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  • American Civil War and other conflicts
  • the life of slaves in America
  • history of regents and politics
  • social & economic history
  • cultural & art history
  • oral legends and myths

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2400 Perfect Paper Examples on History for Improved Grades

Candide by voltaire assignment

Ignorance Is not a part of the acceptance of ones life, but a distraction to the analogy of the cultivation of one's garden. The acceptance of one's life and the realization of only the positive outcomes of ones situation brings happiness to an Individual Instead of making that Individual worry about the outside world, cultivating his/her garden allows

Mental exploration with super natural elements

The aura of feelings of that strangeness is so strong in many that they begin to believe their activities and their lives as a result of the strong influence of this strangeness. When narrator met Roderick Usher, he remarked." The physique of the gray walls and the turrents, and of the dim tarn into which they all looked

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Sample research paper on movement and heritage planning

Consequently, in terms of heritage planning, practices in architecture and urban planning consider design and structure with the condition that movements in these spaces are regulated or controlled, as movement should be, to ascertain the preservation of spaces in historic cities. It is for this reason that architectural practices must match the value of objects and structures in

Martin luther king assignment

Defined an unjust law in the Letter from Birmingham Jail, " An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law." I also feel it is important when thinking about what is Just, and unjust to

History – does general haig deserve the title the butcher?

However General Haig's title of 'the butcher of the Somme' originated after the First World War, when, due to large number of casualties Britain suffered from the war and mostly the Somme. General Haig's title of 'the butcher of the Somme' originated after the First World War, when, due to large number of casualties Britain suffered from the

Martin luther king jr.: dream often, dream big, dream change assignment

Dream Often, Dream Big, Dream Change Martin Luther King, Jr, was one of the most powerful leaders in the civil rights movement, from the bus boycott to his historical speech " I Have a Dream". All in all Martin Luther King's " I Have a Dream" speech is one of the most important speeches ever made during the

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Mahatma gandhi assignment

He was born in India in 1896 and the name was Mohammad Gandhi. Although Gandhi was born in the trading class, he fought for the slaves/poor in India.

Ancient rome: a thriving civilization assignment

Rome was preponderant throughout the Mediterranean region and was one Of the most powerful entities Of the ancient world. In general, it was Roman policy to respect the moss regions and to regard local laws as a source of legal precedent and social stability.

Violence in the ancient world

This is especially true of the area in the story where the Cyclops drinks of wine, and therefore the opportunity presents itself to Odysseus to be able to stab out one of the monsters eyes in order to gain the upper hand of control. The example this research will use to prove the often times, brutal and violent

Book review rubric spring 2011

Contains an understanding of the book's ideas with some connections to the historical period. Ideas are not stated or developed; no references to the book or may only refer to one part of book.

Usa history essay sample

How did each of the following contribute to the success of the American Revolution? Britian was fighting at the end of a long communication line.

Sir francis drake

Why Sir Francis was important Sir Francis was important to Britain for his achievement in bringing more wealth to the country in terms of gold and silver. Sir Francis was considered important since he gave his country a chance to gain more power which the leaders were ambitious about for many years.

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President franklin d. roosevelt ??? the good, the bad, and the ugly assignment

Roosevelt worked as both the assistant secretary of the navy, appointed by president Woodrow Wilson, from 1913 to 1920 and he was also the Governor of New York from 1928 to 1932. FDR wanted to remove any and all opposition to his New Deal policies and in " In 1937 he proposed to add new justices to the

Political science

It is also at the fore front of efforts to understand and help various governments respond to new developments and concerns, such as information of the economy challenges and corporate governance. Beyond the reach, of fiscal tools such as monetary loosening and fiscal spending, wide spread and lack of trust threatens to keep the global economy in doldrums.

Napoleon bonaparte’s

The main points covered in the civil code were that the privileges given based on birth were forbidden, everyone was given the freedom to practice their religion and that the jobs of the government were to be handed over to those who were the most qualified. In the beginning of the nineteenth century there was much disturbance and

American civil war

The southern troops were not well organized and their army lacked discipline which led to defeat, the northern troops were well trained and therefore overpowered the southern troops, the northern troops were also confident in winning and this is because they had been into war before and therefore they were more experienced than the southern troop. The other

Andrew carnegie assignment

He believed that the rich and wealthy had a duty to use their riches In ways that promoted the advancement of society. He believed that contributions to helping those who wanted to improve was one of the greatest contributions of all.

Week4 presentation

Two Reforms that took the Christian Approach and what these reformers did One reform that took the Christian approach in the United States of America between the late 19th century and 20th century is the 18th amendment that was adopted in 1919. Two Reforms that took the Socialist approach what these reformers did The 19th amendment that was

The cause and effect of the great alaskan earthquake

Running Head: THE 1964 ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE The 1964 Alaskan Earthquake- Its Cause and Effect of Correspondence concerning this article should be addresses to Contact: THE 1964 ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE 2 Abstract This paper explores the massive earthquake that Alaska witnessed on the 27th of March, 1964 while further analyzing the cause and the effects that the region witnessed. Keywords:

Benjamin franklin analysis assignment

This letter was written by Benjamin Franklin long before he came president of the United States of America, Benjamin at the time was In the midst of his life. It was also made clear that Franklin put the interest of the American colonies as a priority.

Outline of u.s. history

Immigrants from various parts of the world selected America as their destination and soon America became the most sought after the place when compared to the other continents. Since the political parties differed in their policies and amendments, articles of confederation led to a situation where the government had to ratify the articles.

Richard nixon assignment

Nixon is considered to be one of the worst presidents of our time and for very good reasons. He did a lot for our country and does not deserve all the mistrust that people feel towards him.

Beliefs of the plain indians

They believed that he was all powerful and that he was the creator of the whole of nature, which can explain the Indian's respect and love for all living things and nature because according to their beliefs all living things were the creation of the Great Spirit so all should be valued " The Sioux was a true

Winnie mandela

One point considered is the presentation of the account of a leader and the history of the South America through a different perspective which is that of the wife of a leader. The article in Britannica is a detailed reference of the information related to Winnie Mandela.

Explain the history of voting rights. how were blacks discriminated against what where some of the methods used to obstruct them from voting

The right to vote was one of the crucial freedoms that African Americans were deprived and understanding the history of the same is critical. With women still being restricted from voting, activists on the rights of women that were to be seen in the liberation of the sex were common in the late 1880s.

How was nazi concentration camp worser than soviet concentration camps

Some people say that the number in Stalin camps were far more than the people at Nazi concentration camp. That is why the Nazi concentration camps were far worse than Stalin's.


The democrats at the time were referred to as the party of the traditions. They looked at the future of the US; the hope of the people.

Histoy final

It marked the end of invasions from the North and became a time of peace and the peaceful passage of merchants and caravans, which proved to help offset the terrors of the previous invasions. Charlemagne was the greatest of German kings and was also known as Charles the Great and the first Holy Roman Emperor of the empire.

Railroads in hudson valley region

The railroad was instrumental in the development of the Croton Water System in the 1890s. Government regulation and the coming of the airplane and automobile led to the decline of the railroads in the 20th century.

Benjamin franklin vs. frederick douglass assignment

Frederick Douglas Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin were both very successful In their goals. In their writing styles, Ben Franklin edited his stories to where protected he and others for the sake of their reputations.

Salem witch trials assignment

Elizabeth and Abigail were so fascinated with the stories that they began to play with the idea of telling each other's fortune. There was a member of the community, Rebecca Nurse that was a Christian, and a great deal to the community that was also accused.

The americanization of benjamin franklin assignment

In the book " The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin," Gordon Wood gives an extensive biography on Benjamin Franklin and explains how and why Franklin is such a celebrated historic figure in not just America, but all over the World. Franklin thought that if he sent the letters to America, then the author of the letters would be used

Expansion of westward settlements

In late December of the same year, O'Sullivan employed the term ' Manifest Destiny' in explaining another issue related to the seizure of the western territory. According to him, the claim was by the right of America's manifest destiny not only to overspread, but also to possess the whole areas of the continent that Providence had ordained the

95 theses

Martin Luther a theology professor and a priest of Wittenberg wrote his doctrine of " Disputation on power and efficacy of indulges/95 theses" in 1514 to denote the debatable actions of the Catholic Church and its practices. He believed that the core idea of Christianity was to follow God's commands so to gain his grace and this qusai

The settling of the frontier

The frontier period was one of the most important phases of American history that lead to the westward expansion of the country through the colonization of the Great West and ended in a war between the states." We are great, and rapidly, I was about to say fearfully growing!". Its nature and mentality are akin to that of

Ancient egypt/world civilization

Ancient Egypt is considered to be a prominent civilization in the Mediterranean world, and there are some essential factors that play a significant role in shaping the success of this nation. That is why Egypt civilization easily obtains the sense of security and safety from other factors.

Can the subaltern speak by gayatri chakravorty spivaks

The essay titled " Can the Subaltern Speak?" by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivaks questions the western perspective of post-colonial literary analysis, which, as she argues, only serves to further the interests of the west in a well-orchestrated move meant to silence the voices of the third world [the Subaltern]. Hardly impressed with efforts, she wonders whether data harvested without

Harlem renaissance

Impact of the Harlem Renaissance on the African Americans The newly found prosperity of the African Americans disappeared with the Great Depression in 1929. The true impact of the Harlem renaissance was a revival of the African American culture, with exposure to the world and the sense of empowerment it brought to the African Americans.

Abraham lincoln’s dred scott decision & peoria speech

Abraham Lincoln the 16th leader of the United States and leader of the Republican Party was among the strong supporters of the law that prevent marriage between the black and the white. According to Abraham Lincoln, the position of superior and inferior in the American states meant to reduce the number of blacks entering the country.

The daily life elizabethan england history essay

In the homes of the wealthy, fine linen was placed upon the table. Elizabethan theater was the work of proprietors, actors, playwrights and workmen.

50 years from now

In 50 years we will have the ability to go outer space without need of all the training that astronauts nowadays require, and our cars will be nothing like how they are today because within 50 years the world as we know it will be completely different. It seems that 50 years from now, it will be a

History of the republican party in texas

History of the Republican Party in Texas The Republican Party of Texas was found in the spring of 1867, as the people of Texas reacted to the Congressional Reconstruction Act, which was passed on March 7. Blacks are one of the groups that strongly supported the Republican Party in Texas in the early days.

5 years from now

My goal is to contribute my skills in creating an equitable and strife free society with the help of media. After graduating, apart from worked as an IT support executive, I prepared for Civil Service Exams, and worked as volunteer for couple of NGOs which gave me exposure to various Socio-Economic issues and learnt how media can be

Alien rule: the liao,jin,and yuan dynasties

This chapter gives the wide view of life in China under Alien rule after the fall of the Tang dynasty in 907. The Jurchens' Jin dynasty expanded the territory to include the whole of north China, after defeating the Lioa, and then came the Mongols' Yuan dynasty that took the whole of China after defeating Jin.

Is there sufficient evidence in sources a-g to explain

Firstly, source A, David Barkers interpretation of the Anzac soldiers shows them to be tired and unkempt this idea is backed up by source B which quotes, 'The men were kept too long and too thick in the trenches; they became lethargic after 5 days.' However we are not given information about the conditions of Gallipoli which played


The Turks army used warships to break the city's sea defense and huge cannons to break the walls. They managed to break the attentions of the city's men by using trumpets and huge cannons to break through the wall.

Art history

The clues that give this impression are that there are people haveswimmingsuits and gear on in many of the pieces. In the characters that are in their bathing suits or with swimming gear on in the sculpture Platform, the characters appear to be expressionless.

The cambridge history of warfare

US Response and Preparation How did the US respond in the face of the looming war in both countries? How Has the Western Way of War influenced the eventual outcome of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan?

Implementing affirmative action policies assignment

To: Board of Directors From: Human Resources Date: February 20, 2011 Subject: Implementing Affirmative Action Policies So it has been brought to my attention to recommend to your company's Board of directors that we should implement a plan of Affirmative Action Policies and how they are incompliance with the EEO law. What is Affirmative Action, it is a

The autobiography of malcolm x – assignment

When Malcolm first noticed her and began to consider the possibility of their marriage she was a nursing student. He was treated as a visiting Muslim during a different trip he takes to other parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Tourism in rwanda is rapidly increasing since the genocide that took place in 1994.

Tourism is one of the key factors in the whole of the country's economy but like other sectors, tourism was affected by the genocide 1994 but it is starting to experience a explosion due to the government's new approach to work together with neighbouring countries which has an impact on the locals and the government.1.3. On top of

A summary about a primary source about american history before 1865

In the letter, President Abraham Lincoln explains his desire to end slavery. He explains that he seeks to end slavery by influencing a change in the country's constitution.

The story of the erie canal in the united states

A densely forested pass in the Appalachian mountains was cut through using instruments like the ax and the shovel. The young nation became a well-knit nation because of the canal According to the author, if the canal had not been built during that time, the western states of the United States might have formed a separate nation.

The life of benedict arnold essay sample

He was even the most trusted soldier of George Washington but due to Arnold's sell out of West Point to the British Army, he was forever condemned to be the greatest traitor and the most evil man in American History. Benedict Arnold has helped define the United States as a country through his military career as well as

Gallipoli – character sketch

Archie confides in Frank the prospect of joining the army and Frank volunteers to take Archie to Perth, Frank's home town, where no one knows Archie and therefore, he can enlist. Archie's future is one of great talent for he has the makings of a champion sprinter.

The hawaiian monarchy

Task " Hawaiian Monarchy" Discuss and assess the unification of the Hawaiian Islands under King Kamehameha and how Kamehameha and his descendents, including Kamehameha III, adapted or adopted foreign technologies and concepts. The unified legal system promoted unity in the Hawaiian Islands even after the death of the Kamehameha.

Tora, tora, tora vs. pearl harbor assignment

Tort! Tort, the movie was mostly based on the Japanese in planning for their attack in the pacific. But the main focal point in the movie was the Japanese and what they were going to do and plan the attack.

Utopia of glass: mertins on glass train station

The paper " Utopia of Glass: Mertins on Glass Train Station" is a great example of a history article review. The design drawing of the train station in Stuttgart by Mies van der Rohe gives a classic example of Detlif's treatment of glass architecture.

Summarize: ‘of the state of nature’ in chapter ii by john locke

Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Second Treatise of Government Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Chapter III: State of War In this chapter, Locke indicates that self preservation is significant in

The longest reign in britain history essay

She was brought up carefully, since it seemed likely she would inherit the throne form her earliest years, even though at the time of her birth she was fifth in the line of succession. Queen Victoria had a relatively just view of the conflict and she criticised the atrocities.

Andrew jackson and indian removal assignment

TO pay for the stealing of the Native Americans' land, US government brought up ideas like that it is their " duty to make new efforts for the preservation, improvement, and civilization of the native inhabitants" as in the First Annual Message to Congress of President James Monroe. In the full message exposed his ideas of expansion by

Atlantic creoles

During the 17th and 18th century, the Atlantic Creoles were transported to the expanding new world such as Brazil and Jamaica where they provide labor in sugar plantations. The Creoles employed the slaves in North America to work for them as they worked on behalf of the Europeans.

What century, king louis xiv’s wars began

What were the causes and the effects of the French Revolution? The major cause of the FrenchRevolution was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society.

Summary/critique of “monuments to our better nature” essay sample

The main point of " Monuments to Our Better Nature" by Michael Byers in my eyes is to put the Mall in D.C.and all of the monuments in D.C.into perspective of how much each and everyone of the monuments mean to America and the importance of them. But I personally think that the only way to get the

The fatal appeal of adolf hitler assignment

The stage was set for a leader, one to lift the German people out of the doldrums of poverty and despair that they blamed unwaveringly on the treaty imposed by the allies. Civilians, AS, AS, Nazi, it did not matter, and public sentiment was that this is for the good of the state.

Otzi the iceman of the history essay sample

Once it was determined he was a Neanderthal from the stone age scientists were overwhelmed by the thoughts of what story Otzi had to tell. Examinations of pollen grains in Otzi's stomach and the condition of his body and gear, suggested he was fleeing a fight.

Mongols are ruthless and barbarians

John of Plano Carpini probably wrote both of these passages because he was the first European to visit the Mongols in their homeland and got to experience the ways of the Mongols first handedly in the point of view of a non-Mongol. Many of the Mongols laws also showed evidence that they were strict, ruthless, and unreasonable people.

History: gallipoli assignment

Furthermore at the top of the cartoon it says 'The Hopeless Dawn', this suggests that the artist believes the Anzac soldiers are unprofessional in their duties. Overall the first cartoon depicts the Anzac soldiers as 'Hopeless', hence I believe that according to this source the views of the Anzac soldiers at Gallipoli were not very useful.

Great depression assignment

Great Depression Impact " The American People in Hard Times" Employment African Americas Minorities Women Most Pl saw unemployment/poverty as signs of personal failures Men= ashamed of being Jobless Relief eventually collapsed Thousands sifted through garbage cans for scraps of food or waited outside restaurants Nearly 2 million men road freight trains living as nomads Farm income declined

Pivotal decades

The most common and influential was the development of mobile telephony, which made communication easier. The period between 1900 and 1920 were of immense significance to the future of America.

Baroque music: speech and debate assignment

Today I am going to talk about the basics of baroque music, the main instruments used during the baroque period, and the Influences on baroque composers. The violin was the most popular in the Baroque period whereas the lute and double bass were used more in the Renaissance.

1984 critical analysis

The inner party's slogans are " War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is strength" By using these phrases one can see that the inner circle can manipulate everyone into believing in what the inner circle tells them to believe in. After all the slogans one of the sayings the inner circle uses is " Big Brother

History of international terrorism

Building up to the timeline, there is some thought given to the word terrorism and how it has changed its meaning and interpretations through the course of history and how modern terrorism differs from that of the past. The report may be useful for those wishing to trace the history of terrorist acts throughout the world and how

Political broadside detailing your objections to new constitution

Ratification convention in the state, which is one of the ways that was established by Article V of the constitution of the United States for ratifying constitutional amendments that have been proposed, will be used to make the amendments valid by confirming them. The new constitution was suggested when the war was over, and the United states was

Martin luther king’s massage assignment

In light of this, King's message speaks to the ways in which people still deal with oppressive conditions in the American society today such as racism, unemployment and poverty. According to the book ' poverty and power' by Edward Royce, the biggest problem of poverty is that it is being ignored thoroughly in the United States.

The white progressives in the 20th century

Early 20th Century white progressives favored policies rooted in racist and imperialist ideas The white progressives of the early twentieth century fought for solutions to the many social and economic problems that bedeviled the country. White progressives' support for policies rooted in racist ideas One of the things that can account for the fact that the white progressives

Adolf hitler assignment

Applied to serve in the German army Was accepted in August 1914, though he was still an Austrian citizen Spent much of his time away from the front lines Was present at a number of significant battles Was wounded at the Some Was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge. Became

See below

Incorporation: Urbanization, Industrialization and Race During the Gilded Age The period immediately following the end of the civil war, also known as the Gilded age, was the birth-time of modern America. While urban areas did not necessarily grow in terms of number, the size and density of urban areas, especially in the North, grew rapidly in the period

Salem witch trials and jonas john proctor assignment

Putnam parents believe there is a supernatural explanation for all their dead babies and for their only surviving daughter, Ruth Putnam behavior, including her relationship with Abigail. Of a stranger You will learn things you never knew, you never knew And we are all connected to each other In a circle, in a hoop that never ends How


Lack of Democracy in the Developing World al Affiliation: Introduction Democracy is an important component of development. Common Types of Democracies and the Developing World Direct democracy.

Military lessons learned

Since the armed forces always engage in defense and sometimes go to war, they really needed the thinkers and planners on how to use their armed members to the fullest to achieve the objective. In retrospect: The tragedy and lessons of Vietnam.

The impact of political institutions

Initially, the US Constitution allocated power over the issues regarding defense, foreign affairs, the control of the currency and the control over commerce among the states to the federal government. In short, the Scottish Parliament is old news to the US states.

Culture of consumption during eisenhower administration

A CULTURE OF CONSUMPTION DURING THE EISENHOWER ADMINISTRATION ID Number: of of School Word Count: 322 Date of Submission: September 09, 2011 The Eisenhower administration covered the years 1953-1961 and he was the first president subject to the term limits imposed by the 22nd amendment. When people have faith in the future, they tend to spend money confidently

Wisconsin american indian studies

Case Study regarding the Wisconsin American Indian Studies Program number Case Study regarding the Wisconsin American Indian Studies Program The mode of functioning, the activities and features of the Wisconsin American Indian Studies Program will form the subject of this case study. The juxtaposition of these would lead to a better understanding of the efficacy of the program

Historical lens criticism

Historical Criticism Goal: Explain the content of literature based on in which it was written. Historical Lens from the Loran The Loran was published in 1971.

The “great man” theory of history essay sample

Napoleon was the tool of vast social forces beyond his control." Studying the laws of history," Tolstoi declared, " we must absolutely change the objects of our observation, leaving kings, ministers, and generals out of the account, and select for study the homogenous, infinitesimal elements that regulate the masses". If we are interested in the second problem, the

French revolution journalists assignment

His father through the efforts of a friend was able to obtain a scholarship for Camille at the College Louis-le-Grand in Paris. The frequent attacks which Desmoulins had been subjected to were followed by a warrant for the arrest of himself and Danton.

1968 students demonstrations

1968 Demonstrations 1968 Demonstrations Clearly, 1968 was a unique year in world history.protest movements contributed to increased students' demonstrations that made 1968 a unique year in world history. The American student movement and Students for a Democratic Society are student protest movements that made a great impact in 1968.

Compare and contrast early 20th century china and japan as revealed in kokoro and the true story of ah q

As depicted by the happiness in the father due to the graduating of the son, this seems to be a transition period where more graduates are beginning to secure their graduation in comparison to the old system where there were few. This explains the story of Japan being quite ahead of China in terms of literacy levels in

England from 1000-1200 intellectual

In 1096 Oxford University was founded, and this was the start of a new form of learning organization which was independent, and able to set its own academic standards. I had not quite appreciated how important Latin was in this period, since almost all of the important books and ideas were written in Latin.

Investigating mathematics

This paper will expansively present what caused men to investigate mathematics and what is the outcome of using mathematics." Most of the mathematical notation in use today was not invented until the 16th century"." The evolution of mathematics might be seen as an ever-increasing series of abstractions, or alternatively an expansion of subject matter. Outcome of using Mathematics

Baroque music: the history assignment

The gavotte is played at a moderate tempo, although in some cases it may be played faster.[edit] Foure The foure is similar to the gavotte as it is in 2/2 time although it starts on the second half of the last beat of the bar, creating a different feel to the dance. He middle Baroque is separated from

What for the rest of your life, and

The main ideaof all the HIV treatments is to prolong the patient's life and control thesymptoms but it is unable to get rid of the virus completely. Thus, wemake sure in the blood bank to exclude the HIV infected people and who are atrisk of getting HIV from donating by a process called donor selection.