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As a university or college student, you might have had to write many essays on literature. It is often challenging to produce quality writing that teachers would appraise. Literature essays might be required for exams, class assignments, GSCE, AP literature, novel criticism, character analyses, letters, etc. On our website, you can review many literature essays examples to use as your inspiration. There are many samples, tips, and prompts available from our writing service and the database.

Essay Structure

In terms of structure, a typical literature essay would consist of such elements:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

In the process of writing, a student needs to follow several steps. Firstly, identify your theme or topic. You might find a list of possible themes further in this article. Secondly, one should select a narrative approach depending on the goals of the assignment. Thirdly, it is necessary to create a short or extended outline to identify the main parts of the essay. Preferably, each paragraph should be devoted to a claim or idea, which are commonly specified in extended outlines.

Fourthly, it is essential to write a thesis statement that would guide the whole essay. Make sure to include it in your outline. A strong argument and good writing rely on credible support. Therefore, make sure to find reliable academic sources to provide evidence in your paper. Note some interesting and important quotes with citations in MLA format to cite in the text.

Once you have collected all the information and structured it in your outline, you are ready to write the paper. Remember this simple paragraph structure to make sure that your writing is logical and smooth:

  • Introductory sentence
  • Quote with citation
  • Explanation of the quote
  • Analysis of the quote in your topic’s context
  • Concluding sentence

Therefore, below you can see a succinct list of the steps necessary to follow when writing a literature essay:

  • Topic and theme identification
  • Essay type selection
  • Outline creation
  • Thesis statement writing
  • Evidence search
  • Quote citation
  • Paragraph structuring
  • Paper writing
  • Proofreading

Types of Essays on Literature by Theme

There are many different themes that a student might write about:

  • on modernism
  • on symbolism
  • on romanticism
  • on feminism
  • on gothic literature
  • on British literature
  • on Chinese literature
  • on beauty
  • on European literature
  • on young adult literature
  • on holocaust
  • on children’s books
  • on evil
  • on schizophrenia
  • on African American literature
  • on Candide
  • on Putri Putrian
  • on morality
  • on American literature
  • on English literature
  • on Philippine literature
  • on literary devices

Essay Types by Narration Approach

A piece of good writing, whether a short essay or a long story, needs a defined style and narration approach. It will help structure the thoughts and ideas logically. The types of literature essays are:

  • argumentative
  • comparative
  • expository
  • synthesis essay
  • reflective
  • analytical

Overall, when writing about literature, your topics might range from puritan literature or IB World articles to death, beliefs, betrayal, and love as portrayed in classical literature.

As this article has demonstrated, it is not that difficult to write a good essay on literature once you are equipped with the necessary tips. Using them in combination with the database of free samples of quality academic writing on this website, you will be successful in your literature class. You are guaranteed to have access to essay samples of university or college level, without plagiarism, with all necessary citations, in PDF format. Feel free to use this website to your benefit.

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7048 Perfect Paper Examples on Literature for Improved Grades

Snowy dead people – andrew walleck

This epiphany, the use of the elements, and the clever selection of title all help present a central theme, which is the ability of the human emotion to transcend place and elements, and even death. In the beginning of the story, Gabriel dons a large overcoat and galoshes to protect himself from the snow.

The theme of women and work with reference to alice walker ‘the color purple’ in the prose texts from literature and gender

Alice Walker's The Color Purple permits the reader to think about the theme of women and work in the background of a double repressed life in American society. The novel, thus, portrays the character of Celie, Nettie and Sophia as the representatives of the working black women who are forced to obey the restrictions of a male-dominating society.

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Waiting for godot

In the English translation, this play's subtitle is " a tragicomedy in two acts". Try to relate this idea to Didi's and Gogo's fate in Waiting for Godot.11.

The cask of amontillado essay sample

The genre has been through an evolution since its beginnings in which the conventions of the genre have changed to reflect the social values at the time. This is a reflection of the conservative social attitudes and vales of the time.

How is the theme of conflict dramatised in act two scene 2

The whole play is about the children namely Tariq trying to hide who he is, and hates his dad too much to even bother to give the Muslim culture a go. After the argument Sajit makes a reference to a previous family conflict about Tariq and Abdul getting married." he is not gonna marry a Paki".

Harriet jacobs work by lydia maria child

Harriet Jacob's Work by Lydia Maria Child Harriet Jacobs was a slave girl, who put down the trials and tribulations of her life in her memoir entitled " Incidents in the life of a slave girl, written by herself". The book is a heart wrenching narrative of the life of Jacobs, marked by exploitation, especially sexual, at

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Natural sight

While sight allows her to appreciate color, light and the glory of nature, when she sees nature around her after she has let go of the search for meaning, her personal shutter allows her to view the world in a new light. She sees the world around her as being magnificent and finds all shades of emotion and

Answer questions

Analysis of poems Part 1 In ' Richard Cory', the speaker is a person who lives in the same neighborhood with the protagonist. In the ' Listeners', the speaker of the poem is a sympathizer of a traveler.

The story of the stone volume3 and volume4 chapter 40-64 (cao xueqin)

Unit The Scene of Good Candidature in the Story of the Stone The scene identified in chapter 42 of the book, " The Story of the Stone" which reflects the condition of the romantic triangle between Bao-chai and Dai-yu and the discussion of the Romance of the Western Chamber. The Story of the Stone: A Chinese Novel by

How outsiders are portrayed in war photographer and stealingby

This shows a degree of selfishness which is evident when he takes pleasure in knowing the the children will cry in the morning he then goes on to say lifes tough like he had to harden to the world at a young age and so should they, he shows a bitterness towards the children as they have a

American made vehicles industry

A few things I will discuss about American made manufactures will be the quality they put forth in designing these vehicles, the job security it helps with in America and how American manufactures have now stepped up to the plate with their new innovated designs for the auto industry. Now that you have the knowledge of why to

Depend about the topics will be chosen

The theme of tragedy is the rising action existing in both Oedipus and Hamlet. In both Hamlet and Oedipus, there is also the theme of disease in both stories.

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Marilynne robinsons housekeeping

The plot fringe is tied to the rail of bridges which goes over the lake, the dark and damp woods which surround the town, and the ties to the lake. According to Teaching Thomas, the quality of the story is added by the location and the geography.

The red shoes essay sample

When the little girl is taken in by the old woman, one of the first things she arranges is stripping the girl of her clothing and her red shoes and dressing her in white. Therefore, the story is a paradox of victim feminism through the little girl's manipulation of the old woman and strong motivation for her red


The mood then changes for the last two stanzas, each of which is completed with a full stop, breaking the flow of the poem in a way that mirrors the images of brutality. In conclusion, the author enlightens his readers with a vital message of getting inside the poem to experience.

Joseph conrad’s the secret agent (1907) [answer 4 questions on certain chapters]

When Verloc and Inspector heat had first met on Verloc's shop, Heat had advised him to stay away from the police and not to retaliate against the police as Verloc had a positive image within the society. On the other hand, Inspector heat advised Verloc to stay away from the police as they were after him and he

Elements of gothic literature

The final element of gothic literature is the psychological instincts create by the atmosphere of the story. This led to the origin of gothic literature which is used in the story ' The legend of hollow'.

Weight loss & dehydration essay

You can consume spring water and purified water. Water is the only hydrated beverage that is healthy for your body and kidneys.

All quite on the western front

Later in the story Kemmerich realises that he does not have one of his legs, but Paul tries to cheer him up and tell him that they are artificial limbs that he can use. After the conversation Kemmerich pleased Paul to give Mueller the boots even though he was not there for him.

Clothes by chitra banerjee divakaruni

Although many aspects of the story are expected and even gratuitous, a particular sentence of the author's analysis near the end of the story stands out as a jolting representing of the reality that grips Mita as a function of the lost dreams and expectations that now explain her life. In such a way, the author helps to

Analysis of deportation at breakfast by larry fondation

Although there are a lot of tables unoccupied at the diner, due to the time of the day, he chooses to take the counter's seat to have his breakfast. It can also be said that Javier's character is timid, or that he is scared because he is guilty of something, so he just surrenders quietly, leaving the diner

Identifying narrative strategies

As a child it seemed to me as if the ocean had caught a terrible cold, because it was always wheezing and there would be spells when it let out a huge sneeze - which is to say there was a burst of the wind with a tremendous spray. The above paragraph is descriptive because it describes the

Grapes of wrath by john steinback

The of the novel, Grapes of Wrath, a phrase is taken from the " Battle Hymn of the Republic, is full of biblical allusions. The Joads leaving their home in Oklahoma, in search of food, and a better life in California is an example of the Israelites leaving their homes to go to Egypt in search of food.

Bush speech analysis

Purpose The purpose of George Bush's speech is to justify his future military actions and to unite the Americans by appealing to their emotions. It is quite obvious that Bush is trying to stir up the anger towards the terrorists in the Middle East countries, such as Afghanistan in preparation for war.

Dawn by martha dudman

Xiaodan bit her lip and strained herself from crying as she flashed to her former school prior to the current one. She was bumped on again making her so invisible on the first day.

The tyger by william blake

However, the poem's volta occurs at the very end, or the last line, of the poem, and demonstrates why teenagers should not pick this path. The people envisioned in the poem are obviously living a rough life with the reference to fighting apparently in the poem, and the hard-living as well.

Dover beach by matthew arnold

It is, however, contrasted in terms of the language used, the style of presentation and the mode in which the idea is represented. She asserts her individuality and of course, is in no way inhibited by the man's presence.

As i lay dying

What was certain was that his main character, Addie, a wife, does not want to be buried in the land of her husband, which is the Bundren's. When Addie was finally buried, the novel justified why she wanted to return to Jefferson and not remain in the Bundren's land as illustrated with the allegory of her husband Ansen

Voices of the americas

Love in the Time of Cholera Question Symbolism is predominant throughout " Love in the Time of Cholera". Love in the Time of Cholera.

Satire and irony by jonathan swift

In both A Modest Proposal and Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift has used irony and satire to achieve certaingoalsprimarily because of the disparity in the structure of each work. It is this aspect which has been made as the object of satire in Gulliver's Travels by way of the actions of the Lilliputians who take detailed stock of the

The lottery (shirley jackson)

I read Shirley Jacksons " The Lottery" and thought the style of the was very chilling and scary. Although of course in this story what is really scary about it is the way the lottery is made into a completely ordinary event.

Post-1950 poetry compared to postmodernism

Elizabeth Bishop's " Lullaby for the Cat," Robert Lowell's " For the Union Dead," and Sylvia Plath's " Kindness" differ from postmodernism by using autonomous narrators and clear representation, as well a lack of irony and self-reference. In terms of style, Bishop's work is the most conventional, with a strict meter and rhyming scheme, while Lowell and Plath

Hamlet film

The soliloquy is spoken by Ethan Hawke in a rather resentful tone while watching a video clip of his own mother and his uncle, and as his thoughts race through his brain and as his anger seems to bottle up, he presses the fast forward button. Ethan Hawke's version of the soliloquy is rather unemotional and his voice


Ambition This essay will try to join both Frankenstein by Shelley and Paradise Lost by Milton in an attempt to investigate the theme of ambition. The ambition of Frankenstein is to gain as much knowledge as possible and with this knowledge, he is able to create another being almost like him, in fact, it even compares itself to

A contemporary take on the blithedale romance

These are Hollingsworth, a philanthropist and misogynist who wants to make Blithedale a colony for the reformation of criminals, Zenobia, an outspoken and opinionated feminist, Priscilla, a seamstress from the city and Miles Coverdale, the poet who is also the narrator in the story. Zenobia is the representation of the eternal feminine, to the delight of modern-day feminists.

What was highly controversial about lessing’s text the education of the human race

In as much as this is true, the controversy comes from the fact that Lessings alludes that there is an element of divine intervention in the process of development of a human being. In summary, it is still very controversial to imply that there is a divine intervention in the process of human development.

American literature

Common assumption persists that Bradstreet, a Puritan woman, mother, wife, and renowned poet, was the more radical of the two poets and that Taylor, who was both a pastor and a physician, expressed a more rigid and traditional devotion to Puritan religious and philosophical principles. To discover the roots of Bradstreet's aesthetic conventionality it is necessary to look

Desirees baby by kate chopin

The awful response of the father, cruelty to his wife, love turned to hate and his beating of the slaves showed his how his damaged pride, social standing and prejudice had dreadful effects on all around him: ".the spirit of Satan seemed suddenly to take hold of him in his dealings with the slaves". The irony in the

Body art and ornamentation across two cultures

For the purpose of this paper, I will explore the various aspects of body art and ornamentation across two specific cultures; the Yoruba's of West Africa, and the Hindu's of India. In conclusion, the most important reason body art and ornamentation between two cultures is that many cultures worldwide use forms of body art and ornamentation such as

Human perception of real life

Human Perception Of Real Life To put it simply, Gulliver's Travels is a satire on the rigidity of human perceptions, in which the central character, Lemuel Gulliver, travels to varied fantasy worlds, where he learns that no single human perception or approach towards interpreting reality is perfect, and life is primarily about grasping the relative views and

Leila marouanes la jeune fille et la mere

In the case of young Djamila, her suffering is twofold. But sadly, despite brave efforts on part of her mother, the young girl is not able to break the stranglehold of a regressive society.

As that’s why it’s spurting out magical

They have brought the Stone back to figure out what it is, and they are talking, and I do not know how I want to continue on it. The way it's going to happen is that Don will end up chipping the Stone and that's why it's spurting out magical energy on the regular, and also why he

Lolita by vladimir nabokov

With the use of fiction as one of the writing styles, the author has achieved his targets of ensuring that the readers are fully engaged as well as understand the contents of the book. In respect to the above, it is of critical importance to acknowledge the fact that the author has massively employed the use of fiction

Korean myth

For example, Tangun Myth about the creation of the state Choson had different versions: according to one of them the creator of the state was a Chinese hero, according to another one Japanese princesses. Cult mythology appeared in Korea with the penetration of religious and philosophic systems of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism from China.

A streetcar named desire

The contrast of the character to her setting, and her conflicts with the other characters is a motif used throughout the play to explore the social and cultural changes occurring in America when the play was originally published. Williams provides a more realistic portrait of an urban area through the descriptions of the noises and smells, the sounds

Response toni morrison’s the bluest eyes

It is evident that there is a lacking of details about the main character and a novel in general. Her behavior is explained by a girl's desire to avoid hardships and challenges of the modern racist world.

A goodman is hard to find

The most complex character in the narrative is the Misfit, the leader of the convict gang. The Misfit pointed the toe of his shoe into the ground and made a little hole and then covered it up again." I would hate to have to," he said".

Dulce et decorum est

Throughout the poem, Owen has used a variety of similes to illustrate a vivid picture of the horror and suffering he was forced to endure. This use of imagery held men in a sense of pity towards the soldiers and Owen maintains this pity that I felt for them right to the end of his work and thereafter.

British literature; shakespeare’s sonnets

It is true that the theme of love is a significant aspect of most if not all of Shakespeare's sonnets. The aspect of love and vivid description of lovers in Shakespeare's sonnets keeps them alive and close to or at the reality of most of the people.

Poe and his symbolisms

Upon reaching the House of Usher, the narrator is given a sense of foreboding as he described the state of the building, of which he notices an intimidating crack from the ceiling to the lower floor of the building. This large crack as well as the deteriorating state of the mansion is one of the strongest elements of

Witches historical & fictional

From the historical witch trials and burnings, that even our own country has seen, to fictional characterizations of witches in everything from books to movies to video games, the image of witch covers a myriad of images. In " Lord of the Rings", the image of a Witch is a very unique one.

Society and writers

Emerson's use of his persuasive style of rhetoric to convey his transcendental ideas is matched by his use of literary devices to convey his theory of the importance of life. Thoreau wrote a book titled Walden in which the theme of it was the relationship to the order and beauty of nature in the human mind.

Ernest hemingway failed masculinity

Ernest Hemingway Failed Masculinity From the short story The Battler by Hemingway a series of masculinity is expressed by the author. He is not concerned about reporting this matter to the police and believes that he is done running.

The cabulliwallah. the fruit seller from kabul

The cabuliwallah and mini's father were at different positions but in the story we see that cabuliwallah listens to mini as his father does and they have become very good friends. The relation between the cabuliwallah and mini's father is clear.

Foreshadowing in of mice and men

That helps contribute to the fact that the book is a lot like a play because the reader cannot see the characters thoughts. The last connection between the events is that they are accidents, which is an immediate signifier to the reader that Lennie will have a big accident at the end of the book.

A doll’s house

The experiences of the female characters in the play express the fact that while men never permit their honor to be compromised, women always have to. As in the play, people always wear masks to hide who they are from the society, and consequently, people never turn out what they seem to be at first.

Poetry comparison the poems of william blake

The language in each poem is kept deliberately simple and straightforward, eliminating the use of metaphors, similes and other such conventions in favor of the innocence and wonder of a newborn infant with few to no real world experiences upon which to base such language. Metrically speaking, each poem takes on the sing-song meter of a song in

Upon wedlock, and death of children

The use of figurative language in " Upon Wedlock, And Death of Children" In the poem " Upon Wedlock, And Death of Children" Taylor writes about his marriage and the birth of their children. The word " knot" in this case is a symbol that represents the speaker's sleeping with his wife and the result of which is

The prince by machiavelli niccolo di bernado

The objective of this paper is to illustrate how Machiavelli's book revolutionized change for the citizens of Florentine, the evolution of the expression of discourses and its relevance to the current political state. History of " The prince"" The Prince" in the XIV Century, was a devotion to belief and empowerment of nations to advocate for a better

Long way home by david laskin

Their experiences in World War I from the training camps to their service on the battlefield transformed their views about America. The war demonstrated to the immigrants, that America was built through hard work, unity, and struggles.

Reader response

Her reason for settling in Stella's place was because her place was no longer compatible. At her arrival at Stella's, she asked her sister why she was not impressed by her presence "....

I want a wife

The quote from the essay clearly goes show the inability of men to take proper care of their children and how they excessively reply upon their wives to bring up their children. To conclude it is very fair to say that the essay presents some highly unreasonable wants of men and it also goes to show how women

English proverbs and sayings

The objectives are: * to study the problem of the definition of proverbs and sayings * to study the origin of English proverbs and sayings to group English proverbs and sayings according to their meaning * to analyze the possibility of the usage of English proverbs and sayings in teaching * to make lists of the most useful

Is hamlet really crazy

Hamlet thinks of suicide and he is responsible for the death of his friend Ophelia and his uncle or stepfather. He is depressed and tortured by the demise of his father and feels betrayed by his mother.


In particular, the imperfection of the system of higher education, what the author vividly highlights by the use of irony in the description of the University Martin, the protagonist, studies at, expressly making it look like an advertisement, with all the impudence and vainglory typical of the educational establishments of renown. But the whole point is revealed immediately

Compare tom’s narrative funtion in

In the beginning the Chorus portrays the horrors of the plague and tells of the message of the oracle of Delphi. On the other hand, Tom represents another form of narrative in " The Glass Menagerie" and he can be seen as narrating such that his inner thoughts and feelings are reflected along with the play's plot.

The jungle by upton sinclair

The major opinion of Upton Sinclair in his book The Jungle is that workers, especially immigrants, were exploited at the workplace by their employers. One of the values of the author is that he believes in socialism which creates fairness and equity.

Analysis of othello tragedy by william shakespeare

As it is also apparent from his comment that, "" Rude am I in my speech, / And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace" It is a cliche that an individual's perception of the world is shaded with his personal experiences consequently a similar situation is also observed in the character of Othello and his actions.

Change speech

Using a pair of pliers to twist and snap his tendon, it was a miracle he did not pass out from the pain and blood loss. Josh is a young man that is open to change and we see this when he says " Sam does not order me to do anything, He's my friend, I live on

Both willy (doas)) both had affairs with

In both of these plays, both main characters and Willy ) both had affairs with younger women which led to tension in both of the families, and caused the main characters to become troubled. Both main characters in the plays seem to have very little similarities til' you look at both personalities, like Willy Loman, he was an

Saving sourdi writing assignment

In the story Nea here's her mother talking to Sourdi about the strains of being a married woman. In the story Nea, Duke, and Sourdi are in this field that Duke thought would be romantic.

A comparison between the dark knight movie and good country people

At the beginning of the movie, Dent is referred to as the White knight which is symbolic of his good acts in the Gotham city and every citizen is hopeful that Dent and Batman will bring positive change in then society. In the ' Good Country People', the wooden leg of Joy is symbolic of her pride and

This side of paradise by f. scott fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald The novel to read is " This side of Paradise," by F. The novel is a reflection of the life of every individual and in particular form childhood to youth.

Lady with the lapdog by anton chekhov

It is a four chapter, fiction story written with great expertise and discloses an adulterous affair between the Russian Banker, Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov and the lady with the lapdog Anna Sergeyevna. In the second Chapter of the story, the setting changes to that of Gurov's normal routine.

Johnny got his gun

Through the character of Joe, Trumbo metaphorically captures both the physical injuries and the psychological trauma of all the men and women who risk their lives during warfare, and how this will plague them for the rest of their lives. Joe is there to say that the pain, injury, and deaths of war are not made more honorable

A modest proposal by swift

It would be surprising to find out that a rational man, Swift, proposes this work and contributes to the beating of another man's child. This narration is the main to the presence of irony and satire in " A Modest Proposal".

Essay on qualitative data analysis

The researcher is then tasked with the mandate of using the collected information, filling in the gaps of the research processes with the same amount of data collected from the respondents. The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research.

Investigating the antioxidant potential of ganoderma lucidum extracts essay

In the present probe A, adenosine and uracil content of the aqueous infusion of dried G.lucidum pulverization of Indian Himalayan Region were determined by HPTLC. 1 Assaies of non-enzymatic antioxidants of G.lucidum infusionsTable3 shows the degrees of non-enzymatic antioxidants viz.entire phenolic and flavonoid nowadays in aqueous infusion of G.lucidum.

The foundation of a happy life according to sappho

Sappho can also be said to be sophisticated.in her poem, she reminds her friend about the wreaths of violet and roses that she wore, the necklaces and perfumes. The fact that she adores them and has classy is an admirable quality in her.

Automatic speech recognition systems

At this time however, the author of this paper was unable to locate a price for this product on the manufacturers also known as Dragon Naturally Speaking. If the author had to use this type of product to produce a term paper, I would feel very uncomfortable.

Shakespeare’s othello

After Othello realizes Iago's betrayal, Shakespeare was trying to get across the point that despite the fact that reluctance is repeatedly in the mind a person cannot stop being corrupted after it has infected them. Shakespeare explained Othello's reactions to the death going from being a well-rounded person to a corrupted soul that has nowhere to go except

Literature review of finite impulse response filters

Besides this paper designs FIR filter utilizing symmetrical signifier construction of FIR filter by taking advantage of symmetrical coefficients and saves figure of multipliers in the design.3. 3 PAPER 3: Fixed-Point FIR Filter Design And Implementation In The Expand In Sub-Expression Space [ 3 ] In This paper Chia-Yu Yao and Chung-Lin Sha had presented a method of

The dark side of the constitution and the case against the constitution: from the anti-federalist to the present

From the other hand, the audience is politicians, who have the ability to change the usual way of things, so the authors have in purpose to clarify the reasons of the US political systems crisis and to draw out possible ways to resolve this issue.3. Works Cited Dolbeare, Kenneth M.& Medcalf, Linda." The Dark Side of the Constitution".

Death of a salesman act 2 response paper

As the play builds up to the inevitable death of Willy Loman, the reader is pulled into the feelings of the various characters. The father-son relationship between Willy and Biff is the fulcrum of the play.

Half and hallf

Write a characterization of Rose Hsu, showing how her past as a young girl, her interactions with her mother and her marriage and life with her husband Ted have all influenced the woman she has become. Thus, Rose Hsu ends up living her life as a wise woman who respects fate, and knows the importance of faith in

Loler polipol essay sample

He won a prize in a poetry contest sponsored by the Institute of National Language. He won first prize in the poetry contest in Tagalog, sponsored by the Institute of National Language, of the Department of Education and Culture in 1967.

Journal free writing

What I do like about reading is that it is a very soothing text. I think it is a key text to be read when one is depressed.

Symbolism in trifles

The first part of the play showcases the sheriff and his wife and the neighbours who come to Minnie's house after the husband dies. Minnie's farm house in which the play takes part represents her life in isolation from the rest of the world.

Do celebrity endorsement change the consumer buying behaviour on clothes

Prior researches have affirmed that celebrity endorsement of a brand can enhance the consumers' consciousness of a brand commercial to a large extent, in addition to capturing their interest and making the advertisement more memorable. The prominent finding of this study was that consumers mostly opt for apparel brands that have a high level of visibility owing to

Guide to writing

It assists a writer to have firsthand information which can be reliable since one has the ability to make research and compare his work with other literary works done by other authors. This, to my opinion, is true since it gives the writer a guide to realize his subject of discussion.

Short story about old woman

In a large town there was an old woman who sat in the evening alone in her room thinking how she had lost first her husband, then both her children, then one by one all her relations, and at length, that very day, her last friend, and now she was quite alone and desolate. She was very sad

Hope by lisel mueller

Lisel Mueller's " Hope" is a strong poem, which describes the meaning of hope and where it is possible to find it in this world. In the final line, the author shows that this poem is just another evidence of hope.

Drama reflection

Examining the Allure of an Anti-Hero in Modern Drama In 40 50 words) why do you think the anti-hero or anti-heroinecharacters are popular in American culture within the last decade? Despite his merciless actions, jack is more of a hero rather than the villain in the drama.