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Plenty of educational establishments require a considerable extent of knowledge of geography from their students. For these institutions, it is important to understand that the undergraduates and masters perceive reality properly. This is a foundation for solid orientation among the related disciplines. To that end, tutors often ask one to write an essay on parts of the world proficiently. It is crucial to apply the best academic practices to produce a significant assignment in this regard. At first glance, the topic may seem easy and clear. Nevertheless, there are several essential points that can cause unclarity and reduce your grade. Below, the complexity of the topic and significance of our free samples in this regard will be explained.

Parts of the World Theme

The entire dry land of the Earth’s surface is subdivided not only into continents but also into parts of the world. In everyday conversation, they are often confused. Perhaps because there are six continents so as parts of the world. However, the concepts of “continents” and “parts of the world” are completely different not only in meaning but also in the time of their origin.

People began to divide the land into parts of the world in ancient times, much earlier than on the continents. What is more, parts of the world are areas of land that were identified by scientists based on their knowledge of the history, culture and geography of these regions of the Earth.

The number of parts of the world changed as people, studying their planet, discovered more and more new lands. Now there are six parts of the world:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • America
  • Australia
  • Antarctica

Parts of the World Today

The boundaries of parts of the world are designed appropriately. They include the whole or the parts of four continents, as well as adjacent islands. The concept of “part of the world” is sometimes considered outdated. However, this is far from the case; it continues to play a very important role in people’s lives.

For example, in Europe, most states, while remaining independent, have united in the European Union for joint economic activities. The Union even has its own government – the European Parliament. Countries located in other parts of the world cannot be accepted into this Union. There are other associations of states based on the principle of belonging to a certain part of the world. In America, it is the Organization of the American States, which includes 35 countries. In Africa – the African Union, which includes 53 countries.

Parts of the World Samples

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Quiz 2 essay examples

In the fall of 1885, all Chinese inhabitants were demanded to leave their homes in Seattle and Tacoma by November 1.5)." Undesirable" Asian immigrants for the purpose of becoming a forced laborer or engaging in prostitution.1). Chinese immigrants initially came to America to work in gold mines and are known for their pivotal role in constructing railroads in

Asian values and human rights book review sample

In the first paragraph of page 30 of the paper, he glosses over the matter of ideological and cultural interpretations to the issue of human rights. This is that the whole concept of universal human rights is subject to the various cultural and ideological interpretations that are present in the world.

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Good example of book review on comparison

Article Review: African Theology - Roman Catholic, and Asian Theology Roman Catholic in Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource for the Worldwide Church The two articles being reviewed and compared here are African Theology Roman Catholic, and Asian Theology - Roman Catholic, both taken from the Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource for the Worldwide Church, edited by

The financial service sector of india

In the course of the most recent couple of years, money related markets have seen a huge expanding and developing of administration bushels with the presentation of a few new instruments and items in managing an account, protection and capital markets space. Because of ascend in interests in the Common Assets and other money related instruments, the incomes

Development of indian civilization

The architectural field of the building in the early history of the Indian civilization began basically with the use of land resources and the skills of wood and bricks. The contribution of India Civilization in term of city planning is the ability to create a planned city like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa requires a combination of expertise either from

Competitive exams age limit in pakistan

The fact of the matter is that in Pakistan a huge inequality exist when it comes to the facilities of standard education and economic opportunities. All they need is a bit more Relaxation in the upper age limit for appearing in Competitive exams.

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Good research paper on central asian throat singing music

The undertone produced in the process is half the frequency of the pitch produced by the vocal folds. The pitch of the sound is affected by the length of the air column or string and by the frequency of the vibrations.

China chilli pepper festival

Imagine watching 10+ people with 50 Tabasco chili peppers surrounding them, they are literally in a pool of chilli, but they wear protection so the chilli's will not irritate their skin, they hold a plate in front of them and put 50 chilli's in it, they have a little over a minute to eat all of the peppers.

The issue of difficult road and traffic conditions in india

Nowadays road accidents are major issue in most of the counties, one of the reason of road accident is due to irregularities of the road surface and high speed of driving. In order to detect potholes, the method trains the SVM with a set of pavement images.

Farming in india and emerging challenges

Becoming farmer does not indicate they do not have role in the nation, since they are the person who have access to control and oversee the truth from the farm. In the authentic sense of this period, a farmer is the real bread giver of the nation.

Free research paper on why east asia did not become an economic bloc

3 The U.S.has contributed to the lack of concerted efforts of the East Asian regional nations to form a regional trade bloc. 4 The U.S.also recognizes the fact that closer economic integration of the regional powers like Japan and China is difficult to achieve.

The impact of social media on adolescent mental health and well-being in singapore

In a study conducted by the University of Leicester, adolescents viewed Social Media as detrimental to their mental well-being despite reporting that it can help to connect people and be a source of support. Despite the surge in adolescent use of Social Media, little research can be found on the negative impacts of these social sites on adolescent

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Prospects of future development of india in 2020

It should be Unique In 2020 we will see a new face of India, it's developing rapidly and reaching new milestones. The first Virtual bank in India named as " PAYTM" is introduced and now you can same small mobile application, in mobile of every Indian to full-fill basic needs.

Mob lynching: the brain-teaser of instant justice

Mob murder is popularly labeled as instant justice, by the supposed protectors of law or the vigilantes, as a result of they believe their actions to be the requirement of the hour and needed to try and do the justice so as to safeguard the potential alterations within the social norms and traditions.there's a way of confidence within

Comprehensive analysis and review of china in dance company

One thing that I noticed was that she used a really long ribbon that had the colors of red, orange, and yellow on it. For the lighting, it was white with a black background.

Zekkyou gakkyu manga by ishikawa emi: the life of japanese high school students

However, the reader finds out in the end, after trying to give him the chocolate that she was actually the one blackmailing the couple and ends up killing them both thinking she was the victim of everything that happened. Due to the fact that they were not together yet, she might have been considering confessing to him by

A threat of dengue fever in malaysia

The occurrence of dengue has escalated 30-fold in the time frame of 50 years. Research Since dengue has no definite cure, prevention is crucial in maintaining the health and safety of individuals.

The separation of spaces and cultures in mumbai

The new economic, political and social conditions created by globalization affected new forms of affiliations and contestations among the Marathi speaking middle and upper classes, the non-Marathi speaking elites and middle classes, and the masses. These interests have been very important in reframing the culture and the spaces of the city of Mumbai.

Canadian immigration law and policies with india research paper sample

That marked an important stage in the immigration laws and policies governing immigration of Indians to Canada. Regardless of the improvement in immigration laws and policies, security issues continue to be given a lot of weight.

Children problems faced by teachers in singapore

A gender diverse child may express themselves in many different ways and it is important for teachers to be sensitive to gender diverse children and understand that everyone, no matter how different they are should be treated with respect and equality. Once the adults in the school are able to respect and tolerate one another, understanding each other's

Gemstone & diamonds auctions

The various minerals in the stones are rare combination depicting different patterns from the stone leading to extraordinary display of colours. One of the largest alexandrite was displayed at auction in Dubai in 2016, and the combination of minerals and extreme temperatures required for the formation of the stone make it scare.

A critical essay on “the political affiliations and biases of the philippine news media”

" The Political Affiliations and Biases of the Philippine News Media" talks about the biases of the Philippine News Media. In relation to this, it talks about how these biases affect the voters and the rest of the country when it comes to determining which issues are more important.

Asian americans and the rise of the national security state research paper example

The development of the atomic bomb, popularly known as the Manhattan project was done in with the intention of protecting the interests of the American nation, but the process was kept away from the allies of the United States in the war. National security state contributed to the acceptance of Asian Americans into the mainstream military and changed

The need for parks in bangladesh

Recently the view regarding the necessity of parks and recreation in people's life has changed and the idea of it's contribution to social and personal life has developed. Therefore, the importance of proper design for such parks and also the investment can mark a change in the output that is healthier and active people and future generations.

Main features of japan for tourism

The oldest temple in Japan, the Horyuji Temple in Ikaruga, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In Japan, fast food is a rarity, as healthy food is accessible and very affordable, as it is part of life." The food was excellent", Mark says." It was so fresh and ready to go.

Significance of theatre in the history of western and eastern countries

The differences in theatre are quite noticeable when concerning the culture involved and the time period in which the different types of theatre are practiced. The typical Kabuki stage is wide and has a relatively low proscenium the portion of the stage in front of the curtain.

Free pursuit of happiness essay example

The American perception on the pursuit of happiness would be deduced back to the Declaration of Independence. That resulted to the American Revolution that has turned out to be the major play in setting the cultural beliefs of individual happiness for the Americans.

My memories about indian culture & religion

I was angry that the gods would allow this to happen to me. When I tried to convince myself that I was not alone my inner voice of reason, failed to agree." Amal, I need you to go to the market.

Antares arduino-based necessity-terminating autonomous reconnaissance system

Highlighting the need for the improvement regarding disaster management plans in the country, this study is conducted to construct an autonomous system capable of outputting an alarm, sending a distress signal to registered phone numbers, and disabling utility lines in the event of a disaster to prevent further damage within affected areas. The researchers proceeded to conduct tests

Term paper on foreign direct investments in asian economies

The paper discuss the FDI regime in Asian economies, related policy reforms and attempts to understand the challenges being faced by Asian economies in their attempt to liberalise themselves and allow free flow of funds in the form of FDIs. In the Asian economies, China leads the FDI growth and is the preferred FDI destination.

Indian drama and women rights

My endeavour to re-define the canon of Indian Drama is an attempt to question the politics of power as also the high intellectual and artistic quality of the work as the criteria for canonization. Hence, I would like to help in the creation of the demand for the opening up of the canon of Indian English Drama and

The true opinion by plato : a review of gettier’s approach and questionare essay

A prominent figure in the ancient history of Greek philosophy, Socrates was one of the founders of the Western Philosophy and Plato's philosophies were somewhat influenced by his classic realms and approach to knowledge. In the Plato's discussion the " justification" is strong enough to live up to the true belief as knowledge, it has to be a

Broken blossoms and the cheat essay sample

Tori also uses his wealth as the main source of power and has been shown to use this wealth as power throughout the film, especially when he takes charge of henchmen for capturing and holding the American lead character in the movie.he is played by an actual Asian. 29 January 2012.

Singapore as the ‘most forward-looking’ country in the world

For example, Singapore offers one of the world's most established systems for the protection of a firm's intellectual property, ranking 4th and 9th in the world for IP protection and environment respectively. These achievements stem from a coordinated move by the government to promote development and registration of IP in the country and provide firm legal frameworks for

Economy situation in asia affects the growth of international business

Weak demand in developed countries and a slowing Chinese economy are likely to weigh on economic growth in East Asia in the outlook period. 9 per cent in 2011 to 4.

The status of spatial data infrastructure in vietnam

Geo-information is the powerful source in providing instance entrance to huge amount of data and scopes to abuse, to misguide, and to enter the privacy of each sector in a greater scale than ever before. Lack of policies and Planning of Framework is a common barrier to the implementation of NSDI in many countries.

Deaths of journalists in india

On the evening of 5 September when she was returning from office, two gunmen on a motorbike came and shot 7 shots on her, out of 7 lankesh got wounds with 3 gun shots two on chest and one on head and after that she was dead. After the death of lankesh now the family was surrounded by

Multicultural education essay examples

The aim of this article was to help the teachers to know and understand the behaviors and values of the Asian students so that they can lead and instruct them more effectively. The argument is that the teachers should accept the students as they are and try to understand more about them.

Free essay on drug control in central asia

This is the focus of the video entitled " Drug Control in Central Asia" discussing the issue of illegal drug trade in five central Asian countries namely Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. It is apparent that the major dilemma of the five countries are the existing structure of policies and control measures that will enable them to

Review of literature on the influence of global media on pakistan

Juni in his paper " Impact of Global Media on the Culture of Pakistan" stated that Pakistan is not a developed country and it is verily facing negative effects of mass media, Pakistan is readily being influenced by the west media and entertainment channels replacing the Pakistani culture by others. Khan and Arif showed in their work "

The influence of nanocomposite carbon additive on tribological behavior of cylinder liner

The effects of the content and load of the Nanocomposite Carbon additive on the tribological properties of the friction pair were investigated. The morphology and EDS analysis of the wear scar of the cylinder liner were used to explore the Nanocomposite Carbon.

Did china follow the east asian development model

Four are selected for discussion: the almost constant encouragement given to investment, the manufacturing sector and external competitiveness, and pursued via a variety of fairly interventionist industrial, trade and financial policies; a concomitant belief in the virtues of intense domestic and foreign competition; a set of broadly sensible and appropriate macroeconomic policies; and a number of favourable conditions,

Susan mccormick

Some of the cons are that smaller domestic firms lack the resources to compete with the big international companies and may be forced out of business. All the traveling of the people and the goods from country to country could spread infectious diseases that are extremely deadly.

Women under zia’s government

Sabyn tells that the General starts his mission with the help of coercive apparatus then perpetuates the power with the help of the ideological apparatus. His government took the country to the darkness and the slogan of people changed to " What does Pakistan stand for?

Modernity & traditional seoul, korea

As a result, the city of Seoul obtain the existence of both modernity and traditional within the same scenario. This results in irresponsibility among Koreans and dependent towards the government to take care of their parents and elders.

Contemporary indian drama “theatre of india”

We have different kinds of theatre in different regions of our country, for instance we have yakshagana in Karnataka, ramleela in the north, jatra in Bengal then tamasha in Maharashtra and krishnatam in kerala. The theatre or drama should be in terms of social influence it should be meaningful and relevant which I saw in the documentary.

Developments in mongol-ming china essay examples

While the Mongol empire was continuing with its advance of trying to take over the China, he was able to make adjustments in the reforms in that he was able to separate the powers of the military and the civil. He was also able to make a lot of changes for the Mongol people.

Education & training sector in india: education system

It is a culture of meditation, worship of many gods and is a culture with a belief in reincarnation and karma, as well as the human goal of ending reincarnation because to be reborn on Earth is to reenter a world of suffering. The educational system in India is not prepared to deal with disability and does not

Similarities and differences between the uk and singapore for the hofstede’s cultural dimensions of individualism and masculinity

In this essay, I will discuss the similarities and differences between the UK and Singapore for the cultural dimensions of Individualism and Masculinity, then, give some advices to people who from Singapore need to adjust to living in the UK culture. The UK is a very independent and masculine country, but Singapore is a country with " We"

Essay on gender and cultural stereotypes in m. butterfly

Butterfly, Hwang subverts gender and cultural stereotypes by shattering the illusions of these stereotypes and revealing that a female is actually male and that the Asian male has used the Caucasian male. The play begins in the present, and the character Gallimard establishes in the first two scenes of Act 1 that he is in prison and was

Missing : 163 million women by mara hvistendahl essay samples

The essay " Missing: 163 Million Women" by Mara Hvistendahl discusses the basic sexism of a world in which women are shrinking in Asia and elsewhere in the world. The author paints a clear picture of a world without women in the US, saying that the loss of the same 163 million women in the US would mean

The story of a tsunami

Aiko appreciated Tadashi for helping her, Tadashi asked where she was going she said to the west because to meet her family and tsunami is coming this way, Tadashi was kind to ask if she wanted a ride to the west of Tokyo because he's dropping his passengers there. Eventually, Tadashi and the passengers got to the west

Overview of courier industry in india

The monetary development in the nation and the ensuing exchange development will be essential development driver for the courier business. In view of the development gauges for the business, the worker base of the business, immediate and backhanded, is relied upon to develop to 17.

World vital to the immune system defense against

World hunger is defined as the scarcity of food that is on a global level and often split into two types of malnutrition. With protein being necessary for crucial body functions such as the development of muscles and supplying of necessary amino acids, it is critical to the developing body.

Free essay on asian american identity

This further illustrates on the effects in the context of the societal overview in relationship to how the two cultures got interfered and consequently the adoption of the various concepts from one another. The concept of Indian American identity seems to entangle in the context that the various aspects of one culture are in the general consent borrowing

Gender discrimination in south asia research paper example

The issue of gender discrimination is one of the major impediments in the south Asia apart from poverty which is the chief source of all other problems in the lives of these people that stay here. The people of India at large and the entire south Asia value the boy child than the girl child In this research,

Security of journalists in india

As we discussed above the cases of Indian journalists where they were dead in some cases the Assailants shoots them in front of their houses and some other was died when they cut their throat but in every cases it was clear that why they were killed although in gauri lankesh's case the judgement is still pending but

Tribalism and the naga society

The Naga Hoho must review and revise its mandate with an aim to concentrate more on the pan- Naga rather than local issues affecting individual Naga tribes. Issues related to inter-bloc disputes could be referred to the Naga Hoho and the same could also be discussed in forums like the FNR and the Joint Naga Peace Mission.

Differences between cultures in different geographical areas essay example

Religion varies culture in a way that people in different religions have different cultures. In the countries that have inland lakes or border the ocean people, eat fish.

Mobile technologies in china

Due to the fact that the longest step in the consumer journey for Chinese consumers is the searching phase, it is the immersion in " a discovery-driven online world" created by certain brands that Chinese consumers increasingly seek. When they embark in the searching journey, Chinese consumers expect multiple personalise, up to date and customize interactions generated by

Rape tokyo trials to prosecute japanese war

During the Nuremberg trials, for instance, Charles Dubots, the French prosecutor, presented eyewitnesses, affidavits and depositions that confirmed that German soldiers used rape in concentration camps and in occupied France to attack and repress the resistance. It was not until 1998, that rape was prosecuted as a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former

Volunteer report in silver ribbon singapore

For our mid-term project, we have decided to volunteer our time to raising funds to support the Silver Ribbon Singapore, as we believed in their vision and mission, and that more awareness needs to be spread about positive mental health, in order to prevent people from judging others, or for those who are affected, to prevent them from

Free essay on the state of japan

Calls upon the other countries of East Asia and from around the world to help convince North Korea that war is indeed a bad option, and will have harmful consequences not only to them and South Korea but also for the rest of the world; 5. Reminds North Korea that any ties we have with them can be

Reports on the made-in-india cellphone brands

With the organization's push to " Make-In-India", we have seen a diminishment in commitments and a take-up in benefits for producers making phones in India. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has furthermore made a couple of proposals for progression of adjacent collecting in India.

Government schemes in promoting women entrepreneurship in india

Several programs for developing Women Entrepreneurs have been conducting by the Office of DC, the various State Small Industries Development Corporations, the nationalized banks and even NGOs. Various recognition measures starts and provide incentives for women entrepreneurs such as a special prize to " Outstanding Women Entrepreneur" of the year is being given.

Development of a water filter in rural cambodia

Additionally, the villagers can be employed as workforce for the construction of the filter, this will prolong the lifespan of the filters and allow the villagers to construct a new filter when needed. As the main personnel in the production of food, farmers occupy a relatively important position and the design for the water filter will bring many

Envision of the future: faisalabad now and in 2028

The juxtaposition of ethnic and economic merger of this city boosted with the access of road transport through motorway and the evolving didactic base. He said that FDA has been ordered to set up the ground-breaking strategy of Faisalabad and he has depended on this activity to an entrenched designing organization.

“ramchand pakistani” (2008) vs “main hoon na” (2004)

The film " Ramchand Pakistani" is the Pakistani drama and the social problem film which is in urdu language. But the one issue that is common in both the movies is about those innocent prisoners in both the countries.

The modern illegal drug trade essay

In order to provide a clearer picture of the current state of the problem in drug trafficking, an overview of the prevailing situation will be discussed along with the analysis that will provide perspectives in drug-trafficking networks in the aforementioned regions. However, the increasing presence of the illegal drug trade in the world market poses a threat to

Lack and feeling to others. freedom of speech

It is, therefore, a basic right." Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek and receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers" proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Freedom of speech first was established back in the

Republic of india

Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west;[d] China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma and Bangladesh to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and

The attitude to family in chinese culture and cherokee indians

The Cherokee Indians are one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States of America. The women's roles are to take care of the house, farm, and her family.

Unemployment and it’s situation in asia:

Unemployment and it's situation in asia: Introduction: Statement of problem: Unemployment is the number of employees who are at least 16 years old, who are not working, and who have been trying to find a job. Objective of the study: Major objectives of our study related to this term paper are to discuss: * Major causes of unemployment

Singapore’s economy dependence on transport

Although land constraints cast doubt on the addition of rail infrastructure, but with complementation from the bus system and the growing sharing economy in providing last mile solutions, extensive connectivity is possible. And the transformation project carried out in Jurong will only be realised in 2040 which given the rapid development of technology, is incredibly long a frame.

The imf and the east asian crisis essay examples

In this paper we discuss the views of Professor Stiglitz [Stiglitz, 2002; Stiglitz, 2002] on the IMF's role in the East Asian crisis that emerged at the turn of the century. The idea behind this restructuring was to restore the macroeconomic imbalance which, according to IMF is the primary cause of the crisis in the East Asian countries.

Rising crime against women in india

Apart from all this there is the inability and unwillingness of the state machinery to act in a manner as to collect evidence in order to prove rape. Of late, the movement is emphasising the rising trend in child rape, and demanding new legislation to combat the trend.

Good example of research paper on association of southeast asian nations (asean)

The study on economic development can be traced back in the earliest at the end of the Second World War were the respective academics and policy developers are largely debated the essence role of the public policy of some of the developing economies. The notion on whether there is an Asian model of development is established during the

  pm’s speech on asean founding anniversary (14/08/2012)   | |

The following is the full text of the statement: Today, we join other Governments and people of ASEAN member countries in celebrating the 45th anniversary of the foundation of ASEAN. Following four and a half decades of continued expansion of cooperation and promotion of integration, ASEAN has forged an important standing in the region and the world with

Vidhyut control india private limited

I was working in a make of Electrical Control Panelscompany and assembling of extra parts which takes after every one of the rules of Institute of Chartered Account of India for its bookkeeping reason a particular way. VidhyutControl is a private ltd.organization set up in 1995 and the date of Incorporation is 15 March 1996.

Critique aa and interact with dna directly. there

This articlelooks to find evidence on whether or not the exposure of Aristolochic acids would decrease, following the ban in Taiwan for herbal remedies containingthe AA signature. Although the evidence of a decrease in the AA signature wasnot the result.

Edward said – orientalism essay

He suggested that producers of knowledge could extricate themselves from Orientalist discourse, and the power relations it constructs, by acknowledging the inextricable " interdependence" of East and West, by recognizing the inescapably " hybrid" nature of all forms of culture, and by developing the ability to think " sympathetically" about " others" rather than just about " us."


Known as the State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qa? ar, is an Arab emirate, in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Beginning in 1992, Qatar has built intimate military ties with the United States, and is now the location of U.S.

Visual and cultural analysis on “your name”

This essay will try to analyze the movie from both the visual aspect involving the art style and visual technics like CGI used in the movie and the matical aspect involving cultural and social context. If the visual aspect is the appearance of the work, then the story is the soul of the work.

Tadanori yokoo’s japanese style of art

The government believes westernization would bring fortune, as part of the project and design was one of the measures used in shaping a westward style of living. Yokoo's unique visual language was a display of rejection towards the clean and geometric international style that grew during the 60s.

Travel partner to see indian heritage

The Taj Mahal tours India is one of our best sellers that attracts tourists from all around the world. The Taj Mahal tours Agra is one of the favourites of all.

The book of esther essay

The Persian Kings that ruled the Persian Empire were able to do their job successfully, deal with problems they faced, and keep their empire culturally vast because of the methods that they used to rule. In the Book of Esther one of king Achashvairosh's advisors Haman took advantage of his power and influence over the king to authorize

The problem of iron-deficiency anemia in india

According to the WHO, almost 100% of the population of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is iron-deficient, meaning this district has the highest prevalence of disease in India. To better understand our target population in Coimbatore, we reviewed data collected by the Census of India and performed a literature search on the people of Coimbatore.

Power in southeast asia – examples

Unlike that of the Western regions, where power is more of a concept and is intangible, power in Southeast Asia is more concrete and real. Thereafter, advantaged by its location on the northwest shore, Angkor relied successfully on trade of its wet-rice agriculture to produce great amounts of wealth, enough to support a population of a million people

Denial of modernism in post-war japan

The fall of the Empire of Japan in 1947 and the American occupation that occurred after Japan's surrender in World War 2 had resulted in the creative youths of Japan denying the modernization that it brought in traditional Japan." Koshimaki Osen Bokyaku-hen" was a print designed for Jokyo Gekijo, one of the many angura theatre that rose to

Education in engineering in china

The Master level Engineering programs in China are led in English and Chinese dialect while the universal understudies normally pick English instructed programs making it simple for the understudies to ponder in China. You can essentially indicate your need of the Master program being educated in English in China and MOKSH advisors would return to you with the

Air asia essay

In this study case of Air Asia, low price was the smartest marketing strategy Air Asia used. This worked to the advantage of the company now it could penetrate a bigger market and target a wider pool of customers.

Macroeconomic stability of hpae countries reports example

The country was in ruins after the war and had to confront lack of physical and financial resources. All these countries were at various stages of development after the war, but, through emphasis in people and resources, they were able to attain high performing economy.

Idcol’s subsidized solar home system (shs) program in bangladesh

The factors such as sales of SHS at a lower price in the unregulated open market, a significant expansion of grid connection by Rural Electrification Board, and the free distribution of SHS under KABITA and TR programs as well as an absence of new demand are thought to be responsible for the current dwindling situation of the SHS