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Essays on medicine focus on medical topics and aspects of this field that are relevant to the assignment. Many school and college students find it challenging to approach this field while writing an essay. Our website is designed to give you a helping hand and guide you through your paper. Here, you can find multiple samples that will assist you in your healthcare-related assignment, whether it is a short essay or a persuasive IB essay. Moreover, you will have a better understanding of writing a quality academic paper, avoiding plagiarism, and citing outside sources.

Medicine Essay Examples

The medical field is a broad topic. Your essay may focus on two aspects of medicine:

  • Traditional or Alternative (acupuncture, oriental medicine, rural herbal remedies, etc.)
  • Modern (internal, nuclear, osteopathic, pediatric, regenerative, family medicine, etc.)

While there are different fields within the medical domain, an essay on medicine does not always cover specific medical practices. Instead, management, policies, and business practices related to medicine can become the main topics for your assignment. Some examples of such essays include:

  • Technology in medicine
  • Use of robots in medical procedures
  • Leadership in medical environments
  • Medical ethics and controversy

Have The Right Approach

Based on your personal interests and talents, you can have an exploratory journey while writing the assignment. However, it is crucial to follow the necessary guidelines mentioned by your mentors. Students see more favorable academic results when they are proficient in using online materials, databases, listening to lectures, and learning about the required formatting for the paper.

To write the greatest essay about medicine, conceptualize your main ideas and create an outline. For example, an essay about “Medicine Then and Now” would focus on the differences of medical practices in the past and current methodologies. An efficient outline would include such topics as:

  • Medical practices in the past
  • The most important medical discoveries that changed the industry
  • Old practices that have remained until present days
  • Progress and medicine today

Pay Attention to Details

An essay, whether it is argumentative or persuasive, would benefit from additional citations from reliable sources. Medicine is an exact science, so backing facts up with peer-review articles will improve the scientific bases of the paper. The most outstanding assignments are often mixtures between facts and personal inputs. Having a healthy balance between the two concepts will add depth to the essay and support it with reliable scientific information.

Use Extra Help

Additional sources of information, samples, templates, and examples will inspire you during the writing process. Examine the medical essays we have on our platform for inspiration. Moreover, the samples and guides will help you achieve an impeccable structure for your assignment, appropriate citations, and skills to improve your writing style. Essays about medicine are available here for you to examine and analyze. All the extra tips you need for an excellent grade will give you a general understanding of medical assignments. Moreover, they will also support you in terms of concepts and topics that you will use in your paper.

Assistance in Writing Essay about Medicine

An excellent essay about medicine touches upon multiple aspects related to the main topic you have chosen. The key idea has to be reflected upon, examined, and presented in an efficient manner. You will find the process much easier by using the samples we have prepared for you. Thank you for trusting us in your quest for better writing skills. Here you can find multiple examples and a lot of material that will inspire and motivate you to have quality essays and accurate knowledge on how to exercise your skills.

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2378 Perfect Paper Examples on Medicine for Improved Grades

The involvement of cholinergic neurons in the spreading of tau pathology

Alzheimer disease is characterized by the presence of two aberrant structures in the brain of the patients, senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, together with a clear loss of neurons that results, with the development of the disease, in a decrease in brain volume. The binding of tau to microtubules results in the stabilization of the polymers, suppression

Most common and treatments of the heart

Heart Diseases in the United s Incidence and the Different Types of Heart Diseases In developed countries heart disease is at present the main cause of death, accounting for nearly two-thirds of fatalities annually in the United States. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the prevention of common heart diseases in the United States,

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Mesenchymal stem cell-derived hepatocytes for functional liver replacement

Liver progenitor cells called oval cells in rodents emerge in the periportal areas of the liver lobule comprising the Canals of Hering, structural links between the terminal biliary branches and the periportal hepatocytes surrounding the proximal parts of the sinusoids. There is emerging evidence that the etiology of the liver disease may imprint the phenotype of the cells

Unraveling inner experiences during resting state

Based on the technique of so-called descriptive experience sampling and investigations of several hundreds of subjects, a catalog of these inner experiences has been suggested. Following on from these considerations, it is of paramount importance to access the categories and contents of inner experiences occurring during resting state experiments.

Editorial: neurophysiology in alzheimer’s disease and dementia

The Editorial on the Research Topic Neurophysiology in Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia The aging of the nervous system is often associated with chronic diseases typical of old age, which can offer in their pathogenesis, and in their susceptibility to particular therapies, the key to understanding the determinants of senescence. The ability to highlight the state of the underlying

The developing human brain: a frontiers research topic

The field of developmental cognitive neuroscience examines how the human brain and behavior change over the lifespan, in particular over infancy, childhood, and adolescence. The first is a change in the processing of rewards and feedback, which are powerful motivators of behavior.

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The structuring role of marine life in open ocean habitat: importance to international policy

Following 10 years of informal negotiations, in March 2016 delegates from 193 countries, and representatives from numerous intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, met at the United Nations in New York for the first of four meetings to negotiate the elements of an " international legally binding instrument" for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction under

Exercise in the treatment of youth substance use disorders: review and recommendations

A concerning trend surrounding substance use is that the age of initiation for use of many types of illicit substances has decreased, with the age of initiation of first use falling to between 13 and 15 years. Consequently, the availability of substances through one's peers, and a decrease in perceived risk associated with the use of illicit drugs

Editorial: large and giant dna viruses

In addition, some years ago, the discovery of the first mimiviruses shed new light on the study of DNA viruses field. In addition, the authors analyzed the pangenome of viruses belonging to Mimivirus genera, highlighting that discovery of new mimivirus isolates still contribute to the expansion of the pangenome and the consolidation of the core gene set.

Office rotation

At the time, I was able to observe and assist the first hygienist. In addition, I was able to take the time to interact with the patient and assist if needed.

Can creative productivity be both positively and negatively correlated with psychopathology? yes!

Given this skewed distribution, the risk rate can easily increase as a linear function of creative productivity even though the overall risk rate is strikingly lower than in the general population. In fact, the creativity-psychopathology relation in the literary and visual arts may be accurately described in this manner, and even the function for philosophers is very close

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Editorial: emergent neural computation from the interaction of different forms of plasticity

A first insight from this Research Topic underscores the importance of the time scale of homeostatic plasticity to avoid runaway dynamics of Hebbian plasticity. They show that the interaction between dopamine-modulated STDP and homeostatic plasticity is sufficient to explain a broad range of experimental findings regarding the coding properties of neurons in prefrontal circuits.

Editorial: disclosure within hiv-affected families

The research presented suggests that disclosure interventions/practices which train caregivers/parents/partners and healthcare professionals on how to disclose, and then provides post-disclosure support to the persons disclosed to and to the disclosing caregivers/parents/partners, may be important. Aderomilehin et al.conducted a systematic review of SSA literature to determine the perspectives of HCPs and caregivers on disclosure practices to children and

Public health & patient safety teaching in pharmacy and allied health care curriculum (except medicine schools)

The purpose of this study was to analyse the effectiveness of the new Public Health and Patient Safety module at the University of Hertfordshire. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Main results/Key findings In the key areas of the module, student knowledge demonstrated a weak 27% increase from the beginning to the end of the course.

The intestinal microbiome and the leaky gut as therapeutic targets in alcoholic liver disease

The severity of liver injury positively correlates with plasma LPS levels in patients with cirrhosis, which could also be related to a decreased clearance of endotoxin from the blood by the liver. SIBO is more frequent in cirrhotic patients and directly correlates with the severity of liver damage.

The future of musical emotions

And indeed, research shows that the appearance of recurrent and meaningful patterns of expressive behavior in infants is not best understood wholly in terms of predetermined developmental programs, but rather as emergent properties of the dynamic interaction of a range of environmental and bodily factors. 307 Ekman, P." Biological and cultural contributions to body and facial movement in

Can the mediterranean diet reduce heart disease

To further see the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, another study was conducted involving a one year intervention on the plasma fatty acid composition and metabolic syndrome for those with higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. A health habit that is rich in vegetables and fruits as well as vegetable-based fats such as virgin olive oil and nuts, which

Commentary: epilepsy in leigh syndrome with mitochondrial dna mutations

In the abstract 14 of 25 patients had epilepsy but in the results section and Table 1 only 32% of the 25 patients had seizures. We should know in how many of the 14 patients with epilepsy, epilepsy or seizures were associated with a SLE, since seizures may trigger SLEs and vice versa.

The homophilic domain – an immunological archetype

Natural antibodies are the important components of the therapeutic intravenous immunoglobulin that is widely used in the therapy of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Human and mouse sera contain antibodies that express the homophilic domain, confirming that homophilic antibodies are part of the so-called natural antibodies.

Editorial: bioactive compounds from microbes

The aim of the present topic issue is to try to describing the mediator molecules of a network of signals which is still largely underexplored and underexploited. G, and Cryan, J.F.

On the necessity of consciousness for sophisticated human action

In this paper, we argue against the notion of conscious thought being just the steam whistle of an engine, and for the idea that conscious thought is an important part of the inner, causal machinery instead. Conscious thoughts are distinguished from other mental processes by the fact that the person can report on them to others, and indeed

Editorial: financial intermediation versus disintermediation: opportunities and challenges in the fintech era

Editorial on the Research Topic Financial Intermediation Versus Disintermediation: Opportunities and Challenges in the FinTech Era Financial Technology emerged in the 21st century as a significant and innovative force that profoundly disrupts the traditional financial intermediation channels. The study points out that traditional participants in the financial system are trying to approach the digitalization of their business with

Mesenchymal stem cells in transplantation and tissue regeneration

The effectiveness of MSC therapy needs to be established in follow up trials and knowledge of the mechanisms of action of MSC may help optimizing the therapy. J, and Dahlke, M.H.

The third wave of biological psychiatry

To better understand the characteristics of the third wave, it will be helpful to take a short look at the first and second wave in the history of psychiatry. Since the declaration of the last decade of the twentieth century as the decade of the brain by the president of the United States, neuroscience has developed into one

Editorial: emotion and behavior

Emotional processes underlying avoidance are reviewed by Diemer, Alpers, Peperkorn, Shiban, and M hlberger with a focus on the domain of virtual reality as a means to study the impact of perception and presence on emotional reactions, here fear and anxiety. The emotion of surprise is the topic of the contribution by Topolinski and Strack.

Commentary: parkinson’s disease genes vps35 and eif4g1 interact genetically and converge on α-synuclein

In addition the binding within the translation initiation complex and formation of the larger complex were impaired indicating loss-of-function in keeping with a neurodegenerative disorder and was supportive of the pathogenicity of EIF4G1 mutations. EIF4G1 gene mutations are not a common cause of Parkinson's disease in the Japanese population.

Modeling pancreatic endocrine cell adaptation and diabetes in the zebrafish

By appropriately secreting glucagon and insulin into the circulation to regulate the production and uptake of blood glucose, respectively, the pancreatic - and -cells play a central role in glucose homeostasis. Consistent with overnutrition as the trigger for the compensatory response, the expansion of the -cells has been found to be dependent on the nutrient-secretion coupling apparatus in

Human genome

Human Genome Health Sciences and Medicine of the July2, Human Genome One big purpose of the Human Genome project is to seek out the genetic bases of a range of common diseases that ail the humanity. The biggest challenge before the researchers and research administrators conducting genetic trials is to find the fasters and easier ways of sequencing

Olfaction in alcohol-dependence: a neglected yet promising research field

After reviewing the results of the few studies which explored olfaction in alcohol-dependent patients, we will then underline the usefulness of olfactory studies to offer a better understanding of the impairments presented in alcohol-dependence. The olfactory system is connected with cognitive and emotional brain regions, and exploring olfaction might improve the understanding of emotional-cognitive deficits in alcohol-dependence.

Active touch sensing: finger tips, whiskers, and antennae

There are a host of different model systems that are used to investigate active touch sensing and this collection sees the three main systems represented; that of the human hand, mammalian whiskers, and insect antennae. We believe that this collection of papers on humans, small mammals, and insects represents the current state of research in active touch sensing.

“omics” and immunologic approaches to optimizing cure rates in her2-positive breast carcinomas

In this research topic, Herter-Sprie et al.underscore the relevance of molecular alterations of HER2 that activate this molecule, including small insertions and missense mutations in the kinase domain, missense mutations in the extracellular domain, or large deletions of the extracellular domain in mechanisms of primary and acquired resistance to anti-HER2 therapeutics. A variety of immunologically based vaccines, such

The social neuroscience and the theory of integrative levels

The development of matter in the universe has been attributed to the combination of the fundamental laws and a contribution from historical accidents, and although to reduce one level to the lower one together with historical contingence is possible in principle, it does not by itself allow to understand the world: at each level of organization new regularities

Predictive brains: forethought and the levels of explanation

However, the understanding of interaction and integration between cognition and emotion requires a more quantitative analysis of structural and functional brain connectivity. Boccignone, G, and Cordeschi, R." Bayesian models and simulations in cognitive science," in Models and Simulations 2, 1 14.

Role and prevalence of antibiosis and the related resistance genes in the environment

This Research Topic " Role and prevalence of antibiosis and the related resistance genes in the environment" in Frontiers in Microbiology: Antimicrobials, Resistance, and Chemotherapy presents the examples of occurrence and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes in the wide range of environments, from the grasslands of the Colombian Andes, to the dairy farms and small animal veterinary hospitals

Astaxanthin in exercise metabolism, performance and recovery: a review

The presence of the polyene chain alongside each moiety enables astaxanthin to exert multiple antioxidant functions, namely in the scavenging and quenching of RONS within the phospholipid membrane as well as at the surface. As a result, it was concluded that the antioxidant potential of astaxanthin is able to indirectly enhance the utilization of fats during exercise through

Editorial: nano-hetero-structures for chemical sensing: opportunities and challenges

The review of Li et al.summarizes the recent progress of microwave gas sensors including the characteristic of the various nanostructured materials, and propagative structures. The contribution from Chizhov et al.demonstrates that the illumination of ZnO/CdSe, ZnO/[email protected], and ZnO/[email protected] nanocomposites fabricated by the immobilization of nanocrystals colloidal quantum dots by a green light changes the population of surface states,

Editorial: herbarium collection-based plant evolutionary genetics and genomics

Remarkable examples of plastome sequencing from herbarium DNA include now-extinct species, as in, for instance, the de-novo assembly of the complete and mitogenome from a 140-year-old specimen of Hesperelaea, the reference-guided assembly of the plastome from a 167-year old specimen of Leptagrostis schimperiana to resolve its taxonomic position, as well as the reconstruction of the complete plastome from

Bioinformatic challenges of big data in non-coding rna research

Even though bioinformatic-based methods for the identification of new ncRNA and their targets have become more sophisticated and required less CPU time, there are gaps and challenges that need to be addressed to justify their biological relevancy: cross-platform validation of genomic and transcriptional sequence data, cross-algorithm validation of search engines, and development of more accurate models for ncRNA

Working harder at working together: building collaboration between public health and health care delivery

As we consider the Scripps Health experience in collaborating with public health organizations, we should remember that the definition of public health is broad, encompassing the prevention of epidemics and disease, protection against environmental hazards, prevention of injuries, promotion of healthy behaviors and mental health, disaster and recovery assistance for communities, and provision of accessible and quality health

Anomalous experiences, trauma, and symbolization processes at the frontiers between psychoanalysis and cognitive neurosciences

The origin of the scientific and clinical understanding of anomalous experiences dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and is based particularly on work conducted by scholars and members of the Society for Psychical Research, in Cambridge, the American Society for Psychical Research, in Boston, and the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris. With a patient

Mouse genetic models of human brain disorders

The advent of genomic manipulation in mice began in the early 1980s through the microinjection of exogenous DNA into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs that randomly integrate into the mouse genome. In particular, the copy number and site of integration of the transgene in the mouse genome is random and therefore, cannot be controlled, often resulting in non-specific

Editorial: plant disease management in the post-genomic era: from functional genomics to genome editing

Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics can be of help to describe the whole microbial community not only in terms of its ecology, but also to detect that fraction of the microbiome that, modulating the activity of plant pathogens in favor of the plant host, could be developed as biopesticides. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018.

Why i want to be a doctor

When I entered elementarily I would always volunteer to help out in the labs, and my teacher allowed me to work with the microscope. My exposure to this incidence provided me with a sense of fulfillment, a motivation to gain more knowledge in the clinical profession, and most significantly determination what I want to do for the rest

Eeg correlates of self-referential processing

To evaluate event-related changes in oscillatory activity EEG is usually recorded before and during presentation of stimuli or performance of a task; EEG changes in the test period relative to baseline are treated as " event-related" activity and are believed to reflect brain activation involved in the processing of the task in hand. Wu et al.using parallel ICA

The association of tau with mitochondrial dysfunction in alzheimer’s disease

The nonequilibrium of tau binding to the microtubules results in aggregation and fibrillization of tau and dysfunction of microtubules. Observation of pathological interaction of tau with JIP1 and trapping of JIP1 in the soma in AD patients further supports these findings in the mouse model, while loss of axonal mitochondria enhances the abnormal phosphorylation and the toxicity of

Intersectionality in the liminal space: researching caribbean women’s health in the uk context

Whilst analysis of the role of race and gender pre-dates the work of Crenshaw, use of this term names the realities of " being" in the social world as a Black women, spanning centuries of racialized and gendered existences. Taking such a position, seeking to place the research at the intersection with the research subjects, the research sought

Social science sequestered

Mapping 5 of the social science across the UK GGR programme shows that whilst the methods and the conceptual lenses applied vary, and there is some room for interpretative and critical social science, the problems to address are predominantly seen through a narrow, instrumental frame: as drivers and barriers. Yet there is also a need for HASS research

Editorial: challenges in vaccinology

In this issue, the wide breadth of outstanding issues and opportunities are raised relating to urgent vaccine needs, limitations of current approaches, and the potential of cutting edge technologies to facilitate new advances are highlighted. The impact of another comorbidity, inflammatory bowel disease, is considered by Lenti et al.in the context of susceptibility to encapsulated bacteria, and the

In search of wise management of medical resources and personnel in the long combat with coronavirus

Despite the small sigh of relief in China, the situation seems to be growing more intense in the rest of the world, as the number of cases of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection continues to increase. In response to the shortage of PPEs, the government called for a strengthening of the coordination of the production, supply, and distribution of medical

Editorial: proceedings of ipsc 2019 – 2 international plant spectroscopy conference

Editorial on the Research Topic Proceedings of IPSC 2019 - 2 nd International Plant Spectroscopy Conference The 2nd International Plant Spectroscopy Conference took place in Berlin 2018, where 138 experts from 26 countries gathered to exchange new knowledge on the use of many different types of spectroscopy and microspectroscopy for the study and evaluation of plants and plant


Hence the greatest danger by anthrax lies in its inhalation which is the most lethal, and also the most difficult to detect and treat making it the " preferred portal of entry for biowarfare and bioterrorism". Terrorist Use of Anthrax in 2001 The most recent incident of the use of anthrax in bioterrorism occurred in 2001 in the

Current status of intensified neo-adjuvant systemic therapy in locally advanced rectal cancer

Given the activity of oxaliplatin in combination with 5-FU based chemotherapy in the adjuvant and metastatic setting of colon cancer and the well established radiosensitizing effects of another platinum-based drug, cisplatin, in the treatment of lung cancer and cervical cancer, its clinical additive effect to 5-FU based CRT in the neo-adjuvant setting of rectal cancer is disappointing. Addition

The mark of the cognitive and the coupling-constitution fallacy: a defense of the extended mind hypothesis

Two of the main criticisms addressed to the functionalist version of the extended mind have been the so-called " coupling-constitution fallacy" and the alleged lack of a mark of the cognitive. In particular: the mark of the cognitive proposed by Adams and Aizawa does not secure contingent intracranialism; the coupling-constitution fallacy criticizes extended cognition on precisely the point

Williams syndrome – genetic pediatric illness

Thanks to his contribution to the study of what was then an unknown illness, the disease was named after the two men who contributed the most its understanding, Williams-Beuren Syndrome. A child afflicted with WS will do best under the care of a geneticist with experience in handling Williams Syndrome cases.

Public health

On the other hand, quality issues in health care organizations will improve considering the technological advancement, and if there the implementation of pay for performances and non-payment of " never' events stipulations, which I suppose can greatly enhance and encourage high quality among the health care institutions. This is because some people are very ignorant of their health

Editorial for: microbial symbiosis of marine sessile hosts- diversity and function

Raftos et al.review the history and impact of microbial disease on shellfish and using QX disease in Sydney rock oysters, illustrate the complex interactions that exist between pathogens, the environment and hosts. A clear link between organisms and their functions is important to define the importance of HGT in marine microbial symbiosis and this is further explored in

Why conferences matter—an illustration from the international marine conservation congress

Besides the fact that poster and speed/short presentations may often be the best and most effective way to present some data, and may allow more interaction with interested peers, such funding restrictions mean that all the other benefits of conferences mentioned above are effectively discounted by agencies the reality that conferences are a learning/training experience, not just an

Greek doctors in the roman world essay sample

* Progress in medicine was made, as new surgical instruments were devised to help the surgeons perform intricate operations, such as the removal of the polyps from the nose and the goitres from the throat.* Dioscorides went all around the known world, and collected all the herbs he could find: experimenting on them and classifying them. The theory

Is beauty in the hand of the writer? influences of aesthetic preferences through script directions, cultural, and neurological factors: a literature review

This paper is a review of the literature dealing with the impact of directionality on aesthetics, the degree to which this is a result of cerebral processing, and the degree to which it results from habit or cultural variation. Such a definition embraces rather than resolves the diffuse nature of perception, as it is based on the types

Red meat vs. processed

The sources recommend eating more of the red meat than the processed meat. It is contradicting when the sources further say that the red meat and processed meat have the same amount of calories yet the processed meat will cause more cardiovascular diseases yet, the reasons for these arguments are not given.

The salience of complex words and their parts: which comes first?

In this approach, the idea of morphological salience refers to the relative importance or prominence of a morpheme in a morphologically complex word, the underlying assumption being that the salience of morphological components drives the mechanisms underlying complex word processing as well as storage and lexical organization. Both sublexical and supralexical approaches to morphological processing integrate a morphological

On the relation between grammatical number and cardinal numbers in development

There is some evidence that the grammatical number marking system of the language a child is learning may influence that child's learning of the cardinal number system. People in numerate societies construct these concepts during early childhood, in the course of learning the meanings for the cardinal number words " one," " two," " three," and eventually the

Editorial: metabolism meets function: untangling the cross-talk between signaling and metabolism

Clinical and pharmacological advances, for example the application of FDG-PET in the clinical setting and the development of novel pharmacological strategies based on antimetabolites, provide further support and validation of the role of metabolism in cancer. Here, we present a collection of works with the aim of bringing together work from a variety of scientists across the field

Occupational health and safety

The current causes fibrillation of the heart and pumping activity of the heart gets disorganized with deadly effects in its wake. Electric current can produce deep and severe burns of the skin due to power dissipation across the body's electrical resistance.

The role of the serotonergic and gaba system in translational approaches in drug discovery for anxiety disorders

To this end, this review focuses on the convincing evidence stemming from preclinical and clinical studies that genes involved in the serotonin and GABA system play a pivotal role in the development of anxiety disorders. The most intensively studied candidate genes are related to neurotransmitter systems implicated in the regulation of anxiety, to various neuropeptides, and to stress-related

Enhancement for well-being is still ethically challenging

Julian Savulescu and colleagues distinguish various ways of conceptualizing enhancement and propose a " welfarist definition of human enhancement: Any change in the biology or psychology of a person which increases the chances of leading a good life in the relevant set of circumstances. Restricting the concept of enhancement to the addition of capacities or augmentation of function

Disentangling neural synchronization and sustained neural activity in the processing of auditory temporal patterns

A recently published study by Herrmann and Johnsrude examined the relationship between NS and SA in the processing of auditory temporal patterns using EEG. This observation led the authors to investigate the extent to which the attentional state of the participant affected NS and SA in detecting temporally regular patterns.

Axia college material

5 Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. 6 Identify and name any fallacies used by the author.

Medication safety

Drug and medication safety form critical aspects of patient safety and have received great attention in the US in the recent past for the purpose of effective medical management. In defining safety, the report has it that it is the inverse of harm and explains that drug toxicity determine safety; the less the level of toxicity, the higher

Extracellular vesicle-dependent cross-talk in cancer—focus on pancreatic cancer

The regulation of a broad range of cellular activities and biological responses is due to their biogenesis and probably to the extracellular environment and constraints. Further large prospective studies are needed to clarify the potential use of exosomal biomarkers in cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Book review: the courage to suffer: a new clinical framework for life’s greatest crises

The authors begin on a very personal note, describing the death of the brother of one of the authors, his threat of a similar fate due to genetic circumstances, the death of a parent, the advice not to have children because of the author's condition and finally the diagnosis of infertility. In the following chapters, the authors guide

The function of the nmda receptor in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

At the early stage of development, the GluN2B-containing NMDA receptor is dominant, and the expression of the GluN2A-containing NMDA receptor gradually increases in the later stage of development and eventually outnumbers the GluN2B-containing NMDA receptor. Furthermore, the overexpression of Fyn enhances the phosphorylation of GluN2B in neonatal HIE and exaggerates the neuronal damage, suggesting the pro-death role of

Editorial: microbial hydrogen metabolism

Two classes of metalloenzymes, [FeFe]-hydrogenase and [NiFe]-hydrogenase, catalyze the reversible oxidation of H 2 to electrons and protons; a third class of hydrogenase, termed [Fe]-hydrogenase or Hmd, catalyzes the reduction of the substrate methenyltetrahydromethanopterin with H 2. J, and Adams, M.W.W.

Editorial: temporal structure of neural processes coupling sensory, motor and cognitive functions of the brain

Editorial on the Research Topic Temporal Structure of Neural Processes Coupling Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Functions of the Brain Temporal structure of cognitive and sensory processing holds the key to understanding complex neural mechanisms involved in higher order brain functions like perception of time. Resonance and the perception of musical meter.

Editorial: self-eating on demand: autophagy in cancer and cancer therapy

Editorial on the Research Topic Self-Eating on Demand: Autophagy in Cancer and Cancer Therapy The field of autophagy has grown enormously over the past 10 15 years, with rapid advances in our understanding of the regulatory mechanisms that control autophagy pathways in mammalian systems, and an improved understanding of the physiological influences of autophagy in health and disease.

Editorial: mitochondrial dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases

Editorial on the Research Topic Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Diseases A deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases represents a major goal in cardiovascular medicine. Mitochondrial biogenesis is also critical for the regulation of mitochondrial turnover and function in cardiovascular pathophysiology.

Social and economic impacts on health care in present day related to budget

According to Khan and Hildreth, a budgetary cut hinders the purchase of hospital equipment. There will be no funds to employ new health workers despite the increasing rate of patients.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Carl Rogers, originator of the person-centered approach, conceived it in the late 1 sass at a time when the therapeutic establishment was dominated by psychoanalysis, which holds that psychological problems result fromchildhoodfixations and biological drives buried in the unconscious mind, and behaviorism, which focuses on the annalistic mechanism of habits developing as a reaction to stimuli. Where the

Cre-ating ways to serotonin

In the nuclei of those cells that express the Cre enzyme, the Cre cuts and rejoins the DNA between the lox sites, so that the intervening segment gets inverted or removed. S, Zhou, M, Lira, A, Hen, R, and Gingrich, J.A.

Editorial: from structure to function – the interplay between cell adhesion molecules and the cytoskeleton

The aim of this Research Topic is to highlight some of the key players at the intersection of cell adhesion molecule-mediated cell-cell interaction and changes in the cell architecture regulating eukaryotic cell function. Reciprocal interactions between cell adhesion molecules of the immunoglobulin superfamily and the cytoskeleton in neurons.

Analyzing the place kick in tackle football to determine the factors that achieve highest foot velocity at ball impact – lab report example

This paper presents an analysis of the ' place kick' in tackle football with the aim of determining the factor, which achieve the highest foot velocity at the ball impact. Work Cited Barfield, B." The biomechanics of kicking in soccer".

Self-we-others schemata differentiation as a base for personal agency and social attitudes

Two indices of Self-distinctness are computed: the number of unrepeated traits ascribed to the Self vs.to Others; and the number of unrepeated traits ascribed to the Self vs.to the We. G, and Pratkanis, A.R." The Self," in Handbook of Social Cognition, Vol.

Editorial: phenotyping; from plant, to data, to impact and highlights of the international plant phenotyping symposium – ipps 2018

Editorial on the Research Topic Phenotyping; From Plant, to Data, to Impact and Highlights of the International Plant Phenotyping Symposium - IPPS 2018 The aim of this Research Topic is to provide a series of research articles on a range of subjects in Plant phenomics from the use of appropriate sensors for capturing morphological and physiological traits to

Editorial: bispecific antibodies for t-cell based immunotherapy

Instead, De Luca and colleagues designed a trimeric format that localized IL-2 and TNF to CAIX-expressing tumors, with the TNF cytokine used both as an immune cell agonist and a multimerization tag for the protein itself. However, as reviewed by both Lejeune et al.and Caraccio et al, the presence of safe and specific tumor antigens has not made

The foundation of precision medicine: integration of electronic health records with genomics through basic, clinical, and translational research

The members of the Genomics Workgroup in the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics network led the development of a Special Topic in Frontiers in Genetics titled " Genetics Research in Electronic Health Records Linked to DNA Biobanks 1". The paper by Crawford et al.describes the initial goal of eMERGE network that was to explore the utility of EHRs

Commentary: the expression of cd123 can decrease with basophil activation: implications for the gating strategy of the basophil activation test

A recent article by Santos et al.reported that the CD123/HLA-DR protocol used to gate basophils in an FC approach could be fully improved by considering the introduction of CD203c as a gating additional molecule, as they reported a degree of correlation between basophil activation and decreased expression of CD123 without making a direct causal link between both the

Episodic memory assessment and remediation in normal and pathological aging using virtual reality: a mini review

At the theoretical level, the use of VR in memory studies addresses the pivotal role of self-experience and bodily representation, raised by the embodied cognition framework, in supporting EM. In summary, some of the previous studies in healthy and pathological aging investigated the effect of the degree of interaction of the VR system on EM.

Editorial: the green side of the water cycle: new advances in the study of plant water dynamics

Editorial on the Research Topic The Green Side of the Water Cycle: New Advances in the Study of Plant Water Dynamics Dynamics within the water cycle is a crucial topic under current climate change conditions. To understand terrestrial ecosystems and their role in the water cycle, we need to characterize the uptake, storage and transport of water along

Advertising assignment

This paper will evaluate how well the Galvan Dental Care adverts complies with the requirements of the Texas Occupational Code, Texas Administrative Code, and the American Dental Association's Principles of ethics and code of professional code of conduct. 002 of the occupational code on the other hand deals with restrictions and the regulation of advertisement relating to the