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Psychology has substantially developed for the last decades. It is crucial to be able to comprehend, analyze and make conclusions based on this data. The site includes many essays about psychology. Some articles are written superficially for the general audience, while others have complex models based on scientific experiments. That is why these essays may be used not only for personal self-development but also for different academic purposes, including middle or high school, college, or university tasks.

We format our essays depending on a writing style. Essay structure has an outline, introduction, main body paragraphs with titles, and reflective conclusion. The outline can be used to navigate through the essay. The information in the papers is persuasive, as it is based on peer-reviewed articles. The essays are published in the latest issues of journals. Other resources used for the writing of the essays include books, lectures, and blogs.

We proofread and check our texts for plagiarism. The quality of writing is on a high level, and each essay meets the criteria for a particular writing style depending on the initial assignment. The most prevalent citation styles used during writing are APA7 and MLA. We use Harvard and Chicago AD citation style less commonly.

Most essays are about such areas of psychology as:

  • Human development
  • Dreams
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional intelligence

Papers on human development may be used during completing AP psychology course.

Personal life

Information in the psychological essays may be helpful in everyday life. Abnormal patterns of one’s behavior may be defined and corrected using the data provided in these articles.  Stresses and burnout appear in everyone’s life. Psychology also embraces other topics such as dreams, future planning, emotions. Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in leading a successful and happy life. Reading essays on dreams may improve one’s understanding of sleep processes. Articles on stress and related topics prompt people to practice mindfulness and take good care of one’s mental health. We encourage everyone to study psychology for a better understanding of human brain.

Studying in the university

Psychology essays are beneficial during university times. They help gain the basic idea behind a specific topic. More in-depth knowledge is available in the sources after each text. All information in these articles may be used to complete university assignments, prepare for classes, or even exams. Additionally, the information provided in these essays is useful during the writing of the IB extended essay. These essays are helpful not only for students but also teachers. Psychological knowledge helps improve the educational process and makes studying more enjoyable.


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The essays in the database are free for preview. The essays may be downloaded for preview in PDF or Word format. The database includes both short and extended essays. Short essays are an excellent option to cover fundamental aspects of the topic. Extended essays can be analyzed and cited for other researches.

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Psychology is a fascinating and challenging science. Naturally, it is impossible to comprehend all psychological knowledge. We want to help you understand human mind as much as possible. Our goal is to make learning easier for everyone. We are delighted to help you study and improve. We hope for productive and long-term cooperation. We would be glad to answer all your questions and guide you through our database. Thank you for choosing us and our essays. If you want to start learning right away, check the recommended essay samples below!

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1800 Perfect Paper Examples on Psychology for Improved Grades

Educational psychology

I would also make a point of engaging in creative activates myself to show students that teachers value creativity. For example, when students are writing a creative short story, I might give them several opportunities to get my feedback, and perhaps the feedback of their peers, before they turn in a final product.

Influence of culture on personality essay sample

There are many factors that are said to have an influence on personality, but the one that is most interesting is the idea that personality is shaped by culture. In the last article that I have come across, the researchers addressed how the Big Five personality dimensions manifest themselves within the culture of parenting.

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Causes of stress

CURRENT CONDITION: Ordinarily, stress causes the turnover of employees to reduce which affects the productivity of the company. The issue must be addressed in the organization to prevent absents of the employees ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Lack of job security causes employees to have stress especially in this era of insufficient jobs The workload also causes stress.

Film critique

Cultural traditions and social interactions determine the behavior and expressions of people and their relations in the society." Paris is burning" is an acclaimed 1990 documentary that depicts several concepts of cultural psychology through its themes and plot. The behavior of the drag queens in the documentary contradicts the concept of masculinity and femininity.

Reflection paper

According to Sigmund Freud, in this essay on " The Sexual Aberrations", he noted that the sexual object and the sexual aim are two separate components. The sexual object refers to the desired object which in this case is a person of the opposite sex.

Intimate relationship

Intimate Relationship Intimate Relationship When an intimate relationship experiences a number of changing patterns, it seems tomodify the well-being of an individual. For instance, to achieve a happy family life one is required to understand the differences and similarities of every type of a family.

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Peace and harmony

A sage is considered a sage because he seems to be anchored in peace and tranquility while facing the pains and pleasures of day-to-day living in his chosen field of activity, like any other ordinary person.'Self-realisation', to the sage, simply means the realisation the absolute, total conviction that 'events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual

Reading responds

Response April 25, Response Response to Starlinda's post The constitution grants people rights and freedom such as freedom of association and freedom of speech but these are limited to the extent that they should not interfere with rights and freedoms of other people. Possible unstable psychological condition among some members of the LGBTQ population could be stimulating hypersensitivity

Parenting and socialization

As Emily's teacher has noticed her socializing problems and been trying to help by talking to Samantha, there is a scope for Samantha to take up a more proactive role with the help of the teacher to positively influence Emily's socializing skills. As there is nobody present to intervene in a positive manner, the aggressiveness and seclusion of

Little albert experiment

Not showing any signs of fear or rage from Albert, Watson then proceeded to discover if pairing the loud noise with the touch of the animals and sight of the other objects could condition the emotional response of fear or rage, he wanted know if this fear transferred and how long the fear lasted. Watson and Rayner then

Representation of men and women on tv

Another pattern of the voice-overs, in advertisements along with the TV shows, the count of that of males, is a little higher than that of females. The Portrayal of Men and Women in TV Ads.

Chapter 7, in half the human experience, by janeth hyde

Other Chapter 7 in Half the Human Experience by Janeth Hyde The book " Half the HumanExperience" by Janeth Hyde generally presents a critical analysis of a wide range of multidisciplinary issues regarding feminist psychology. Throughout chapter 7, Hyde not only presents a well researched scientific viewpoint on the relationship between age and female development but the authors

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Disscussion:what is your perspective

The behavioral perspective of understanding human behavior is most interesting because this perspective studies psychology through the lenses of observable or overt behavior, this perspective relies on scientific research and this perspective accepts the impact of environment on human behavior. Body One of the reasons due to which the behavioral perspective of psychology is so interesting is that


This study is related to the seed article because of its investigation on how other people perceive lonely individuals and because of the role of gender in these perceptions. It is also different from the seed article because this study measures the health conditions of lonely people, unlike the seed article that measures the perceptions of other people

Substance abuse

In the pop psychology blog site known as PsychCentral, the question on myths and facts surrounding the treatment of substance abusers is asked by the visitors of the blog site who seek informal information as well as the personal opinion of the blogger combined with the input from others. Other than the journals and empirical data, the facts

”the pie” by gary soto essay sample

Soto is aware that stealing the pie is a sin his guilt is amplified when he ignores his knowledge." My sweet tooth gleaming and the juice of guilt wetting my underarms". Soto causes the readers to believe he was not emotionally stable as a child, due to his subconscious and hints of an infinite imagination.

12 angry men

As portrayed in the movie, the initial step in the decision-making process comprised of the making of individual decisions. Other studies conforming to the events in the film include in-group and out-group minority studies, wherein the individuals in the minority groups are influential in making decisions as a group.

Agression breeds agression

The effects that aggression has on the individual are also an important part of the study of aggression and this must be done in relation to the effects of social nurture upon the individual. The forces of the society often induce aggression in people and this may then lead to a chain reaction where aggression leads to aggression.

Discussion 6

Prosocial Behaviour Vs Literature on Aggression Comparison between Prosocial Behaviour and Literature of Aggression Summary of McCullough and Colleagues Materials The human body is believed to be functioning under the control of various processes within the body. Hence, in the case of prosocial, the move is positive as the aim is to help another person.

Integration assignment

A person who is very strong and believes in himself or herself possesses self-esteem and he or she has a low or no level of shyness. Without a magnificent social life, one can easily suffer mental problems and experience challenges in his life due to the great deal of shyness.

Six toxic beliefs that will ruin your career

Furthermore, the belief that one's destiny is predetermined is a fallacy, since success or failure of one's career or life generally is directly dependent on the efforts invested in times of money and time. Despite the fact that an employee should be taking into considerations feedbacks from their fellows for their own growth and improvement, it is always

Overcoming barriers to communication essay sample

In order to overcome the psychological barriers to success you must understand that all people will try to put you down as long as you are going in a direction that they never took before. Meditation, Therapy Meditation This is an excellent process for helping you knock down psychological barriers that might stand in the way of success.

What is observational learning

What Is Observational Learning The first experiment that I have chosen is the " What and How of the observational learning" which is writtenby Torriero, Oliveri, Koch, Caltagirone and Petrosini. The results of the study were that the rTMS put over cerebellum before hand of the observational training disturbed the efficiency of the new sequence.

Francher on galton

Although Francher uses interview as an ingenious way of exploring the contribution of Galton, he fails to capture some important concepts of Galton's impact in the modern society. Nevertheless, the overall podcast went a long way in detailing the contribution of Galton to the world of psychology.

Exercise for depression essay samples

The section criteria used in the review involved the use of randomized control trails whereby comparison was drawn between exercise and a standard treatment, a placebo treatment, psychological therapy, pharmacological treatment or any other possible treatments for adults suffering from the condition. Impact of the Results and Implementation The impact of the results is that those using exercise


The video where Alaska native Liz speaks about the possibility of changing the racial discrimination by talking about this problem is really inspirational and brings up a concern of the discriminated people, their feelings, and their emotional state. And even if the signs dont exist anymore, still the Natives remember them and feel insulted, because racism is not

Biological and psychological basis of learning and memory

Learning and Memory Learning and Memory Memory can be referred to as the procedure by which information is first en d, stored and then retrieved when need be in psychological terms. Information can be stored by an individual without them necessarily understanding the meaning of the information they have stored and thus it cannot be said that learning

Questions 2

This implies that a product made out of the process of combining several components is more effective than the components that have been used to create it. It is during this period that I was able to begin the exercise of classifying objects.

Skill demonstration paper

The technique that I will use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The following steps will be used to ensure the success of the therapy; 1.

Cultural view of life after death

In this paper, I will be comparing the concept of death and life after death from the perspective of the American culture and the Indian culture. This is predominantly the Hindu belief of death and post-death life.

Characteristics of effective treatment programs

Firstly, Career Academy establishment is a multifaceted and integrated approach because it links students with teachers and the community in a disciplined environment that promotes labor market success, emotional and health, and academic success. The academies are also set up in rural and suburban settings The academy is a school within an institution in which a small group

Abbreviated plan

RUNNING HEAD: ABBREVIATED RESEARCH PLAN Abbreviated Research Plan of the of the Abbreviated Research Plan Introduction to the Topic The topic of the research will be elaborated upon in this section briefly. The extensive amount of literature searched on the issue will be able to provide the evidence to the viability of the research questions under discussion.


Psychology Gazzaniga maintains that, collectivism is defined as that practice or theory that normally makes some sorts of group as opposed to individual fundamental unit of social, philosophical, economical and political. Further, in China it is observed that it is out of question to disagree with an individual opinion in public.

Barrack obama as a good communicator

The second quality that makes him a good communicator is the fact that he knows how to read his audience and is able to customize his presentation to make the audience listen to him. As a political leader, he proves to his audience that he has a good understanding of the issues he is talking about and that

Free essay on descartes and hume

The premise of his reasoning is to ask the question, " How can be distinguish when we are awake from when we are dreaming?". The origins of the ideas help Descartes classify them.

Go for it

Personal Goals Personal Goals After a careful consideration of the modules, I realize that there is a salient need for ensuring that I set realistic goals and that I can stay motivated to achieve them. The modules convinced me that I have to move beyond my comfort zone if I have to achieve my dreams.

Gays couple should have the same right as married couples

Most of the people of our society are in the favor of the equal rights in terms of status, accommodation, values, jobs and housing and so on. An advantage to heterosexual society of the existence of gay relationship is the fact that the commitment of a gay marriage means the participants are discouraged from philandering sex.

Descartes notion of the mind/body problem in relation to free will

In the philosophy of mind, dualism is the theory that the mental and the physical or mind and body are, in some sense, radically different kinds of thing. After the Scholastics, Descartes takes the conception of will and affirmed that the main ability of the mind is the ability of free will.

Process on job analysis: the validity and reliability

Job Analysis Job Analysis Job Analysis, The Validity And Reliability Job analysis is a way that one looks into the substance of a job in terms of activities and characteristics necessary to perform the job. A miscalculation in the process is a factor that promotes the reliability of the information.

A panic attack

Interpersonal Intelligence Knowledge of the internal aspects of oneself: access to one's own feelings and emotions. What are the benefits of behavioral assessments?

Using the dsm-iv global assessment of relational functioning

Couple or family therapy encompasses openness amid the patient and the practitioner, so that the latter may be able to elicit the predicament effectively. If the predicament is the focus of the treatment, its recording should in Axis I, and if otherwise, the allocation is in Axis IV.

Music lessons enhance iq

So it helps in enhancing both the recognition and reputation of the individual and the organization as well. Moreover, it also helps in improving the verbal skills so as to amplify the reasoning abilities of the individual.

Academic pressure essay sample

When parents here that you are failing in a class or whatever it might be they go to you and tell you that you need to get better grades or you might fail. That is the same thing with academic pressure, it is not good to have pressure in school.

Memory consolidation

Timothy and Nelson delve into convolutions of how much the duration of retention and the presentation method of memory items and the difference it causes on the rate of forgetting. The result of this experiment indicated that forgetting in simultaneous presentation of memory items is much greater than sequential presentation.


According to Goldstein, myopia is the inability of an individual to perceive and see things clearly, especially objects that are far from the eyes. Myopia, an eyesight defect affecting millions of young adult Americans, according to Goldstein, is a phenomenon wherein distant objects appear blurred on sight because of the formation of parallel rays coming mainly from a

Disscuss the important factors in development of interpersonal attraction

Factors in Development of Interpersonal Attraction Introduction History of research in field of interpersonal attraction has prospered since 1960s and 70s; in fact, this prosperity was prior to impediment posed by research on the topic of romantic relationship in 1980s. In this case, people are bound to approach people that are related to pleasure in the basis of

Case of anna o

H, & Durand, V.M. C, & Neale, J.M.

Developmental psychology

The growth of the child' brain includes more sensitivity of the brain to the external environment of the child. The brain of the child also develops in such a way that the child becomes more attentive and can connect ideas logically.#2 According to Watts, Cockcroft & Duncan, the theories of childhood development advocated by Piaget and Vygotsky can

The patients of eating disorders

Stein et al.carried out a research to study the association between the attitudes related to life and death with suicidal behavior in the patients of eating disorders. To achieve this, the researchers conducted examination over a total of 43 inpatients of eating disorders that were nonsuicidal, 32 inpatients of eating disorders that had tried to attempt suicide before,

Multicultural psychology – current event analysis paper

It is with these profound differences in cultures that multicultural psychology has become one of the most conversant and common branches of Psychology with many students taking it as a course to specialize. The role of studying multicultural psychology is to be acknowledged with some of the common and unique behaviors in relation with the contribution of specific

Psychoanalytic, jungian, and individual psychology theories

These classical models are not extensively used in today's contemporary counseling practices and agencies however, they laid the foundation for the profession of psychology and the practice of psychotherapy as we know it today and their influences on counseling is still prevalent. The ego is the organized and realistic part of the personality.

Gratitude letter guidleines assignment

Gratitude Letter Guidelines The following are guidelines for writing a detailed gratitude letter: 1) Each student needs to think of a person in his or her life who has been kind to him or her but whom the student has never thanked. When this person has been identified, whether it be on the basis of kindness or development,

Linguistic knowledge possessed by human being at birth

This suggests that the burden of proof should be left to the critics of the theory. This is to suggest that any fine-tuning of the language does cannot overrule the innate linguistics knowledge.

Case of jerome

Case of Jerome Case of Jerome Analysis of Jerome Case Jerome is a young African Americanmale suffering from a psychological disorder called as delusion of grandiosity. Likewise, it is noticed in the case of Jerome that he always claims that he has modeling gigs or he is recording when, in fact, he is not.

Hull’s systematic behaviourism theory

Hull postulated that some of the components of this behaviour may not be observable; for example, the adaptation of the organism to the conditions in the environment cannot be easily observed. According to Hull, the S-R response can be made stronger by making sure that the number of reinforcements is many; as a result the habit will become

Disease/disorder “nail biting” essay sample

The objective of this study was to investigate the prevalence of co-morbid psychiatric disorders in a clinical sample of children with this habit who present at a child and adolescent mental health care outpatient clinic and the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in their parents. First of all, nail biting is related to genetics, as it tends to run

Social psychology vocab and notes assignment

Normative social influence conformity that occurs because of the desire to be correct versus conformity that occurs because of the desire to be liked and accepted Social Facilitation The tendency for people to do better on simple tasks when in the presence of other people. Identification is a concept in social psychology that is generally thought of as

Resolving conflict

The first conflict that I witnessed during the present week took place between a male driver and a female driver. In response to this action, the male driver hit the car of the female driver and made sure that the bumper of her car was badly damaged.

Organizational behavior

The ability of making a fire is an expert power that those taking part in the challenge use to influence the others in a survivor event. In the real world, education can be one of the means to develop expert power.

Strengthening desirable behavior

For example, all students in the 5th grade who are complete a whole term with no tardies can get a simple reward, such as a 20-minute mixer in a common area, inside the school or outside, where they can have a cookie, some juice, and some relaxing conversation for a short time as a reward for the diligence

Abnormal osychology

Thus, it is very crucial for the family to take part in ensuring the process of treatment and recovery of an alcoholic become a success.Q 2). A Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic.

Peer review

As a piece of research, it should have clear headlines and subtopic and fluency to enable the learner identify the topic quickly. On a positive note though, the research brings out the gap that have been there and suggested a possible measure that can be used to put to an end the problem.

How to remain in boxes

Professional settings should have to be open and should have better landscapes around them as there should be a natural environment there. For examples, there should be plants and trees in offices and there should be attached lunching places that are outside the offices.

Psychological risks of police work

For example, when Walker and another probationary officer respond to a bank robbery, Walker decides that they should go in and confront the criminal but the probationary officer gets shot in the leg in the process. In the case of Walker, the forensic psychologist would have conducted a therapy session and explained the nature of Walker's work.

Play: developmental psychology and toddlers assignment

When It comes to Infants and toddlers the Importance of play is very crucial to their growth and learning. Having a safe environment for infants and toddlers to play in gives them the freedom to explore and discover new things.

Cognitive behavior therapy for eating disorders; a transdignostic theory and treatment

Psychology In the past there has been an acceptance that CBT is a treatment chosen for specifically bulimia nervosa. The theory's procedures has been redefined specifically on those areas that address over evaluation of weight and shape and the method has been taken into account to suit for all kinds of disorders in eating, hence making it to

How does behaviorism explain criminal behavior? assignment

Operant conditioning is a method of the learning theory that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. Ultimately, causing the actor to think that the behavior he was observing and is now engaging in is normal.

The effects of semantic interference on object naming

3014 Unrelated Condition Related Condition -1. On the third group, there was significant relationship between neutral condition and related condition p=.

Connectionist model

This article assesses the how the learning of a new skill occur based on the connectionist network model and how the connectionist model differs from the modified semantic network model. The connection network models have no limitation to the number of the connections that a particular unit may have.

Seung-hui cho: man-made monster

Though he was both a victim and a victimizer, Cho was victimized by society around him and his mental illnesses that went untreated long before he carried out any victimizing of his own. After being ruled potentially dangerous to himself and others by the court, he was let go after a night's detainment.

Senior survey

Program Reflection Assignment Instrutor's Bachelor of Science in Psychology Senior Survey Top of Form With respect to each of the following Program Outcomes, how effective was your University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Psychology program content in preparing you to: Not at All Effective Somewhat Effective Effective Very Effective Program Outcome 1: Apply your knowledge of psychology

Causal uncertainty

Casual uncertainty is the differences in people's ability to understand casual relationships in the social world. The study is to see the participation and results of initial interactions and causal uncertainty.

Prenatal development

The attention is achieved through brain internalization of the external factors, and through physiological and psychological mechanism. The influence can also take place through exposure of the infant to various objects and colors.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Once the affected individual assures the patient with depression of understanding what the patient is going through, the patient get the courage to confide in the individual on the worries and tribulations he or she is going through. It is better to ensure that the patient has an improvement in his or her life thus; the mission of

Kubler-ross model

This is the stage that is replete of the " If only..".or the " What if..".statements. The fourth stage of the grief cycle is the depression stage.

Life in the later years

The third subcategory of the programmed aging theory is the immunological theory, which states that aging is because of the decline in the immune system ability to protect the body against diseases. The second major category of aging theories is the error theory, which is represented by the phenomenon of wear and tear.

The magic of thinking big assignment

Your FUTURE will be BRIGHT, SUCCESSFUL and the way you ALWAYS wanted it to be. But, when you believe, really believe something can be done; your mind goes to work for you and helps you to find the ways to do it.

Abnormal psychology

The main aim of psychotherapy is ensuring that the individual has an increased sense of self and the environment that is around him or her. The theory and practice of group psychotherapy.

It’s no joke: study identifies brain circuitry involved in our grasp of sarcasm

A study carried out by Tsoory, et al.shows how the brain is involved in processing sarcasm. Consequently, it is vital to be aware of how the brain is implicated in processing sarcasm.

Assessment for learning: the roles of teachers

1: Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learner's achievements. The roles of Teachers and learning support practitioners are similar in that they are both continuingly monitoring the progress and achievements of the learner.

Biological and humanistic approaches to personality

1 = Disagree strongly 2 = Disagree moderately 3 = Disagree a little 4 = Neither agree nor disagree 5 = Agree a little 6 = Agree moderately 7 = Agree strongly I see myself as: ___6___ 1. TIPI scale scoring: Extraversion: 1, 6R Agreeableness: 2R, 7 Conscientiousness; 3, 8R Emotional Stability: 4R, 9 Openness to Experiences: 5,

Psychological and psychophysiological stress disorders

According to Adelman and Legg, the four symptoms shared by acute and posttraumatic stress disorders are: reliving intrusive thoughts or images of traumatic events through nightmares or flashbacks; avoidance of the situations related to the traumatic event; reduced responsiveness characterize by numbness and detachment; and increased arousal manifested by nervousness and alertness.2. The heroic stage meets the demands

The prince and the cobbler

He says that the same person and the same man make up one same thing. He explains that it is possible for the same man to make at different times different persons.

Social psychology

Social Psychology in 21st Century and Modernization The paper " Social Psychology in 21st Century and Modernization" is the way to fulfill my desire of scrutinizing the Social Psychology in the 21st Century. In the turn of the twentieth century, depression, poverty, hatred, and belief systems, moralities and behavior were always the question and concern of many scholars

Dis 5 pscy

In addition, descriptive statistics can be used as a basis for exploration of inferential statistics while inferential statistics cannot be a basis for developing descriptive statistics in a study. Test of hypothesis is an example of inferential statistics and I choose it because of its common application in testing significance of variables and associations for generalization.

Sexual orientation

Sexual Orientation Sexual Orientation Sexual orientation describes the nature of a person's long-term romantic, emotional or sexualdesirability to others. Heterosexuality, the most common type of sexual orientation, is the one in which a person is sexually attracted to members of the other gender.

Child psychology vergine suicide

On the other hand, the aspect of the boy trying to understand them by observing the diary book indicates the issue of concern and compassion for the Lisbon girls. For instance, the decision by the mother of the girls to completely ignore the first suicide of the young girls is a clear depiction of lack of care and

Educational psychology and assessment assignment

Then I will use formative assessment to know the learners view and doubts about their course and again I will use formative assessment during the session to know about the learners. After this I will take summative assessment to know the result of the learners and at last again I will take initial assessment to check the level

Article review

Using a meta-analysis in order to identify which of these measures are able to produce the high-order components of love using various theories, it was found that a range of self-report measures of love are consistent in using one general love factor only. It is important to understand whether a self-reported measure of love involves high-order factors in

Eyes on bullying

The three types of bullying are the so called aggressive bullying, passive bullying and the bully victim. The major warning signs of bullying are self-withdrawal nature among the bully victims, depression and fear amongst the victims in the presence of the bullies.

Discovering emotional labour

Discovering Emotional Labour Emotional work is the control of a person's feeling in order to display the appropriate emotions to others in different situations. Although the practice of emotional work can be link all the way back to the ancient time, the term emotional labour is considered to be relatively new and is first discussed in Arlie Hochschild's


1 Jim and Jack had a different reaction to drug overdose particularly due to the following reasons. Suppose If I had to do the rating keeping in mind the social impressions of these drugs, I would have given more score to illegal drugs than the legal ones such as tobacco and alcohol.

Nature vs nurture

The physical and personality traits determined by your genes stay the same irrespective of where you were born and raised. In other words it refers to your childhood or how you were brought up.