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I don’t want to be nice, i want to be me

Therefore, I reasoned, I was not lovable and nice. And if I wanted to please the adults around me, I would have to continue to be nice.

The irony in the philosophical ideologies of socrates

The question that Socrates poses about Achilles " Surely you do not suppose that he thought about death and danger?" is revealed to be ironic in light of the entire portrait of Achilles, particularly given his additional curse against death as portrayed in the Odyssey. Although the principles that Socrates upheld were in great opposition to the ideals

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Maya lin: a personal reflection

The first noticeable visual element in the piece, line, is clearly seen in the sculpture through the shapes of the children that are placed in a forward and relatively straight-looking line. For children, these elements work together to seemingly express the ideas of fun, joy, and a sense of play as they see fellow playing children in the

Honesty, the best policy

Honesty can be the foundation for a well operating relationship, not only that, it nourishes the lifetime of most people, and it also builds the trust that is needed for most relationships. It never involves cheating and lying to others in life.it's an ethical behavior supported honesty and free from all the evil motives.

Finding the right outlook on the future in biblical readings

On the topic of being present, much emphasis is being placed on this today, in the church and in the world. Jesus' exhortation to us to not worry about tomorrow could be, in part, a way to save us from the resulting depression it can bring into our lives.

Life as we know it

Full of hurdles and hardships along the way because life is not easy and the best way to overcome a problem is to face it and keep moving. Do not hesitate for a second that your life is the hardest to live with.

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Sport psychology – internal attribution

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, the work in classroom settings of John Nicholls, Carol Dweck, Martin Maehr and Carole Ames provided the early foundation for the understanding of achievement goals in sport when two distinctive achievement goals were identified based on the definition of personal competence: task and ego goals or, in other words, mastery and

William james and stanley hall contributions to functionalism

Prior belief of the folks was that we see a bear, we get frightened and then we run due to that sensation of fear however in line with William James physical response occur before the manifestation of emotions. It is important to maintain good environment for the development of healthy habits because teen agers seek new things and

Integrity – a way of life

The scams and scandals that form our newspapers' headlines and become the subject of conversation in households lead to the erosion of the faith the society has, and continues to need to have, in our democratic institutions. The cynicism that all are tainted with the same brush of immorality leads to a form of parasitic normalcy where corruption

The blind side – secrets of good people

Therefore, this reproduces relations of power and dominance in society as the African Americans are being stereotyped in a negative way which disempowers them. This is seen through how the White Americans in which are the dominant group, are empowered throughout the film, being represented to be of a higher social class and how the African Americans rely

Analysis of socrates’ definition of justice

The philosopher-king is the rational part of a man as he is able to make the decisions that are best for oneself, while the tyrannical part only seeks to satisfy its own desires, at the cost of anything, making him unjust. In order to understand and know what pleasure really is, one must focus more on the learning-loving