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Writing business papers can be a challenging task, even for experienced students. Writing academic papers in this area requires special attention to nuance. In particular, it is necessary to describe the processes and draw the right conclusions accurately. Students often find it difficult to understand all the subtleties of business writing. However, if you are compiling a personal statement for an MBA program or are just planning your application essay to HSC business studies, you should check out our examples. We offer information to help you study successfully in facilities such as:

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  • Case study report;
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Besides the different types of papers, there are also many topics that can be discussed. You can find papers on management and marketing, business ethics, communication, and strategic planning. If you do not know how to analyze small business operations or describe the current business cycle, please refer to our samples. You can learn from them useful information about the format and structure of the essay. Our samples also offer proper citations making them valuable for academic writing. This is especially important when writing business papers, as they require strict adherence to the format. Correct citation makes your writing professional and informative.

Business education is currently extremely popular, which provides a high level of competition. When submitting an application, you may make a mistake in the writing of an essay or statement. However, in the context of modern education, such inaccuracies can be critical for your future. To secure a place at a prestigious university or to successfully study there, consult our sample essays. They allow you to learn how to properly structure writing assignments, adhere to format requirements, and choose content.

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University of wisconsin case study

His college activities Include being a member of a social fraternity where he was elected steward and is responsible for the supervision of the cooking and planning of all meals etc. He also serves on the school newspaper and is a member of the Debating Society.

The struggle of a student athlete free essay sample

This lesson translates to unselfishness in the student athlete in that moment and throughout life. In particular, parents, coaches, teammates, and the nature of the competition can suppress a student athlete to participate in injurious actions.

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Forex management assignment

The business in foreign exchange markets in India has shown a steady increase as a consequence of increase in the volume of foreign trade of the country, improvement in the communications systems and greater access to the international exchange markets. At these physical markets, the banks meet and in the presence of the representative of the central bank

How sears does their marketing strategies

Sears Company made a mistake in delivering the goods to the neighborhoods. To avoid this, Sears Company would have carried out a market research so that they can identify the best marketing strategy for their services.

Current event article 4

number The informal sector in Jamaica Thee informal sector in Jamaica is a fundamental segment of the economy in Jamaica. The informal economy in Jamaica: Is it feasible to tax this sector?

Appropriate way for marketing business essay

The widespread availability of Internet banking is expected to affect the mixture of financial services produced by banks, the manner in which banks produce these services and the resulting financial performances of these banks. The customer survey is conducted to analyze the perception about Online-only banks and to have a view on the acceptance level of this new

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Highway motor insurance

It was imperative to source a system that was user-friendly, but more importantly it had to be flexible in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of Highways rapidly evolving industry. Highway took the view that it was best to locate the servers centrally and run the key software over a wide area network.

Beautiful losers: a critical analysis essay

Her works in gouache and acrylic on found paper reflect an interest in typographic styles and symbology that can be traced to her work as a book conservator at the San Francisco Public Library in the 90's. In Kilgallen's PBS interview, she talks about her sense of art and community, which spurred her on in low moments when

Hawks or ramblers

When I heard my dad walk through the door, I closed my books and pressed my ear against the door to listen to them talk". I got up and stormed to my room and did not come out until school the next morning.

What can entrepreneur do to lessen chance for failure and increase odds for success

DQ1: Entrepreneurship What can entrepreneur do to lessen chance for failure and increase odds for success The methods by which entrepreneurs could lessen chances for failures and increase odds for success could be seen in terms of the following: 1. Fears of self-doubt, or hesitation could be the ultimate path to failure and despondency, especially in competitive business

Role of external governance and its impact to the organization

In the case of Starbucks India, proper corporate governance has to be the identification and correction of inefficiencies in its running. Therefore, for Starbucks to succeed in India, it entirely depends upon its compliance with the external governance and its factors on the organization as a whole.

Business plan & product

However in a clothing line business, the specifications and descriptions of the designs and clothes are so general that they can fit more than one costume, which actually are quite different in nature from each other and this is solely dependent on the taste of people. Our company will generate revenue from the retail sale of clothing and

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The great chicago fire

The Great Chicago Fire was one of the most devastating fires in the history of the United States of America. Being the worst fire in the history of fires, the Great Chicago Fire had quite a death toll.


Marcus's greedy and jealousies are the reasons of the end of McTeague's dentistry career and to the start of a miserable life. It was not the money, but his reaction to the money that causes Marcus to lose his friendship and ties with McTeague.

Pestle analysis of india in five steps

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is the seventh largest country by area, and the second most populous in the world with more than 1. To get a better understanding of the business environment in India, read on, as we analyze it through the PESTLE analysis of India.


Key Features of One-to-One Training One-to-one training moves the site of the training from classrooms, where there is limited scope for simulation of the job environment, to the actual live environment of where the job will be performed. The scope of one-to-one training programs is enlarged to take in the actual job requirements vis-a-vis the knowledge and skill

The city council case study

Brandon has plans to live in the house and perform major renovations to greatly increase the value of the property. While Brandon will be able to make the loan repayments from his salary as an employee for the first year, once he has to pay the interest and capital he will find it difficult to make payments on

Growth and downsizing

Companies may reduce the number of employee in response to issues such as change in growth of the economy, merging with or purchasing other firms, the cutting of product or service lines, effect of the competitors, distribution force of the suppliers and a combination of events that have a negative effect on the running of the firm. Downsizing

The makes spotting psychopaths very difficult and

The question that i am investigating for my essay is ' Are Psychopaths a Product of Nurture or Nature.' I think that this is a really interesting topic to research because there is a large amount of case studies that i can investigate and apply them to the nature-nurture debate. This is sometimes confused with the term sociopath,

The rolls-royce holdings plc – environmental conservation awareness

This will be followed by project organizing and preparing, which will share the tasks between the two teams, with the marketing team taking the responsibility for identifying the market needs and conveying the same to the R&D team, while the R&D team will take the responsibility of the actual designing of the engine. This will be followed by

Too much homework

If it was the weekends it would not be all that bad because we do not spend all our time in school. All those kids out on the street all because they did not have time to do their homework.

Challenges facing company

The revenue generated by companies is shrinking with each passing day, almost 30% of the revenue will never reach the company due to recession and the unwillingness of the people to spend. The biggest challenge in the next three years is to sustain the development made by various companies and this will require a good understanding of the

Walt changes the attitude

In fact, the only thing he adores at first is his prized possession, the Gran Torino, from which the name of the movie is derived. One would also argue that he did hate other races, but he is getting soft and allowing emotions to take the better part of his judgment.

Why corporate finance is important assignment

The advantages off proprietorship are: * They are easy and Inexpensive to form * They are subject to some government regulations * There Is no corporate taxation The disadvantages of a proprietorship are: * It can be very difficult to obtain the needed capital to start-up & to grow the business * Life of the business is based

Claremont mckenna master in finance programme

After getting done with my bachelor's degree, I decided to get a master's degree in accountancy from a reputable institution, and the first institute which came to my mind was Claremont McKenna College. I believe getting to do my master's in accountancy from your College would give me a chance to control the entire operations of a business

Walls cornetto report

In Pakistan the Heart brand is called Wall's and it is one of the most active players and the only nationwide seller in the market. The main strengths of walls are that it has the highest market share in the ice cream industry in Pakistan which is about 45%.

Services marketing

Teacher Other ways the firm could have responded to the complaint The other ways the firm could have responded to the complaint in the letter, is by avoiding the blame on the employees in the process of apologizing to the customer. The mention of the need of training for employees makes the employees look incompetent, insensitive and invites

How drivers and kpis were identified business essay

To be acceptable and to compete in theglobal market, countries in the Middle East such as Iran need to implement qualitymanagement practices, tools, and techniques within all sections of their industries. The advisor was invited to visit the Plant in mid 1997 to give a series of lectures and engage in discussion groups as to how TQM might

Universal rules essay sample

One of the most important universal rules of marketing is that marketers need to find a way to break out of commodity status to meet customers' needs better than competing firms. Marketers often conduct and analyze research to see the needs, opinions, and attitudes of the customers.

Banning junk food in schools

Some kids might be allergic to the foods school serves and that could cause lawsuits. Even though it is a rule, some kids will break it and " smuggle" junk food in because they like to " live on the edge".

Self deception essay

I could not afford the best and he was farther in debt than I was. Now the observation I made about the safe way to chain down the load was not a suggestion that was the core of the problem.

Business leaders

The commission in charge of enforcement comprised former railroad executives and individuals in favor of the interests of the railroads. Using this technique, Standard Oil established a horizontal integration of the oil industry in the early 1880s, meaning that the board of trustees of Standard Oil also controlled many the oil-producing companies.

Extract of study – a comparative analysis of the management and socio-economic impacts of sport tourism events in cape town and durban

It further creates opportunities to build on development of education and training in the fields of sport, tourism and events, as a sub-sector of sport tourism.2.3. Objectives included the following: To create a viable sport tourism industry in Canada; To organise Canadian communities to pursue sport tourism by providing them with assistance in organising appropriate local resources and

My name means adventure

I drink in the adrenaline of the unknown. It began in June, with a class trip to the historic cities of Germany.

A wind diesel system

The project is to be executed with the intention of wholly meeting the energy needs of a small and isolated village, at the same time as decreasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Methodology Used In Measuring the System In order to determine the suitable wind-diesel system requisite to take care of the energy burden of the community, three

Japan’s education v.s. the united states

Japan's educational system is more efficientthan the U.S.'s because, they spend more time at school, they have more educational options after school, and they have entrance examinations for both University and High School. Japan's educational system is more efficient because they spend more time at school, they have more educational options after school, and they have entrance examinations

Worldview of islam

The Quran, therefore, is a written record of the Allah's will, received by the prophet. The explanation of the identity of Islam lies in the name itself.

Imagination of place

The uniqueness of the town is harmonized between the nature of humans living in the area and the lively ecosystem. When the tourists come to this area they identify with it and develop a sense of place with the area.

Importance of international finance assignment

Exchange rates and their effects An exchange rate is the expression of the value of one currency in terms of another amounts currency.[5] There are two ways of expressing this value: 1. The foreign exchange market is one of the largest in the world which facilitates the buying and selling of currencies, whose price is determined by the

Analysis of direct costs

Materials, labor, equipment and all related expenses to the production are considered and direct costs, whereas, administrative, overhead and related costs are considered as indirect costs." Direct Cost: is a cost that can be directly traced to a cost object, such as a product. Direct material cost is the cost of significant materials that are used in the

Anything left-handed

And if you are one of the 90% or so of the population which is right-handed, imagine then trying to use a left-handed corkscrew. One of the shop's suppliers, a cutler, bought the business in 1980 and it's now run by his son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Lauren Milsom, both left-handers like all the members of staff.

The truth behind the salem witch trials

The town later decided that the killings were a mistake and they gave compensation to the victims families. They thought that the women were the ones that had let the devil get a hold of them and possessed them.

The development of private enterprises in china

The shift from the strict implementation of socialist policies to capitalistic ones was achieved primarily through the loosening of the constraints imposed by the government of the People's Republic of China which allowed for the growth of the enterprises. The recognition of the involvement of the private sector in the country's development was pivotal in clearing the path

Business plan events management

Business Philosophy: For GEM the satisfaction of the clients related to their big days is important as well as generating enough revenue to pay of the handwork of the employees and to improve the services is important. The experience of being the management member of various events and also the participant of them along with my artist skills

Biscuits pricing strategy

The picture below is the founder-chairman of this metals & mining company, who was poised to take over Mukesh Ambani as the richest Indian had the deal to acquire Cairn India, gone through.person or the company. Name the World's first solar-powered airplane It has the wingspan of aBoeing747 but weighs less than a small car; and is the


The author refers to the former research in this subject carried out by Sarasvathy et al, Buchanan and Vanberg, and Littlechild to conduct an in-depth study of three of the most fundamental processes of entrepreneurship namely the creation, recognition and the discovery of the opportunity. In the latter part of the research the author identifies the insinuations of

Fashion business

The demand for the different fashions is linked with the impact of the social media and the involvement of celebrities. The main purpose of the inspection is to determine the quality and acceptability for the garments.

Learning style survey and application

The results from the survey are quite important and can be used in a classroom for effective instruction. Other situations as such and results as presented from the other students would be ideal to help in establishing a merge of teaching methods to cover all learning styles.

Piece one

I do my best to listen to them, even though they are only 11, and twins at that. She claims to " face the darkness" with strength and bravery.

Rapid rise of e-commerce in modern global business

I have conducted a thorough research on this topic to bring out the significant impacts of e-commerce in the general global business environment as well as the challenges or limitations that have been associated with e-commerce.E. The main point that I covered was the rapid rise of e-commerce in the contemporary business environment and facets that have facilitated

The introduction of new coke by coca-cola

There was a narrow definition of the research problem by Coca-Cola, given that the research emphasized the taste only and ignored the feelings of the customers in relation to replacing the old Coke with a New Coke. For instance, when Coca-Cola ignored the fact that the old Coke represented a symbolic meaning to the consumers and they decided

Johnson and johnson

The company provides employment to different people in the world through employment opportunities and profit margins gained from the sales of its products. Presently, the company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is under the leadership of William Weldon, who plays the roles of chairman of the Board of directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Complex data structures

Need for Complex Data Structures Complex data structures are essential in the computing environment by virtue of the fact that they significantly assist in the arrangement a magnitude of presented data variables into meaningful sets. How Complex Data Structures are Used The implementation of complex data structures primarily involves an analysis of the problem focusing on the explicit

How to make a good business?

Huge variety of tourist attactions Thanks to the liberalization of regulations, the elimination of visas, and improved standards, of tourist services, as well as a favourable geographical location and competitive prices, Poland is witnessing promotion in the world ranking of attractive destinations for tourists. One of the regions particularly attractive for tourists because it has a great unspoilt

Personal leadership development plan

I want to become the general willing to die for his soldiers, I want to probe Maxwell was correct with my leadership create the next generation of even better leaders, and have a direct impart in my followers knowledge, and life experience. I am the leader, learner, and the creator of my future.

The rhetorical analysis of “can this campus be bought?”

On the other hand, the corporate sponsorships of these companies is also a way to ease the burden of college expenses on students. Institutions and corporate sponsors are, therefore, dependent on one another in a way of gaining access to the outside world and seeking a path for economic purposes.

Case study on gay adoption

Gay adoption is permitted only on the territories of a several countries and the single-sex couples all over the world demand to provide them with the chance to adopt children and bring them up in the appropriate way. According to the statistics the development, physical and intellectual abilities of children brought up in the single-sex families is the

How to become a writer

The one rule that is not okay to break, though, is that you have to learn the rules before you break them.8. The only known shield to that sword is to write pointless junk until an idea pops into your head.

Cheating in academic institutions

It is the best way to show how much dedication and effort a student is putting on school to their parents and perhaps it is the best way to get whatever you want from them. Academic dishonesty is the modern way of doing things and if we want to advance as a society we will have to incorporate

Barbie goes to china

The conundrum that exists now is the decision that companies must make regarding improving expenses in the short term and brand image in the long run. It shows that there has been a decline in Barbie sales because of the image that has been attached to the brand.

Recruitment plan free essay example

It gives employers the opportunity to learn more about the background, experience and education of the potential employees. Interviews: gives us an opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of potential employees.

Final case term

Making an automated system in a video store has become a The Existing System Objectives of the System Video Club aims to lend obscure videos for both the members of Exclusive Golf and Country Club and the Gentlemen' Club with more variety on movie selection. Specific Objectives To lend obscure videos to video club Scope of the System

To kill a mockingbird analysis

In To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Atticus is a lawyer and the single father of scout and Jem Finch. Atticus is a great teacher because he teaches Jem and Scout by putting himself in their shoes to see their view on the world and telling them how to change it.


There is always two sides to a fight and in this fight we have the people that think then there is the people who think we do not need it for anything. There is so much technology out there in the world today that it is hard to keep up with the new gadgets that are coming out.

Letter with a salutation

Productivity can also be defined in terms of total factor productivity which measures output in terms of the contribution of all other factors of production except labour and capital. The productivity of an organisation can therefore be measured in terms of the overall performance of the organisation in utilising its resources.


Effects of the Changes of the GDP on Housing Sales Objective of the Research Over decades, the economic performance of the industrial sector has been on the rise. The GDP of the United States has been on the positive side and the impact of this improved economic performance of the U.

Critical analysis: handbags and wallets

CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CASE CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CASE The product mix of the company is Handbags and Wallets. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CASE Buying situations for Handbags and Wallets: Limited Problem Solving Impulse Buying CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CASE SWOT ANALYSIS CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CASE Strengths Extremely popular / High reputation Already has an established

The differences between two friends

The difference in the character of Macbeth to that of Macduff is greedy, selfish, and superstitious. Macbeth's greed for power helped to ruin the life in which he wished for.

Answer 1 question :)

The employer has to make payments to the employees if it has been stated expressly in the contract that they have to make payment in lieu of notice. The employment in the case will find the municipality to have contravened the law in this instance of unfair dismissal.

Competitive advantages

In the case of Riordan, it will have to adopt a global strategy at the target global markets, and a multi-local strategy at markets that are principally multi-domestic. The global market will affect the business strategy of Riordan in a number of ways.

Pgs atlantic power

Company: EnterasysCustomer: PGS Atlantic PowerSubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: June 2000The challenge was to consolidate PGS Atlantic Power's Local Area Network in a single building, with minimal disruption to the company's 24-hour operations, while maintaining the high availability and quality of service expected by the network's users and external clients. With the benefits of improved fault tolerance and manageability

We are what we do , not what we are

" Life is what we do and not what we are" the above statement is quite true for everyone. We should life our life to the fullest.

In cold blood: the murder of creativity in schools

These obviously opposing views shed light to the hypocrisy of modern educational institutions that discourage individuality, aiding in the manslaughter of the future of innovation and creativity. This story provides a solid example of the importance of encouraging creativity and innovation, which can be found in the arts and humanities, not in math and science.

Different business structures

The assets and liabilities of the owner and those of the business are the same. The owner can make all the decisions and can retain all the profits.

The work of chief executive officer business essay

The value the CEO adds to the company is enormous because of the high position he holds in the company. For instance, if a company has issues it is the work of the CEO to ensure that the company goes back to profit making and establish a good image of the company.

Why do we study literature?

Furthermore, literature can take us in a magical journey to the yesteryears in which we can relieve the days of the Beatles or the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Immersing myself in this piece of literature have really broaden my knowledge about the world and myself.

How a group of ecommerce veterans launched hollar, an online dollar store, and hit $1 million in monthly sales after just 5 months

As big-box stores struggle to meet the lowest of earnings projections and shutter dozens of stores nationwide, one type of brick-and-mortar retailer is thriving: the dollar store. With a term sheet in hand, Yeom left his company after three-and-a-half years to build one of his own.

What is the group promise?

The group Promise helps lower perceived risk to consumers, due to the fact that there Is gimmick, they can return the group if they are unsatisfied. Since the recession the increase in the importance of saving has attracted many people to websites where they can get a bargain and many people turned to Group to satisfy their need.

Case study: the patient with heart failure

Dioxin increases the cardiac output and slows the heart rate; helps with SOB and fatigue. Cardiograms is used to measure the patient's ejection fraction and determine the degree of HP.

The body shop international

The historical values show what has revisions happened to a company and by following the trend of the past, a forecaster can reasonably determine what might happen to the company In the future if the current standards were to stay the same. The percent of sales Is what The Body Shop has used to determine the expenses of

King’s and gandhi’sanalysis in civil disobedience

King's and Gandhi's Analysis in " Civil Disobedience" Martin Luther King Jr.and Mohandas K. Thoreau inspired both King and Gandhi to believe in civil disobedience.


According to Pyne, the responses of the government following the attacks of September 11 gave a chance to many scientists to develop their theories which are being used by many people in the United States to discriminate against Muslims and Arabs. Orientalism is the act of studying colonial masters by the people in the West thinking that, being

Arrowhead students preparing for christmas

78% of people get all of their Christmas shopping done on the day of Black Friday. That is according to CNBC." Christmas is my favorite time of the year." says Johnson.

Service management

Service Management In this chapter, the talk about the Experience Economy as the next economy that preceded the agrarian economy, as well as the industrial economy, plus the most contemporary, the service economy. According to the article, even if the idea of the Experience Economy was given birth to in the business field, it has crossed over its

Love in one hundred years of solitude

Amaranta quickly became jealous of the attention which Rebeca was receiving and used her jealousy to try to take Rebeca down and to enjoy the attention which men which she did not love gave her. By realizing the omen of her death, Amaranta was able to release most of the hatred in her life for Rebeca and all

The indian education transition

Studentsare provided with the freedom to choose class subjects and are encouraged to take an interest in theirstudies. Sports are a minor part of the Indian system and areopen to everyone who would like to learn.

Why have not we mastered alignment

INFORMATION SYSTEM ALIGNMENT By 9th, September, Importance of Information System Alignment and Formal Organization Structure This article, based on the research conducted on the techniques used by eight organizations to monitor and improve the alignment and performance of their information system functions, focuses on the challenge of aligning the information system and how it influences these organizations' activities.

The effects of sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a very common disease, the disease affects people very badly. Being a family member of someone who has the disease, you may not know what the disease or what it does.so I wanted to inform people of what sickle cell anemia is and what the symptoms are because of my experience with the disease.

Japanese internment camps

Japanese Internment Camps were not justified because, the Government was imprisoning tons of Japanese humans in America, who had all the constitutional rights, without " concrete evidence", they were making life harder for lots of people, and they were putting the economy in debt. WWII was hard on everyone, but this was especially true for the Japanese because

Are students really dressed for success?

There's lots of pressure on kids who are just trying to fit in and dress in what's new and trending but they cannot do that with the strict rules. A student's choice of clothing is the key to their own unique personalities.

5 tips for developing your b2b sales

You will have no choice but to reduce the number of leads you are getting in contact with. As the relationship advances, have a strategy for how you are going to upsell.

Business plan for toy shop

The application of new materials and technologies have added value to the variety of the toys. Price: The price of the product sell in the shop will depend on the sourcing and also the total cost of procurement.

Sealand: the one acre nation

The story of Sealand is one of the most unique and bizarre tales in history due to its peculiar location and interesting founding family, early battles with governments and pirates, steadfast determination to meet the requirements of a country, and modern relevance and battle to remain independent. This neglect of the island by the British left the door