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Chiquita brand

Chiquita Brand International Chiquita Brand International Chiquita Brand International is a company that specializes in the trading of fruits. The initial name of the company was United Brands; the name Chiquita was adopted by Carl Lindner.

Friendship relationships

It was their friendship that led to the prosperity of the human race as a whole in the times to come. If a person befriends an individual who does not belong to his native cultural and ethnic background it is very likely that such a happening may result in the broadening of that individual's perspectives and may become

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Spiritual development in bless me ultima by rudolfo anaya

He concluded that the mind should not be dominated by beliefs of a single religion and should not remain blind to the realities of the world. Instead, he was inspired by Ultima to integrate the forces of nature with the faith of Catholicism to formulate his own opinions of the world around him." The tragic consequences of life


Some of the common circumstances that have elicited discussion in regard to life include the status of unborn, health status, productivity and quality. Existence of human life is not a making of any other human being and this outrightly fails to justify artificial intervention meant to eliminate life.

Whether or not social media makes us lonely

However, there has been emerging contradictions to the question on whether or not social media makes us lonely since some studies have proven that it contributes to a person's loneliness whereas other studies show that social media highly contributes to the connectedness of its users. Majority of the people view social media as a substitution to their interpersonal

Comparison of political parties in canada

The conservative party believes that the war on crime can succeed through securing of the border and reform of the criminal justice system. On the other hand, the liberals offer a different approach to resolving of crime.

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Eric garner incident

The family claimed that Pantaleo negligently placed Eric Garner in a chokehold that is banned from being used by the NYPD. In conclusion, it is evident that the chokehold by Pantaleo caused the death of Garner in Staten Island, New York.

The doctrines of checkes and balances and separation pf powers are essential components of american government .critically offer and examine some likely outcomes that might result if there were no checks and balances and the powers of the government were

Separation of power assigns unique roles to each branch of the government whereby the legislature has the mandate to make laws and pass the budget while the executive vetoes or enforces those laws and appoints federal judges among other roles. However, in the absence of these checks and balance, there would be a potential abuse of power from

Germans transport policies influence its success

The success witnessed in the mass transit in German links to a variety of reasons. The reasons illustrated influence the transport sector and set the disparity in development of the sector in both the countries.

The possibilities of progress in international politics

The Possibilities of Progress in International Politics" Table of Contents Theme ment 3 Three Approaches of the Research 3 A Brief Overview of the Arguments4 References5 Theme Statement The selected theme for the study is - " The possibilities of progress in international politics". Based on the collected data obtained from the sources, the research approach will lead

The holocaust issues, subterranean museum

What I like and dislike about the Memorial What I like about the memorial is the aesthetic value of it. The sheer size and magnitude of the memorial suggests the importance narrative that it is trying to convey.

Consumer incentives

The nursing home can signal the quality of its services to customers by hiring adequate number of nurses, ensuring nurses are educationally and clinically prepared, availing sufficient resources for service provision and informing the public about the quality of services through the media. H, Sanders, J.

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A violation of title ix law

A Violation of Title IX Law The reason for my writing to you is that it has come to my attention that the budgetary constraints necessitating the cutting or demotion of women's swimming team will be a violation of Title IX law. Plans have to be set for the introduction of a women soccer team to ensure

New york city subway system as a potential target for the terrorists

New York City Subway System The New York City subway system is the largest subway system in the world boasting of 468 stations along its channel. The importance of the New York City subway system makes it a potential target by the terrorists.

Ted talk response

This stood out because a significant portion of the American population has remained poor and continues to do so in spite of the country having such large coal reserves that could have changed the lives of these Americans. This is because people tend to protect their resources because resources determine their individual futures and the future of their

The acceptance of the conspiracy theories

In their finding, the authors conclude that conspiracy information significantly influences the thinking of the information receivers and that predispositions exist as concerns conspiratorial thinking. As such, belief in one conspiracy theory relates to the beliefs in other theories.

Nietzsche and existentialist ethics

Nietzsche and Existentialist Ethics Question In his critique of the foundations of conventional ethics, Friendrich Nietzsche denied the principle of freewill and the principle of bad/evil action; the conventional ethics is based upon these two principles. Just like Nietzsche, Sartre denied the conventional ethics principles which implied that essence proceeds existence; for instance, Sartre denied the moral view

Diffusion, its types and specific barriers to diffusion that might have developed

Diffusion, its types and specific barriers to diffusion that might have developed Diffusion is a process of distributing aspects of a culture to another area or people. The Diffusion of Cholera in the United States in the Nineteenth Century.

Complex interdependence according to nye and keohane

Nye and Keohane used the concept of complex interdependence in the 1970s for purposes of describing the eminent relationships involving pluralist democracies. According to Nye and Keohane, the concept of complex interdependence relates to three hypothetical characteristics that include multiple channels between societies, multiple issues, and the irrelevance of the threat or use of force among pluralist

Who gets what from imported oil

The countries and governments set the taxes and earn from production as opposed to oil producers. In graph one, OPEC shows that countries make huge gains from taxing oil and oil products, while graph tow shows the generated revenue from both taxes and revenues from oil.

The article jihadi john and london’s culture of gang violence

The author reckons that gang experience, Islamic identity, and the alienation faced by young Muslims living in London motivates young British men to join London's gang culture and later radical Islamist groups that offer a sense of brotherhood. The radical Islamist groups seek to overcome tribal differences and unite all Muslims that derive a sense of brotherhood, which

Week 5 ethics

The major ethical and social responsibility that organizations need to consider when they go global is to remain local in perspective even when the organization is already in a global stage. To avoid this relativity of ethical standpoint, a certain standard of ethics in organization must be established and followed by the organization in all their transactions.

The word democracy means different things to different people

The distinguishing characteristics of a democracy include citizen's contribution in decision-making, decisions made reflect the beliefs of the majority, limitation of the government's power and respect of individual rights. There is also the freedom of the individual in a democratic system.

Volunteer- united way of northern utah

In most cases in the world, education plays a big part in the kind of life that one's life. This goes a long way to helping the needy in society by being uplifted financially and also helping them to have a good meal.

Geico car insurance company

Customers are thus pinned strongly to such companies that recognize and appreciate the existence of their customers. Firms thus benefit from increased customer loyalty as such customers suggest that particular Company to their friends and relatives and such chain is extended leading to a greater pool of loyal customers resulting into competitive advantage accompanied by increased market power.

African gold, inc.: ethics and aids in the workplace

Case 101: African Gold, Inc.- Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace Did African Gold, Inc.make the right decision? In specific terms, with many of their workers being migrant laborers the decisions means that workers must face the prospect of death alone and in a foreign country.

Oligarchy in the us

Jeffrey Winters and Benjamin Page's article " Oligarchy in the United s?" explores the oligarchic nature of the US political system. Works Cited Winters, Jeffrey and Page, Benjamin." Oligarchy in the United States?" Perspectives on Politics, Vol.7/No.4.

As the material in this unit reveals, there has been a constant struggle between the states and national government over the proper balance of power. based on your studies, what are 2 areas of government that should be the primary responsibility of the na

The two areas of government that should be the primary responsibility of the national government is the executive and legislative branch of government. Given the implication of its function to the national government, the legislative department should be the primary responsibility of the national government.

Ethical challenges realted to leadership roles in organizations

Such case demands the people in leadership to promote fair pricing because it will address the issue of trade injustices and discrimination against the consumers. Leaders have to step up and ensure there is fair pricing in the markets.

Response paper for comparative politics class

In this story, the concept of political similarity and differences in countries is brought out when it is asserted that the political stability of the UK is on the line. 1 The current trend is seeing the strengths of biggest political parties in the country, the conservatives and the labor, being tested by the introduction of the smaller

Try to apply keneth waltz’s three images to the orgins of the cold war and analyize which image considerations were more important in the development of the cold war

In the analysis of the first image, Waltz asserts that the nature of certain political leaders or statesmen influence the start of war. This implies that the third image is more refined to show how the players of the cold war envisioned the manner to influence the balance of power from their influence of the third parties and

Verbal and von-verbal interactions in society

In the work of Calero, it is of great essence to assess the different types of cultures in the course of communication, as culture is in itself is nonverbal communication. In low context cultures, verbal communication, in this case, will be more focuses on highly structured forms of communications as opposed to the high-context cultures that use simple

Ethics & cia/nsa

To date numerous people and especially those who choose to politicize the entire process will on the other hand cite the government through its respective intelligence authorities is not doing enough or equal to the task of protecting its individuals. Therefore, when it comes to spying or trailing such elements is more of legality for the involved agency

Intercultural communication

Haitian culture, therefore, represents an integration of the language, artistry, and musical ideas from African and French cultures. I have skills in intercultural communication from this class, and I intend to continue acquiring exceptional personal relations skills during the coming weeks of study.

Article critique regarding cognitive effects of risperidone

The study en d Cognitive Effects of Risperidone in Children with Autism and Irritable Behavior sought to investigate the possible effects that risperidone, a type of drug, has on the cognitive processes of children with irritable behaviors and autism. From the systematic questions, the objective of the study was, therefore, was to explore the effects that the drugs

Presentation summry

The decision arrived at should be agreed upon by all the board members. Checking all the time what makes the members of the board to perform or not perform their duties.

Internship hedge fund in sandell asset management

When enrolling for the internship I had clear goals and objectives that I aimed at achieving by the end of the period as an intern. The first was to take a test of myself in relation to the field and see whether it is the career line I am willing to take.

Filipino american lives in the us

Other sources, such as the book The Filipino Americans by Barbara Mercedes Posadas, do not cover Filipino diaspora to the US during the Spanish occupation in the Philippines. Currently, there are communities in the US that have helped many Filipino immigrants and descendants cope up with the dominating air of Americans and assimilate themselves into their society.

The global significance of the middle east

The Middle East region is of global importance because of the influence it has on the market of oil in the world. The struggle for control of oil in the Middle East has led to wars, overthrow of leaders and dictatorships in the effort of taking over the oil business.


From the analysis this argument as presented by Singer, it is clear that it is based on the fact that he is of the opinion that killing an infant is less serious compared to killing a person. Therefore, it is correct inference that according to Singer, infants are less human and do not possess the same fundamental rights

How creative am i

One experience that assisted me to enhance my creativity level was when one of my friends asked me to teach him how to swim. Besides, the other day I went to the convenience store and later went to the park I spent a lot of time observing other people about how they spent their time.

Political discussion

Politics Presidential Approval Public approval of the president changes significantly during the of a president's term in office. Special Interest Groups Special interest groups are good for the nation because they exert influence on the political and legal systems.

The effects of immigration policies

The right to legally move to the United States is accompanied by a long process that most people do not have the patience for. Unlike many, some individuals are convinced these immigrants came to the United States to cause a huge amount of complication in the economic system.

The different factors of social control: the social actions of the individual in society

Despite the fact that my friends are considered as one of the influential factors in my life, my family proves to be the first and most influential of the factors for the fact that they are the people whom I shared the most susceptible times of my life. Despite the fact that my friends are considered as one

Close relationships sometimes mask poor communication

One way to make sure this miscommunication will not recur is to make myself very clear with regards to my intentions, meaning and maybe even need to repeat a message for the sake of clarity. I have to ask my listener if he or she got the full meaning of what I had just said.

Economic developments of people from different races

It should help in recapping the findings of the entire research. In this regard, they should all be made to be coherent and flowing right from the introduction up to the conclusion.Yes.

The arab israel

Lecturer Right to Return Home I would like to begin by stating that the problems of the Palestinians began in 1947-48 when they were chased away of their homes by the Israeli soldiers and the Haganah, Irgun and Palmach militia groups. I would like to agree that the Palestinian refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza Strip and the

Social value of scientific and technological enterprises

Social Value of Scientific and Technological Enterprises There would be no scientific or technological enterprises if they did not generate some form of value socially; the purpose of this essay is to provide a brief summary of the types of social value generated by these respective types of enterprises and to speculate as to which type is more

Ethical standards

The welfare of humanity forms the basis of ethical conduct and seems to override the general perception of society. In this respect, the informed judgment must always be made by an individual to achieve the maximum results on the grounds of ethical expectations.

Consumers telephone bills

Consumers Telephone Bills The situation that DWI faces is the refusal of the Kettles to pay up delinquent amounts on their phone bill, on the grounds that they did not authorize such charges. They can request the facility of " blocking" 900 calls from their telephone for a reasonable fee, which the Kettles did not do Any

Root causes of urbanization/suburbanization, relating to one or more readings

Root Causes of Urbanization Urbanization is the process of creation of cities and settlement in them. Increased availability of the economies to consumers and producers leads to continued agglomeration of the place.

Sexual harassment cases are becoming more complex

Why is the handling of sexual harassment cases considered complicated? As such, based on company policies or codes of discipline and ethical behavior, organizations should clearly and explicitly stipulate instances that render the behavior as veering towards sexual harassment.

Analysis on state and local taxes on the poor

This is because increased minimum wage will affect poverty based on the population density of an area. This is due to the fact that poverty is also a function of population density ad not individual households.

Cultural exploration

For instance, India has divided different task that women and men are expected to do. For instance, women are expected to rear children and pay dowry to the husband.

Tension between idealism and naturalism

Tension between Idealism and Naturalism Tension between Idealism and Naturalism of the tension between the terms idealism and naturalism that exist in the works such as Hermes with young Dionysus Idealism defines the stage of philosophical processes revealing that reality is dependent upon the human mind, and no world exists beyond the human mind. In the creation of

Responses to students posting

Responses to Posting Posting Hi Lathaniel, I concur with you on the point that sometimes it is necessary to put ethics aside and cross the moral line in order to ensure security and protect the American populace. The intelligence personnel however usually employ this method on some suspects in order to derive critical information from them.

The reason why mark begich lost in the alaska senate race / reason why greg orman lost in the kansas senate race

Again, the accelerated growth of Obama's unpopularity in Alaska impacted negatively on Mark Begich's reputation. Reasons Why Orman Lost Greg Orman's assumed that his reputation was enough to acquire a senate seat as an independent candidate.

Death penalty for terrorists

Thus, the government is supposed to protect the lives of the citizens. The laws of most of the states' state that if a person kills, the death penalty is supposed to be administered.

War on drugs

War on Drugs A " War on Drugs" was declared by The US President, Nixon, in June 1971 and increased the number and sizes of the federal drug control agencies. The major unintended consequences of the war on drugs include the criminalization of drug users, death penalty; punitive sentencing practices such as mandatory sentencing; excessive levels of imprisonment


The movie is a remake of remake of the 1960 Rat Pack movie of the similar name. Nevertheless $10000 was set for the widow of the electrician and the rest hidden in the coffin.

Great need for comprehensive and well managed economic and political reform programs in north korea

This will be vital in improving the lives of the people in the country who have suffered greatly under the dictatorship of the Kim family since the year 1948. The reform strategy needed in the country is supposed to be based majorly in the interest of the North Korean people.

Women’s empowerment as a development goal

To dispute or agree with the question that empowering women has increased prejudice in men, the subject has to be divided into two different parts mainly, the experimental section where the stimulus is administered and the section that does not receive the stimulus. It is not right to argue that empowering or giving power to women will hurt

Palestinian settlement

Palestinian Settlement The refugee problem of the Palestinians started out around the 1948 Israeli Independence War The Palestinian Refugees This war as well as the refugees' flight known as Nakba in the Arabic language were the main formative events that have not only defined the national character of the Palestinians and Israel but have also led the circumstances

What are the effects of success

Therefore, before aspiring for success, every person has to ponder over change along with the positive and negative consequences of success. Before aspiring for success that is well-liked, every person should weigh the negative and positive effects.

Do people choose whom they are attracted to

However, human beings make many different choices and not only partners but they do choose what is right and what is wrong, i.e.they make decisions. The meaning of attraction is good-looking and it is not the only appearance but what they do or how they behave.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity

The terms race and ethnicity differ from each other in the sense that race involves something that is not determined by the individual and is a physical aspect. The various traits of ethnicity, however, are able to be decided be the individual.

The teen court juvenile diversion program

The main mission of the Teen Court is to change the behavior of offenders while its goal is to deter the offenders from breaking the goal again. The Teen Court is effective since it is teenagers who offer judgment and punishment to the offenders.

Viking ceramo st comparison – lab report example

The variables are based on the price, performance and features of the two brake pads. The report will use the variables to gauge the cons and pros of the pads and come up with the winning brand.

Wild land fire fighting techniques

The manner in which this type of attack is employed is done by building a fire line along with the natural fuel breaks or within a safe distance from the fire. The indirect attack is used when equipment and personnel are lacking and the fire is located at a rough and dangerous landscape that makes approach quite impossible.

The conflict between science and religion in matters of the creation of the world and man, and unity – in discussions about charity and humanity

The paper " The Conflict Between Science and Religion in Matters of the Creation of the World and Man, and Unity" is a thoughtful variant of a term paper on social science. Religion and science form the basis for man's view of the world.

Part 2: order #1188454

This is in terms of doing away the statutes and precepts that have barred democracy in Middle East without using power to realize own individual interests. Since, what they entail is to embark on affirmative actions backed by the desire to have liberal democracy in their state without involving Islam influence their affairs.

Ethics awareness

Ethics is regarded as the general education in that it allows one to have wide range of skills that help improve the quality of life. In conclusion, general studies are important in the present world as it provides one with wide range of knowledge and skills that help in improving the quality of life.

German debate ignores need for educated immigrants

A debate on whether to integrate them in the education system is a pressing issue that has seen Chancellor Angela Merkel be intermittently changing her take on the issue. Seehofer and Merkel are clearly aware that the public is against more immigration in Germany and more so, by the Turks.

Phase 4 individual project 4

This might be explained by the fact that the modern business is able to have much stronger effect on the environment and that is why many companies need to be aware of the possible negative consequences of their business. First of all, it is essential to develop programs that would benefit the local community.

American government

What should the US government do about health care in the US today?" According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, healthcare is a basic human right. First and foremost, the main objective of healthcare should be to promote the quality of healthcare.

Ethics in organizational leadership

Ethics in Organizational Leadership Ethics in Organizational Leadership Work performances and every operation in the organization require mechanisms and standards to oversight and regulate the manner and procedures in which tasks are carried out. Conclusion The three theories of ethics significantly differ in their baseline account for ethics but they join together in conceptualizing the communal/collective formulation of

A man and a woman according to deresiewicz

The writer gives an account that in historical times friendship between the opposites sexes was not a norm. The writer suggests that the new kind of woman is responsible for the companionship and friendship among men and women.

Public awareness, response and recovery

The GIS is enabled to meet the most basic of the information needs to the most advanced as the complexity of the situation increases. The downside of this response plan is the lack of knowledge of the existence of this framework to all these structures mentioned above such as the households and communities or what their roles and

Stages of development

Piaget divided development into a Sensorimotor Stage, a Preoperational Stage, a Concrete Operational Stage, and a Formal Operational Stage. Stage 1 is Trust v.

Diversity in law enforcement

The focus of the research article was to identify as well as conduct and analysis of the number of people belonging to different races and working in law enforcement agencies and to identify the various strategies that are being used by these agencies in order to attract as well as hire individuals belonging to different races in law

Should the affirmative action programs be abolished, amended or left alone

Looking at the current scenario though there is a need to protect the rights and welfare of those who have been suffering from discrimination but on the other hand, equilibrium has to be maintained for the welfare of the entire society. This will help in the mobilization of resources and will indeed help the actual masses of such

Decisions within ca state assembly

Issue ' The California Supreme Court allowed law practicing license to an undocumented Immigrant.' The CA Supreme court granted a proposal submitted by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California to allow admission to an illegal immigrant to the State bar. The Committee of Bar Examiners investigated the entire issue and filed a case

Fine and gross motor skills

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Fine and gross motor skills Motor skills are the movements made by a child from the moment they are born up to when they will perfect them. The earlier the reading and frequency the more the baby starts learning vocabulary as well as getting their brain cells stimulated to grow.

The liar, liar by gary paulsen

In the end, the book teaches the young ones the merit of being truthful indispositions. The hero of the book, Kevin Spencer, is a genius liar.

The essential equality of human power

Question In the first sentence " My culture forbids x because it is wrong" means that x which may be a habit or phenomena is not morally accepted because of the effects or repercussions it has on people. On the contrary, " x is wrong because my culture forbids it" means that x or phenomenon in question is

Ethics article summary

The author seems to create this sort of injustice by imposing unfair burden on the South African employers. Bibliography: Bendeman, Hanneli." Alternative Dispute Resolution in the workplace - the South African experience".

Movie review-why we fight

In the great military establishment and the big arm industry of the new America, there is an influence of political, economical, and spiritual as it is evident in all the cities, every house, and the federal government offices. In the movie, Eugene looks as to the reason why young people of America are sent to war.

Violence in a good man is hard to find by o’connor

The Misfit was trying to explain that he was not a good man. The grandmother was trying to conform to the Misfit into her idea of a good man.

Critical thinking and ethics

For instance, some doctors and police force in the china are deviating from the rules and principles governing critical thinking and ethical reasoning. Performing this act is deviating from the moral principles of critical thinking and ethical reasoning.

Perception of the politics in the us

Thesis of the Article The thesis of the article is based on the liberal perception of politicsby citizens of the United States. Additionally, he seems to target citizens of the United States and other parts of the world who might be interested in understanding political dimension of US and Europe.

Quiz 4

Lastly, the implementation of court decisions is influenced by the discretion of the lower courts. The Supreme Court and the Constitution.