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The tradition of war poetry

This poem has a similar quality to that of ' Henry V' in that he compares the war to a game, and the fact that in both, you have to work as a team. The belief at the start of the war was that it would be short, and many of the recruitment poems play on this.

The blues of langston hughes and his importance in modern poetry

In addition to race and racism playing a key role as to why he is not read as often as he should, powerful critics and scholars often show little interest in black America, and as a result his work is not celebrated in the way it should be. It often follows the form in which a statement is

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Identity and isolation from society: evaluating emily dickinson’s poetry and ‘spirited away’

Chihiro replies to this: ' I would like to leave, sir; there's some place I need to go to right away, please.' By challenging the norms of her society and rejecting the gold, Chihiro rejects the idea of using material objects to construct the worth of herself, instead focusing on her own values and what is important to


The speaker takes a bath, washes the pans and plates, and spends idle time sitting by the window.2. On a Sunday evening, the cars that spent relaxation time in the countryside return to the city to bring their passengers back to work/school again.3.

The influence of drugs on early beat poetry

Although beat poetry is known in the literary community as a radical approach to literary genius, there is evidence to show that early beat poets such as Allen Ginseberg, Neal Cassady, and William Burroughs may have been influenced and affected by marijuana, amphetamines, and opiates while creating the literature that is now considered the foundation of beat poetry.

Chapter 9 poetry questions

Chapter 14, The Sounds of Poetry Pages 785-788, Edgar Allen Poe, " The Raven What is the frame of mind or soul of the speaker at the beginning? In paragraph 17 of his essay " The Philosophy of Composition," Poe draws his reader's attention to several aspects of the poem, especially the refrain, the progression of the speaker's

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Robert frost: poet, icon, legend essay

Frost's most valuable contribution to American Literature was his ability to relate to the common man through his writing; this was accomplished through his masterful blending of traditional iambic pentameter with common speaking rhythms to create free verse. Although his writing was not autobiographical, Frost was heavily influenced by nature and the tragedy in his life.

The most successful poet amongst students within the sheffield college essay

Her abilities as a writer are remarkable as she gives the reader a fascinating but shocking incite into slavery and the oppression of black people by the whites. This accolade brought her to the attention of a wider audience and is an obvious indicator to the quality of her poetry.

Poetry comparison: mental cases and disabled by wilfred owen

The two poems ' Disabled' and ' Mental Cases', both written by Owen, are about war and cover similar but also very different situations.' Disabled' displays the thoughts and feelings of a young man who has lost his limbs after suffering the injuries of war.' Mental Cases', on the other hand, captures the damage to men's minds as

Poetry analysis

In " Batter my heart, three-personed God, for You", John Donne uses the poetic devices of tone and rhythm to emphasize the desire and passion the speaker has for growing closer to God. The use of internal rhyme is being used in " The Flea"- making it easier to understand the theme and speaker's feelings.

Literary devices and their use in poetry

The study guide suggests that selective deviation occurs in a work where the majority of the language used is conventional, but the poet will select a word, phrase or sentence and rearrange the syntax so that the particular word, phrase or sentence is accentuated. The lines of the poem are spaced in such a way that they give

Literary techniques poetry analysis flashcard

In the following example, the repetition of the ' f sound in the first two lines lends them a rhythmic and musical quality: The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, The furrow followed free: We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea. Rhyme Rhyme is usually accepted as the repetition of an accented vowel

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Aesthetic differences between chinese and western poetry

The reader of the poem sees the similarity in the natural description and the human condition, and comes to a new awareness of each by this contrast. Secondly, from a lingual perspective, the languages of poem is quite succinct and the information in one unit structure.

Poetry analysis the famous blue raincoat by leonard cohen

The tearing at the shoulder of the raincoat suggests the passage of time, vulnerability, and also the inability perhaps to " shoulder" responsibilities like fidelity. Maurice Ratcliff in The Complete Guide to the Music of Leonard Cohen suggests that since Cohen has admitted that the title refers to a " Burberry" raincoat he owned himself, perhaps the letter

Trend in contemporary british poetry by adeel salman flashcard

It remains the case twenty years later that there is a strong hint of the majority of the English poets to rediscover their ' Englishness' as a poet, and at the same time the presence of the various other cultures ensures that their remains a deep variety in the creative material. But a walk down the memory lane

Dual consciousness in hughes’ poetry

The acknowledgement of the existence of a degree of freedom is significant in that it portrays the ability of blacks to express themselves, much as the author is doing in this poem. This allusion is referring to the foundation of plantations and the implementation of a system that required the subservience of an entire race.

Poetry review essay

The first stanza describes how Graves expects the war to be remembered twenty years after the event: the wounds have healed and the blind and handicapped men forget the injuries the war caused, as their memories are blurred by the distance of time; " The one-legged man forgets his leg of wood". The third stanza focuses on the

Presentation of the city in poetry

In this essay I will explore the structure, form and setting of the poems, the poems' main themes, language and imagery, how the poems portray people and society in London and the sights and sounds of the city, in order to compare in depth the different ways in which the city is presented. The rhythm is more often

The significance of death in walt whitman’s poetry and prose

For Whitman, the fear of death is a barrier to progressive society, as it causes people to turn away from the ' union of the parts of the body' for fear of damnation in some form of afterlife. Aspiz writes that ' Walt Whitman is a great poet of the joys of life, but he is equally a

Poetry terms ( eye rhyme)

The repetition in this type of rhyme is not in the spelling like it is usually in other types of rhyme schemes but in the pronunciation. This type of rhyming according to poets and other poetry experts is usually highly conventional that is represented in a highly symbolic form yet it is simplified at the same time and

Ambiguity in emily dickinon’s poetry

In the poem " I heard a Fly buzz when I died-", Dickinson proposes answers to the question of the existence of divinity in the world. In the negative reading, the poem tells the tale of the anti-climax in the belief of divinity.

Poetry analysis

Emily Dickenson is narrating this story as the dead through the course of her life." Dog's Death" by John Updike is another poem about death written in a very different point of view. Though both poems are told by the narrator in " dogs' death" there is a show of emotion that is not seen in Emily Dickenson's

From a whitman song to a ginsberg howl: homophobia creates a forum for biased critical evaluation of poetry

He concluded that only one poem, " Earth My Likeness," contained any passage that could remotely be considered an allusion to homosexuality " For an athlete is enamour would of me, and I of him".but he interprets the poem as a condemnation of " that particular impulse" and asserts his notion that Whitman's expressions of love in the

The struggle of the modern individual: analyzing the poetry of frost and komunyakaa

A doctor soon comes to the house, and the boy begs his sister to not let him get rid of his hand." The doctor put him in the dark of ether./ He lay and puffed his lips out with his breath./ And then the watcher at his pulse took fright./ No one believed. In Komunyakaa's " My Father's

Literature: poetry and verse drama flashcard

Philippine literature is the literature associated with the Philippines and includes the legends of prehistory, and the colonial legacy of the Philippines. Most of the notable literature of the Philippines was written during the Spanish period and the first half of the 20th century in Spanish language.

Austalian poets essay

The poems that will be discussed in this essay are Martin and the Hand Grenade and Summer Rain The poem " Martin and the Hand Grenade" is set in a classroom. Foulcher uses this metaphor to show the reader that the grenade is symbolic of war and destruction.

Compare the two poets ted hughes and simon armitage

In this essay it is easy to tell what the poet feels about this topic as the poet describes the sparrow's work as an enjoyable and fun experience but describes the leisure time of the humans as a very painful and uncomfortable chore. As I have said before I think that this is to get us to side

Poetry explication

The confession, of course, is the students desire to be effortlessly beautiful, and the poem makes us complicit in this confession, asking " isnt it strange / how we want it, despite all we know?". Here the sense is one of compassion for the student, and also a vague sense of embarrassment to be caught in the same

Why is identity so important to poets from a different culture essay

I believe that poets struggle to find their true identity as they might have an ongoing battle between two, as in ' search for my tongue', it is about the poet who has ' two tongues in her mouth' which symbolizes her two cultures, which displays her two identities. I have also found that in both poems, the

An examination of the poetry of anne bradstreet

Prologue Summary-Anne is humble, believing that she is not good as men, but believes women still deserve a chanceHow does Bradstreet view herself in comparison to other poets or writers of the time?-She does not believe she is as talented as other people of her timeWhat is Bradstreet's concept of Art?-Art is inspiring for others but she is

An medieval poet

A piece of medieval literature that consisted of pilgrims telling two tales on the way to Canterbury and two more on the way back. The Pardoner from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, tells a story in the form of a sermon, an exemplum, to be exact.

Recognizing the fireside poets

They are given this title of Fireside Poets because most of them have used the image of the hearth or the fireplace where thefamilygathered together to read stories and learn their poems. The goal of the Fireside Poets is to create poems that were based on traditions but can also be of equal level in terms of quality,

Love as failed imagination in ‘the passion’ and in sexton’s poetry

In " The Interrogation of the Man of Many Hearts and " That Day", the character of the beloved is conspicuously absent, leaving the lover in an attempt to sculpt the beloved into existence using language. Sexton's " The Interrogation of the Man of Many Hearts" goes further to suggest that it is not just the act of

The and that makes the poet give the

The shutting up of the parrot by colonel is indicative of the fact that he wanted to shoot the government and the voices of dissent and of speakers by hanging them to death. The poet was inevitably shocked by the spilling of human ears on the table where they had just finished eating and that makes the poet

How far does wilfred owen’s poetry convey the realities of war essay sample

This is to create the image of the soldiers gaunt and starving and in need of help. The pace of the first stanza is slow and Wilfred Owen uses a caesura, which is a pause to reflect the slowness of the soldiers walking.

Wilfred owen war poetry

Owen uses personification and emphasis in his poetry to allow his emotions and thoughts to be branded into the minds of the readers and to allow them to grasp the sense of pithiness of war. In conclusion, Owens poetic insights in Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth allow readers to grasp the experiences of war

The poetry of charles simic: simplicity sings

His work is best understood as an ode to the postwar mentality of relief and malaise, and perhaps a slight loss of words in modern life following the horrors and atrocities of the Nazi regime. Simic's appreciation for the imagination and the younger reader demonstrates his almost humanistic faith in the value of a wide array of people

Themes in emily dickinson’s poetry

As an example, in this poem she states, I heard a Fly buzz when I died The Stillness in the Room Was like the Stillness in the Air Between the Heaves of Storm in this part it shows how Emily Dickinson tries to put the reader in the eyes of the person dying in the poem. Another example

Discuss the ways the poet develops the character phoenix. pay particular attention to the devices the poet uses in character dev

Running head: PHOENIX IN THE ILIAD Phoenix in the Iliad: Achilles' Past, Future, and Present PHOENIX IN THE ILIAD 2 Phoenix inthe Iliad: Achilles' Past, Future, and Present Phoenix's character is developed through his speech in book 9, recounting scenes that serve as a portrayal of human emotions, foreshadowing, and reflection - all that could be alluded to


Bruce Flohr ENG 104 March 30th War as a Theme in Two Poems from World War I War is as old as mankind, and so is poetry, so it should come as no surprise that war is often used as a theme in poetry. Thomas chooses to focus on the uplifting hope of patriotism and love for ones

Poetry reading response assignment

Read the collection you select, and narrow down to 10 poems you Like enough to reread several times and respond to. Then respond to each of the 10 poems separately.

Hughes variety of poetic and literary techniques essay

This gives a very vivid picture of the ideas in the poem. Also, In the beginning of the poem, Hughes uses visual imaging/similes to compare a ' dream deferred' to a raisin." Does it [the dream] dry up/Like a raisin in the sun? ".

Dickinson’s poetry is startling and eccentric

The opening stanza of the poem divulges that she is in a coffin and "mourners" are going "to and fro". Dickinson's poem ' I Could Bring You Jewels had I a mind to ' is similar to ' Hope is the Thing with Feathers' in regards to the tone of the poem.

The importance and poetic mean of fragmented structure

Rulfo utilizes both sound and silence to add suspense and truly embody the theme of the living and dead in the novel. This reflects the theme of the novel because there is a middle ground where the reader is not sure how to differentiate between the living and the dead.

Poetry comparison mackellar vs hope essay

From tropical rainforests in the north, to the deserts of the Red Centre, to the snowfields in the south-east, Australia is vast and varied". In comparison to Hope's " Australia", a fixed verse that speaks of the country as a juxtaposition the many inherent flaws of Australia and his patriotic feeling towards the country, Mackellar's poem definitely brings

Diction, imagery, detail, and syntax in poetry essay sample

Explain how each word contributes to the emotional power of the piece. Explain how these details contribute to the emotional power of the piece.

A personal response to the poetry of w.b yeats

The poem ends on a pessimistic note: " but let them be, they are dead and gone, they are with O'Leary in the grave" Yeats concludes that it is pointless trying to raise the memories of the heroic dead in a penny-pinching Ireland. In the concluding stanza Yeats highlight the contrast between his own mortality and that of

What variety have you found in the love poetry studied essay sample

This makes the tones of the poems seem less serious and adds a fast pace when you are reading them.' The Flea' is all about a man trying to get a woman to sleep with him. It says that he is reading a book and her eyes are fixed on the shadows overhead.

Poets and high modernism: an analysis of ernest hemingway’s “the snow of kilimanjaro” and t.s. eliot’s “the love song of j. alfred prufrock.”

The italicized passages reveal the memories and thoughts of the protagonist. Modernity is depicted in the conclusion of the story where the Hemingway explains events that happen both in reality and in Harry's mind.

The tension displayed in w.b yeats’ poetry

I can identify, as many others can, with his longing to escape the pressures of civilisation and with his desire to possess the courage his heroes did. Perhaps the clearest example of Yeats' ideal world is shown in one of his most well-known...

The role of poets and the place of poetry in ancient greece essay

This means to say that the Muse in the context of the Iliad is the source of inspiration. The Muse is the giver of gifts and in this case it is the gift to create words that are melodious to the ear but at the same time the power to move the hearts and minds of men.


By looking at these individual elements, the reader can often develop a greater understanding of the author's skill and a finer appreciation of how these elements are constructed to contribute to the final impact of the poem. Through rhythm and symbolism Robert Frost is able to make a connection between a simple yearly pastoral chore and some of

The oxford book of war poetry

The oxford book of war poetry in my view is an anthology that grabs the heart of the reader and puts them in the same standpoint as the poets themselves. A the time of the war Great Britain was divided, there were the people that talked of war and there are the people that were stuck in the

The signification of emotion, drama and unhurried poetic writing style in the lyrical stories of alistair macleod

The discursively unhurried nature of MacLeod's stories traverses the intensity and poignance of moments of existential revelation and reflection on the past. The poetic and emotive nature of MacLeod's work hence reveals the indomitable intensity of familial and romantic love.

Conventional poetic structures: tradition in gardening in the tropics

In the poetry collection Gardening in the Tropics, Olive Senior instructs readers in the traditions of the Caribbean, like the traditional uses of Annatto and Guinep in her poem ' Annatto and Guinep' and the traditions of immigrants in her poem ' Stowaway', while abandoning the conventional poetic structures of meter and rhyme in most of her poems.

In what way imagist poetry influences modernists flashcard

Modernist writers contended that the society had undergone enormous changes at the beginning of the twentieth century and that the carefree and relaxed attitude, which was representative of Georgian poetry and the Genteel Mode cannot present the real situation of the society and demanded that people should break away from traditions. The Return to ClassicismOne of the beliefs

Assignment on poetry from other cultures and traditions

The girl is only seventeen years old and the usage of the word ' raw' strongly describes her suffering. The next verse goes on to show the distinct contrast between the lives of the rich and the poor.

Life for love in browning’s poetry: a fair trade?

The painting that is the central object of the poem is of the Duke's recently deceased wife, who was killed in accordance with the Duke's wishes. What is shocking to the reader, aside from the candidness through which the Duke recounts the death of his lover, is the fact that he shows no remorse of even recognition of

Frank o’hara’s revelation of the similarities between painting and poetry

It is appropriate to follow O'Hara's poem from the title through the stanzas in order, because he uses a very precise style to show his ideas." Why I Am Not a Painter" is, essentially, a logical argument for the similarities between poets and painters that begins with the title of the poem. The third stanza of " Why

How is the poetry of 1914 different from earlier war poetry essay sample

If the reade is reading is reading the poem for the first time they will learn the meaning of the title before reading the poem they may feel its a poem that repesents the army in a good way. The reality of this is that the man is drowning in a sea of gas but inside is body

Poetry analysis essay – human nature by alice anderson

And when finally it happens you realize / that it is not your father filling you this time..." Immediately as a reader, you get the gut instinct to shut the book and put it back on the shelf. Later in the book of poems, Anderson meets the love of her life, the lover we got a rare glimpse

Poetry questions

The analysis of poetry should be focused on the rhyme, rhythm, meaning and value of artistic images, and the general idea expressed in the poetry. The Tone of the Poem The tone of the poem in general can be defined as pathetic and desperate at the same time.

Criticisms of poetry in plato’s republic

In Plato's Republic, Socrates' ability to maintain control of the ideal city is upheld by the banishment of poetry and is essential to the protection and survival of the city. In summary, Socrates equates the soul and the city, stating that the destruction of the soul will be followed by the demise of the ideal city due to

Poetry explication of charles simic’s butcher shop essay

In the second stanza, lines six, seven, and eight illustrate blood, as it is " smeared into a map"; metaphorically the map signifies that the world is a site of violence. The profuse use of blood in this stanza expresses the idea that violence is a part of every given civilization.

Essay, poetry, prose, drama and film in literature

Essay consists of three parts: an introduction, which is the first paragraph of an essay, the body which includes several paragraphs, and the conclusion, which consist of one or more paragraphs and is structurally the last part of an essay content. There are many poets, and uncountable written poems thought the time, but there is not a clear

How have the poets you have studied explored different aspects of love essay

The central theme of the poem is time and the idea that time is running out for the narrator and the woman he is trying to sleep with.'Had we but world enough, and time','To walk and pass our long love's day.' The narrator uses caesuras, which makes the reader pause, to create the idea of time lasting forever.

Homoerotics of romantic poetry

This technique also reflects the general view of such relationships in the period being that ' female pairs might, if they maintained a facade of genteel respectability, be acclaimed, after the fashion of the day, as idealised " romantic friends".' In line with this view, the relationship between the women is related mainly through euphemism and code, describing

Poet all people should be honest, truthful and

By this way poet urges for liberty for his nation. In the same manner poet also feels for his nation.

A summary of the poem sir gawain and the green knight by pearl poet

It is important to note how much effort he puts into upholding his virtue: he does try to live up to his reputation as the fairest knight of the land and is successful to a degree. He simply admits his defeat to everyone, and that is the end of Gawain's tale.

Poetry essay

I once had a heart and it was true, but now I have given it to you. I once had a heart and it was true, but now I have given it to you.

What does the war poet, wilfred owen, have to say about world war one essay sample

The poem begins by giving the reader a personalized view of the setting: " Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knife us..." The poet has used a simile to compare the icy winds to a knife, saying that the wind itself is painful, but also that the soldiers brains are aching, already showing the

Gilamesh and eygptian poetry

He was the Father of all humans, and all those humans are given to the son of the Sun God. Understanding the might and will of God is important to understanding one's place in creation.11.

Poetry and u.s women movement explicatory essay

The phrase " The personal is Political" establishes the notion that most problems that women are said to have are not their fault. In her poem " Breaking Tradition", Janice Mirikitani explores how every woman has a secret longing to break out of the inhibitions and restrictions that society locks them in and to break the shackles of

“in mrs tilscher’s class”: self-discovery and versatile poetic technique

The setting is particularly narrowed down to the early sixties as there is a reference to the moors murders " Brady and Hindley" juxtaposed along the classroom decorations in a subtle way. The metaphor of the ' heavy sexy sky' actually is a reference to discovering a new world of sexual behaviour in a for all intents and

Mind versus body: contrasting metaphysical and modern poetry in eliot’s “whispers of immortality”

Donne is considered by many to be the exemplification of the metaphysical poetic aesthetic, and shares Webster's interest in the seemingly impenetrable concepts of life and death. Through comparing metaphysical and modern poetry, Eliot asserts that the ecstasy derived from Donne and Webster's texts lies in the coalescence of intangible ideas and emotions into a digestible whole.

Percy bysshe shelley: poetry and the individual

Consistently using the conventional comparisons between humans and nature, Shelley in his poetry emphasizes man's ability to remove himself from the commonplace and initiate change, and to produce new ideas through the power of imagination and creativity. Another example of Shelley reiterating the imminence of change involves his comparisons to an Aeolian lyre in both " Mutability" and

The problem of female identity: restrictive gender constructs in ‘the help’ and in plath’s poetry

The burden of motherhood is also visible in the character of Celia Foote in ' The Help', as she is unable to bare a child, and therefore feels as if she is inferior to the other women and a burden herself, exemplified by their exclusion of her as ' white trash'.' Doctor Tate', Celia's doctor, is also responsible

Evaluate the ways in which poets manage to create profound significance between an apparently simple form of poetry essay

Weaved into a simple rhyming couplet at the very start of " The Wife's" prologue it is a striking start to the poem which immediately lets the reader know how risky the narrator is going to be, and creates the significant image of somebody rating anything more important than the bible. The simple structure of " The Wife

Maya angelou and the poetry of uplift in “still i rise”

You can discern the story of a young girl who once felt ashamed to appear in the light, and a tale of the same young lady transforming into a woman who has pride in the person she is, inside and out. This question is written in a way that is meant to show that we should not be

One of the main characteristics of metaphysical poetry

With " by hymns, all will approve/ Us unionized for love" The hyperbole of all will approve emphasizes the scale of what is happening and us cannonaded for love recognizes the prominence of the love between the two Individuals." Let me love" Is a line that has been repeated throughout the entire poem, this brings attention to the

Snakes and pigeons poetry comparision essay sample

In the poem ' Snake' the format of the poem is laid out in a very unique way. In the first stanza there is enjambment " A snake came to my water trough On a hot, hot day, and I in pyjamas for the heat, To drink there"., the enjambment creates the effect that a snake gives, it

Death and poet essay

Not only is winter referred to as death, but the cat seeks out to find or not find death with the poet. In the end, the poet shoos the cat away, showing the cat that the poet is in fact not dead.

An essay on the symbolism of w.b. yeats’ poetry

Instead symbols become reverberating images that provide a contemplation and rearrangement of material things, where one must complete the meaning by filling in the gaps with different interpretations.' The symbolists aimed for a poetry of suggestion rather than direct statement, evoking subjective moods through the use of private symbols, while avoiding the description of external reality or the

Analyse the poet’s attitude to war and death

The letter ' i' is repeated in the last two words, this slows down the pace of the poem. Owen makes the poem more personal to the reader, he does this in order to make the poem have a great effect on the reader.

Parenting and poetic technique in “my father’s song” by simon j. ortiz and “those winter sundays by robert hayden

The poems " Those Winter Sundays" and " My Father's Song" are focused on expressing the relationship between father and son, and on developing differing levels of closeness between these figures through deviations in the poetic techniques employed. In " My Father's song" there is a communication, and love between the child and his father.

Poetry and universal poem essay

The first obvious difference between the poems is that ' First Ice' is written by a man and ' Manwatching' is written by a woman. In ' First Ice' " ice" is repeated a lot to emphasise the coldness of the girls feelings and also the weather.

W.b. yeats poetry analysis

Consciousness is the awareness of one's surroundings and identity; the awareness of universal concepts and the relation this plays upon the individual. The image of the mother and child is the complete picture of both innocence and beauty.

Dead poets society challenging authority essay sample

The Film Dead Poets Society, written by Thomas Schulman and directed by Peter Weir is a great example of the consequences involved in challenging Authority, and how it would affect the student. The headmaster is insulted by this lack of behavior and calls an assembly to find and track down the members of the Dead Poets Society.

How do the poets’ presentation and attitude toward london compare essay sample

We can see this as a reference to the heart as the most integral part of the body and that the city is only beautiful when the heart is not working. We could also see this phrase as imagery of the heart as the organ associated with love, which would demonstrate that Blake feels one of the most

”canterbury” by marufa sultana essay sample

The Host: He is the proprietor of the Tabard Inn where the pilgrims to Canterbury stay and travels with them on their journey. He is worthless in the eyes of Chaucer and he dislikes the Monk very much.

Poetry analysis – i took my power in my hand by emily dickinson

Regardless of the " enemy," the allusion to David and Goliath serves to show that the poet is clearly undertaking a difficult task. Because she is used to this strength and skill, she is all the more bewildered when she fails in conquering her Goliath." World" is capitalized because this is the poet's Goliath, or undertaking." Pebble" is

“fellowships untold”: the role of wilfred owen’s poetry in understanding comradeship during world war i

In his recent study of the relationship between poetry and warfare, The Poetry of War, James Anderson Winn writes of the war poet's ability to " convey, often in the same line or stanza, both the intensity of love between men of arms and the powers of forces that constrain the expression of that love; cultural taboos, personal

Epistemology and explicitation in a selection of the prose and poetry of jonathan swift

The origins of the debates on this issue are contemporaneous with the publication of the texts themselves, and criticism up to the end of the nineteenth century continued, predominately, to insist on an irreligious Swift an approach that survived into the twentieth century: " no defence of Swift's fundamental religious orthodoxy can stand the test of such writings.