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Us coking coal specifications.pdf

4 Semifusinite Micrinite Fusinite Mineral Matter Total Inerts 9.7 3.2 6.7 7.0 26.6 0. 75 26.81 7.39 1.70 1.03 0.56 2.59 1.33 0.37 1.

“the light begins…the light ends”

Carotene is the most soluble of the pigments and as a result will be carried the farthest by the solvent. Using the formula Rf one can determine the relationship between the distances the solvent traveled to the distance the pigment traveled Materials and Methods for LAB 1: Materials: In the first lab they used filter paper and had

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April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 Dear Senator Greg Ball, The current practice of hydraulic fracturing began in America in the late 1990' s and has been wreaking havoc on the land and the lives of the American people since. In case you are unaware, fracking is the process well diggers use to extract natural gas and oil from the earth.

Effect of carbon chain on equilidruim and rate constants of esterification

The reaction rate of the reaction plays an important role in the production of the ester which could affect the production of the ester. Thus, the research topic of this investigation is: How does the carbon chain length of the alcohols and carboxylic acids affect the rate constants of the forward and backward reactions and equilibrium constant of

Space exploration- good or bad

According to the majority of our readers, space travel is not beneficial to humanity and the main reasons include the safety, environmental issues as well as the cost. Safety is one of the main reasons why space travel is not beneficial to humanity.

Modern methods of organic synthesis

Therefore, it is not acceptable to expect the compound to react through substitution reactions as these reactions are not typical for ketones. The compound reacts with Grignard reagent giving magnesium alkoxide which then yields the tertiary alcohol when water is added to it.

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Synthesis and estimation of gelation ability of c3- symmetry tris-urea compounds

The gel of the acetone for C3- symmetry tris urea LMWG, was changed into a solution that is homogenous by the addition of anions and re- gelated by the addition of a Lewis- acid. Thus, the urea moiety was fixed on the part of the hydrogen- bonding where it is also combined with the aromatic linkers at the

The silicon rubber review

The method followed for the preparation of hybrids were given in the supporting information. 5 mm was used for the dielectric measurement.

Lab write up for separation by filtration and crystallization essay sample

B Partial Separation of a Sodium Chloride and Copper Chloride Mixture#1 Place 4 g of the sodium chloride/copper chloride mixture in a 100 mL beaker and dissolve in about 15 mL of distilled water.#2 Warm the solution with a Bunsen and boil gently until crystals begin to appear in the solution. Note the appearance of the solid.#3 Place

Basic titrating skills and techniques in order to titrate HCl

Titration is the process of measuring the exact volume of a solution of known concentration that is required to react completely with a measured volume of a solution of unknown concentration or a known mass of unknown solid. Standardization is a laboratory process in which the exact concentration of a solution is obtained by comparing the concentration of

The iodine clock reaction

Determining the rate constant and the rate law for the iodine-clock reaction: We know [S2O82-] and [I-], because we know initial volume and concentration of each solution and the final volume for each solution, e.g for [S2O82-] in trial 1: [S2O82-] = / = 0. 1 [ S O2 ' ] d [ I2 ] 2 2 3

The catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide essay sample

Therefore both increasing the concentration of the Hydrogen peroxide and increasing the surface area of the catalyst open to collision may increase the number of collisions between Hydrogen peroxide molecules and the catalyst therefore increasing the rate of catalytic decomposition. This is because the increased chance of collisions with the catalyst, due to the increased number and density

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Date: 8th october, 2012

25 cm3 Volume of water = 5 1. As it was a semi-quantitative test the exact concentration of solution could not be obtained.

Sources of arsenic in soil

A variety of As compounds, each organic and inorganic, square measure introduced into the setting through earth science and anthropogenic sources.little amounts of As conjointly enter the soil and water through numerous biological sources that square measure wealthy in As. Though the anthropogenic supply of As contamination is progressively turning into vital, it ought to be got wind

Experiment 2: common-ion effect and buffers

DATA, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION In the first part of the experiment the experimenters used visual indicators and pH meter to know the pH of each solution. The experimenters dropped the indicators in the solution and the color of the solution immediately changes.

Hydrogen peroxide essay sample

This is because, when increasing the surface area of the potatoes it will increase the rate of reaction because there will be more surface area on which particles from the potato and the Hydrogen Peroxide will collide on, and with more surface area there would be more particles carrying kinetic energy, and by carrying more kinetic energy the

Using carbon fibre reinforced polymer

Car bodies made of CFRP technology will endure high and low temperature fluctuations without expanding or contracting in contrast to those made of traditional metallic components such as aluminium or steel. Carney uses Ferrari as a case study of the trouble with CFRP technology when compared to traditional metallic materials such as aluminium alloys.

Chemical process control an introduction to theory and practice

The plant must also conform to the market conditions that are the availability of raw materials and the demand for the final products. The second design question is " How do we select the best values for the adjustable parameters of the feedback controller chosen?" This is known as the Controller Tuning Problem.

Prpperties of an element

You will submit both a hardcopy and a Microsoft Word file of your project - on the Word file, the links must be hot! You will submit the softcopy to [email protected] The project must contain in the order listed: 1)A cover sheet with the element name or formula and your name.

The united states pharmacopeial convention

The enforcing of USPs drug standards in the United States is by the administration of food and drugs. The founding of United States Pharmacopeial Convention in 1820, by a group that comprises 11 physicians that are responsible in organizing the need that is essential for a nation's dictionary of names of drug and formulas in the United States.

Grignard reagent

In a very thorough study of the association factors of various Grignard reagents in diethyl ether and THF by careful ebullioscopic molecular weight measurements, Eugene Ashby and Frank Walker at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that monomeric, dimeric, and higher oligomeric species were present, depending on the solvent and the halogen and the organic substituents on the

Summary and poems

Poem on reduction and oxidation Electrochemistry the back bone of electrolysis, Forms the basis of our car batteries, Our dry cell and fuel cell fall the truck, Oxidation and reduction is the foundation of our chemistry. The knowledge facilitates our daily activities, Apparatus under the subject are comprehensible, Tutors and instructors have an easy time in illustrations, Oxidation

Quantitative analysis of salicylates by visible spectroscopy

Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to learn how to use a spectrophotometer to measure the amount of light absorbed by different concentrations of salicylic acid, compare those concentrations to our unknown sample and to use the data collected to compile a graph showing the levels of absorbance of the different concentrations. We used a spectrophotometer to

Factors affect the rate of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide essay sample

Therefore the lower the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the lower the rate that hydrogen peroxide and manganese oxide decompose. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 8.6 9.2 8.9 7.2 7.1 7.2 4.5 4.5 4.5 2.5 2.6 2.

Chemistry in the development of synthetic gemstones

The diamond seller DeBeers is long known to have a monopoly over the sale and distribution of diamonds across the whole world. It is also known that DeBeers has large stockpiles of diamonds that they withhold from the market so that the price stays high, and so that the public still sees the diamond as a rare and

Chemical compound

The severity of exposure to this compound is evident in its symptomatic respiratory challenge, headache, and irritation of the skin. It is worth to note that as part of the health guide and prevailing risk of exposure to some chemical compounds, the article is significant.

Sun block

Fifteen to twenty minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, it is ecomendable to apply sunblock directly on the skin. Now, the two types of sunblock that are available to us are the physical and chemical type.

The effect of substrate on the rate of respiration on yeast essay sample

The height of the area filled with gas was measured, after thirty minutes the test tube containing the cofactor MgSO4 revealed the higher amount of carbon dioxide evolved, which is one of the products of cellular respiration. In the second experiment, Smith fermentation tube method was used to test " If the nature of substrates makes cellular respiration

Chemistry for dummies

Knowing this pattern is useful in many aspects of chemistry, including predicting the bonding situation of a particular atom and in the prediction of the geometry of a covalent compound. 01 * kilo- = 1, 000 The Basic Chemistry of Acids and Bases A lot of chemistry requires you to understand the difference between acids and bases.

Negative effects of chemicals in commercial powdered-pigment for paint

80% children and individuals who uses materials that is oblivious of the risks and labels is dominant that counts around 80% than the individual who is fully attentive about the materials that they are using. In fact, one of the toxics that can be found in an inorganic pigment is called white lead or flake white, that might

Isolation of aspirin

Once the aspirin is prepared, it is isolated from the reaction solution and then it is purified. The aspirin is insoluble in cold water, and it is isolated by filtering the chilled reaction solution.

Flow instability in an alumina precipitator fitted with a draft tube circulator

The SST model is a combination of k-Epson and k-omega and it is used to control the viscosity turbulence in near the wall region. The temperature of the outlet of the precipitator should be equal to the temperature of the inlet of the downstream precipitator.

Welding guide on unitor

SAFETY IN WELDING A Safe Journey with UNITOR Norwegian Training Center - Manila A SAFE JOURNEY WITH UNITOR Welding and Flame Cutting elsewhere than in workshop should be the subject of a " HOT WORK PERMIT" A Safe Journey with UNITOR 2 Norwegian Training Center - Manila Production welding is done under optimum conditions. Amperage Below 20 A

Comprehensive and detailed chemistry notes essay sample

MUCH OF THE WORK OF CHEMISTS INVOLVES MONITORING THE REACTANTS AND PRODUCTS OF REACTIONS AND MANAGING REACTION CONDITIONS * outline the role of a chemist employed in a named industry or enterprise, identifying the branch of chemistry undertaken by the chemist and explaining a chemical principle that the chemist uses * identify the need for collaboration between chemists

Boyle’s law – solutions

0 L of a gas at a pressure of 1. If I blow up this balloon with 3 moles of oxygen gas at a pressure of 1 atmosphere, what is the temperature of the balloon?

Chemical reactions

Add 5 to 10 drops of potassium iodide solution to the test tube and record your observations of the reaction.3. Next, test for hydrogen and oxygen gas produced at each end of the tube.5.

About effect of salt on rusting

The chemistry is relatively simple, rust is Solubilised by the acid and citrate ion coordinates to the iron-forming soluble iron citrate. The chemistry is relatively simple, rust is Solubilised by the acid and citrate ion coordinates to the iron-forming soluble iron citrate.

Bleaching of crude palm oil

It is operated at the temperature of 200 C for about 1-2 hours until hexane is totally removed. The oil that retained on flat bottom flask is weighted for determination of the collected oil.

Bunker gear fabric

It is a requirement for firefighters to be able to put on all of the gear in no time, and in this set up, all they have to do is to step into the boots and pull the pants up. The other layer also allowed the firefighters to " release moisture from inside the gear," and the material

Will restricting u.s. carbon emissions damage the u.s. economy? essay sample

With the decrease in forests and continuation of the burning of fossil fuels, earth's biological processes cannot convert and replenish the carbon at the rate that carbon dioxide is accumulating. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions to a level that is sustainable and also causes a decrease in the rate of climate change.

The quality of tap water sample – lab report example

What do you feel is the quality of your water sample? The values obtained for the different parameters of the water samples fall within the ranges set for clean water.

Chemical substances fungicides

Mode of action The fact that fungicides can control a wide range of fungi elicit the question of how this happens, some of the advanced reasons as to how the fungicides work include the following; there are specific fungicides that impairs synthesis of the genetic material in fungi thus avoiding synthesis of major fungi constituents that are necessary

Benefits of organic powdered-pigment used for paint

Moreover, root and tuber crops which is the family of purple yam has a lot of benefits to human health. Purple yam is proven to be versatile and composed of different health benefits as we are looking forward to create pigment from this vegetable that actually possess important roles.

Cracking and crude oil essay sample

Explain the use of crude oil as a source of both aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons Crude oil: a complex mixture of hydrocarbons found in layers of rock beneath the earth's surface Aliphatic Hydrocarbons: contain chains of carbon atoms that may be branched Aromatic Hydrocarbons: contain Benzene rings- rings of carbon atoms with delocalized electrons Alkanes all have different

Acetylene lab

00% Few High pitch " Pop" Discussion The observation table do not support the hypothesis, since it shows the result that as the amount of acetylene gas decreases and oxygen gas increases, there would be a greater chance of a complete combustion. Conclusion Even though this experiment do not have a fully complete combustion, the investigators can still

A cycle is a biological pathway or process in which the end product of one cycle becomes the starting point for the next cycles: write an essay about cycles.

Photophosphorylation occurs during this reaction which is the making of ADP plus an inorganic phosphate to make ATP. This reaction is shown in the form of the Calvin cycle.* CO2 enters the stroma from the light-dependent reaction, and produces 2 3-carbon glycerate-3-phosphate.* 2 ATP molecules then donate 2 phosphate molecules to produce ADP.

Physical chemistry formal report essay sample

This is limited in the availability of the reagents to be used in each test, the samples to be tested and the substitution of chemicals restricted to use in the experiment that student could be able to verify experimentally. And to determine the presence of phosphate, molybdate test is used test to detect the presence of phosphate at

Respiratory system

The blood is circulated by the heart, which pumps the oxygenated blood from the lungs to the body. What happens to the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood during rapid breathing?

Yeast and different carbohydrate substrates essay sample

That is, the substrate becomes attached to the enzyme using the active site of the enzyme using the lock and key theory. The concept being that the cork would be placed onto the mouth of the conical flask and as the Carbon Dioxide is produced through anaerobic respiration, it rises up and goes into the hole in the

Energy wedges – lab report example

From the 15 strategies in the Wedge Table we chose one wedge strategy at a time to fill the 8 spots on the wedge game-board, V. Using a combination of strategies will be needed to build the 7 wedges of the stabilization triangle.

Determination of kf for naphthalene

To determine the Kf for naphthalene, we need to find the difference in the freezing point of pure naphthalene and the solution of 1, 4-dichlorobenzene in naphthalene. What is the molality of the solute? msolute= molality of solute = moles of solute/kg solvent moles of solute = 1.

Hazardous properties of chemical substances

The first property is that polymeric materials are stiff because they are constituted of very high mechanical features to their density. This is because they are organic materials and further, cellular materials constructed of the flammable matrix such as polymeric foams, are more susceptible to fire than their equivalent concrete materials as a result of the insulating effect

Determination of zinc and nickel concentration essay sample

In the second method, the unknown was analyzed through the atomic absorption spectroscopy of the mixture. The 30 mL sample was transferred to the top of the column.

Renewable energy source

Solar energy is the transformation of light from the sun into power either by photovoltaics, or ultimately using focused solar. The development of affordable, endless and clean solar energy technological innovation will have huge longer-term benefits.

Ap bio lab report

In this experiment, the amount of oxygen taken up by the organism is investigated, and how this uptake is affected by the temperature and the time of the lifecycle that an organism is in. The amount of oxygen consumed was calculated by the amount of water that enters the pipette of the respirometer and the level it moves

History of alchemy

The Stone was a red colored material capable of transforming metals like iron into silver and gold." Discovering the principals of the Philosopher's Stone was one of the defining and at the same time seemingly unobtainable objectives of Western alchemy".. Today, alchemy is largely a forgotten art but many of the techniques and terms coined by alchemists are

Mercury effect on seed germination


Enzyme function lab essay sample

Part one 1.a) When hydrogen peroxide was added to manganese, tiny bubbles formed in the solution- intensity of.b)The solution did not change in temperature.c) The bubbles stopped forming after about 18 minutes.2. Cooked liver Bubbles formed in the solution- intensity of.

The effect of different isotopes on atomic mass (chemistry lab)

Find the mass of each cup of beans and subtract the mass of the cup. To find the average atomic mass of beanium, use the following formula: percent of balckium atoms average mass of blackium percent of brownium atoms average mass of brownium +percent of whitium atoms average mass of whitium atomic mass of beanium Record this number

Primary and secondary standard solutions in chemistry essay sample

The same goes with the pipette when filling it with analyte, which was the acetic acid; if the pipette is not rinsed with the analyte after being rinsed with distilled water, the analyte will become slightly diluted and it will mean that a little more sodium hydroxide will be introduced and it will increase the percentage of the

My first day at school

I have? been out of school for years and all I was concerned about was not wasting any more time without a high education; I knew it that without a college degree the chances of being successful out the are very slim to none. I remember walking to class looking at students face and just thinking to myself

Analysis and separation of organic acids in white wine

9766 The peak areas of the acids were then obtained through chromatograms and plotted against the concentrations of the standard solutions of the organic acids to construct a calibration curve. 9994 The equations of the calibration curves were then used to calculate the concentration of each organic acid in the white wine samples.

Determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay sample

In the Lab Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide, students set out to find if there is a true 1: 1 ratio in the empirical formula of MgO. The formula for Magnesium Oxide is Mg _1 O _1, a 1: 1 ratio of Magnesium to Oxygen.

Pre-lab-tyrone hayes discussion on atrazine

The most intriguing part of the video was the scientific manner in which the toxic effects of atrazine and DES were related in rats to humans. Animal testing is essential in order to simulate and understand the effects of toxicity in humans.

Factors to consider for the design and development of emulsion

EMULSION is the process of dispersing the mixure of two or more immiscible liquids while EMULSIONS is the mixture of the immiscible liquids wherein the first liquid is suspended to the second liquid. The ultimate goal of emulsion is to know and understand the main factors of dispersion of the mixture.

Bubble lab

In addition to this, a larger quantity of salt and sugar could be added in order to make the changes more drastic and easier to see. Then, a straw would be dipped in the solution and blown through in order to make bubbles.

Measurement of the turbidity of raw water and study the effects of coagulation and flocculation – lab report example

Measurement of the Turbidity of Raw Water and Study the Effects of Coagulation and Flocculation Explain the difference between coagulation and flocculation processes. Introduction of the salts in waste water results, in the formation of Ions.

On radiation

There are two basic types of radiation, namely the ionizing radiation and the nonionizing radiation. Examples of electromagnetic radiation are x rays and gamma radiation whereas examples of particulate radiation are alpha radiation and beta radiation.

Notes on aryl halides

Chemical tests: Test Reagent Br2/CCl4 KMnO4 AgNO3 Result Metallation Reactions for aryl halides without reactive groups Grignard Reaction: IR Spectroscopy C-X absorptions lie in the fingerprint region? not useful for analysis 1000 1350 cm-1 C F str. 500 680 cm-1 C Br str.

Lysol as household product

If the consumer thinks Lysol will prevent H1N1 the more Lysol will be sold. Lysol has been around for a long time, but so have the others.

Hong kong diploma of secondary education examination

The teacher can take note whether there is a filter funnel on top of the burette when the titration is carried out; there is a white tile beneath the conical flask when the titration is carried out; there is air space between the tap and the tip of the burette; and the students perform the experiment safely. The


Aspirin Aspirin Aspirin is one of the major and oldest pain killers used in the medical science. Acetyl salicylic acid is the chemical name of Aspirin and C9H8O4 is the chemical formula of aspirin.

Lab rebort

Through the application of this formula, the original temperature of heated water was obtained by calculating the difference in cold water temperature, hot water temperature and the final temperature. During this calculation, it was considered that the hot water temperature would be the summation of the cold and mixed water.

Abstract. have played an significant role in

Contrary to the popular belief that turmeric to be used only in household or as a medicine, we found an entirely different dimension to the whole idea of its activity. Curcumin, a major constituent isolated from turmeric is found to be active as catalyst for coupling reactions when complexed with palladium acetate.

loren inc. essay sample

Brent has been appointed raw material buyer, reporting to the manager of chemicals buying group, and the hexonic acid contract will need to be approved by his immediate supervisor and the director of department. Brent thinks that, the demand for hexonic acid has eased, and there has been excess hexonic acid inventories, and Brent thought it would be

The established threshold for hazardous material

According to the EPA, " the current thresholds for Sections 311 and 312 are stipulated: for extremely hazardous substances: 500 pounds or the threshold planning quantity, whichever is lower; and for all other hazardous chemicals: 10, 000 pounds". This means that a person would be affected when exposed to 500 pounds of extremely hazardous materials and the manufacturing

Analysis of an antacid

29 g 25 mL 0 mL 18 mL 0. 221 g 25 mL 0 mL 17 mL 0.

Joy jenkins

Joy Jenkins Changing of the periodic table Today, the periodic table organizes the elements in horizontal rows, or periods, by order of increasing atomic number. In each group of three, the atomic weight of one element fell halfway between the atomic weights of the other two elements.

Kristina matthews

The phosphorus cycle is the soil minerals." The most serious human intrusion into the phosphorus cycle comes from the use of phosphorus containing fertilizers. Nitrogen is an element in the air." Human involvement in the nitrogen cycle is substantial.

Element that undergoes radioactive decay

The radioactive tracer is absorbed by the muscle of the heart in proportional direction to blood flow, then to the muscle area, during rest and in the post stress. The variation in myocardial absorption of technetium after and before stress identifies heart muscle areas that are considered ischemic or short of the flow of blood, and deduce the

Kinetics chemistry lab

00171 1)0.1/42.2 1). 00260 1)0.1/24.3 1).

Find out about recycling of steel/aluminum drink cans

Production of aluminum in raw form requires huge amount of energy, various natural resources required to produce aluminum includes water and energy resources. Bauxite is utilized during the production of aluminum, which requires both steam as well as heat energy.

Spectroscopic study of cu(ii) complexes: crystal field theory essay sample

These colors are due to the absorption and subsequent emission of light in the visible part of the spectrum. The Broken line represents the spectrum of TiCl63-, with a maximum at 13, 000 cm-1 The size of E is most readily measured spectrochemically by observing the energy of the electronic transitions between the t2g and eg orbitals.

Molar notes essay sample

How many moles of C6H12O6 does 1. How many moles of CaCl2 does 2.

Determining an equilibrium constant essay sample

57 Volume of HCl added /cm3 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5. 53 Volume of ethyl ethanoate added /cm3 5.0 5.0 4.0 4.0 2.0 2.

Chemistry in everyday life

10) Anaerobic fermentation is also a great concept which is present in the chemistry of everyday life. 11) The food chain present in every ecosystem is also a major part of chemistry in everyday life.

Conservative vs. non-conservative amino acid substitutions

The occurrence of mutations may cause malfunctioning of the protein. There are different mutations that affect the functioning of the gene in different ways.

Ap bio lab

Part B of this lab involves differing variables of light and carbon dioxide and the effects they have on the rate of photosynthesis. Part A: Plant Pigments and Chromatography Observations: The plant produced five visible bands of color: dark green, light green, green, light yellow and dark yellow.

Applied chemistry: rbst and chlorpyrifos in food

In relation to the commonly used food chemicals, this study aims to closely examine the nature of rBST and the chemical composition of Chlorpyrifos. About rBST As a type of artificifical growth hormone, the rBST is actually a kind of peptide hormone that is normally produced the the pituary gland of a cow.rBST can be created through the