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High return stocks, low return stocks, and

A False Regime of Financial Philosophy of Attaching Higher Risk with Higher Return A False Regime of Financial Philosophy of Attaching Higher Risk with Higher Return The economic climate and political one are intertwined in nature, and therefore, it is very important to keep a close eye on level of political power that companies have at any given

Relative advantages and limitations of financial statements

The limitations for financial statements prepared on a cash basis are that even though it may show what cash is in the bank at the present, in the long run it can distort the true picture of how muchmoneya company actually has. Cash based financial statements as we have seen can be beneficial for small businesses to use

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Ethical considerations

During the investigation the information will be taken in web and the participants will not be involved in this process, thus the first principle will be followed. As the information used for the investigation is in the public domain, consent may not be needed and the information should be properly referenced.

The background in business and accounting, achieved through academic or professional experiences

I am proudly aware of the immeasurable worth of my academic credentials from such a reputed Business School as the W.P. I believe that the MACC Program will serve as my stepping stone to success and equip me with the skills I need to become a formidable player in the business world.

Emerging markets and financial regulation

The first obstacle was the cultural differences present in the various countries and regions the company wished to enter, especially in Europe and the United States. Such a market entry strategy was very appropriate for the company and enabled it to succeed.

Accounting research: advantages of cash flow essay sample

Disadvantages of Cash flow * Lack of Tracking- Payments to the business is recorded as they come in, as are payments out of the business. The existing historical accounting is based on the assumption that the value of monetary unit, say rupee, remains constant and accordingly assets are recorded by the business at the price at which they

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Overview on the stock exchange of mauritius finance essay

The momentum strategy is believed to be in contradiction with the doctrine of the efficient market hypothesis, due to the facts that under the weak form market efficiency, excess return cannot be earned on the portfolio of stocks based on their past returns. Assessing the strength of the 52 week high momentum profits on a sample of stocks

Tax reform: flaws of current tax system in us

In the US, the issue of taxes is a touchy subject with the government and other stakeholders seeking to find a mutual ground. In addition, the federal government should scrap the Alternative Maximum Tax law that imposes a flat rate of 20% to corporations.

The implications of the security act of 1933

Managerial Finance The Implications of the Security Act of 1933 The passing if the Security Act of 1933 was the beginning of federal regulation of the securities market. The rationale for the Act was the belief that the investors in the new issues had been hoodwinked by inadequate disclosure and exaggerated claims of the true financial position


The accrual system of accounting record revenue when it is earned hence shows the actual financial position of a business periodically. Accuracy involved in the above process can be improved by double checking system and by using a computerized system of accounting.

Phd finance: analysis of fellow doctorate candidate critical research writing

Analysis of Fellow Doctorate Candi Critical Research Writing Affiliation Analysis of Fellow Doctorate Candi Critical Research WritingThe writer has presented a decent abstract that is based on research carried out in the last five year; this implies that the hypothesis of the research writing is relevant to the current world events of the factors that have an impact

Financial challenge of ausbank

In order to create diversity at the workplace, it is vital to establish a diversity council which in turn will foster great initiative that aims in developing women and creating more opportunities for them. More so, in order to promote diversity, it significant that an organization treats all its members based on the skills, abilities, and experience but

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Application/extenuating circumstances

For most of the time, I felt I had nothing for which to live. I had to look for something to do if I was to remain relevant.

Gabriel trigo- a team financial advisor with merrill lynch

By delivering an approachable plan, Gabriel Trigo assists the clients to clarify the path of their goals for financial freedom. Trigo pursues the motto, and he is dedicated to assisting the clients to achieve the financial freedom by offering high-quality advice, as well as, integrated wealth management solutions that enhance and simplify the quality of the lives of

Business failures

One of the tough decisions regarding financial management that organizations have to take is do decide the amount of cash the organization should invest in the business and the amount of money it should keep in hand. This means that the organization needs to ensure that the organization has enough money in order to pay for six months

Discussion question

Discussion Question How the organizational goals influence the preparation and evaluation of pro forma financial ments Researchers in the field of accounting associate most of the necessity for a pro forma financial statement to the projected plans of the company. If for instance the company has any plans of making new acquisitions as a way of projecting their

Standard chartered bank nepal limited finance essay

Non securities market refers to the mobilization of the financial resource by the financial institutions in the form of deposits and loans. What is risk and return of the market NEPSE?

Complete ratio analysis of a firm

Sales, profits, and total assets however, are not enough to effectively examine your company's numbers." You must be able to read between the lines of your financial statements and make the seemingly inconsequential numbers accessible and comprehensible". Profitability Sustainability Ratios It tells you how well your business is performing over a specific period and whether your social enterprise

Personal financial planning portfolio

I like to plan my future personal financial portfolio in order to be able to achieve what I have aimed to accomplish in my young age. Since Insurance and Risk Management are my subjects of graduation I would like to delve into a services industry in the financial sector of risk management and insurance products already in the

Personal financial plan – part ii

Apart from the role of economics in developing financial plans, the use of credit is also of prime importance. This paper describes the role of economics and credit in personal financial planning.

Sop for ms finance

The insightful study on matters such as commercial banks' functionalities, the central bank's instrument and responsibilities, and the significance of the balance of trades and exchange rates, has enabled me to grasp the fundamental ideas of the field, as well as triggered my utmost curiosity in understanding thoroughly the financial side of Economics. I firmly believe in my

Vanilla bond outline

For proving this observation first of all the vanilla bonds of Microsoft and Aon Corp were analyzed, with the focus being on determining the coupon rate, price and the present value of the bonds. Thus it is obvious that the bonds issued to Aon Corp are receiving a better price than that of Microsoft Corp.

Answers to finance questions

The following are the key activities performed by investment banks.a) Raising capital from the public This involves investment banks offering securities on behalf of the issuing company or organization. Members of the public are the investors in public offerings b) Raising capital from private investors This is where investment banks sell debt and equity securities to private organizations

The sec’s condorsement proposal

Thus the function of the financial accounting standard board is to form the accounting standards which are followed by the nongovernment companies in preparing their financial statements which helps the investors in comparing the financial performance of the companies as same type of accounting policies and principles are followed by the companies because of the accounting standards. International

Relationships between firm resources finance essay

Private equity placement accounts for 85% of the number of firms and 81% of the value of seasonal equity financing during the period from 2006 to 2010. PEPs are an important source of equity refinancing in China, and have accounted for 85% of the number of firms and 81% of the value of seasonal equity financing during the

The oil and gas industry in china

Since the restructuring of the oil and gas industry, China was a leading oil and gas exporter. Another reason that led to the plight of China's oil and gas industry was the high governance standards set by foreign exchanges.

Discussion week 5 question 1 stock options chapter 8

An employee stock option gives the employee a right but not an obligation to buy an exact amount of shares in the company. An employee can exercise an option when he gives notice to Wal-Mart and the company receives full payment for the option.

International economics and finance

As broadly defined, a Balance of Payment Account records all of the financial transactions of the government with the rest of the world over a period of one year. PART TWO Structure of Balance of Payment Account The Balance of Payment Account is divided into two sections where the current account measures both the trade in goods and

Financial plan jlk pad

The sales of the electronic products are as shown in the income statement forecast.2. Notes for the financial plan a) The asset base of the company is expected to grow steadily over the years with a decline at the second year.


The content of this letter is the conclusions drawn by the certified public accountant concerning the accounting procedures and policies of a company, its internal policies, as well as the internal controls. These financial statements include the statement of cash flows, the income statement and the statement of financial position of a company.

Written analysis

The incentive plan of Ladbrecks states that sales-force personnel will get a bonus if they achieve an excess over the targeted sales for the quarter. An initial analysis shows that majority of the employees receiving the bonus have fewer years of service and a lesser hourly wage rate as compared to those who have not.


Part B: Among the fixed costs of Howarth Co.are depreciation and research and development. M, Vang, D.O.& Cornwall, J.R.

Laura martin: case study essay sample

In particular, the EBIDTA figure inflates the earning of the firm, as it ignores " all the bad stuff" in its abbreviation. However the ultimate difference with regression is that we are relying on the value of r squared which is a quintessential factor affecting the accuracy of the results and the appropriateness in using the regression analysis.

Recognize the relationship of the general journal to the general ledger

GENERAL JOURNAL AND GENERAL LEDGER General journal and general ledger are two very significant essence of accounting. As each general ledger account does have a debit and credit account in it which is the result of general journal entries.

Quickbooks online payroll, invoicing, and payments

If all these are performed well, they contribute to the accuracy of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and even the cash flow statement. The functionality deals with the invoicing role and therefore all the transactions made with respect to the accounts receivable are recorded here.

Analyze of southern cross healthcare accounts

The Group manage to increase the bed capacity by 25% during the year. The revenue for the Group in the year 2009 increase by 14.

Malaysia banking system consisted three mainly finance essay

Thus, the understanding of the structure of banking crisis is very important, because it can help every country to adopt appropriated resolution policies in order to solve the spread of banking crisis. Weak prudential regulation and supervision of banking system viewed as a factor that contributes to the bank failure.

Capital asset pricing model

Where? is the beta value of the financial asset The basic assumptions of this model pose as disadvantageous for this model to be considered as a perfect representative of required return calculation. Most of the investors are unable to borrow at the risk free rate, which is another assumption of the equation.

Legal aspect of islamic finance

Nature of the Islamic financing For the sake of providing a comprehensive advise for IBT, it would be recommended to present at the beginning a brief overview of the nature of Islamic financing.2.1. The General Conditions of The Sale Contract in the Islamic Financing System.

Capm theory

If I wanted a portfolio with maximum risk, I would choose proportion with 0 Wcoke and 1 Wmerck with portfolio return of 0. 011146 and standard deviation of 0.

Discussion question 2 week 1 accounting

Analyze the accounting equation as a concept that underpins the work of professional accountants and how an understanding of the equation can impact business decision making. The accounting equation is actually defined as " An equation that reflects the two-sided nature of a business entity, assets on the one side and the sources of assets on the other

Of purpose

This qualification has given me a head start in many aspects of my academic life in the sense that I have had the opportunity to participate in practical situations in areas related to my accounting field. When it comes to my personal experience especially in the field of business and accounting, I feel privileged to report that I

University refunding

Taking and refunding the charge every semester may be an extra hassle work for the university and also for the students who find it a burden to pay $200 for registration every semester. This way the students may not have to pay the $200 and also the university administration can keep a check on systematic registration procedures that

Role of regional banks in globalised economies

Threats and opportunities According to Guruprasad, the advent of global service providers resulted in migration of customers from the regional banks and corresponding loss of business. These developments lead to a re-assessment of the role of regional banks to remain in business competitively and to earn profits for survival and growth.

Dynamic programming: path analysis

From the current position of the company, the company want to get to a destination of 60% growth in five years. The report therefore presents a technique under the basis of dynamic programming to bring out the path to trend to come to a successful destination under the different variables and programs.

Analysis on jones and shepard accountants

Being a hierarchical organization in nature, it was hard for it to focus on the running of projects in the organization. The lack of people in command to govern the running of the projects in the organization often pushes the customers' needs and wants to the backburner.

Perception of islamic banks versus conventional banks finance essay

It is also emerging that customer's attitudes and perceptions of the services or the nature of banking affects their acceptance and customer loyalty towards Islamic and conventional banks. To investigate the impact of services offered by conventional and Islamic banks on customers' attitudes, beliefs and perceptions, and evaluate whether that affects customer loyalties or selection of a bank.

Gift cards breakage

In addition, the value of the gift cards, which is unused, causes serious accounting complications to the auditors because; the pattern of redemption differs considerably. As a result, most of the companies rarely provide the figure of gift cards' sales and the total of breakages.

Changes in the banking industry

The number of institutions reporting to the FDIC has decreased from 8833 institutions in the year 2005 to 7760 institutions in 2010. The number of failed institutions has also increased to 127 institutions in 2010 from just 3 institutions in the year 2007.

Euromoney market

Euro Money Market College: Introduction Euro money market is the money market that includes all countries of the European Union. The Euro money market is considered as one of the major sources of finance for international transactions through the Eurocurrency or money market.

Tax return problem

Primarily to obtain the various tax that the Deckers' were collectively going to pay, their current situation was compared to the situation that the tax organization took into consideration. For instance, the capsizing of Paul's boat is not exempted from the tax imposed on his income, but his sale of shares and the profits that he made from

Discuss accounting principles and applications for business and personal use

Running Heading: Accounting Application Accounting Application ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS FOR PERSONAL USE Accounting is a great management tool of financial resources. Accounting polishes the element of accuracy, honesty, financial awareness and organization in one's life.

The rate of interest

An increase in the purchasing by the central bank in the security market increases the amount of money that people has and it increases the money supply in the economy. By funding, we mean that the central bank changes the composition of the national debt in order to alter the money supply in the economy.

Cost-volume-profit analysis for new startups

The analysis helps entrepreneurs in identifying the breakeven point or the point at which their sales and expenditure will be equal to each other. This, in turn, helps a new startup in identifying the number of units it should sell in order to meet the minimum expenditure and investment it had made in the business.

Separation of powers and checks and balances

Initially, the founding father had projected that the Congress would be the major branch of the State. Legislative The legislative branch is tasked with endorsing the laws of the state and fitting the funds necessary to control the State.

The business aspect of the firm

The Firm Affiliation: The struggle by Amalgamated Manufacturing to make profit shows that the business aspect of the firm is not doing well. In expounding the business aspect, the firm may need to conduct consumer research in a bid to identify the loopholes characteristic of its products in the market.

How accounting affect stock price

While some financial experts hold that a CEO's compensation ought to be attached with the accounting success of the firm, others hold that the best way is to design the compensation based on the stock price of the firm. The long-run effects of unexpected firm performance and its impact on the CEO compensation is demonstrated by both good


The S&P 500 was, for the first time since early April, down for three succeeding sessions while the Dow Jones Industrial average encountered a loss of more than 100 units for the second day in a row. 73 while the S&P and the Nasdaq fell to a session low at 1, 925.

Wall street journal

In fact, due to the markdowns, the profits for the company fell by 17% where its operator margin cleared out inventories as a result of markdowns. Accounting rules do not necessitate the inventory accounting method used by the company to be the same as the physical movement of goods but for companies selling via inventory supplies frequently, complexity

Mutual funds

Many mutual funds invest primarily in companies of one of these sizes and are thus classified as large-cap, mid-cap or small-cap funds. Money market funds Money market funds are generally the safest and most secure of mutual fund investments.

Amazon inventory evaluation method essay sample

LIFO is defined as " the cost flow assumption that the last costs in to inventory are the first costs out to cost of goods sold". Weighted average is " the cost flow assumption that is based on an average of the cost of beginning inventory plus the cost of purchases during the year, weighted by the quantity

According that economic growth is positively affected several

The policy makers of a large number of by inflow of foreign direct investment.countries engaged in studying and providing incentives The basic objective of the study is to examine to attract the inflow of investment, because it is assumed the impact of foreign direct investment on economic to effect the economic growth and development of the growth of

Stock market is a main pillar finance essay

The purpose of this study is to examine impact of macroeconomic variables on stock market performance by using the Stock Exchange of Mauritius as a case study. In the recent economic setup, the part of financial system is significant to the economic planning and development of an economy.

Financial and strategic planning m2c

00 Franklin Healthcare Income Statement for the year 2011 Revenue Patient Revenue $375, 000, 000. This signifies that Franklin Healthcare is charging higher prices to the existing patients despite to keep the revenue same in 2011 as that of 2010.

Auditing stages

The auditor accepted the engagement for the audit of the financial statements after the conclusion that the reporting framework was acceptable. The auditor assessed audit risk and inherent risk as it is an essential part of audit planning to help in determining the quality and quantity of evidence gathered and the staff that needed to be assigned to

National oceanic and atmospheric administration

There is a difference in the treatment of employees of high tech firms compared to those of the franchising firms. Also as time wears on the other people who are looking to replace cars will also look towards this alternative.

How to maintain a budget

Budgets ensure that money will not go to waste as the plan formulated will provide a reliable guideline. In conclusion, it appears that money is indispensable.

Direct payment in london

This essay details the impact and success of this strategy so far for both patients and carers, trends in the adoption of personal budget and direct payment method for social support and its take-up according to different client groups. Conclusion Personal Budget and direct payment is now the mainstream method of delivering social care.

Financial management discussion week 10

The road out of debt: bankruptcy and other solutions to your financial problems. The logic and limits of bankruptcy law.

Microfinance institutions

The MFIs have tailor-made financial services that suit the need of the borrowers and have reduced their lending rates in order to ensure high loan repayment and increase the benefits to the clients. The notion that the poor will default on their loans since they are poor is a misconception since microfinance repayment rates are high in Kenya

ratio and comparative analysis essay sample

Ratio analysis is the backbone on the financial statements, For Example the line items of Balance sheet, Income statement, and Cash flow statement, one or all can be calculate to evaluate company's financial activity such as liquidity, operating, liabilities or revenues and expenses of the business. Comparative Analysis is the comparison of two or more financial statement items

Prospects of islamic banking in mauritius finance essay

Unlike conventional banks, the liquidity and solvency risks of Islamic banks are related to the institutions with whom they deal. It is to be noted that all the products offered by Islamic banks are Shariah compliant ones.

Performance measures

This most common type of performance measure considers both the operating income and the invested assets to give the income earned into an account as documented by Needles, Powers and Crosson. RI refers to the operating income earned by an investment center above the minimum desired return on the assets invested.

Hw solution study essay sample

You may also argue that this is the nature of the job as expected, and that she is appropriately spending her time managing relations and keeping on top of things that affect the project. Rate Project 5 the highest and Project 2 the lowest.b.Yes.

Causes of the euro debt crisis, its impact on international financial markets, including the us, the eurozone and asia, and ways to resolve it

The extensive sovereign borrowing, slow or stagnant economic growth rates by Greece and Italy and lowering of credit rating for Greece from A- to Triple B plus are some of the events that have worsened the crisis. High political goodwill and financial transparency among member states to support each other would help to reduce the global fear of

Advanced auditing case 2.3

The client's assertions that accounts receivable confirmation can effectively address are existence, rights, and valuation.b) When performing year-end sales cutoff tests, auditors hope to accomplish the objective of obtaining evidence from third parties to evaluate the client's assertions of sales recorded for the period under audit. Typically, in a company with proper internal controls and documentation, alternative procedures

Compare the financial situations of two companies essay sample

This report is to compare the financial situations of two companies in the restaurant industry, Darden Restaurants Inc.of Florida and Brinker International Inc.of Texas. We can see that Brinker has the better ratio's as far as liquidity is concerned with a slightly better ratio in both the current ratio and quick ratio than Darden.

Research paper

In order to ascertain the real performance of a company, the auditors have to establish the different audit risks and performance factors that are associated with a company or an industry. To illustrate, through the provided information, one can come up with a horizontal and vertical analysis of the company that could be of great importance in explaining

Accounting and finance position – resume/cv example

I successfully completed the Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the California State University and have had expansive employment opportunities in the field of accounts management, as well as accounting and finance functions. I am genuinely interested to serve your organization in the capacity of a Student Financial Information Specialist and I hope you would give me

Icn lease proposal

I had hoped to make an iron-clad case for Pharmafin to agree to ICN's lease proposal, but as a salesperson I regret my inability to do so, after studying ICN's financial statements and ratios and comparing them with Merck. ICN's 2001 EBIT is comparable to Merck's, but the extraordinary income is high in this year and presumably not


Regardless of all the challenges, microfinance institutions have been of immense help to the poor. Interference by politicians or governments in the microfinance institutions can lead to their downfall.

Manufacturing overhead

The main reasons why a company would develop predetermined overhead rates would be that; the manager would like to know the accounting system's valuation of completed jobs before the end of the accounting period. Costing of processes, supply chains, and value streams will be analyzed systematically in the production cycle.

Banking – interest rates

This paper reports on the effects of the low interest on the Japanese banking sector through discussing advantages and disadvantages of the low rates on banks. One of the effects of the low interest rate on the Japanese banking sector is reduced productivity.

Inventory & inflation

The Relationship between Inventory Management and Inflation Inflation refers to the increase in the prices of services and goods. The increase of prices of goods and services determines the units to be purchased since this is influenced by the money at hand.

Discussion 1 week 2 sarbanes-oxley act (sox)

Running Head: assignment Sarbanes-Oxley Act of the of the of the The Sarbanes-Oxley ActRecommend how the SOX framework can ensure reliable and complete financial information and how accounting professionals have benefitted from its use. Inspired by the shocking case of Enron, Tyco and many more, SOX has been able to strengthen the confidence and interests of shareholders in

Reporting and analyzing cash flows

00 Equipment $ 194 775. These actions helped the company to decrease the liabilities, and increase the amount of the resources available, which increased the market operation efficiency.

Case study

The judge found Raj Rajaratnam guilty of 14 counts of conspiracy and securities fraud due to the $63 million he made in profits as a consequence of his illicit insider trading activity. The sentence Raj received is the longest sentence given in our era for the crime of insider trading.

Morrison (super market in uk) financial reporting

Morrison Financial Reporting Introduction According to the writings by Bull, it is d that investors should base their decision on whether to invest in a company or not by simply evaluating the company's financial position and prospects based on the financial position. The evaluation of a company's financial position primarily rely on financial ratios of which the most

Bonus #3

Bally was extremely concerned that Trump's further encroachment into their company's pool of stock would threaten the company at-large, and their positions in the leadership. Overall, Donald Trump was a good influence on Bally Manufacturing, but in the short-term it did come at an expense to that firm.

Listing property

This one does have 4 bedrooms, as opposed to 3 in home on Seton, but the total square footage of the home is nearly the same. In addition, the Seton home is a new listing, while the other two mentioned in this case study have been on the market for more than a month and have already seen

Principles of finance essay sample

Solution: PV = FV n {[1/ n} Where PV = the present value of the future sum of money FV n = the future value of the investment at the end of n years n = the number of years until the payment will be received i = the annual discount or interest rate in the problem: For


Inventory turnover Inventory turnover= cost of goods sold sales can still be used in calculating inventory turnover, but the cost of goods sold is more robust than sales, because it gives the inventory cost value as opposed to sales which uses inventory market value. Prior year 1 Google had an inventory turnover of 377 and day's sale inventory