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The basis for today’s weapons of war

The United Sates, who remained neural during the first half of the war, were the most prominent engineers of this time of technological advancement. The advancement of nuclear technology as used in the invention of the Atomic Bomb was the most valuable of all the types of technological advancement in World War Two.

Analysis and interpertation of stolpestad

He just stayed " along the same sad streets." The main theme in this short story is clear all the way through the text, and there are a lot of symbols of Stolpestad and his life. Stolpestad is really stuck in his life, and he does not get any further, and maybe that's what the point of this

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Neoclassicism and romanticism in english literature

A journey back to a time and a place that is unknown to us without the history and expression of Literature and Art. These moments are the expression of color, the fine detail, the heroics, and the stories that bring us to our current and most knowledgeable time in literature and the arts.

Learning english as a subject

I learnt the Important of coherence techniques In organizing as It ranges ideas into a logical and systematic order for example through the use of transitional terms as in the statement: The English language firstly teaches organization skills, secondly, grammar and finally sentence structure. I was also able to learn how to use the introductory and conclusion sentences

Cultural effects on english language collocation as foreign language

According to this hypothesis, the divisions seen between colors are a consequence of the language we learn, and do not correspond to divisions in the natural world. This mini research found that the Indonesian students are still influenced by the Indonesian language in expressing English especially in choosing the words to make a word combination well or good-collocation.

Semiotics essay

The media has created the idea of these male country stars being rugged and dangerous, giving a physical attraction or desire, and in addition being loyal and respectful to woman. This look, the dark plainness of his shirt, and his classic cowboy hat shows his rough side while Faith's smile and contentment with her husband shows how loved

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How to say nothing in 500 words

In Paul Roberts's essay " How to Say Nothing in 500 Words", the author gives us nine tips that we can use to be a more productive writer:" Avoid the obvious" in which we should make a list of the things that immediately come to mind and not use them in your writing " Take the less usual

Language and the brain

Language and the brain Many people assume the physical basis of language lies in the lips, the tongue, or the ear. But the basis of sign language is not in the hand, just as spoken language is not based in the lips or tongue.

What is language

Language is " the method of humancommunication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way." l What is communication? Lexis The study of the actual words a writer or speaker chooses to use.

Book review on select firstname departmentid salary from employees

Introduction to PL/SQL PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language which is an extension to SQL. There are benefits that come with PL/SQL which include the fact that there is improved performance, integration of procedural constructs with SQL.

Types of slang

The forth type of minor slang group is slang of the army and police which includes a series of terminologies in the armed forces. For example, the word " commodore" is " fifteen pounds".

Barriers in language

Susan Barton as a survivor who lives to tell the tale about her life as a castaway with Cruso, deems to possess the authority about the truth of the story. However, as Foe is commissioned to assist in writing the story of Susan, the issue of how Foe interprets the story will create a difference.

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Dont make english offical ban it instead

Zeleznik 2 December 2012 " Do not Make English Official - Ban It Instead" The article " Do not Make English Official - Ban It Instead" by Dennis Baron focuses on the idea of Congress considering to make English the " official language" of the United States. Many people in America want English to be the official language

Biographical analysis of john mcwhorter

I agreed to the designated rendezvous and, unable to control the temptation, asked, " How long have you said cafe like that? " The way McWhorter pronounced the word was this: the ' c' was sweeter and lighter, in the way Italians and Spaniards speak, and the ' f' was said like a soft ' p' sounding simply

British english vs. american english essay sample

The key question in this paper is, " what are the most prominent differences between American and British English syntax?" The purpose of this paper is to further explain these findings related to the key question in the areas of grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Scott states, " according to The Oxford Companion to the English Language, major

Critical period hypothesis essay sample

Lenneberg formed the Critical Period Hypothesis theory which contends that language is innate but has to be attained before the age of puberty or else the ability to learn language ebbs. Hence, the Critical Period Hypothesis theory is a strong hypothesis that is most likely to be proven in the future.

Applied linguistic and language learning

The object of applied linguistics study is not another language, that are the human language that serves as communicationsystems that use speech as a medium, human language daily, the language that is used daily by humans as members of a particular community, or in English is called with an ordinary language or a natural language. The following is

The pover of language in the handmaid’s tale

After a violent overthrow of the existing government and the assassination of the president and congress, the Republic of Gilead was formed. The bible passage is used to defend this idea and to encourage the use of the handmaids for the good of the society.

Emergence of communicative language teaching

Anthony an approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of the language and the nature of language teaching and learning. The Audio-Lingual Method The Audio-lingual method is a style of teaching used in teaching foreign languages.

Dreams and interpetations essay

Freud spoke about Manifest Content, which being the obvious but the superficial, meaning of dreams and also about the Latent Content, which was the true meaning of dreams that is found in the symbols in their Manifest Content. He stated that the manifest dream picture is the dream itself and contains the whole meaning of the dream.

English: the language of global business

One of the primary benefits of learning English is that it is often considered the language of global business. For anyone interested in traveling to countries in which English is the primary or common language, it is often essential to understand and speak it.

Greek influence on english language

The word olive comes through the Romance from the Latin word oliva, which in turn comes from the Greek becomes Latin butyral and eventually English butter. The written form of Greek words in English Many Greek words, especially those borrowed through the literary tradition, are recognizable as such from their spelling.

Communicative competence essay sample

The desired outcome of the language learning process is the ability to communicate competently, not the ability to use the language exactly as a native speaker does. Linguistic competence: Knowing how to use the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of a language.

(c2 saying, due to their language. if it’s

If the Health andSocial Care advice the individual and is still finding it difficult to access andstill afford the transport costs to get there. If the information is written using a specific language the individualmay not be able to read it or understand it.

Lucky jim analysis

The conversation between Dixon and Bertrand is direct and to the point with the use of emotive and, at times, offensive language. Dixon is again shown to be a character of strength and control by the way he says 'Come in' with areflex promptness' and appears to be unpleased by the fight.

Ielts test takers at preparatory programs in the uae

This paper will be outlined as follows: After introducing the conceptual framework of the essay, it will highlight the IELTS' marking criteria of ' Lexical Resource' and ' Grammatical Range' in the hope to establish the argument that half of the IELTs marking criteria is based on lexical and grammatical items. It is shocking to learn that the

Storytelling eventually write down their experiences in order

The story telling started from actions to pictorial representation of those actions with the help of stones or fire to the writing of the story on the paper in the form of books and novels. It gives them an appropriate overview of the story with the help of characters and actions.

Pre-linguistic development

Pre-linguistic Development As linguistic development designates the stage when children are able to manipulate verbal symbols, it should be apparent that pre-linguistic development refers to the stage before the child is able to manipulate such symbols. The next stage in the child's development of expressive language is that he or she begins to combine two words together into

Sms language on omg text

The point of this article is for the middle aged classes to wonder, and be convinced that the use of the abbreviations and made up words by youth and media are ruining the English language. The Journalist addresses the youth throughout the whole text and trying to convince the middle aged class that the use of abbreviations and

The stylistic features of cyber language

With the development and popularization of the Internet, more and more people are added to the Internet communicative activities. In this paper, under the theory of modern stylistics, the stylistic features of cyber language and its causes were discussed from vocabulary and grammatical levels.

The development of task-based activities for culture-related english lessons essay sample

According to Buttjes and Byram who proposed the comparative approach of teaching culture in 1991, the comparative approach emphasizes that foreign language and culture learning should relate to learners' own. The criteria of Likert scale will be used to measure the level of students' attitudes towards both teaching English with culture related content and tasks designed for the

Ebonics and the english language essay sample

A large part of the ebonics controversy is the fact that many of today's students do not get a good enough grasps of standard written and spoken English to compete successfully in the job market later. A very serious problem that I have with ebonics is I do not want people to get the understanding that Blacks cannot

Compare and contrast the distinctive problems of religious and ethical language

At the same time, believers want to be able to speak of God so they have to find a way that expresses how God is different from all other things and beings, and yet is meaningful to them. If we use human language of God saying that he is wise or loving, for example we do not intend

Rules of negation in british sign language

In BSL, negation is expressed through a change in the verb form, a change in movement, a negative headshake and negative non-manual features, therefore it can be said that this would be equal to double negatives and it is quite acceptable to do this." In BSL it is common to have more than one negation marker in the

Sport in school essay

It is also my belief that it students should have the right to choose whether or not we do sport/PE, because we are allowed to choose the subjects that are more important, so why are we not allowed to choose whether or not we do sport? But instead, there are people in the teams who are not interested

What makes a good foreign language teacher? essay sample

Foreign language teachers have a lot of common qualities with the teachers of other subjects, but they are seen to be distinctive in terms of the nature of the subject, the content of teaching, the teaching methodology So I think that it is obvious that the future of any student depends on the qualities and dedication of a

Ukrainian language and culture

Here it is evident that language is, apart from being a body of words and systems and speech, tightly connected to a specific group of people and consequently a culture. It is shared by a community or a group of people and is tightly connected to the culture of the group - by language culture is taught and

The scottsdale unified school district: functions of language

It is true that the use of language in naming and renaming things reflects the value and usage of a thing, place or person on a certain level. As in the use of the proper language in providing a good title, generally it makes a worker more effective and productive in the workplace because his title serves as

Written versus spoken grammar

The third consideration is whether the debate in light of the learning objectives of TESOL is relevant to teaching of English as a second language in the country of Kuwait. Advocates of the use of spoken grammar argue that the use enables learners to have a more real grasp of the language as it is used by native

Body language in the workplace

The Book is a " How to" Book and designated to prospective and current Business People. Body The book contains seven Chapters, each chapter representing a different situation the reader is confronted with in his/her everyday Business Life, making it easier for the reader to identifiy himself/herself in the examples and adapting them more easely.

Immigrants’ original brushstrokes to a picture of local language

The new wave of immigrants to Wales followed the expansion of EU when in May 2004 ten countries joined it. Thus they are the most active communicators of a new accent.

”midnight’s children” by salman rushdie essay sample

The Title of this text, Midnight's Children, gives the reader a broad idea of what the text is about: It gives the time and where the setting may play off. It is hard to say to which degree this style is a ' product' of post-colonial experience and therefore a desire for a slight difference in the colonizer's

Anthropological approaches to the study of language systems

Anthropological Approaches* to *The* Study of Language S*ystems Language: The arbitrary vocal symbols human beings use to encode and communicate about their experience of the world and of one another. Linguistics: the scientific study of language Linguistic anthropologists study how language is formed and how it works, the history and development of language and the relationships between language

Didls breakdown

Examine the arrangement of ideas in a sentence. A periodic sentence makes sense only when the end of the sentence is reached: e.

Critical thinking on listening

I was shy to answer questions and to speak the language because I could often pronounce the words wrongly. Others suggest that the comprehension approach is not sufficient to bring about the kind of learning that is needed to produce the language.

Textbook analysis

One unit from the " Advanced English C.A.E." was chosen for the analysis of the whole book, because each unit is devoted to the development of all language skills and thus, it is enough to analyze only one of them in order to understand how the whole book " works". In this exercise the students are asked to

The building blocks of language essay sample

The final building block of language is grammar. Grammar is the rules of language that specify how phonemes, morphemes, words and phrases should be combined to meaningfully express thoughts.

How to succeed as a freelance translator

S, there is a correspondingly large number of translators in this language combination; and while there may not be a great deal of work in Indonesian to English, there 20 AN OVERVIEW OF THE TRANSLATION BUSINESS re also not many translators in this combination, resulting in a correspondingly small amount of competition for work. The translation industry in

Organizational language

It functions on the basis of words which is unique verbal symbols which correspond to all the objects or ideas which the speakers of that language need to communicate to one another. The rules for using a language are followed by all members of the linguistic community, for all wish to be understood.

Learning a foreign language

Sometimes you began to learn a foreign language just because it sounds good to you when it is spoken, and sometimes the information about the subject you chose s published mainly in a foreign language. When we understand the purpose of learning a foreign language and what difficulties we will face when we study this language, the most

Two ways of seeing a river (1883)

Now when I had mastered the language of this water and had come to know every trifling feature that bordered the great river as familiarly as I knew the letters of the alphabet, I had made a valuable acquisition. What is the purpose of Twain's argument?

All students should be required to study a foreign language essay sample

Of course, opponents of mandatory foreign language courses will say that immigrants and naturalized citizens should learn and speak the " de facto" official language of the United States English. Students who learn the not-so-foreign language of the predominant minority group in their region of the country will gain at least some insight into the different culture of

Comparison of religions essay

Here is an example of one creation dreamtime story; Life started when a creator woman called Warramurrungundjui came out of the sea and gave birth to the first people and gave them the languages. The Christianity creation story begins with God creating the Heavens and the Earth.

International english language testing system

For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions and you will have a chance to check your work.

The way you speak

The things you say around your friends might seem mean to other people but to you and your friends it's normal to you. Friends and family usually do not care how you talk, but your boss is a completely different story.

Lau vs. nichols: english language learners essay sample

This is a public school system of California and 71 of the California Education Code states that " English will be the basic language of instruction in all schools". That section also states as " the policy of the state" to ensure " the mastery of English by all pupils in the schools".

Language development in exceptional circumstances

In the following, five types of exceptional circumstances will be taken into account; that is: the case of neglected children, the case of hearing children brought-up by deaf parents, the case of bilingual children, the case of twins, and the case of children affected by Williams syndrome. In this sense, exceptional circumstances indicate that the principles of language

Gattaca viewing essay

One particular theme which is evident in Gattaca is the idea that the most important key to a person's success is not their genetic material but their ambitions, drive and determination. It is evident in the feature film Gattaca, by Andrew Niccol that the key to a person's success is not their genetic material but their ambitions, drive

English as second language

Gorg Ali Mazari Najaf's eldest brother; killed by a sniper during a battle between the Russians and the mujahedin.brothers father of Abdul Ali Mazari Becomes head of thefamilyafter Gorg Ali is killed.respects Najaf Mazari Afghani rugmaker who? ees con? ict in his homeland and arrives in Australia as a refugee.helps Robin Closest friend in Australia.helps brothers frustrated by

How does language allow self-reflection

The other self is the socially conscious self, which monitors and moderates the impulses from the spontaneous self. Also it helps us to achieve the appearance we project of ourselves by modifying our speech and behavior to the situation.

The power of eye contact

Experts say it is unclear whether it is a person's eyeballs directly portraying the look of certain emotions or if it is the muscles surrounding the eyeball that creates the expression." When we make eye contact with another person, we are in some sense giving that person keys to our emotional world". The speaker gives the audience a

Speech-language pathologists

Mason Ball State University School Speech-Language Psychologists Speech-language pathologists began their impact in schools in 1910 in the Chicago public school systems. Secondary and elementary school speech-language pathologists generally have a higher income than those who work with in preschools.

Language change

Texts I and J show a distinct journey of change in the English lexicon between 1878 and 1965, ranging from graphological features through to the individual lexical choices and even the ways in which the audience of each of the texts is addressed. Text J also makes use of italicisation in order to emphasise the lexical items "

Taboo language essay sample

Then, considered as a very emotional person, it is true that I am a frequent and long time user of the f-word, so I will attempt to explain this unique and fascinating word in a different light by showing the etymology, written history, the amazingly flexible use this word has in grammar and the way it is used


Students discuss the questions to introduce the subject of the lesson. It was reported that none of the students knew the answer.

The watch (english language creative writing)

Hard black plastic handle - cold to touch, black metallic covers the barrel and the heaviness weighs my hand down as I hold it under my coat, carry it to my car and place it on the passenger seat. Following this: the children head to school, and I take my place on the antique grey aged rocking chair

Use of language and linguistics in the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver essay sample

While reading The Poisonwood Bible, I was fascinated by Kingsolver's extensive use of Lingala, the language used in the region of the Congo where the Price family lives. Language, as wielded by Kingsolver in her prose and the narration of the book, plays a very large role in the development of the novel, and it's quality.

The power of language

These essays reflect how by not speaking a language in proper form and by not speaking a language at all, affects the lives of the subjects of the stories. Those who are native English speakers and were born in one of the English speaking countries, tend to think they are of a better class than those who do

Free article review on ” the two languages ” by kenneth koch

While regarding poetry as a mysterious being that no one has quite been able to explain where and how it comes from, author Kenneth Koch invokes the ancient Greeks calling the Muse the source of poetry and others ascribing it to coming from some residually creative place in an unconscious way to the mind of a creative genius.


We really cannot live our life to the best without it, we are not the same without language and we can only give it the right importance, the importance making our life being in contact and in relation with people, the importance of making us feel alive and passionate of the world we are living with, the importance

Phraseology: classification of phraseological units

For example, the word " master", " the seed of the ankra", the spacious word, the word " two words"; fleeing from the bottom of the pit, slandering the lie, laughing the fat of the serpent in three words; he stands on your nose and laughs and takes your soul out of it; it cuts into the one

Koko the gorrilla

Language is not a function of the speaker, but it is passively assimilated, that too could mean the same to for Koko. In conclusion, Koko is a very special gorilla that I believe is a speaker of language because she is able to understand and comprehend rational ideas.

Free controversy- the language family of yurok language argumentative essay example

The word structure of the Yurok language is much similar to other Algic languages. The Yurok language is in many aspects similar to the Wiyot language and other languages in the Algic family.

Isu analysis – the jade peony essay sample

One of the themes of the Jade Peony was the difficulty that the early Chinese immigrants had to face when they came to Canada in the late 1800s. The Chinese created their own small town over the sea and out in the middle of a strange country, to produce the next generation and to keep alive the Chinese

Every year, several languages die out essay sample

However, it is irrational to judge whether a language is important by the number of its users. Because Hebrew is known as the original language of Bible, without understanding it, the meaning of Bible might be distorted.

Inflated language

The student is compared to him or herself instead of everyone in a school. Too much of a product means it's worth less, and that is what is happening to our language.

Dialectical theory

For a husband and wife in a marriage or a boyfriend and girl friend in a love affair, the knowledge of the underlying assumptions of the dialectic theory is fundamental. This essay looks into the impact of dialectical tensions in relationships, the management of tensions in relationships and finally the strategies those in relationships can adopt to deal

Othello language

Three great ones of the city." Iago is infuriated with Othello's neglect of him, Shakespeare creates this foreshadow of a tragic outcome early on, but he misleads the audience into thinking that Iago's language is justified. One of the main contrasts of language in Othello is " Act 1 Scene 2".

3 postives and negatives for declaring english the offical language of the us essay sample

I also think that making English the official language of the U.S.would help people to get jobs. The decision to make English the official language of the U.S.would definitely affect business in America, politics, and education largely.


Saussure distinguished the linguistic competence of the speaker and the actual phenomena or data of linguistics as langue and parole. It's the system of a language, the ideal form of a language, the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country.

History of english language persuasive essay

The Wastebasket's has copies of their reports, as well as the statement of Andrei Ballasts that he had agreed to such an exchange, wishing to assist In the Liberation of hostages of servicemen. In 2008, the ARIA announced that It will not pursue small Infringes.

English phrasal verbs translation into russian and finnish

The article is a short review of English phrasal verbs and their translations to Russian and Finnish. Conclusion English phrasal verbs usually have a single-word translation equivalent in Russian and Finnish.

How language develops in children

This is a very important measure of a baby's language development so that he can comprehend words and their meanings. The best and natural way for a baby to learn the meanings of words is talk to him in relation to what is happening.

Culture and language essay

My mother's side of the family is from the west, and the dialect differentiates widely from the east side of America; this also affects the way i was taught to speak. So, all of these things i have mentioned have greatly influenced me and the way i talk around others depending on who i am around in order

Improving listening skill

Types of Listening Activities No overt response activities: Students do not have to do anything in response to the listening text. Long response activities: Students can engage in answering questions verbally about a listening text, taking notes from a mini-lecture by rewriting what you said in different words to the ones you used or writing a brief summary

Bilingual education and the cycle of native language

Proponents counter that if students first learn to read in the language they are fluent in and then transfer the skills over to English-their second language-they will develop stronger literacy skills in the long term. For instance, they may refer to English-as-a-second-language programs, where students are typically taught solely in English, as bilingual education.

Language paper

The paper with describe the four levels of the language structure and processing as well as analyze the role of language processing in cognitivepsychology. Language is one of the remarkable cognitive processes that humans all share and without language it would be difficult to communicate with another person.

Phonetics and phonology essay sample

It also serves both as a place for narrowing the passage of the breath stream together with either the tip or the blade of the tongue, in the production of /s/, /z/ and /r/ and as a place of vibration of the tongue for the thrilled consonant /r/. The soft palate is a movable speech organ which has

Communicative competence as the aim of foreign language learning essay sample

The Communicative Approach in language learning is based on the idea that the goal of language acquisition is communicative competence. Both students who are taking part in the conversation are dynamically involved in the negotiation of meaning The wanted result of the language learning process is the capability to communicate competently and not just the capability to use

Which the language used shows the closeness

In the friendship context, speech is more relaxed and casual and there is more use of dialect and colloquialisms than if it were a formal situation. In the transcript, there is a lot of interruption which shows they know each other quite well and would not get offended by it.

Communications ii

The Mexicans defined it as the action of hitting someone in the head or as to a punch. And as for the Filipinos, the term defines a variety of things that include way of living, the way of speaking, mannerism, and even the fashion sense that a person holds.

Informal language in newspapers

The daughter used the collocation " tell the time to give the impression that she is very hungry and instead of mentioning that her stomach cannot wait till the food is ready, she used her stomach cannot tell the time to emphasize the point of her suffer of being hungry. The word " NOW is written in bold