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Ballad form in the rime of the ancient mariner essay sample

In the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Coleridge employs the ballad form to contrast the traditional with the exotic through this he forms a poem full of supernatural elements that is easily accessible. In the Ancient Mariner the scene is set in the past shown by the use of archaic language and the use of the medieval ballad

Horses by edwin muir

In the phrase, Lumbering Horses in the Steady Plough he uses Enjambment comparing the Horses on a steady plough to a bare field. The effect created by the use of enjambment is that the feelings or memories of the poet are still ongoing and this is reflected.

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Difference and similarities in browning’s poetry

In " Porphyria's Lover" we know this when he tells us:" Give herself to me" this tells us that he only wants her to himself and no one else whereas in " My Last Duchess" we know this when he tells us:" since none puts by the curtain I have drawn for you but I" this tells us

Intellectual beauty

The speaker asks the Spirit, whose power descended upon his youth like that truth of nature, to supply " calm" to his " onward life" the life of a man who worships the Spirit and every form that contains it, and who is bound by the spells of the Spirit to " fear himself, and love all humankind."

Wilfred owen

Quick Boys! ' The reader is made to fear for the soldiers, as the anxiety and alarm of the situation is shown through the use and arrangement of the capital letters and the forcefulness of the line. Owen's ability to place the reader in the scene of the battlefield not only with his visual description but with the

Wordsworth and keats: the nature-image

For the first time after the age of reason took the stage, the Romantics placed an emphasis on the imagination of man. But to the Romantics, nature was at the centre of this new revolutionary approach.

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Andrew lang

The tone is didactic, " Money moves the merchants all" and " Money maketh Evil show" saying money is the start is a parallel construction. This line is saying that money will convince merchants to explore the sea because there is more money out there." Money maketh Evil show Like the good, and truth like lies" this line

The power of true love

The repetitions of the words if ever in these three lines indicate a theme of time throughout the poem." If ever, implies the concept of eternal love. In this line it seems she is praying to the heavens that the greatest source of love is God.

Robert gray poetry analysis

An aboriginal, being the epitome of Australian heritage, is only mentioned in the last line, as the poem is more focused on the changing state of the appearance of the town- this is ironic as humans are superficial. A presentation of the wasteland of western civilization is represented by a city dump, which is a foretaste of the

Simon the cyrenian speaks

Luis Flores Simon the Cyrenian Speaks This poem talks about a black man who at first refuses to do the work that he's suppose to do because he thinks their making him do this because he is black and how he speaks out to say what he thinks." He never spoke a word to me, And yet He

“the trees” by philip larkin essay sample

However, we also see the downfall of this optimism as Larkin questions the meaning of life in the second stanza of the poem. Ideally, we are able to image a sense of hope and encouragement in the first stanza as he states that ' The recent buds relax and spread;' However, the tone shifts into a rather negative

Sonnet 73 , william shakespeare – analysis essay sample

The intention of the sonnet is revealed in the closing couplet. The word ' mayst' in the opening line of the poem is an invitation for his companion to look at him.

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Not my business by niyi osundare

He was always a follower of the right to free speech and was a strong believer in the power of words, saying, " To utter is to alter". This creates a slower rhythm, possibly because of the theme of the poem and the need of each stanza having to sink in.

Adrienne rich’s rape: the theme of distrust of male authority

The following stanzas follow a pattern, beginning with the victim illustrating her rape experience first and ending with the unsympathetic and backwards reactions of the cop; he is pleased by her hysteria, she is the one guilty of the crime of being forced, and takes your report as just another business file. The poem skillfully displays a rape

A look into edna st. vincent millay’s poem

One writer, Epstein proclaims that this poem is " a summing up of [the author's] love life to date, and an occasion to invoke the classic themes of elegy, the tempus fugit and the ubi sunt": What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why I have forgotten, and what arms have lain Under my head till

Political poetry by margaret atwood

" Backdrop addresses cowboy" by Margaret Atwood Creating a masterful poetic movement through the American mythos, Atwood skewers " manifest destiny" by embodying the voice of the Other, the discarded " I am." Writing politicalpoetrythat artfully confronts dominant ideology thus exposing themotivationand effects of misrepresentation is a difficult challenge. As stated in the title, the voice of this

Where flowers bloom so does hope

In the poem " I tend my flowers for thee Dickinson uses a wide variety of flowers to symbolize her love and loneliness and to reveal her feelings to her absent " Lord, the " Bright Absentee!. When Dickinson says " Rip-while the Sower-dreams she is describing herself as the sower and is saying that she dreams of

Philip larkin “days”

Use of Voice in " Days" Although Larkin does not provide any clues as to the identity of the voice or voices the reader hears in " Days", there is a clear distinction between the voice that asks the questions and the voice that answers. Larkin's Language in " Days" The language of the poem is extremely simple.

Ts eliot prufrock essay sample

In Modernism: The New Critical Idiom Peter Childs of the University of Gloucestershire writes that these stylistic conventions were: ' moves to break from the iambic pentameter as the basic unit of verse, to introduce Vers Libre, symbolism, and other new forms of writing'. The style of meter, which Marianne Moore said to be " in sequence of

‘nettles’, ‘lullaby’ and ‘upon my son samuel’ case essay sample

Also the sibilant ' s' creates the sound of a slicing noise such as the cutting of nettles that is discussed during the poem.' That regiment of spite' shows the extended metaphor used throughout the poem as the nettles are portrayed as an army ready to cause the son pain. The poem ' Upon my son samuel' is

Woman write about men in three of the poems

The first line is a metaphor because the poet uses an onion as an example to say what she is giving him is very precious and romantic." It will blind you with tears" in this extract it shows that love can be very emotional and happy as well as unhappy and make you feel depressed. Remember is a

Compare and contrast

One of the typical gestures between lovers is holding hands; in that way, Christina Rossetti is obviously reffering to a beloved one." Remember is a person talking in the present, hoping that someone to remember in the future." Remember me when I am gone away., shows that the speaker in the poem wants her lover to remember her

Required reading essay sample

WHERE THERE'S A WALL Joy Kogawa Where there's a wall there's a way through a gate or door. To reach a goal there will always be something in our way and there are also ways to get around them.

How effectively do tatamkhulu afrika and chinua achebe

He also talks about the minor differences between the black and the white community in the road and the cafe. For example he uses colons to suggest that there is more to follow, " No sign says it is: but we know where we belong." This gives the reader a space to take in the rest of the

How does owen convey negative feelings in the send-off

It is not glorious and honourable to fight in war but the people and soldiers going through it suffer greatly and most do not survive. In " The Send-Off", Owen conveys his feelings about the war and the young soldiers going off to die.

Comparative essay: the elegy

The repetition of the word " all" in relation to the absence of light and people in the common places like the ' bower' and hallways, leaves the reader with an emptied feeling and a sense of total loss. In comparison, each elegy communicates a different experience of mourning and is deliberate in what it impresses on the

Michelle almanza

Anna Bradstreet's " To My Dear and Loving Husband and Kim Addonizio's " First Poem for You share the theme of romantic love, and the authors go about elucidating the theme in similar ways, regardless of their opposing views. Bradstreet uses paradoxes, hyperboles, and imagery to drive the purpose of her poem, which is to show how much

Anne bradstreet – paper 2

The actual poem shows that the people of the time equate the cycles present in nature to the cycle of human life. The use of such a metaphor in the poem displays that poets in the 1600's were sophisticated in their use of language.

Poetry comparisons on war

The poems that they wrote about the war told of their experiences and in attack some of the terrible things Sassoon saw and was made to do. One of the things that I think stands out most is that at the end of the poem he says' " O Jesu, make it stop!" The poet is speaking as

On finding a small fly crushed in a book

As Turner was a clergyman in a very conservative era where the Church of England was one of the most powerful forces in British life, it is somewhat surprising that he should choose death as a subject, as opposed to his rough contemporary, the Jesuit Geard Manley Hopkins, who devoted the bulk of his work to the praise

The sentry and dulce et decorum est

In his poems, he creates emotions and feeling, which describe the horror of the war and the conditions of the trenches. Owen conveys through his poems 'The Sentry' and 'Dulce Et Decorum Est' the horror of the war and by doing so emphasises the reality and brutality of the war.

Women are dismissed as insignificant in both the poetry of larkin and eliot essay sample

In many of the poems the women are used symbolically as a way of communicating larger messages more easily, and allowing them to be portrayed in a way which is understandable and relatable to the reader, such as directly using the voice and thoughts of a persona, or the setting in which they stand. In A Game of

Poetry allusions of w. b. yeats and t.s. eliot

One is allusion, a literary device that lets the readers have a mental image of what the writer is trying to express in his article. The Isle of Statues, the Wandering of Oisin, and The Wind among the Reeds were among his famous works, to name a few.

”my last duchess” by robert browning essay sample

The poem is a dramatical monologue of a conversation between the Duke and an emissary of the Count of Tyrol the conversation is completely one-sided, we only hear the Duke's voice. Browning shows the Duke's ownership of the Duchess in the title of the poem, it is not called My Last Wife or even My Late Wife/Duchess, the

Katrina swanigan

Emily Dickinson uses imagery, Form, and settings in her poems in " I Heard a Fly Buzz when I Died to set the tone of the poem.II. Dickinson works hard and fast to give us a sense of what the atmosphere is like in this room.

Literature analysis of poem chicago by carl sandburg

This really helps the reader imagine Chicago as a wild and crazy city that is ready for action. Sandburg does an excellent job on demonstrating his love and pride for the city of Chicago.

”the call” by jessie pope essay sample

It has a combination of end stopped lines, mainly in the form of questions ' who's going out to win?' and the use of repetition for example ' Are you my laddie?' She uses a variety of poetic devices to achieve her intentions and to keep the readers interested in the message of the poem. The language of

Analysis of the poem the road not taken

Nobody can redo the past, owing to which the only way is to optimize the available resources to lead a fulfilling life. Specifically, it is the light guiding me out of darkness, the sunshine enabling me to foster a healthy mental state and the teacher enlightening me to become learned.

Poems: i, too, sing america by langston hughes & i hear america singing by walt whitman essay sample

In general, in both poems there is a link of similarities and difference between I, too, sing America by Langston Hughes and I hear America singing by Walt Whitman. Many of the differences have to do with a positive and negative view and also both poems deliver a different message.

Poetry from anthology

The poet has described the physical attributes of the majors who would stay at the base, because they were fat, short of breath. In the beginning of the poem the poet says that he would live in with the majors at the base.

comparison chart and response questions essay sample

Use textual support from the poems and your reading in this lesson to fill in the left and right columns of the chart for both poems." Song To the Men of England"" Land of Hope and Glory" Iambic tetrameter AABB Meter Rhyme scheme Iambic hexameter and Iambic tetrameter ABABCDCD " Wherefore, Bees of England forge"" Trace your grave

Thiago decoene

This poem is about the loss of her mind and the culmination of events that occur in her head. This is the last bit of rationality and security she has as her world crumbles around her.

Major concerns of simon armitage`s poetry

Poem" is one of Armitage's life problem poems When You do not remember the good things a person has done but the bad things a person has done you remember. Also he starts off the poem with " And if it snowed andsnowcovered the drive" which is like the poem is the second part of another poem or

Contrasting images of childhood in “half-past two” and “hide and seek”

However there is a major difference in this poem as " Half-past Two is a strange and surreal poem while " Hide and Seek sounds like a painful experience to the poet." Hide and Seek and " Half past Two show contrasting emotions. However when he is not found for a while the thrill wears off, creating a

Poetry influence argumentative paper

It transports me to a place full of imagination and allows me to vision the kind of world that the poet wanted me to see. Just like the quality of the poem that is easier to understand rather than fiction and drama.

Short stories of haruki murakami

The dog is showing the man's views on the world, so he compares the spaghetti to the dog to show how much he cares for it. The son was more like the boy because he was entering the town of cats and realizing that it was like another world and that he was not supposed to be there.

“drowning” versus “the trap”: perspectives on similar events in poetry and prose

The poem, by Sid Marty, titled " Drowning", and the third chapter, titled " The Trap", in his novel Men for the Mountains, both deal with the same event of a man drowning; however, they each come at it in different ways borne of necessity from the differing structures and restrictions of the respective genres. He can use

What is left of the sun: book titles inspired verses

Spread before me Are the remains of the day; The scattered beads of a rosary, The half drunk bottle Of cheap liquor, broken neck Slowly leaking escape, The silence of a room in a blistered sky Whose pillars have heard too much, My heart, shattered pieces Staining my spirit with blood. This poem will be the starting of

Definition of poetry

They are given below: Johnson: " Metrical composition", it is " the art of uniting pleasure with truth by calling imagination to the help of reason" Macaulay: " we mean the art of employing words in such a manner as to produce an illusion on the imagination, the art of doing by means of words what the painter

Egyptian love poetry

The pain felt when left in the absence of a loved one, the subject of the lyrical poetry found in the Papyrus Chester Beatty I. The significance of this lies in both the content of the words and in the time that this was written.

Dark house, by which once more i stand

He is not here; but far away The noise of life begins again, And ghastly thro' the drizzling rain On the bald street breaks the blank day. He is not here; but far away the noise of life begins again, and ghastly through the drizzling rain on the bald street breaks the blank day.

Examine the character of bosola in webster’s the duchess of malfi essay sample

The very first description of Bosola by Antonio asserts the popular opinion of Bosola by the characters in the play, and this agrees with the statement that Bosola is a malcontent:" Here comes Bosola, The only court-gall; yet I observe his railing Is not for simple love of piety, Indeed he rails at those things which he wants,

White man’s burden and shooting an elephant

In the poem " White Man's Burden" and essay " Shooting an Elephant" is talk about the two white men has a different point of views about imperialism and how the white treat the natives." White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling is talk about how does white man sacrifice for the native during the imperialism." Shooting an elephant"

Poetry slam

During the slam there was different kind of poetry. It was very interesting to listen to a diverse range of work within the slam.

Marge piercy’s “the secretary chant” and robert hayden’s “those winter sundays” essay sample

For these are the exact themes behind the two poems " The Secretary Chant" being a description of a woman's body through the various implements and duties used by an office secretary, yet conveying an emotion that asserts femininity and the fear of its loss; while " Those Winter Sundays" appropriate the purpose of weather-beaten hands, yet the

Critical analysis of sous les arbres essay sample

The season the poem is set in is summer, a particularly romantic and suitable setting for the poem due to it's warmth and the beauty of nature as the surrounding world is in full bloom. The third stanza further emphasises the theme of nature in the beginning of the stanza while the final lines brings the poem back

Wb yeats

In this case, it is the legend of Helen of Troy, which inspires Yeats.' When You Are Old' is believed to have been written for Maud Gonne, the love of Yeats' life. Through clever use of punctuation, and the repeated use of " and , Yeats manipulates the pace of the poem and encourages the reader to slow

”the sea” by james reeves essay sample

While the third stanza depicting the total calmness and quietness of the sea which means that the dog, after undergoing all these it becomes tired and falls The criterion of the actions of the sea and its behaviour pattern is eloquently depicted in the poem. In this poem the writer uses neuter gender, presenting the DOG IMAGE The

Seamus heaney – death of a naturalist

He is at the onset of puberty and his views at the time are reflected in the poem. He uses the word " gauze" to show how he is trapped and the smell is also shown.

Backdrop addresses cowboy analyses essay sample

This idea could also be said to be suggested in the beginning of the poem when the West is described as a hyphenated " almost-" with " silly" continuing on the next line. This shows that the cowboy is not infallible and once again puts the backdrop in a superior position to the cowboy.

A mans requirements

It makes the poem that much more powerful with the repetition of this phrase as if she is trying to engrave in his brain that he has to love her as much as she wants him to. The poem is all in all a description of what a man loves in a woman, a love that is wished

Poem “change upon change” by elizabeth barett browning essay sample

The poet uses the change in season to refer to the emotions of the character " and slow, slow as the winter snow the tears have drifted to mine eyes". In this case, the title is referring to the loss of a relationship to the breakdown of the character.

Receipt to make soup poem analysis essay sample

Will it fill Dean and Chapter Name of recipient so more Use of imperative makes it seem more like a recipe personal happiness soup brings FORM AND STRUCTURE There are no stanzas used throughout the poem to make it flow more easily and make it more humorous Does not use a specific rhyme scheme and alternates often between

Sonnet’ 116 by william shakespeare: creating ideal love through various techniques

The persona gives love determined, courageous, and guiding qualities through the use of metaphorical comparisons, tone, epithet, repetition and wishes to make bold statement of love in the face of Time ' s decay. The theme of the poem is 'the real love is steady in all adversities and even unaffected by time.

“stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by robert frost

In the poem, the speaker seems to be travelling through the woods with his partner the horse. In this poem, sleep means death, and the speaker is saying that before he dies, he has to do many things

Chaucer’s humor

His major contribution towards the content of poetry is in his advocacy of and strict adherence to realism. His Canterbury Tales embodies a new effort in the history of literature, as it strictly deals with real men, manners, and life.

Poem commentary: constantly risking absurdity by lawrence ferlinghetti essay sample

But another subtler theme of the poem is the survival or death of the poem, which is compared to the life or death of and acrobat, as we will see later on, these depend on the one who " catches" it, in the case of the poem the public and in the case of the acrobat the other

Analytical review on poem do not go gentle into that good night by dylan thomas

Whilst comparing four different types of individuals at the dusk of their lives, the speaker yet still keeps the main focus on the years lived by those people. Each one of the four types of individuals described in the poem serves as an impersonated reference for the type of man the speaker wants his father to be in

“my last duchess”, “the laboratory” and “porphyria’s lover” by robert browning essay sample

We can tell that during this time, it was a patriarchal society and we can tell this when she says:" He is with her; and they know that I know" This reveals that men were the ones who could have affairs when they were married and the wives could not do much about it but be secretive about

The outsiders

Vincent Millay wrote the " Ballad of the Harp-Weaver" published by Flying Cloud Press and has a copyright date of 1922." The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver" is known as a Narrative Poem. In " The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver" the story described has a meaning.

Frost’s writing career

Moreover, the two poems have stated that Frost has to go on with his life and work hard to fulfill his responsibilities in life and work. For Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening', Frost is Just attracted by the nature and stop by the woods to observe the beauty of the nature.

The secretary chant

Even though there is a moment where she mentions that her navel is a reject button, which emphasizes that her identity and essence to develop and grow as a human are being denied; she is conforming to the objects around her there is a feeling that she is unwilling to completely lose all her essence. The misspelling of


These poems, " Southbound on the Freeway and " Once by the Ocean are similar to each other in certain poetic descriptions, but they also have some that are unlike. In addition to personification in these poems, there is imagery in " Southbound on the Freeway and " Once by the Pacific also.

“continuum” by allen curnow essay sample

The structure, along with the tone and overall writing quality of the poem, introduces to the reader a discrepancy of uncertainty and emotions that reveals the author's principle motif, but not immediately the true profundity behind this work of art. As he admires two clouds in the sky, he refers to one of them as his opponent, an

With close reference to three poems, show how wilfred owen

Although they write the truth about the horrors of war and have very similar sentiments, Owen concentrates on his compassion and the message of the futility of war. The sounds linger on through the onomatopoeic effect of constant rhyme structure in the first stanza, and are presented as dominant through the repetition of the word " Only", at

Shakespeare’s sonnet 116

He goes on to say, with the next two lines, that love is not really love that changes when it finds ' alteration'. If I had to guess, I would say it is the former.

Poem introductions- stories of ourselves cie

The author uses imagery, personification and onomatopoeia to paint a picture of war, describe the dangers as " alive" and out to get you and reflect the quick and crude sound of bombs and bullets. The author might, to a degree, be scornful of his situation since he decides to, without much trouble, accept rejection and describes his

World war 1 poem

Thrown in at the deep end, not taught how to kill, He thought out of this he would get a thrill, But what this man found was beyond human conception, He wanted to turn, run in the opposite direction, Corpses rotting, lying all over the ground, That was what this man had found, The look in men's eyes

The life, times, and poetry of federico garcia lorca

Lorca rooted much of his poetry in a dreamlike state which was retained in Poet in New York. Lorca also had an obsession with death, which is apparent in most of his poems and plays.

Charlotte o’neil’s song and still i rise

She shows that she is the ' dream and hope of the slave', and is a role model for others and that slaves are people too. It also shows that her fight with society is ongoing and that she is constantly having to rise above the oppression.

Since u went away

To collaborate this with the idea that everything reminded the persona of the departed, it seems that the persona spends his days and nights thinking about the dear person or object. As we go on to the second and third lines of the fourth stanza, we see that the persona's life is disoriented.

Poetry comparison of i shall return and war photographer

The opening line, " In his darkroom he is finally alone," is very secretive because it does not directly tell the reader exactly what is happening and " darkroom" leads the reader to believe that the character is hiding from someone or something. However, to contrast this, in the next line we are told that, " the only

The description of japanese poet matsuo basho’s travel diaries

In this version, Yuasa also shares with us an introduction that provides insight to the mechanics of the haibun style of poetry and analyzes the evolution of Basho's own unique writing style. In fact, Basho is often overcome with a sense awe during his travels and writes impromptu haikus to capture the beauty of the moment.

I, icarus by alden nowlan

Icarus's father constructed two pairs of wings from feathers and wax for the purpose of escaping Crete, and also warned him not to fly too close to the sun. Relating the context of the whole poem to its own title " I, Icarus", readers now realize that it's not a story about Nowland's catastrophic fall as Icarus, but

Still i rise

Audience and purpose The tone of the poem suggests that she is determined to get to where she wants to go and that she is proud and sure of what she is doing. She silences all of her oppressors and shows them that she Whose point of view is represented in the poem?

Wilfred owen essay sample

Owen Challenges the reader to question the understanding of dying for your country in war by showing the harsh reality of it through his personal experiences. The poem Anthem for Doomed Youth also challenges the reader's thoughts and perspectives on war by contrasting the treatment of the dead soldiers compared to those of civilians.

The snow man by wallace stevens

Roberts Pack's essay on " The Snow Man" discusses the idea of perception, while David Perkins while focuses on the relationship between imagination and reality through the perspective of the snow man. In " The Snow Man", the atypical syntax and logic of the poem, as well as the usage of imagery, compels the reader to perceive the

Analysis of home course in religion by gary soto

He begins to realize the difference between what he has been taught by his karate instructor on the ideas of pain, and the " red welts" on his chest. He cannot seem to understand the relationship between his own life and the ideas of others.

Twice shy by seamus heaney and the thickness

In 'Twice Shy', the recurrent simile of the hawk and prey seems to reflect the overall atmosphere of the poem." Tremulous as a hawk," suggests the atmosphere is uneasy and prejudicial and yet still depicts serenity, composition and control. This could mean that in Twice Shy, the authors main objective was to focus on the rush and excitement

Compare & contrast essay

The tone of " To a Daughter Leaving Home" differs from the tone in " At the San Francisco Airport". Winters' " At the San Francisco Airport is a closed form poem that uses images and tone to convey the attempt of this father to keep his composure as he sees his daughter off to live her life

Poems “richard cory” and “ezra farmer” essay sample

Robinson's use of " from sole to crown" implies that Richard Cory is a wholesome man from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head; whereas the parody says " heel to toe" which has the reader thinking about Ezra Farmers shoes. The poem " Richard Cory" and the poem " Ezra Farmer" are similar

Critical analysis of “bird on the wire” by leonard cohen essay sample

This section is important to the poem because it helps you realize the situation and feelings of the speaker. This section is important, because it shows the conflict between the speaker and this other person, and it also gives you a hint to the cause of his problems he is trying to escape.

Essay of sayeed abubakar essay sample

The poem " Poem of Hatred," by Sayeed Abubakar centers on the idea of the stupidity and vices of humanity. Therefore, the major elements Abubakar implements into his work affect how the readers comprehend the theme because his strong use of diction, the various uses of figure of speeches, and the clear imagery presented throughout the poem.