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Chemicals used in cosmetics and perfume

Whether it may be a new hair dye, a newly bought fragrance, or a pleasant shade of lipstick, cosmetics and perfumes have taken over the world as a boost in confidence of a person's appearance and body smell. The former is excellent at allowing the skin to remain dry by sucking the moisture and stopping the formation of

Healthy lifestyle final research report

The research mainly covered the concept of a healthy lifestyle, the sleeping hours and rituals. The aim of this paper is to reveal the general sleeping and healthy lifestyle conditions among NUS undergraduates and to revoke awareness on the healthy lifestyle and sleeping issue.

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Sport & sport activities

Tennis and badminton games are able to test physical endurance in different aspects.badminton gameDifference in Badminton and Table Tennis GamesGames that can be played by two or more people are one of the most popular sports games in Indonesia. That is the difference between badminton and table tennis in terms of physical and mental challenges.

Unhealthy lifestyle

CAUSES OF UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major contributor tohealthissue which is growing at an alarming rate issue in whole world as well. In addition, alcohol consumption and smoking are the sources that lead to unhealthy lifestyle.

Becoming a vegetarian: reasons you should go veg

It is important for everyone who is considering a transition to a vegetarian diet in any form to thoroughly study the benefits and risks, and to learn what would create a balanced, healthy diet free of animal products. The conclusion that these authors came to is supportive of a vegetarian diet due to the health benefits that can

Public health recomendations analysis

The objectives of this study were to report on the prevalence of healthy lifestyle characteristics and to generate a single indicator of a healthy lifestyle. The 4 HLCs were summed to create a healthy lifestyle index, and the pattern of following all 4 HLCs was defined as a single healthy lifestyle indicator.

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The role of vitamin consumption in maintenance of good health and appearance

As we grow, in order to combat the aging caused by oxidative stress, we need antioxidants, vitamins and supplements to preserve the health of our skin and our body. Currently, Philippines is the largest market of glutathione skin whitening injections and the treatment is now trending number one to the USA.

Healthy lifestyles

A combination of these is a good start to a healthy lifestyle. Keeping stress in check is the final key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Overview of the main dietary minerals

Most of the calcium is present in bones and teeth. In adolescent and adults the RDA is 2.