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The nursing practice act of florida

Bennett March 22, 2013 Definition of nursing practice The performance of selected acts, including the administration of treatments and medications, in care of the sick, injured infirm and the promotion of wellness, maintenance of health, and prevention of illness of others under the direction of a registered nurse. Requirements for schools of nursing Be board certified Composition and

Perioperative nursing

The increasing number of nurse retirees is also indicative of the positive career opportunities for those who seek to become operating room nurses. Becoming a perioperative nurse requires academic training, skill, presence of mind and the ability to handle stress well.

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Management and organisational behaviour nursing essay

Mallory was given three months to focus on the areas that the review indicated needed the most improvement and I increased my coaching and support, assisting her develop goals and plans and working closely with the school-based committee, to whom Mallory also reported, to refine the role and assist Mallory and the school committee understand what was expected

Community-based health

Nursing: Community- based Health Introduction Studies such as those of De Villiers and Ndou have demonstrated that emotions that are negative result in unethical behavior on the side of the nurses and their incapability of creating the therapeutic associations of mutual respect, trust and caring needed for the protection of the ethical and legal rights of HIV patients.

Genetic risk factors

He was constantly exposed to fumes on the road following his career as a driver and spending most of the time on the road. According to Ondrus and Kanovsky, coronary artery diseases disease is brought by formation of occlusion on coronary vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the cardiac muscles.

Free essay about “embedded”

The work in the long-term care centers is the one that should deal with the emotional interaction between a patient and a nurse. As the patients need more special care it is important to forecast the problem of staff shortage and avoid the mechanical accomplishment of the work and overworking.

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Tidal model of mental health care recovery nursing essay

The best way of the nurse to assist the patient or client in this regard is to be a learner or an apprentice and the patient is the center or reservoir of information as the person is the expert of their own situation. The 10guidelines helps nurses and professionals to give care to mental distressed client by using

Critical thinking

The argument that the ability of a child to make decisions is based on age may be falsified, as it is possible that some adults too cannot make informed decisions. This means that one cannot measure the maturity of an individual based on age but should do so on a person's capacity to make decisions and give consent.

Nursing informatics

The integration of computers and information science into the nursing practice helps to enhance client care and the nursing profession. Electronic health records and use of computers is important for all health professionals, especially the nurses.

Proposal for a job description for clinical nurse specialist/educator

Job Proposal for Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Proposal for Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description and Responsibilities The Education- Portal defined a clinical nurse specialist as " a healthcare professional who specializes in a particular field of clinical nursing, such as adult critical care or neonatal clinical care. The role of a clinical nurse specialist or clinical nurse educator

Professional attributes necessary for midwives nursing essay

The profession of Midwifery is the ability to regulate itself and the development of a code of ethics is one way of being able to do this. Effective communication is essential between the midwife and the woman and her family members and the care and information being given by the midwife should be always be appropriate for the

Middle range theories

Upon instruction from the doctors that the patient was in acute need of food and nutrition, various scans and evaluations on the extent of damage to vital organs and tissues so as to determine the form of intervention that would be commensurate with the medical situation at hand. We had to be patient and show a practical depiction

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Nurse praqctitioner

Nurse practitioner due: Difference between primary and acute care Nurse Practitioners The primary care nurse has the freedom to either care for his personal patients or be hired to go after all patients in their practice living in nursing homes; while the acute care nurse practitioner especially the ones in the organ transplant services, provide examination, treatment and

Teaching/ learning process

At the start of the program, needs assessment can be used to decide the course content, while during the program; it assures the program goals and learners goals are being achieved, and permits any necessary changes in the program. At the end of the program, needs assessment may be used for setting up future directions for the program

Credibility: how leaders gain and lose it- why people demand it, kouzes and posner

Some of the issues talked about in this research included the qualities that people admire in their leaders, the discipline and principles which strengthen the credibility of a leader, and the various struggles that leaders face in order to meet the expectations of their constituents. In the first chapter of this book, the authors argue that leadership is

Journal article

The main aim was to determine the development of the brain structures so that appropriate clarifications could be made contrasting both normal and abnormal structure of the brain formation. What are the specific differences in the outcomes of nuchal translucency screening, maternal screening and combine screening in relation to the brain development of a fetus? 5.

Reflective learning journal

In addition to that, he discussed the critical pedagogy at his faculty meeting and they might use it as well. Another thing I discussed with my brother was developing a clear Syllabus and giving it to the student in the beginning of the semester.

Example of research paper on panic disorder

The system has indicated that the occurrence of the disorder could be as a result of the physiological effect of direct use or contact of substances such as drugs or medication. Statistics indicate that there is a tendency of the panic attacks to be hereditary since people of the same families have been observed to depict this condition

Critical appraisal-ebp

However, the article provides a description of the research method, which is a mixed method approach, indicating a limited sense of its appropriateness in relation to validity of data. This provides a proof to the readers regarding the validity of the results and the data collected.


Collaborating with social engines to allow the easier location of Bright Road Health Care System on the internet and having a high presence on facebook, twitter, and instagram with frequent information update, informative pieces of information, answering questions in a timely manner. Another strategy is developing a mechanism on the Bright Road Health Care System where the patient's

Caring in nursing, nursing standards

The job and goal of a nurse is to deliver clinical care and progressively work towards healing the patient. In conclusion, in order to be successful and implement effective nursing practice and theory, the client must be the center of focus.

Critical evaluation of denzin and lincoln’s comments

Quantitative data is used test a hypotheses and check the cause and effect, and to make a prediction while the purpose of the qualitative data is to understand and interpret social interactions. The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research.

Evaluation of collaborative care by cl

Evaluation of Collaborative Care by CL The introduction written by CL, provides a very clear picture of the issues of endocrine therapy as part of the treatment for hormone receptive breast cancer and providing an overview of what drugs are available, including what some of the side effects are. The Plan It is clear from CL's plan

The affordalbe care act

The backing of the congress widely dominated by the democrats saw the enactment of the Patient protection and Affordable care act of 2010. Obama is for the notion that every citizen has the right to obtain affordable and dependable health care, which is the responsibility of the Federal government to make sure efficient provision of the service.

The history and background of postpartum nursing essay

Thus, the goals of care during the postpartum period are to: promote the physical well-being of both mother and baby; support the developing relationship between the baby and his or her mother, father, and family; support the development of infant feeding skills; support and strengthen the mother's knowledge, as well as her confidence in herself and in her

Health care disparities in the united states

These strategies combined with others by the government are bound to be successful in eliminating health care disparities in the US. The similar theme is that exists in the assigned articles is that eliminating health care disparities is key in improving the general quality of health care provided in the US.

White paper

The Effectiveness of the White Paper in Educating the target Audience The basis of the constituents of the paper is the enlightenment of nurses on how they can use social media to improve the nursing profession and to serve patients appropriately. White Paper: A Nurse's Guide to the Use of Social Media.Web.

Examine the key principles related to risk management and discuss its theory associated with the role of the advanced scrub practitioner

Principles of risk management and its theory associated with the role of the ASP Principles of risk management and its theory associated with the role of the ASP ASPs provide skilled and competent assistance to surgeons, under the guided supervision of the surgeons. 1, pp.

Theory final

Nursing practice theories guide the nursing practice; it gives a guideline on the nature and endeavours of the profession. P, & Boore, J.R.

Managing hiv-hepatitis b coinfection needs

Appropriate treatment regimes must be continued to prevent the development of drug-resistant strains of the virus causing the coinfection. Aware of the vulnerability of HIV positive patients to HBV, treatment options contain the appropriate combination of drugs to control both viral infections.

Applying positive psychology in nursing practice nursing essay

Looking back to the scenario, the continuous attempt by the nurse for calling the doctor shows that she well understood the patient's concern and felt responsible to cater the need of patient at that point in time and when the situation was explained by the doctor, the efforts done by the nurse was applauded by patient. Thus it

Yoga therapy reduces depression symptom in adult patients with depression literature review

In order to contain the costs, Dhingra and Parle suggest that there is need to embrace the non-pharmacological interventions in the management of depression. The fact that the sample size used was small lowers the evidence level of the study, and makes it difficult to generalize the results in a wider population distribution.

Problems of the nursing teamwork

The results indicated that the majority of the study participants were observed highly not performing the element of " refusing to be monitored by other staff if needed" followed by the element of " asking other staff to confirm own work related opinion" which increased post program implementation and relatively gained small decrease three months later. They most

Discharge planning and processing of nursing care nursing essay

It is essential in the nursing care process of a patient with psoriasis to be educated and advised on how to live with the society, to avoid psychological torture and lastly to meet the prescribed medical instruction. Moreover in Medical care, the nurse give educational care techniques including assistance on the application of the medicine, monitoring the progress

Child and family health nursing

Enhancing Collaboration in Child and Family Health Nursing Enhancing Collaboration in Child and Family HealthNursing Problem Research findings on child and family health nursing reveal that there is poor collaboration among nurses, children and family members in health care. The inadequacy in collaboration among parties of child and family health nursing has led to lack of satisfaction for

A community based education nursing essay

The community, at large, will be able to utilize the Community-Based Education Project to strengthen their knowledge and understanding and will find the project to be a useful resource in their lives. The nurses would be responsible to report the community involvement, needs, and usefulness of the project to the Project Director.

The importance of informatics competencies in nursing

In Australia, there is a need for nursing students to acquire the skill in information technology with the same purpose of safe and quality care. One is that it contributes much to the success in the implementation of the electronic system in the field of health care.

Nursing practice research paper sample

Grand, Mid-Range or Situation Specific Introduction Nursing practice is defined by its fundamental characteristics of having to be deliberative, goal-oriented and work coordination for the purpose of enhancing healthful living, in which the nurses and the patients embodies the realities of human life, features and human agency. Situation-Specific or Micro-Range theories This is the narrowest theory in Clinical

The nurses role in promoting patient rights

Nurses Role in Promoting Patient Rights Nurses Role in Promoting Patient Rights Nurses play a significant role in the care of patients especially in advocacy. Nurses intercede in the best interest of the patient and ensure protection and comfort for those unable to communicate.

Example of research paper on bipolar 1 disorder

Studies have shown that more single and divorced people suffer from bipolar disorder, as compared to major depressive disorder; this could be due to the earlier onset of the condition, as well as the result of of the swing of moods on the relationship of a married couple. For the diagnosis of bipolar disorder I, with a single

Expert practice

Expert Practice Affiliation: Part The primary and most direct role of a CNS is nursing care and improving the patients' health outcomes. This article is very informative and provides an overview of most of the direct roles CNS provide in hospitals.

Hartman family: case study questions essay sample

The children are at a risk of suffering a heart disease if the disease is genetic in the family, and this underscores the need for the family nurse to ensure familial risk assessment is done for precautionary purposes. The family's strengths include the strong relationships among all family members and the availability of basic needs such as food,

Professional organization

In this case, AACN will be in equipping me with the necessary information that will enhance my capacity to advance my nursing education, research, and eventually my career. Through participating in this program, my experienced mentor will help me achieve the objectives of learning the approaches to become conversant with my roles as a nurse leader and build

Final project part iv: core competencies

Analysis of Similarities and Differences in Implementation of the Competencies of Nurse Educators and Nurse Practitioners In the following paragraphs, the brief analysis of core competencies on Nurse Educators and Nurse Practitioners has been established in terms of similarities and differences: 1. Nurse educators have the responsibility for crafting an environment in laboratory, classroom and clinical arrangements that


Research What are the challenges of ensuring the scientific rigor in qualitative research? The emphasis of this research is to examine the behavior of persons in their natural environment.

Community nursing

They are The Omaha System, NANDA international, Nursing Minimum Data Sets, Clinical Care Classification System, Nursing outcomes Classification, ABC codes, Nursing management Minimum Data Sets, Perspective Nursing Data Sets, International Classification for Nursing Practice, Nursing Interventions Classification, Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes and Systemized Nomenclature of Medical Clinical Terms. Standardized nursing languages: Essential for the nursing work

Library search

The Roles Of Unit Leadership And Nurse-Physician Collaboration On Nursing Turnover Intention. The Roles Of Unit Leadership And Nurse-Physician Collaboration On Nursing Turnover Intention.


Topic: The effective and efficient delivery of healthcare to depends on the ability of health providers to work in a team. In the hospital where I am working, there is yet so much to do to improve the relations of clinical teams and in bridging the healthcare professional's divide.

Hit terminology table

Health Care Terminologies and Standards Health Care Terminologies and Standards Introduction A standard coding system has wide acceptance as it relies on consistent terminologies for efficiency, reliability and interoperability. LOINC -Observation Identifier Names and Codes provides a universal code system that reports laboratory and other clinical observations in electronic messages such as health level seven observation messages.

The iom: the future of nursing

The IOM: The Future of Nursing Full Partner Being a full partner of a healthcare services means that you have right and responsibility in deciding what you need for your health through long-term support services and in planning how these services will be given to you. J, & Katigbak, C.&.

Why i want to be a nurse and my plan for the future in nursing

My Future Plan in Nursing I am a graduate of Borough Community College as an associate in nursing. I appreciate that leadership in nursing is a critical role that calls for endowment with the requisite knowledge to promptly make decisive decisions.

Nursing intervention for renal insufficiency

Nursing interventions for Adrenal Insufficiency Medical interventions are undertaken in a bid to improve healthcare services that consequently influence the quality of patients' life. On the same note, and in pursuit of the said interventions, the cause of adrenal insufficiency is precipitated.

Admission essay for nursing school

I realize that the program will pose a challenge to my stable life, but I also know that I am convinced that I need to accomplish the transition to nursing and willing to bear the burden. I believe that my determination is what will help me to succeed in the academic courses, and my working experience and excellent

Martha e rogers

Her view on what the requirements for nurses should be which had led her to her pursuit ofacademicachievements was rewarded with the position of professor of Nursing and head of the Division of Nursing a New York University in 1954. It is during this period that she developed a new theory - the science of unitary human beings,

Ebersole:toward healthy aging – dissertation example

Functions and importance of touch Ebersole explains the function of touch as enhancing closeness and intimacy in old age couples. Though not seen as a problem, it results in stress and emotional problems among the partners, with the man mostly affected.

Professional moral compass

Using the reading and the questionnaire ' My Nursing Ethic," the author's professional moral compass will be discussed together with the personal, cultural, and spiritual values of worldview and philosophy of nursing, values, morals, and ethics in the context of obligation to nursing practice, and own personal thoughts of morals and ethical dilemmas the author probably may face

Bipolar disorder thesis examples

The prevalence of the disorder is 1. A severe variant of the disorder, which manifests in rapid cycles and is difficult to treat, is common in women.

Spreading innovation

Spreading Innovation Spreading Innovation According to Pedersen and Johansen, espousing innovations is considered one of the fundamental techniques or methods of supporting quality and safety in healthcare. The innovation I found of particular interest is the used of text messages and nurse follow-up in an effort to enhance individual behavior or actions relating to self management.

Nursing research

Overall, the aim of using human subjects in research is to ascertain the safety of patients by developing interventions that were safe and promoting quality care. Importantly, nursing education institutions realize the effects of these changes in provision of care and provide opportunities for nurses to update their educational competencies.

Child abuse and maltreatment

Child Abuse and Maltreatment in Abuse Child abuse and maltreatment in toddlers Child abuse is not all about broken bones andbruises. Emotional abuse is when the parents rear the child with the aim of fulfilling their goals rather than those of the children.

Call midwife series 1 episode 5

Essentially, the idea is to aid people to become part of the influential group and to become being connected appropriately to the social structures of the society. The fact that nurses are trained on a wide range of issues related to care make them a viable source of help for disenfranchised people.

New procedure that physicians would like to adapt in the hospital

The third step in determining the scope of the new process would be to evaluate the professional opinions of other nurses with similar professional training. A new process must have a nursing remedy in case of further complications as a result of the new practice.

What my reason is for wanting to become a nurse

I was a child who attracted stray dogs, a small turtle who would not eat for a week, a butterfly with a bent wing, and a runaway lizard I tried to comfort while it was re-growing a lost tail. My calling and commitment to nursing is so strong in me that I can taste it.

Asian americans

Asian Americans Asian Americans The Asian Americans are referred to as the American community originating from Asia. A nurse should not forget to put in to consideration the Asian American cultural issues while providing health care services.

Essay on components of theory

The mainstay of the theory is the need for improving the independence of the patients so as to help accelerate the rate at which they outcomes improve while in the hospital. The theory poses a challenge to the nurses by emphasizing the basic needs of human beings and the role played by nurses in order to help the

Menopausal treatment

Most of the studies show that it is no effective in alleviating symptoms. However, it is uncomfortable to some of the women.

Applying the chronic illness trajectory framework to a past client

Application of Trajectory Framework in Management of Chronic Illness Application of Trajectory Framework in Management of Chronic Illness The reason for the use of a Trajectory framework is to provide an approach that is useful in the management of chronic diseases. They involve aspects revolving around the courses of the diseases, the technology used in the treatment, and

Pneumonia dq question

The high pH values are abnormal and are mainly experienced among patients with high blood pressure. The treatments are; hyperbaric oxygen therapy, surgery and step down therapy.

Nursing care plan

DiagnosticProcedures: The physical examination and the history of the exact details of the injury are the first steps in caring for a patient with head injury. Treatment and Prognosis: The treatment of head injury may be divided into the treatment of closed head injury and the treatment of penetrating head injury.

Curriculum development

Curriculum Development Curriculum Development Introduction ' The essentials of baccalaureate education for professionalnursing practice' and ' The essentials of master's education in nursing' are the two working papers published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The essentials of baccalaureate nursing and master's education in nursing play a significant role in guiding curriculum development in nursing.


This means that she lacks the transportation of adequate oxygen which is dependent on the number and circumstances of red blood cells, and the amount of hemoglobin the red blood cells have; thus displaying the symptom of no energy. This is done by the prescription of oral iron therapy, activity restriction, and diet adjustment.

Discussion post

Some of the popular themes used in DSME include the Health Belief Model and Social Cognitive Theory. Some of the predisposing factors of this condition include obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits.

Patient presenting with diarrhea

Appearance of blood in the diarrheal stool is the main risk factor in a patient of inflammatory bowel disease as the mucosal membrane is ulcerated. In contrast, patients presenting with sudden onset of signs and symptoms with a greater loss of the mucosa, the disease is termed as severe colitis.

Ethical principle of justice: how it relates to nursing research

Justice is important to research mainly because of the right to be informed and the fairness to be fully included/advocated for. Another step in designing a research study that includes proper justice consists of consistent privacy and the right to confidentiality.

Three strategies to meet learning needs of today’s online learners

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness of e-learning mainly lies with the appropriateness of the learning strategies intended for the needs of today's online learner and for the goals of the organization concerned. This also involves the quality of the design, operational feasibility of the system, and finally the range of learners' autonomy in the whole learning procedure.


The video provides an understanding of the various postpartum nursing assessments that need to be carried out in case of vaginal and cesarean deliveries in order to ensure that the mother is recovering well from the delivery and is not at risk of any postpartum hemorrhage. In case of C-section the mother is encouraged to change positions frequently

Swot analysis for endorsement of hospital-at-home care

Weaknesses Some of the weaknesses circulating hospital-at-home care include regional disparity and organizational, quality and scope of care, lack of education and awareness on hospital-at-home care among physicians and nurses and most widespread problems of hospitals that offer hospital-at-home care. The percentage distribution of hospital-at-home care activities also does not echo the likely complexity and multidisciplinarity of this

Discussion question

In the case of the five people in the provided situation, their ethical dilemma is the decision to either help the people downstairs or not. In addition, the doctor and Peter must follow the example of Margaret in saving the lives of other patients.

Dq comments

It would not be fair to find out that the students got too much of the theory and not enough of the practical. The planning should be carried out in way that it meets the goals of all these stakeholders.

Free case study about nursing

The interactions between the nurse and the patient during the time duration in which the patient had breakfast was sufficient for the nurse to make a full assessment on the level of awareness and alertness of the patient and come up with a viable conclusion on the general state of the patient in relation to alertness to himself

Culture and health promotion

Korean Cultural Group: Relaxation for with Psychosocial Illnesses Korean Cultural Group: Relaxation for with Psychosocial Illnesses Amongst the Koreans, the issue of mental illness receives a lot of stigmatization in the society. In meeting these needs, it is important to look at the cultural attributes of the Koreans, which involves taking yoga and relaxation mediations seriously for the

Continued professional development

In doing this, the researchers compare nursing experience to nursing education in order to determine which improves the quality of the practice thus the safety of patients. They easily conform to the changes in the practice and uphold the ethical standards all of which enhance both the safety of the clients thereby improving the quality of the practice.

Cultural presentation about the jewish customs in the healthcare environment

Cultural presentation about the Jewish customs in the healthcare environment Medical practitioners despite their proficient in delivering g excellent services to their patients, they should observe both cultural and traditional aspects of the patients. It is the mandate of the Jews to offer their patients the necessary pastoral care.

Evidence based practice

The findings of the study indicate that the bundled VAP, VAPB practices reduce the rates of VAP. In this study, McCarthy, Santiago and Lau appreciate the need for evaluating the efficacy of VAPBs against the common ventilator care practices using RCTs employing clinical outcomes like mortality rates, ventilator days and VAP rates as indicators.

Negligence/malpractice issues

There are a number of nursing negligence issues that lead to settlements or verdicts against nurses and in favor of patients/plaintiffs. Categories of nursing negligence that could result in a lawsuit include lack of working in accordance to values and principles that relate to care, and lack of employing and utilizing medical apparatus in an accountable and conscientious


Case Study Critique Case Study Critique-Hypertension case study In the case study in question, the has began with a presentation of the problem, an important aspect in any piece of work, as it serves to inform the reader about what to expect in the entire piece. The author is also very keen to give additional information on the

Chest trauma essay sample

Pathophysiology Injuries to the chest are often life-threatening and result in one or more of the following pathologic mechanisms: * Hypoxemia from disruption of the airway; injury to the lung parenchyma, rib cage, and respiratory musculature; massive hemorrhage; collapsed lungs; and pneumothorax * Hypovolemia from massive fluid loss from the great vessels, cardiac rupture, or hemothorax * Cardiac

Summary of psychiatric journal

The researchers seek to measure the outcome or success of hourly nursing rounds by analyzing patient satisfaction scores, the variance in the number of patient requests at the nurses' station as well as the number of complaints made by patents. Thus, the researchers pinpoint that the introduction of hourly rounds on psychiatric wards are beneficial in the mental

Role transistion

Collaborative Conflict Resolution Collaborative Conflict Resolution Collaborative conflict resolution targets at helping individuals in satisfaction achievement of their needs in constructive means. Various tools are used in the resolution of such issues and they include mediation, using psychotherapy, and involving collaborative law, which help solve a broad range of conflicts.

Cranbery supplements as prophylactic treatment

The further anticipated outcome will be the reduction in the frequency of antibiotics prescribed or there will also be a reduced need to escalate the dosage and class of an antibiotic. Further decreased need to escalate the dosage and class of an antibiotic also implicate that chances of antibiotic resistance would not be high, if cranberry supplements are

Nursing management

Some of my main responsibilities on the ward includes the assessment of care needs for patients, the development of programmes of care and their implementation and valuation and most importantly carrying out all relevant forms of care without direct supervision, and demonstrate procedures to, and supervise qualified and unqualified staff and contribute to the overall good of the

Necessity of nursing

The Necessity ofNursingAssistants to Improve the Quality of Patient Care Introduction The quality of care received by patients is of fundamental importance to healthcare organizations. Investing the time and cost to educate and develop the internal resources of the facility will increase the capabilities of the AN.