Effective Moral Development Essay Samples for Learning

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Perspectives of moral development

This paper and presentation will discuss morality as it relates to the learning and cognitive perspectives in psychology, with the primary goal of discovering which perspective is stronger and why. Another problem with Kohlberg's theory is that is limited to morals and excludes moral values such as caring, and that there is an overlap between some of the

Study about piagets ideas on cognitive moral development education essay

He continues to explicate that in the new theory, success that one time was placed on certain undertakings at the age of six are now seen as comparatively modest while a significant sum of involvement is being placed on success of undertakings at the age of 10. The intent of this article was to use developmentally appropriate mathematical

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Kohlberg’s moral development essay sample

The three contributions that Kohlberg made in order to understanding of moral development are preconventional morality, conventional morality, and postconventional morality. The level of postconventional morality is the person's view of what is right and wrong.

Moral development in children

The moral thinking of young children was described by both Piaget and Kohlberg as concrete and oriented toward punishment, respect for authority, and the maintenance of existing social rules and laws. In The Moral Judgment of the Child, Piaget distinguished two types of moral reasoning, each of which has a different understanding of respect, fairness, and punishment: Heteronomous

Huck’s moral development in the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain

As the understanding of the human mind expands, there becomes a clear distinction of the contributed factors that lead to decisions being made and the formation of moral stances based off of them. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck Finn is a questor that transforms and changes his moral stances as the novel develops.

A feminist perspective on morality development and transition markers of young women

The first article discussed takes a look at the work of Carol Gilligan, who pioneered a study of morality development that takes into account the different moral experiences and values of boys and girls in today's society. In exploring each of these topics related to development through a feminist lens, a more complete and progressive understanding of the

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The warhead cable test dilemma stanton wong

I think it is logical for Stanton to report the mistakes to authorities as he cares for the civilians and the military personnel. I think the behavior of Stanton is consistent with his caring attitude and always think that what he can do to solve the problem.