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Assurance hand note in kl

Inherent limitation Evidence obtain Test basis checking Estimates Nature of assurance report Tarek 01712-049032 Short time Shortage of man power Assurance engagement process: Obtaining the engagement Continuous risk assessment Engagement acceptance Scope of the engagement Planning the engagement Obtaining evidence Evaluation the result of assurance work Concluding and reporting on the engagement Reporting to the engagement parties Keeping

Accounting in context handbook essay

The approach taken in this module is rather different from what you have previously experienced; so you should take some time to read this handbook carefully and to think about how you are going to approach your learning on this module. THE STRUCTURE OF THE MODULE SUPPORTING YOU IN ACHIEVING THE LEARNING OUTCOMES Learning activitiesThis module provides a

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Generally accepted accounting principles persuasive essay

These principles of accounting are Accounting Entity MoneyMeasurement Duality Cost Valuation Stable Monetary Unit The Accounting Entity is the organization that is the focus of the reports and information. Cleverly, Song, and Cleverly state that the intention of the money measurement principle is to define adequately the measuring of resources and obligations.

Responsibility accounting

The number of responsibility reports issued for a decentralized unit depends on the degree of influence that unit's manager has on day-to-day operations and costs. If a manager strongly influences all operations and costs of a unit, one report will suffice for both the manager and the unit because responsibility reports should reflect only the revenues and/or costs

Casual sexual behavior among youth

However, with the progression of time and the dynamism of various schools of thought, sexuality between people has become one of the most popular matters to ever grace the field of research. Personality can forecast the participation of young adults and adolescents in casual sexual relationships.

Tutorial solutions

Discuss the impact of the decision and its relevance to the press and community. They can also assist by providing the financial information and assisting in the drafting of a sound business plan that covers all the likely financial impacts of the decisions to be made.

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The bear minimum

The issue at hand is determining whether the costs in these provisions should, in fact, be included in minimum lease payments Conclusion Provision 1 Big Bear Power should not include the $500, 000 negotiation fee in its minimum lease payments because, by definition, it is not an obligatory payment to be made toward the asset. Because the lease

Trends in international trade essay

As a result, the customers were in a position to select products that were commensurate with their tastes and desires and this increased the sales volume of the company and hence was in a position to remain competitive in the market, 2002). The patterns that would be expected over the next ten years in the United Kingdom's International

1. iiroc. · coverage limit: $1,000,000 (any combination

Regulatory Body: OSFI Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Keep a watch over federally regulatedfinancial institutions and pension plans to check that they are in sound financial condition and meet the regulatory and supervisory requirements. IIROC Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada Regulates by settingrules regarding the skill, business and financial performance required by dealer firms and

Capital budgeting process

The Capital Budgeting Process comprises the following: Development of Strategic Plan and CorporateGoals: The strategic plan encompasses the overall plan of the organisation and outlines the business the company is in together with the position it envisages to achieve. Estimate of the Cost of the Project: The first element that should be considered in the determination of the

Impact of information system on accounting practice essay

In view of this, as organizations grow in size and volume in its transactions and operations, the challenge of storage, retrieval and communication of accounting information becomes so noticeable and causes several organizations to improve the way accounting transactions are captured, stored and processed by the use of information systems. To identify the contributions of information system in

Justification for an internal control system

This is because the company would only be responsible for paying the deductible and the insurance company would pay the rest in the event of a catastrophic disaster. Benefits of an Internal Control System Generally the insurance approach is necessary for a company to overcome the risk of a loss.

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Global 9 years and did not uncover the

It also appeared that the auditors didnot independently verify with the banks in which Satyam claimed to havedeposits". PWC had asserted that itperformed all of the company's audits in accordance with applicable auditingstandards?

Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance in da vinci’s vitruvian man and butterfield’s verde

In this drawing, it is mostly a mirrored image of the man and his anatomy. Deborah Butterfield, a sculptor from the twentieth century to the present, used the asymmetrical technique for her sculpture of the horse, Verde.

Martin luther and the lutheran reformation essay

1 The concerns for reform were further broken down as follows: the sale of indulgences these indulgences supposedly remitted the punishment due for sins, and in exchange the penitent made a ash contribution to the church; 2 immorality of the clergy; ecclesiastical politics and unethical dealings; problems with authority in the church; leadership in Rome; deviations in Christian's

The value of accounting disclosure in uk capital market

The value of accounting disclosure in the UK capital market are reduction of cost of capital and information asymmetry; consistency of firms' accounting policies; enhancement of management reputation; capability to address the information needs of stakeholders; and mitigate inefficiencies within the market. OECD described the well-recognised value of disclosure and the well-analysed relationship between the efficiency of the

Topic: finance – case 5 essay

Brigham and Houston[2] gave the first one as that where the higher the debt ratio, the riskier the company; hence, the higher the cost of both debt and equity. By attempting to distribute the sourcing of the $ 950 million with 50 % from the debt and 50% from equity, the debt to equity is still at 1.

Future role of hospitals essay

Hospitals in the future will need to plan to for the care of advanced age patients. In addition to the elderly, people 65 and older, the hospitals will play a vital role in taking care of a new group of patients, the obese.

Financial management activities essay

Training outcomes By the end of this module, participants will be able to: Identify the main elements of financial management and assess whether the financial management in their station is adequate Identify the financial policies needed in a radio station Develop a budget Do a cash flow projection Develop and interpret a variance report Activity 1. Financial management

The organizational structure of proctor and gamble essay

Procter & A; Gamble The construction of the Procter and Gamble is multidivisional construction. At P & A; G, we believe in taking advantage of all the unique and particular differences that our employees possess and leveraging them to the fullest.

Career using technology and global society to the

In response to the conditions of globalization, the expansion of airports and the increase in the number of aircraft and vehicles Air freight, as well as tour and operation in various aviation systems and types around the world. I have a curiosity in the aviation management specialty to meet the requirements of the hour.in order to address the

Occupational health and safety of reckon ltd construction essay

Reckon achieve this by: Identifying and cut downing hazards that have the potency to ensue in personal hurt or occupational unwellnessSupplying direction, preparation and supervising to better person ' s apprehension of workplace jeopardies, including safe work patterns and exigency processsConsulting with persons on OHS issues sing ways to recognize, measure and command workplace jeopardies and any alterations

Impooving employee performance essay

The whole purpose of the book is to describe a practical program of appraisal and coaching that will help improve the performance of your employees. The main objective of the appraisal interview is for the manager to explain and sell her prepared appraisal to the employee.

Accounting information system and special journals

The person that records the incoming cash receipts should not be the same person that is posting the customer payments to their accounts. Jeff is the custodian of the petty cash fund, and he should be the only one responsible for that petty cash fund.

International accounting issues

Definitions of earning management vary, and include the following:' Is any action on the part of management which affects reported income and which provides no true economic advantage to the organization and may in fact, in the long-term, be detrimental'.' Involves the repetitive selection of accounting measurement or reporting rules in a particular pattern, the effect of which

A rare success in china – the celanese joint venture essay

Some of the main issues were: * The Chinese insisted on a holistic approach, asking the U.S.team to agree to a macro-concept for the new venture, with details to be agreed to later. Most of the Chinese managers appointed to the new enterprise saw themselves as loyal to CNTC, and their allegiance to the new venture was initially

The given to follow them. asc 606

The point of insurance is to aid in reducingrisks and spreads the risk from the individual to a larger community whichdiminishes the risk that every insurance policyholders will have losses at thesame time. The purpose of ASC 606 is to create guidelineson how to account for the nature, timing and risk of revenue from contractswith customers for the

Ethics and professionalism in accounting

Which of the following ethical approaches is considered to be a mixed framework? a. Which of the following describes law and ethics.a.

This house believes that liberalization is not good to the philippines essay

The youth officials who answered the call for public service are being pushed to the wall of accounting for all the shenanigans of the whole political system and our detractors are suggesting only the abolition of the institution that directly governs the youth is the answer. We recognize that we are the primary agents of change.

Jack daniels

There is no written contract between the farmers and Jack Daniel stating the terms and commitments they have for each other, such as, Jack Daniel providing the thick slop for the farmers for affordable prices, and the farmers preserving theenvironment.III. Jack daniel is not obligated to support the farmers.

Needs assessment essay

The areas in which the majority of the staff is ignorant of how to use the technology must be assessed, as well as the areas of strength and in which staff members can be a source of help and guidance to others. Needs Assessment Design and Implementation The goal of this assessment is to locate a gap between

Current trends in accounting information systems

When we measure something, we use numbers and operations; the numbers are variables while the operations can be constant but the important thing is also to consider the source or sources of these numbers and the appropriateness of the operations used. What is important with AIS is not how it was sophisticated before, or yesterday or even today

Introduction they implement proper budget (libby.t, 2010). it

The pros and cons of budgeting system within, 184. The pros and cons of budgeting system within, 183.

Restoring balance lab

The solubility of iodine increases because the position of equilibrium has shifted towards the triiodide side of the reaction. Adding more products resulted in the position of the equilibrium to shift towards the reactant side making it favor the Co62+ ions.3.

Understand financial concepts used to inform management decisions accounting essay

Financial activities of the organisation is one of the most important and complex activities of the organisation. Therefore in order to take care of these activities, the person in charge should maintain and ensure that the funds are utilised in the most efficient manner because it will affect the profitability, growth and good will of the organisation.

A report on the association of chartered certified accountants

Furthermore the institute has a broad web affecting 80 staff offices around the universe.the institute is the laminitis organic structure of the Consultative commission of accounting organic structures and the International federation of comptrollers The term Chartered in the making given by the institute was granted by the Queen in the twelvemonth 1974. The Association of authorised public

Today’s country differences in accounting standards

The relationship between business and providers of capital, political and economic ties with other countries, inflation accounting, level of development, and the national culture are the five influences on accounting systems. In these cases the accounting system is geared towards the government and the banks that provide the majority of the capital.

Jack bass, accounting professor

The cheating behavior in this case was not severe that compared to cheating with telecom instruments and asking someone else to take the exam for all the students involved in the cheating incident, so they should receive same degree of punishment.4. Comparing the Scantron returned by D.R.and the copy of his Scantron, he did change two answers on

Letters of application and complaint

It was not until highlights that I became a swimmer, and I walked onto the varsity team after the coach described my stroke as natural and the swimmers Joked that I was a prodigy. Sincerely, Alex Dear Icing Customer Service: I would Like to file a complaint and better learn about the process for filing an appeal on

Role of accounting in nation buliding

We know Accounting is the systematic recording of financial transactions and presentation of the related information of the appropriate persons. Accounting is means and not an end: Accounting finds out the financial results and position of an entity and the same time, it communicates this information to its users.

Basic accounting equation

The basic accounting equation upon which the final accounts are prepared encompasses the following: Assets minus Liabilities = Ownership Interest The Balance Sheet is the key financial report that portrays the accounting equation, which will be utilized to compute the accounting equation for the companies at hand. The Balance Sheet is the main medium that one can utilize

Self help group an introduction essay

Structure of SHGA SHG is a group of about 10 to 20 people, usually women, from a similar class and region, who come together to form savings and credit organization. But, in addition to the benefits of SHG Federations, there are some drawbacks, or constraints, that should be noted.

The role of the controller essay

This paper ill discuss the changes I would make as controller for the company I currently work for; " The Beverage company' along with the newfound role of the controller and its impact on internal control systems, investor relations, strategic planning, control of cash, customer credit and collections, and inventory control within The Beverage Company. When taking into

Organizational redesign at bpcl the challenge of privatization essay

The assignment focuses on the results of the survey of the module-Organizational Behaviour which deals with the importance of the organisational rules in any company linked to its success in long tally. Though the aim of the survey is to analyze the administration in the context of kineticss of alteration impacting its really working with regard of organisational

Path of accounting

To have a Career in finance it is a must to be good at math and great at dealing with/analyzing numbers and data. One of the colleges I am interested in attending to become an accountant is The Ohio State University located in Columbus, Ohio.

Comparison of financial and managerial accounting

Second, the comparison of management accounting and financial accounting To a better understanding of management accounting and financial accounting, the links and differences between management accounting and financial accounting are discussed below: A. Management accounting and financial accounting functions of the target mainly through the provision of information for enterprises and other organizations to provide a full range

Hrm summative assignment essay

A The procedure is basically one of acquisition in which employees can increase the effectivity of their public presentation in the workplace, hence increasing the opportunities of a company to make their aims at the most cost effectual manner possible. It is evident that their preparation and development is uninterrupted in order to make a good degree of

Topic: finance essay

What is the minimum price that needs to be set for the product if the required real rate of return is10% and inflation is expected to be 5% per annum? Appendix A- Computations supporting all the answers to the four sets of questions.

The united states might not be prepared

The US is not prepared for an approaching labor deficit in the severalsectors of the economy that require workers with low job skills. According to the report, the US is notadmitting enough immigrants to compensate for the imminent deficit of workerswith low job skills.

Cost accounting – business analysis of barnes scuba diving

With reference to the Flexible Budget Section attached in Annex X, Flexible-Budget Variance for Revenues was identified to be a favourable variance of $50, 400 due to the fact that there was an increase of 216 participants on top of the budgeted 1800 participants and also an additional increased in course fee of $25 on top of the

The nine steps of the accounting cycle essay sample

The transactions identified are then analyzed to determine the accounts affected and the amounts to be recorded. It is prepared to test the equality of debits and credits after closing entries are made.

Hold yourself (and your boss) accountable every day at work

The speed of change also makes everyone more accountable for the choices they make to survive and thrive in a workplace that is testing their overall contributions every day made all the more difficult as the playbook for success and eventual significance is constantly being reconfigured and redefined. Live this every day at work, and make the choice

Newspaper/ periodical project essay

Abstract The aim of the project is analysis and discussion of the four articles related to the economic subjects. The cost-effectiveness of each financial project is implied; this is why accounting the cost of brokers' services is crucial to make the proper choice.full-service brokers are eligible to tracking the stocks the client chooses and to recommending the possible

Sarbanes oxley act of 2002 essay

Even with the institutions of ethics within the business macrocosm which seek to support SOX, there still exists a gulf between the ethics of the individual and the absolutism of ethical policy. And this is a hard pattern to change with a theoretical set of codes such as the ones contained in the act".

Needs assessment: addressing adolescent smoking essay

Moreover, there is a need to promote the role of nurses in tobacco control and in response to the recognition of potential contribution to the field. The benefits of charismatic or transformational leadership are thought to include broadening and elevating the interests of followers, generating awareness and acceptance among the followers of the purposes and mission of the

Businesss – czech republic business essay

The undermentioned study, get downing with an overview of the Czech Republic, will analyse the benefits multi-national companies have brought to Operations Management or Strategy of the companies visited in the Czech Republic. The autumn of barriers to merchandise and a solid concern clime in the Czech Republic guaranteed by the authorization of the EU has led to

Basic concepts decision making process

The higher the risk element in a project, the A.more attractive the investment is.B.higher the net present value is.C.higher the cost of capital is.D.higher the discount rate is.9. The proper treatment of an investment in receivables and inventory is to A.ignore it B.add it to the required investment in fixed assets C.add it to the required investment in

Organizational analysis of thecakes&bakes

3 Organizational Analysis of TheCakes & Bakes There were 10 majordepartments in Cakes & Bakes, which are; Production & Planning Department Process Improvement Department Quality & Control Department Information Technology Department Product Development Human Resources Accounting & Finance Department Data processing Department Logistics Department The organizational chart of the company, see Appendix 2. The department providesrecognizing & solving

Rickshaw and tenant

He said that his family is happy with him but he is not satisfied with his Job. Opinion of the owner: The owner of the asset is quite satisfied with the tenant because he gets RSI.

Bus 475 value alignment

It will attempt to explain the differences and analyze the degree of alignment between your values and the organization's values as reflected by the organization's plans and actions. It includes the origin and subsequent evolution of my personal and workplace values.

Is you are in the right timeline.

Our access to the internet as increased tenfold from theprevious years with many more plugging in to the World Wide Web every second, we like to call ourselves the.com generation or if you fancy the title" millennial" you are in the right timeline. The current norm is for a company's employees to be able toaccess the companies resources

Criminal justice system essay

If I had to answer this question right away I would say that I am in the middle, I say that because of after reading the chapter on crime It made me see all the problems our criminal justice system has that needs working out. This is where a lot of people would say the criminal justice system

Stem cell research products essay

As of 2014, several broad categories of stem cells exist, including: Embryonic stem cells, derived from balloonists Fetal stem cells, obtained from fetus Post-natal stem cells, derived from newborn tissues Adult stem cells, found in adult tissues including Homeopathic stem cells, Mechanical stem cells, and Neural stem cells Cord blood stem cells, isolated from umbilical tissue Dental stem

Standard chtd bank essay

The Standard Chartered Group was formed in 1969 through a merger of two banks: The Standard Bank of British South Africa founded in 1863 and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, founded in 1853. Both companies were keen to capitalize on the huge expansion of trade and to earn the handsome profits to be made from

Financial statements form and use essay

1 Financial Statements Preparation and PresentationThe first report prepared is the Income Statement, which reveals the financial performance of the company for the financial year considered. However, in the financial statement of a company, the statement of changes in equity is presented after the Balance Sheet due to the importance that the latter statement have.

Creative accounting and earnings management

In production and management for the instability of the enterprise, the implementation of the profit smoothing method, can deliver to the outside a production and business operation stability of information, strengthen the inference of investors for the enterprise, stable prices, and also help to shareholders to wealth minimization goal. Earnings management to a certain extent though can maintain

Contribution margin and break even analysis

Maria calculated the contribution margin and the unit contribution margin for each type of cookie, determined to reduce the production of lemon creme cookies and to increase the production capacity for the bulk order of real mint cookies. The unit contribution margin for the lemon cookies is smaller and Maria would have to increase the production capacity to

A zero carbon society construction essay

Controversy and obscureness in the definition of the footings ' zero C ' and ' carbon impersonal ' along with other nomenclature that implies a province of non being of the chief nursery gases is the nucleus of the much of the attending given to the subject of zero C places. Although the physical environment of making zero

Balance sheet exercise essay

State which of the following items could appear on the balance sheet of a business as an asset. The hiring of a person is not considered to be the acquisition of an asset and so would not be recorded on the balance sheet but his salary would be considered a cost in the profit and loss account.

Step collaterals, determine solutions on behalf of

Financial Administrator Retrieving assets, such as shareholders, creditors, banks Working in this field will require your complete assiduousness to serve clients furthermore be capable to definitely describe the financial services Capable of imparting instruction in different fields of the finance background including planning and control As a shareholder, you must implement different facts and law to pursue theInvestment;

The company is storing inventory

This will also help to ease their checking in their inventory; Compiling the cost of the items in inventory to the general ledger. To verify the amount of the total sold items in inventory they also compile the general ledger of the items sold.

Worldcom accounting failure

This research paper will seeks to discuss accountingfailureat WorldCom by trying to understand the nature of fraud committed, the perpetrators who caused the failure, the lacking controls that may have caused all these problems and the intentions of the perpetrators as would be revealed by the extent and frequency of manipulation done in the financial reports of the

Competency mapping for accounting professionals

The ICAI is involved in encouraging and enhancing close links between ICAI and its members serving the society in various capacities so as to provide for them, a base of reference in terms of knowledge, expertise, skills and assistance in individualcareergrowth through the development of extensive and intensive relationship with organizations and agencies of the Government, so as

Pestle analysis of tesco and coca cola essay

When adolescents get to around the age of 15 they start to imbibe underage this stems the gross revenues in companies like Coca Cola as it means they are not acquiring as many gross revenues. Recycling policies: Coca Cola has to seek and do their bottles are reclaimable as possible without doing the bottles a jeopardy to be

Walmart sears case essay sample

How do the retailing strategies of Sears and Wal-Mart differ? How useful are financial ratios in evaluating the current performance of each of the two companies?

Regulatory bodies in accounting

The following are the major regulatory bodies in finance and accounting: The Financial Accounting Standards Boards oThis body is responsible for setting standard for reporting information on finances to the public. The goal of this body is to set a common, global accounting standard and promote the use of those standards.

Essays park

Reward your reps for theirhard work and in turn, they will reward you with more sales. Track records: With sales automationsoftware you can track sales, commission and rewards of a particularsalesperson or for the whole sales department.

Nursing shortage: healthcare losing heart and hand essay

This is the reason why nurses are dubbed as " the hearts and hands of health care" and they continue to be the largest group of health care professionals. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a projected shortage of nurses in the United States ballooning to 800, 000 by the year 2020.is thus cause for concern

Jc penney information systems

JC Penney also engages in social activities such as the funding of the Robotics teams in an effort to inspire children in science and technology. Hardware and software JC Penney has installed EDI solutions software that performs the core function of enabling other firms to send materials to JC Penney.

Oil and gas accounting test review

If well is determined dry, capitalized costs are written off to dry hole expense If commercial reserves are found, the capitalized drilling costs are transferred to the wells and equipment accounts All the capitalized costs of an exploratory well are typically reclassified as dry hole expense or as wells ND related equipment Cost approval, budget and monitoring APE-

Financial terminology paper – balance sheet essay

The process of speeding up and increasing the receivables and the process of handling the debt in a more scientific manner can be discussed only after researching the balance sheet. The capital needs and the cash levels of the organization should be monitored from time to time.

According is states in the article “chapter

As of 2000, at 31 percent, Puerto Rico had the lowestemployment in the Americas and the Caribbean, as the article " RestoringGrowth in Puerto Rico: The Economic and Policy Challenges", claims. In the same way, Puerto Rico measures for GDP, but they usethe domestic investment factor in a different perception, which is mostlybecause fixed domestic investments and inventory

Analyzing toyota motors

In the listing of the company's assets, Toyota Motors employees the GAAP of principle of consistency, principle of sincerity, principle or regularity and principle of continuity. In recording the company's liabilities, Toyota Motors utilizes the GAAP of principle of regularity, principle of non-compensation, principle of continuity, principle of utmost good faith and principle of full disclosure/ materiality A

Business lessons in a delicate balance and the richer, the poorer

The story is told in third person narrative and gives the reader a good impression of the character of the people involved through their actions and their words. After listening to Bess's tales of adventure and fun, Lottie soon realizes that it is she who is the poor one poor in relationships and love and life itself.

Accounting and activity- based system

One advantage of Activity-Based Costing system is it has more accurate overhead cost allocation because there are more cost pools, the costs in each pool are more similar, and allocation is based on activities that cause overhead costs. Most of the cost drivers are related either to the volume of production or to the complexity of the production

Managerial accounting argumentative essay

To earn sufficient income to provide a good return on the investment of the company's stockholders.2. The costs and revenues should be projected to determine the feasibility of the plan.c.

Verbal decision analysis foundations and trends accounting essay

This is the central goal of Verbal Decision Analysis or VDA The Verbal Decision Analysis is a framework for designing methods of MCDA by using preferential information from the decision makers in the ordinal form, a type of judgment known to be stable and consistent. The decision maker is proposed to analyze the list of adjusted alternatives that

In of labour into assam and north bengal

To understand the migration impact on poverty of plantation labourers Material Method The present research the impact of migration to the plantation sector in Karnataka on poverty based on empirical research. None of the plantation migrant households perceived their health and sanitation status to be poor after migration.

Media culture: the triumph of the spectacle

MediaCulture: the Triumph of the Spectacle " Media culture is a contested terrain across which key social groups and competing political ideologies struggle for dominance and.individuals live these struggles through the images, discourses, myths, and spectacle of media culture" -Douglas Kellner, Media Culture Table of Contents Introduction - 3 History of Media - 4 Media Spectacle - 5


Force, one is expected to be professional and ethical enough to make decisions that positively impact on his or her department to the extent that he/she can be accountable for actions or consequences that arise as a result of their decisions or choices. Being accountable calls for the basic understanding of one's tasks and responsibilities, like in this

Fuzzy logic momentum analysis system for financial brokerage accounting essay

When we calculate the equation of " First order Sugeno" the grade of the rank variable of X1 in the rank map of Ai is multiplied by the grade of the rank variable of X2 in rank map Bi and the merchandise is deemed a first Liner Regression Weight. This paper has introduced a system that makes usage

Unethical business practices of northwest airlines essay

Along with the resonant argument of imminent bankruptcy and closure, the said Airline imposed a number of policies that would change the lives and the perspectives of its employees concerning the business practices and strategies being employed by the 4th largest airline in the United States. The roots of Northwest Airlines' current labor crisis was said to have

Ifrs adoption in spain and the united kingdom: effects on accounting numbers and relevance

The main purpose of this research is to compare and contrast the quantitative impact of the IFRS adoption on financial reporting in Spain and the UK. Q4 What are the research findings? " H01: There are no significant differences in the value of accounting figures and financial ratios determined under local GAAP and IFRS" H01 is rejected in