits and consequences of globalization

Growth in global markets creates an opportunity towards more diversified, larger markets around the world, which provides an access to more capital, fileds of economics, cheaper imports and technology. Source: IMF Scholte defined Globalization as:" Globalization is the progressive eroding of the relevance of territorial bases for social, economic, and political activities, processes, and relations" In order to

Anatomy and pathophysiology of gout and lupus

In men over the age of 30 and women over the age of 50, prevalence is 2%. A series of parallel mutations in the genes of uricase in the Miocene period results in the production of the dysfunctional form of uricase that leads to accumulation of relatively higher level of insoluble uric acid and subsequently the development of

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How this ex-con started from nothing to build a 7-figure business

And all of the other crabs...the inmates and the officers were desperately fighting to pull me back in. The Pisciottas were slaves to their business, and it was taking a toll onfamilylife.

Effects on the fetus during pregnancy

The fertilised egg is called a zygote, the zygote will divide itself again and again, after approximately a week it will implant itself into the wall of the uterus, by two weeks this will be completed and is now an embryo, the embryo is protected by the amniotic sac, it is made of two membrane sheets the outer

Analysis of apple case

A It is because of its control of both hardware and package as a alone strength that Apple largely chose to utilize closed engineering for its merchandises. As a consequence, it held back the growing and the credence of the Mac.

The history of pluto telecommunications business essay

The common theme unifying the works of Barnard, Lawrence and Lorsch and Duncan was the measurement of uncertainty as a lack of information available, the time needed to obtain definitive performance feedback and the uncertainty of casual connections in work-flow process, a flaw most certainly seen within the departments of Pluto Telecommunications. A contributing factor to the different

What is hypnosis essay

It is a cooperative interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist. James Braid was known as the " Father of hypnosis" and is a major figure in the history of hypnosis, he moved it into the nature of trance, taking it from the shadows of mesmerism and coining the word hypnosis.

Son of the morning star

While most stories are told from beginning to end, Son of the Morning Star: Custer and The Little Bighorn begins with the aftermath of The Battle of the Little Bighorn. In the beginning of the story, the setting is the battle field which The Battle of the Little Bighorn had taken place a few days earlier.

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Strategic plan critique paper

Suzanne: The paper was great with a lot of research and the greatest asset of the paper was the way you did the strategy and the way it refer to the certain parts of the internal and external. Sabrina Your paper is very well put together so far and you have a lot of great detail on the

Pestle analysis and the bigger environment

The purpose of this essay is to identify, analyse and discuss strategic issues of Dell using the PESTLE method which will look at a range of macroeconomic factors the company should to consider. For instance the development and growth of the smartphones has prompt Dell to enter the market.

Introduction were produced by the same writers; lang,

Some ethical issues were identified; theassessment of the site to whether it was going to cause issue, location was nota problem as this was the aim of the researcher to target this particular area, the risk development of screening and duration of the pilot period was alsoconsidered. A number of people and patients stated this is a goodthing

Theory of mind: daniel dennett vs. thomas nagel essay sample

Nagel affirms that the subjective character exists and uses this as a form of discrediting materialism since the subjective character is not analyzed in the materialistic viewpoint which from Nagel's viewpoint, is a sign of the incompleteness of the theory of materialism. This point exemplifies the validity of the subjective character of experience and further evidence of dualism,

Native fear: richard wright’s native son

At each moment of Bigger's life he was acutely aware of who he was and who he was not, the little he had and the lot he lacked. Even when Bigger was granted the opportunity to work in the Dalton's home a " good" job by his mother's standards he remained dissatisfied and angry." It maddened him to

Artificial limbs essay sample

The invention of the artificial limbs was a major milestone in the medical world. In medieval times, " leg prosthesis was simply a bend at the knee with an artificial foot to fit in the stirrup".

High cost of marriage in arabian gulf countries religion essay

The cost of the wedding activities of hiring a band and a good catering restaurant will add a dramatic increase to the cost of the wedding. This is a negative phenomenon that is spreading in our society and the main reason for it is the rising cost of wedding ceremonies.

Types of learning theories and learning styles

The purpose of this essay is to outline the episode of learning that I have been involved, I am going to discuss how different types of learning theories and learning styles informed to develop my knowledge, it also reflect and evaluate the type of strategies that has been used within the episode of learning and it will discuss

Retention strategy

Employees are one of the assets to an organization that helps organization growth in the future and success in the usiness. Retention strategy is a challenge to organization and is the critical to the long-term growth and success of the business.

Factors affecting average spending power marketing essay

The average spending power is a compromise or could be called as a joint decision between equal partners in the pricing process such as between the hotel or restaurant and the customers. It is done generally to be to more clients oriented and in other way to advance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the whole operational process.

Symbols for men and women in scenes 112-118 of ‘the piano’

This scene is a momentous one within the film as it is the climax of a significant build-up of tension and angst within the relationship of Ada and Stewart, most notably from Stewart, who struggles to come to terms with Ada's stubborn and unaffectionate nature, a combination of qualities seen to be socially deviant for a married woman

The clinton administration: history and impact

Unfortunately, Clinton came into office with relatively little experience in foreign affairs, particularly at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the uncertainties the post-Cold War world produced. The ' Republican take-over,' although had been in the works since the Reagan administration, actually came about as a result of Clinton's unpopularity in the form of

How to register primary cooperative

Mandatory contents of the articles of cooperation are the following: the name of the cooperative, which must include the word " cooperative"; b) the purpose or purposes and scope of business for which the cooperative is to be registered; the term of existence of cooperative; the area of operation and the postal address of its principal office; the

Civilization and the wild in the call of the wild

John Thornton is a source of some of the only experiences of a relationship between man and dog in Buck's life, binding him to civilization. The memories of Buck's ancestors become a part of who he is, and his conscious self, including his behavior.

Biodiversity: theory and quantification

1 Biodiversity components Biodiversity includes existing species in a place, within species phenotypic and genotypic variation, and also the spatial and temporal variation in the communities and ecosystems contributed by the constituent species. These diversity components were first described by Whittaker.diversity represents SD of a particular site, diversity represents species compositional variation among sites, and diversity is the

Effects of inbreeding in animals and humans

The inbreeding coefficient is inversely related to the frequency of heterozygotes in the population. The second important consequence of genetic erosion is a reduction in the levels of heterozygosity and the consequences this leads to.

Importance of observation in early childhood studies

Then I will go on to comment the on the ways in which observations help support a child's learning and the ways they inform recantations on their practice in the setting. With the parents and practitioner working together they can provide the right purport for the child, by creating an atmosphere that carters to the child needs promoting

Theorys on what is nationalism sociology essay

Although there is much argument on the definition of nationalism, Smith agrees that there is one main point of agreement and that is that the term nationalism is a modern phenomenon. His definition is, " Nationalism is a state of mind, in which the supreme loyalty of the individual is felt to be due to the nation-state".

Communication: a literature review

However, the politeness theory by Brown and Levinson is widely accepted and utilized as the basis for research by the researchers in the field of not only sociolinguistics but of psychology, business, and so on. 1 Politeness Theory/Principle Politeness theory is the theory that accounts for the redressing of the insults to face posed by face-threatening acts to

Compensation practices of multinational corporations

These personnel basically recruited from outside the host country and the parent country These are employees who are selected or recruited from the host country or to the area of operations. Expatriates are the person of the parent country and work in the host country for a specific assignment and when he comes back then they will known

Contemporary issues in hinduism assignment

Britannica says, " Nearly all Hindus look upon one of these as an expression of the ultimate being, the one in charge of the destiny of the universe" " Hinduism", 2013). In a country with so messed up moral values and beliefs, Gandhi was a savior to his people and gave his life to the vision of a

Delhaize’s retailer

In the second part, there will be an analysis of some possible forecast of opportunities and challenges this same company in the next five years is a player in one of the renowned international markets. Franchised Franchise is when the retail formula and the idea of the franchiser from the originating country are replicated under contract by the

Advantages of hydrogen based economy

Hydrogen is an environmentally and economically sustainable source of energy: Sustainable form of energy was defined by World Conservation Strategy in 1980 as " source of energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Challenges that are encountered by using hydrogen as an energy source Production

Ontological freedom in montaigne’s selections from the essays

In fact, Montaigne praises the man who does so: " it is...a very fine and very laudable enterprise to accommodate also to the service of our faith the natural and human tools that God has given us," so " we apply even our limbs and movements and external things to honor him". Thus, it remains that man's reason

The impact of technological change

The main purpose of the paper is evaluating the impact of changing technology on employment including: theoretical and empirical reviews, the relationship between technological change employment, technology and employment in South Africa, the complementarities between education and technical change, and lastly conclusions and recommendations The debate about the effects of innovations on employment has been motivating scholars to

Plot carrie settles into her new living

Frank Hale lives in the samebuilding as Carrie and Drouet and opens Carrie's eyes to the class aboveher in society.Mrs. Drouet and Hurstwood join in a conflict motivated by the desire to" win" Carrie and her affection.

Strategies for enhancing achievement for all students

An effective school should be led by a principal that is able to effectively communicate with staff, students, and families, and apply effective strategies in the management of instructional programs. The principal is the instructional leader of their school, and must exhibit several characteristics to be effective in their role.

Invertebrate biodiversity lab essay sample

Pitfall traps were used to compare populations and communities of invertebrates in two different parts of the Nyabweya region, Uganda, with the hope of finding out whether human activities would decrease the biodiversity of an area and the number of invertebrates. Controlled Variables The sizes of the plastic cups, the depths at which these pitfalls are placed into

Marketisation of education analysis

He argues that the evolution of this style of education is as a result of the liberalization of the structures of government including economic structures. This happened because of decentralization of the structures of government, and less regulation of the education system due to liberalization of the economy where organizations are allowed to offer services without regulation from

Case study new belgium brewing

B, a division of roles can be distinguished between the corporate marketing part of the company with the need for income, and the part of the company which strongest motives are to take social responsibility and to support non-profit projects with the goal of protecting public health. Social responsibility and business success are both a part of society,

Love medicine summary

The family s complex structure generates incomprehensible drama, and the family s history goes back to the time of Rushes Bear and the division of American Indian land. In Love Medicine, set in 1982, Lipsha Morrissey reaches out lovingly to his grandmother Marie and to the ghosts of Nector and June.

The nile egyptian schools

An evaluation plan should be part of the planning of the initiation of the school, and should be implemented when the teaching begins and even before once the students are accepted. Reflecting on the mission and vision of the schools, and on my new role as the head of the science department in a new school it came

Dementia and treatment as it applies to speech language pathology

Treatment as it applies to the field of speech/language pathology Intervention conducted by a speech-language pathologist may enrich function communication abilities of a person with dementia. The global prevalence of dementia: A systematic review and met analysis.

Damaging impacts: the importance of internal conflicts in “war”

When Neil first finds out that his father is going to war, he is initially in disbelief but once he realizes that his father decides to hide the truth from him, the disbelief develops into emotions of anger and pain. Due to the fact that Neil is only a child, he is not able to understand why his

Financial statement analysis of agl energy limited

The company has completed 180 years in the power generation and the track record of the company reflects the commitment of the company to the long term. The factors have various implications on the company such as it leads to the various anti competitive strategies and due to the financial stability of the company leads to the confidence

Case study cutbacks

Natural disasters can affect the economy badly which in turn leads to increase in the raw coffee bean prices and hence the coffee business. Franchising and licensing are the most powerful methods for leveraging intellectual capital of a company in to new revenue streams, market opportunities, and profit centers.

Carlos bulosan’s america is in the heart: reconciling postcolonial conflict

As Rajini Srikanth notes, the novel is " curiously marked by a faith and idealism in the possibilities of the United States even as it relentlessly exposes the grim existence of Filipino migrant workers in the country". The discouragement that he feels in America is projected onto the ethnic women, and he is disgusted with them as he

Comparisons of psychological tests & assessments

According to Ahn and Whang, " there are several early and intensive interventions that can aid in the improvements of adaptive and communication behaviors as well as the social skills of children". The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence and Mullen Scales of Early Learning are assessments that can be used to

Pestle analysis: safaricom essay

Roaming-this is a service that allows travellers to continue using their Safaricom line whenever they travel outside the country, irrespective of whether the Safaricom network is available in the foreign country. The availability of land is a major concern to Safaricom.

Never let me go: analyzing and evaluating the film adaptation

Romanek's film adaptation of Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go somewhat deviates from the novel's portrayal of the necessity of hope in accepting reality, thus developing the relationship between hope and reality to a limited extent. In altering the narratology of the novel, the film ineffectively communicates the cassette tape's significance to Kathy as symbol of her hope that

James joyce and the national commodity

The Irish nation is the motherland of Joyce and the inhabitants of his novels, presented as a mother in ' Eumeus' of Ulysses by the political Parnell: ' Ireland, Parnell said, could not spare a single one of her sons'. Nevertheless, how authentic is Ireland in Joyce's work as a victim of consumerism and the commodity trade?

The burdening effect of remorse: atwood’s and macleod’s fiction

Likewise, the narrator in " The Closing Down of Summer" lives a solitary life as a miner, and he implies throughout the story and through Gaelic songs that he regrets the words left unsaid and the lapses in his presence around his family. Ultimately, the remorse that is a consequence of Lucy's death has led Lois to become

Opening a burger king franchise in pakistan tourism essay

Owing to the immense success, the company decided to expand the business and franchises were granted in the year 1959 but the initial focus still remained on the western markets where there was a demand for and similarity with the cuisine that burger king offered but the first franchise restaurant to materialize outside the US was in Puerto

First and second new deals analysis

In order to evaluate the successes and failures, the investigation evaluates the goals of the First New Deal and the Second New Deal. The primary goal of the First New Deal was to help the United States from the Great Depression, while the Second New Deal was to reform the economy.

Attempt to stylistically analyze the film, pulp fiction essay

The lighting in the film is used very effectively to bring across mood and time as well as give the viewer an idea of how we should react to the character concerned in the shot. In scene in the film where we are introduced to two new characters, Marcellus and Butch, the lighting in this scene is tinted

How effective is congress as a legislature?

Recent developments in the world stage, in addition to the changing face of American politics and domestic interests have tested the bounds of Congress as well as its ability to function as a check against the executive. In his On the Hill: a History of the American Congress, Alvin Josephy asserts that the same Congressional bureaucracy that maintains

Attitude for the repect for nature

Then that definition moves into the principals and rules that people must follow in order to treat nature, This then is connected to Priority Principles and the aspects of that itself and how that is effected by having the attitude towards the respect for nature. Moving along the attitude for respect for nature is a direct correlation to

Influences of colour on perception

Aristotle and Goethe classified yellow as a primary colour and noted how it is the first to materialise from white light.[5] The ' pure' quality of yellow is evident and it exhibits the highest reflectivity of all the colours.[6] Yellow is also a ' warm' colour of long wavelength and the retina must enlarge convexly in order to

Gang violence

Many people have become more aware of the violence committed by today's youth because of the media coverage of the viciousness of these crimes. In New York City's Lower East Side, " Mulligan's Alley" became the center of gang activity and was the home to one of the most violent gangs, the " Bowery Boys", who fought turf

An analysis of the ub group united breweries marketing essay

UB Group has achieved to amass the biggest share of the market in India and the world as well. Over the years the company has been keen to endeavor in dealings in the area of Life Sciences that have led to the development of Mallya Hospital at Bangalore that has a touch to the underprivileged in the community

Consequences of celebrity obsession

People are able to form a bond in their minds with their favorite public figure through the assimilation of the celebrity's characteristics and have positive emotions when they think about that celebrity.[3]Granted, some of the actions by celebrities are not the actions leaders or innovators should be doing, such as drug usage, but the public is interested in

Mind and montessori

Similar to the regime of soldiers in the army, discipline in education suggests a form of control and restriction; images of children seated in rows and kept in silence whilst being made to listen to the ideals and orders of the adults who reign over them. It is through the guide of the horme and the movement of

Franklin roosevelt was first elected president in 1933 essay

He wanted to create long-term reform of the system in order to prevent a repeat of the Great Depression and improve the USA. On the twelfth of May 1933, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration was set up in order to provide relief for the hungry, homeless and unemployed.

Concept of promoting healthy ageing health and social care essay

Harmonizing to them successful ageing depends in the capacity of the person to accommodate, version to alterations in the bodily map, to relationships and to alterations in outlook and resources. Osteoporosis and arthritis are besides one of the jobs that ageing people has to endure.

The performance of giulietta masina: a character analysis from “nights of cabiria”

The audience comes to view Cabiria as a contradiction in conventional ideas of female virtue and sexuality, and increasingly grows to appreciate the sense of honesty with which she leads her life. From her outrageous dancing to her rough and ready stride and physicality to her caricature-like eyebrows, Masina paints Cabiria in a slew of over-the-top, Chaplin-esque character

Effect of globalisation on communication in tourism industry

Globalisation and the Internet have changed every aspect of the tourism and leisure industry from marketing and communication channels to booking and hospitality services. When it comes to the destination experience, word-of-mouth, travel kiosks, and tourist centres are other traditional channels that seem to work well.[1] These channels were and, to a certain extent, still able to provide

Triumph of human imagination over materials cultural studies essay

Computer-aided design, is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. The growing importance of innovation to entrepreneurship is reflected in a dramatic increase in literature that addresses the role and nature of innovation.

Commentary: parkinson’s disease genes vps35 and eif4g1 interact genetically and converge on α-synuclein

In addition the binding within the translation initiation complex and formation of the larger complex were impaired indicating loss-of-function in keeping with a neurodegenerative disorder and was supportive of the pathogenicity of EIF4G1 mutations. EIF4G1 gene mutations are not a common cause of Parkinson's disease in the Japanese population.

The archetypical character of the trojan war: its reflection in art

Shakespeare's break from tradition with the Homeric Iliad is evident in how Shakespeare portrays the heroes on either side of the conflict, his abandonment of the Greek deities' actions, and the various anachronisms he introduces in his play. Shakespeare's handling of characters is not in the least what changes when comparing the Iliad to Troilus and Cressida; being

The measurement issues in financial reporting

From the beginning they favour the historical cost base to measure a firm's assets and liabilities, then in the 1960s and 1970s, they started to favour the current cost base because of the high inflation rates at that time, accounting standards required forms of current cost accounting were introduced in the US and UK in 1979 and 1980

“omics” and immunologic approaches to optimizing cure rates in her2-positive breast carcinomas

In this research topic, Herter-Sprie et al.underscore the relevance of molecular alterations of HER2 that activate this molecule, including small insertions and missense mutations in the kinase domain, missense mutations in the extracellular domain, or large deletions of the extracellular domain in mechanisms of primary and acquired resistance to anti-HER2 therapeutics. A variety of immunologically based vaccines, such

Discrimination in contemporary british society sociology essay

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the concept of Human Rights in general were designed to eradicate oppression by giving a clear articulation of what limits should be placed on the power of any entity to control an individual or group of people. One may suggest that this murder is unjust as Mohammad is not in Britain

Bpr can be done in four ways

The main objective is of course to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole business. The performance of the business process reengineering can be improved through feedback received by the users of the goods or services.Iii.

Industry analysis report the australian wine industry

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS REPORT THE AUSTRALIAN WINE INDUSTRY ' The Boutique Producer' by 4 students Executive Summary This report provides an overview of the Australian Wine Industry using Porter's Five Forces industry analysis framework and seeks to provide recommendations based on the impact of the forces for a start up boutique producer. Through the use of Porters framework and

Editorial: nano-hetero-structures for chemical sensing: opportunities and challenges

The review of Li et al.summarizes the recent progress of microwave gas sensors including the characteristic of the various nanostructured materials, and propagative structures. The contribution from Chizhov et al.demonstrates that the illumination of ZnO/CdSe, ZnO/[email protected], and ZnO/[email protected] nanocomposites fabricated by the immobilization of nanocrystals colloidal quantum dots by a green light changes the population of surface states,

Introduction retail business. it utilizes forward planning criteria

Virgin holiday is characterized by the ability of the customer to book a holiday and fly Atlantic. Pricing strategy employed by Virgin group is highly sensitive to the demand and affordability of the customer.

Ethics and stanford prison experiment assignment

Describing the study briefly 24 undergraduates with no criminal and psychological record were chosen for the research to play the roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of Stanford University Psychology Building, equipped by hidden cameras and microphones. This paper will discuss the main unethical elements of the Stanford Prison Experiment, such

University of belize

Sickle Cell Anemia includes all of those hereditary disorder, the clinical, hematologic, and pathologic features of which are related to the presence of HbgS. The most common form of SCD are: Sickle Cell Anemia The homozygous form of the disease.

Construction industry is a vehicle construction essay

Sizing a valve is based on the flow through an isentropic nozzle, the pressure density relation for the fluid properties, and a discharge coefficient to match the calculated mass flux to that measured for the flow of air or water in the actual valve. For two-phase flow, the density pressure relation is complex and no values of Kd

Gangs in central america

In this research project I plan to: Analyze roots causes, Examine the transnational and regional nature of gangs in Central America and Mexico and Evaluate policies and programs aimed to decrease gang activity in Central America, Mexico and the United States. One of the goals of The Merida Incentive is to financially support Mexico and Central America to

Frobel’s ideas on early childhood development

Contributions to early childhood development during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which included the recognition of the child as unique and different from adults, of each child as a unique being, the importance of sensory perception to experience reality and gain knowledge, and the importance of the family in the young child's education, paved the way for the

Weston ltd v bloggs & co essay

So for example, the standard modern account of the distinction between contract and tort has it that, whereas in tort the duties are fixed by law and are owed to persons generally, in contract the obligations are fixed by the parties themselves and are owed to specific persons". The issue of working to a deadline which in this

Criticism and correction: satire and praise in dryden, pope, and beyond

Whilst Dryden may seek to provide a moral remedy with Absalom and Achitophel, the liveliness with which Pope fuses the classical and the contemporary in his Imitations of Horace, are more indicative of a playful sporting with the faults that he criticizes rather than a removed passing of judgment. This shift in reader interpretation is important as it

Japanese fans

The land of the rising sun experiences humid and hot days during the summer season and this is the main reason why Japanese are encouraged to use fans. Japanese fans were also part of Japanese marriage and coronation events to compensate the costume and the hot atmosphere during the aforementioned occasions.

The catholic religion

The Roman Catholic beliefs do not differ much from other Christian religious beliefs, the doctrine of Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the inspiration of the Bible. Just to name a few, of the distinctive Roman Catholic beliefs, the authority of the Pope, the ability of saints and the concept of the Purgatory as a place of afterlife

Analysis of playstation 3

Other than that, the marketer will get to know the problems and the matters that the product currently having. The first model is the basic model posed in the markets and capacity twentieth Giga, and the second model, which has capacity for more of the form first sixty GB and several extra features, since then, Sony has several

Risk management plan for a bakery business management essay

My plan will begin with the process of risk assessment that aims to make employers more apt for taking the right action in terms of improving workplace production, safety, health, etc.therefore let us discuss the major risks associated with the development of a baking industry. The second is to comply with the standards for a safe working environment


With the tools it is possible to determine and strategies the optimal peak operation for the plant in the next hour of operation and for the 24 hour of operation. Engineers need to know the consequences to employees, members of the public, plant and profits, now and in the long term.

Editorial for: microbial symbiosis of marine sessile hosts- diversity and function

Raftos et al.review the history and impact of microbial disease on shellfish and using QX disease in Sydney rock oysters, illustrate the complex interactions that exist between pathogens, the environment and hosts. A clear link between organisms and their functions is important to define the importance of HGT in marine microbial symbiosis and this is further explored in

Guiding procedures for response to emergency situations on construction projects

Although there may be little time between the award of the contract and the start of the project, a good emergency response plan can be generic and, with some minor changes, can be easily adapted to specific sites and readily implemented. The emergency response plan posted in a conspicuous place on the project must identify the designated equipment