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Why numbers matter

The author of the article tells about the falling prices of homes in the United States which were on a steady trend in the summer of 2011. The rates concerned to these should be considered first; Mortgage loans interest rates have declined in the US as per the article so this medium of financing can be taken to

Math problems essay

The properties of real numbers is a fundamental concept of basic algebra. The second step of our solution, is to arrange the like terms after removing the parentheses.

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Much of Gauss' influence is seen in the fields of mathematics and science. Gauss had a lot of influence in the field of mathematics.

The root finding methods

Your Section and Serial Number Root Finding Algorithm A root-finding algorithm is a numerical method, or algorithm, for finding a value x such A root-finding algorithm is a numerical method, or algorithm, for finding a value x such that f = 0, for a given function f. The Secant Method: The secant method is based on the assumption

Trigonometry in real life essay sample

The angle of elevation can be formed, when an individual to the front of this structure raise his/her head to look at this, making a line of sight with the horizontal. And by determining the distance to the covered court and the angle at which they stand in relation to the top of this structure.

Lecture week

The cylinder made of any materials will have the same stress values and thus if strength is the major concern, one should select the highest strength material. Four-point bending The better positioning of strain gauge should be in a far field as shown below to get more stable and reliable testing result.

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Department stores can sell kitchen gadgets as impulse items because retailers have seen sales skyrocket of some items simply by the placement of the products in the store. How can knowledge of the product life cycle help buyers decide which products to eliminate from their merchandise mix?


In addition, unitizing is very useful in understanding and developing the meaning of division as well as multiplication of both natural numbers and fractions. Unitizing is so important since it facilitates the understanding of mathematical objects such as number and operations, especially in fractions, ratios and proportions.

Name : math133 unit 5 individual project a

Round your answer to the nearest cent. Round your answer to the nearest cent.rt Answer: Show work in this space:

Air cargo pkomot

The findings summarise the major air trade markets in the world, giving the major trends and projects on the future improvements and performance of the world's cargo airplane. Planning on the other hand is the creation and maintenance of a flow of events in an organisation and the process of coming up with the procedures necessary to create


Internal Control Characteristics Affiliation Internal Control Characteristics Introduction Internal control refers to the process in which the aim of an organization is to comply with the rules and regulations, achieve the objectives financial reporting reliability, and provide timely feedback on the strategies achievement. Situation Missing internal control: Supervision control or assignment of duties Possible problem: The problem emerges

Mathematical induction essay sample

After showing that, it is assumed that the theorem holds for any number x and it is up to the student to show that if it holds for x, it will hold for x+1. This is a trivial matter as we can show that for n = 1, the sum of the first 1 even numbers is 2.

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Good essay on shaping the soccer ball

However, many parameters such as humidity, materials of manufacture of the ball, size of the ball, etc.control the movement of the ball in air. 1 The Geodesic Design The geometry of a soccer ball can be easily understood by looking into some of the primary features of the ball.

Classical probability of favorable outcomes

Classical Probability of Favorable Outcomes Classical probability is the number of favorable outcomes over the total number of outcomes while empirical probability is the number of times an event happened over the total number of trials. Since we did an experiment in finding the probability of an event occurring, the probability used is empirical probability.

Can public knowledge contribute to scientific understaning

They claim it is the first ever official definition published: " Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence - The science council The definitions of " science and " scientific knowledge as based on empirical evidence have important implications for public understanding

Music is a kind of mathematics

In the same manner, if a face is proportionate, we will probably notice it quickly and think that it's beautiful and perfect. God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world".-To end this here's what Maulana Wahiduddin Khan believed: " The truth is that God is the greatest Mathematician, the greatest artist and the greatest genius".

Accounting theory and practice

An accounting treatment has been provided to show the preference shares as an equity without considering the time value of money, to show the preference shares as a financial liability without adjustments of the time value of money, to show the preference share as a financial liability using amortized cost, and to show the preference shares as a

Mathematical modelling of a hyperboloid container essay sample

Empirical modelling involves examining data related to the problem with a view of formulating or constructing a mathematical relationship between the variables in the problem using the available data. For deterministic modelling, it involves the use of equation or set of equations to model or predict the outcome of an event or the value of a quantity in

When are pivot tables useful

Similarly, Pivot Tables are interactive means of summarizing the data, allowing you to add or delete fields in the contingent tables. This is really handy when the headings in the worksheets are identical as it saves both time and effort.

Srinivasa ramanujan

Ramanujan went to Cambridge in 1914, despite the great strides he made in his work in corroboration Hardy and Littlewood it took a great toll on his body. He was also a man entrenched in his religion and a deep commitment to his family.

Math problem

The z-score for 41= /4 =-1 Decimal For a s.d of -1 from the table=. Between the IQ and statistics scores r= 0.

How the calculus was invented?

The purpose of this section is to examine Newton and Leibniz's investigations into the developing field of infinitesimal calculus. In comparison, Leibniz focused on the tangent problem and came to believe that calculus was a metaphysical explanation of change.

Prominent african-american mathematicians

When he finished his Ph.D.at 19, he was recognized by the national press as a " negro genius." Jesse Ernest Wilkins taught at the Tuskegee Institute prior returning to the University of Chicago to contribute to the Manhattan Project. Cox's portrait hangs in Howard's Mathematics Common Room as a consistent reminder of his contribution to the Mathematics Department,

Further topics in primary mathematics education education essay

The Assessment book 's chief constructs do fit with the course of study ', but the Assessment book have missed to advert the kids 's acknowledgment that the longer lengths necessitate a larger unit, that is kilometer, and that the shortest lengths, require a smaller unit, that is the centimetre. It 's besides a good agencies of assisting

The fencing problem

I predict that the length of a rectangle that will give me the maximum area will be 250m. The square height will therefore be equal to the square of the hypotenuse minus the square of half the base.

Consumer math

A specific example of annuities is when one deposits a certain amount at a savings plan at the end of each year for five years. Indeed, it is essential for every individual to understand the concepts covered by consumer math because it has a huge impact on one's personal finances.

Conversions in the metric system

In the metric system, quantity pertaining to length, thickness, distance, or girth is measured in terms of ' meter' while the customary system consists of an inch, foot, yard, and mile. Based on metric units, the volume may be in milliliter, cubic centimeter, liter, and cubic meter whereas based on the US customary units, the liquid volume is

Statistics final exam questions

The following data represent the number of days between the receipt of the complaint and the resolution of the complaint: 1 65, a. Is ordering a beef enter e independent of whether the person orders dessert?

Time, distance and speed

TIME, DISTANCE AND SPEED and Department al Affiliation Question If a vantravels for a distance of 18 km at an average speed of 75 km/h and then for a distance of 63 km at an average speed of 90 km/h, what is the total time for the journey in minutes, to the nearest minute? The diagram shows a

Simplifying radicals

The negative exponent makes a reciprocal of base number and exponent Using the product rule to multiplying expression Adding exponent The final simplified answer is 1/3, which is the principal root of the expression For solving above expression, we do not require use of the Quotient rule.#101. Using the power rule to multiply outer exponents Simplifying Using the

Free-will and determinism

The endless debate around the crisis in sociology and in social sciences in general, can be interpreted as the reissue of the discussion on their scientific status, in particular on the topic about the capacity to generate " legalform " propositions, as well as the plausibility of the explanation and the prediction based on the resulting products of

Integrated education of basic mathematics and social studies essay sample

This organization as well as advance representation obviously shows the way to the flawless combination of technology plus information literacy principles by means of the skillfulness of educator make use of to educate the components. What is educated and practical in one part of the core curriculum is correlated and bring into play to strengthen, offer recurrence, as

Equivalant fractions with unlike denominators

You can show the students by coloring in one of the two pieces and two of the four pieces they are equivalent. An activity to help students figure out if fractions are equivalent or not is to have the teacher give the student a page of fraction circles.

Math paper

07 T = 3 years = N = 3 x 1 = 3 A = P ^ n A = $1000 ^ 3 A = $1225. 035 T = 3 years = N = 3 x 2 = 6 A = P ^ n A = $1000 ^ 6 A = $1229.

Euler’s formula essay sample

The product of two complex numbers is a complex number with a magnitude equal to the product of the magnitudes of the two multipliers and its angle is equal to the sum of the angles of the two complex multipliers. Using the complex exponential form of the Euler formula allows us to solve for the odd and even

Donald duck mathematical magic trick

The pentagram contains the " Golden Rectangle" or a rectangle whose sides form the ratio known as the " Golden Mean". The video showed that when the pentagram is deconstructed, and the parts were arranged according to their lengths, the two short parts combined formed the longer part in the ratio of the Golden Mean.

Use of math in daily life

Merits of mathematics: The merits of mathematics in our life cannot be described in words. Mathematics helps us to create everything as without the application of mathematics.

Variable and fixed costs

Herrested Company Contribution Margin Income Statement For the period ending December 31, 2011 per unit No.of units sold Total Sales 250 8, 000 2, 000, 000 Variable Cost Direct Material 100 Direct Labor 50 Variable Overhead 30 Variable Selling & Admin 10 Total Variable Cost 190 8, 000 1, 520, 000 Contribution 60 8, 000 480, 000 Fixed

Summary for: love and math book by edward frenkel

The aim of the paper is to focus on the summary of Love and Math by Edward Frenkel. In the book, Love and Math, Frenkel ventures into a remarkable discipline of exploring one of the significant aspects of mathematics regarding Langlands program.

Do males and females have different abilities when estimating size narrative essay

After collecting the data in my study, the results of this analysis indicate that males have the more accurate abilities in size estimating than females. To sum up, I prefer to think that the ability of males in estimating size is better than females.

Aborption cost systems – math problem example

The has selected a very good example of a manufacturing concern that implements the job order costing system in order to account for the cost of every job completed. In addition to that, Boeing has a state of the art technological infrastructure, which is charged as overhead in the cost of each and every plane and that is


5th= 12-7= Approximately 5 c) For each distribution find the i) Mean The mean is the average of the numbers it is the sum divided by the count. 66667 Range 36 64 iii) The standard deviation is used to quantify the amount of variation or dispersion of a set of data values d) Discuss the relevance of the

Measures of central tendency

As such, the tail of the distribution is longer on the left side of the distribution than on the right side. The effects of such outliers on the distribution is that one finds most of the values including the median tend to be greater than the mean.

Linear algebra

Determine the values of a and b.{1, 2, 5, 1} {b} = {1, 2, 0, 3}{4, 1, 17, -22} {a} = {0, 0, 1, -2} B= 1 A = 0 Determine the solution of the homogeneous system of equations Rx = 0 in parametric vector form. The matrix B is called the inverse matrix of A.

Srinivasa ramanujan

Following is an anecdote of Hardy: 2 Hardy Ramanujan number 1729 A common anecdote about Ramanujan relates to the number 1729. Ramanujan is said to have stated on the spot that it was actually a very interesting number

Mathematics and being mathematical education essay

The usage of open-ended probe has 'the possible to increase the math talk in the schoolroom ', and with linguisticcommunicationplaying a critical function in cognitive development, it is logical that the usage of mathematical linguistic communication is considered when judging the quality of instruction and acquisition. What is the inquiry? ' The kids were captured by the openness

Compound inequality

The graph representing a compound inequality with and constitutes the intersection of the two inequalities. The graph of the compound inequalities with or represents the union of the two inequalities.

Carl friedrich gauss

The discovery of Ceres led Gauss to his work on a theory of the motion of planetoids disturbed by large planets, eventually published in 1809 as Theoria motus corporum coelestium in sectionibus conicis solem ambientum. In 1818 Gauss, putting his calculation skills to practical use, carried out a geodesic survey of the state of Hanover, linking up with

Flow induced vibration

0? 0? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 KGlobal 31 32 The two 4x4 element sti? ness matrices are? 2: Introducing a Taper in the Pipe Carrying Fluid of t = 0.

Newton’s 2nd law lab

Then we found the total mass being accelerated in kg by adding the mass of the hanging glider to the mass of the hanging weight. Then we found the theoretical acceleration by using the formula a= F/m and plugged in the total mass for m and the applied force for F.

Composition and inverse

So, f h = 2x + 5 - f h = - = Then upon substitution of 4 into ' x', = = 12 Evaluate the following two compositions: A: would pertain to a composition where the function g is composed within the function f such that g serves as an expression that replaces ' x' in f

Data collection activities in algebra 1

Students will then use a prepared activity sheet that requires them to draw a diagram of the experiment, describe the procedure, identify the independent and dependent variables, create a table of data, graph data, choose two representative points to connect and create a " line of best fit", find the slope and y-intercept of this line and describe

Reflection on study skills

For Information technology I downloaded a paper from the journal of community nursing online, the subject was falls and the elderly; I chose this because I have worked in the community as a District nurse auxiliary and have a particular interest in promoting health for the elderly. Coming to university as a mature student is challenging, the reason

Math in biotechnology field

00298ppm 3- You are setting up a PCR reaction and the protocol asks you to add 0. 008ppm 5- You are setting up a PCR reaction and the protocol asks you to add 0.

Math and psychology

The Use of Statistics inPsychologyAuthor: The Role of a PsychologistI believethe role of a psychologist is to help people understand the underlying cause of abnormal or detrimental behavior and give them the tools to modify or change the behavior or the underlying issues. I feel this study shows significant statistical data that the hypothesis that abused children may

Math lab evaluation paper

Students appear to be unable to focus due to various distractions like the constant noise of some of the math tutors joking with one another and the lights flickering throughout the room is also very distracting. I would make the following changes in the math lab to make it a more productive and studious environment.

Aqr vi.d.9

The specification was the general principle that governed the selection. The beta value of the portfolio is -25.

History of algebra essay sample

Hindu Algebra The successors of the Greeks in the history of mathematics were the Hindus of India. Peacock was the founder of axiomatic thinking in arithmetic and algebra.

Discrete math

The study of the structure of compound propositions is made easier by the use of symbols for atomic propositions and connectives. The program will terminate if and only if the input is not numeric or the escape key is pressed.

Real world radical formulas

C/4b = 1/3 d Taking the reciprocal of both sides we get, 4b/C = 3 d Taking the third root of both sides we obtain 3 = d Rearranging, d = 3 c) C= 4d-1/3b b = 13. 5 = d-1/3 0.

Math203 – applications of discrete mathematics -phase 4 db

The automation is able to read in the string one symbol each time from left to the right. The automation begins to calculate immediately as the start state begins and it continues to read the initial symbol of the input string.

E-text 12.47 essay sample

Use the quick rule to make a 95 percent prediction interval for Y when X= 2, 000 FREE THROWS Find the expected number of free throws made for a team that shoots 2, 000 free throws. 2 1515 The expected number of free throws made for a team that shoots 2, 000 free throws is 1515.

History of mathematics

Mersenne used the academy as a forum to spread the ideas of Descartes who was in Netherlands. For Descartes, Fermat and Mersenne, mathematics was their passion.

Truss design essay sample

The designer may change the material, the amount of material, or the number of members in a truss in order to make a design safer or more efficient. If the truss is statically indeterminate, then you will not be able to solve for all of the forces.

Using newton method of optimization

The problem is to minimize the surface area to reduce the cost of the vessel. Insert the value of x and substitute for h in the surface area equation to obtain.

Real world quadratic functions

When the parabola opens downward, the vertex is the point where the relative minimum of the function occurs and when the parabola opens upward, the vertex is the point where the relative maximum of the function occurs. This paper will determine the maximum possible profit for the chain store and the number of clerks that will maximize the

Example of report on the inverted pendulum

Derivation of Equations of State and Output: Based on the parameters and the physical values of the system, the equations of state and the output equations are derived below the dimensions are omitted in the equation in order to preserve the readability. Compensator Gain: The first step in the design procedure is to determine the number of poles

Mathematics as a source of knowledge

Although contrary to the opinion that math is not a closed intellectual system, in which everything has already been worked out, the mere existence of math compels us to have a black and white perspective of the world. The discontent that he had with the probability of human error to a large extent shows that great thinkers predominately

The real number system and order of operations

In order of operations PEMDAS is the acronym used to illustrate the way the orders are executed. M stands for Multiplication and it takes the third precedence in the order of operations.

Actions speak louder than words

O'Brien knew well how important the draft card was to the government because of the war, and that's why he burned it. In conclusion, the acts of symbolic speech should be protected under the First Amendment because it is a strong, way to represent and express what you feel and believe.

Alphabet of lines

Alphabet of Lines The " Alphabet of Lines" refers to the different styles of lines used in drafting to show different features about an object that is drawn. It is a form of parallel projection, where all the projection lines are orthogonal to the projection plane.

Mathematics of finance and commerce

Compound interest is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal, so that interest is earned on interest from that moment on. The return of a bond is largely determined by its interest rate.

Ada solution manual

Given that the official purpose of the U.S.patent system is the promotion of the " useful arts," do you think algorithms are patentable in this country? What is the smallest and the largest number of divisions possible in the algorithm for determining a prime number? 9.a.


Risks and Benefits of Annuities Immediate annuities can lead to inflation, for instance the income of a person will increase from 4 percent to 6 percent each year. Annuities offer a person with competitive interest rates, which is one of the benefits that people experience.

Math project

00 ECO 1302 A Contemporary Macroeconomics Issues CBY C03 ECO 1104 G Introduction To Microeconomics Gordon Lenjosek ART 033 ECO2117 C Introduction to Economics of Development Geranda Notten TBT 333 From the schedule above, I would not have early morning classes except for the Macroeconomic Theory 1 class on Thursdays. My classes spread throughout the week with two


The correct way to calculate the fat content is to multiply the number of grams of fat by 9 to get the calories. 1 g of fat= 9= 9 calories The fat content is 100%= 0.

Georg cantor

At this time, he was given a considerable inheritance, and decided to transfer his studies to the University of Berlin. He also showed the necessity of one-to-one correspondence in set theory.

Double stub impedance matching essay sample

The length of the first stub is selected so that the admittance at the location of the second stub has real part equal to the characteristic admittance of the line If one moves from the location of the second stub back to the load, the circle of the allowed normalized admittances is mapped into another circle, obtained by

Singapore math

Singapore Math Singapore Math Introduction Singapore a located in the southeastern part of Asia to the south of Malaysian peninsula is famous for its equatorial climate, sea port, cultural diversity and religious acceptance, distinctive skyline, technological advancements and landmarks achieved in the field of commutation and automation and for being host to the head quarters to great Multinational

Financial stewardship

That is, instead of my retirement benefits being subjected to a formula which takes into consideration how long I was on my job and my average income during my last years of employment, this plan will credit my account with certain set percentage of my income each year, classically 5%. The aspect of retirement is fluctuating and strategizing

Business statistics and software engineering

Furthermore, a Business studies and software engineering related degree would allow me to explore, in depth, a range of exciting, multidisciplinary topics as diverse as game theory, a subject only hinted at in A Level and which I would love to explore in university, international trade and development studies. I have high ambitions, and in the future I

Discussion question

The order dual of every Boolean algebra obtained by interchanging AND and OR is also a Boolean algebra. On the other hand, given a Boolean ring A, this can be turned into a Boolean algebra by the definition x OR y = x +y + xy and x AND y = xy.