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Colorectal cancer screening: tests, strategies, and perspectives

Overall sensitivity of FIT is higher than gFOBT both for CRC and for AA and the test has a comparable specificity. FIT is the test of choice in Spain, the Netherlands, and in most Italian programs.

Conceptualising and understanding artistic creativity in the dementias: interdisciplinary approaches to research and practise

Recognising creativity and the production of creative acts as collective as well as individual and also associated as much with process as product, we explore the opportunities and constraints that are experienced by people living with a dementia in a variety of contexts and the ways in which these may extend our understandings of artistic creativity. The absence

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Criminal law case digests assignment

Although the inquisitorial power exercised by the DOJ as an administrative agency due to the failure of the DFA to comply lacks any judicial discretion, it primarily sets the wheels for the extradition process which may ultimately result in the deprivation of the liberty of the prospective extradite. This deprivation can be effected at two stages: The provisional

Binary theorizing does not account for action control

These and other theoretical developments indicate that the systematic replacement of the will/habit concept by the controlled/automatic concept has tempted at least more cognitively oriented theorists as cited above 2 to refocus the theoretical attention away from the possible causes of the impact of the relevant information on action control to the consequences away from the possible role

Anticancer compounds based on isatin-derivatives: strategies to ameliorate selectivity and efficiency

As a versatile molecule, isatin is the precursor of a huge number of derivatives, containing the oxindole moiety and presenting a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties. Particularly, hydrazine moieties were used as a linker to provide the construction of bis-isatin compounds with wide structural variety, and biological activities.

A phenomic perspective on factors influencing breast cancer treatment: integrating aging and lifestyle in blood and tissue biomarker profiling

Sensitivity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify patients with a disease from the whole population, and specificity refers to the ability of the biomarker to correctly identify people without the disease. The increasing relevance of biomarkers in the management of cancer has led to the development of a number of agencies who support and

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The human microbiome and the missing heritability problem

Nowadays, with the advent of Genome-Wide Association Studies, estimates of the heritability of a trait can be based on the collection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms from populations of unrelated individuals. In order to make this paper self-contained, in the sections below we first briefly discuss some of the major limitations of current genetic association studies and then review

Scientific frontiers in the management of coral reefs

The "-omics" provide tools and data that can be applied to identify specific cause-and-effect relationships between stressors and organismal responses, determine genotypic diversity within a population, levels of connectivity among reef populations, measure the effectiveness of mitigation and management efforts, and provide insight into the potential resilience of reef communities to both local and global level stressors. The

Exploring the role of a cytokinin-activating enzyme lonely guy in unicellular microalga chlorella variabilis

In 2010, the Chlorella variabilis NC64A genome was decoded, and the presence of various classes of hormonal genes was discovered in this microalga, including those involved in cytokinin biosynthesis and signaling. Later, the cells were collected by centrifugation at 1, 500 g for 5 min and resuspended in 1 ml of MBBM medium.

Peer-mediated theatrical engagement for improving reciprocal social interaction in autism spectrum disorder

Thus, the inclusion of typically developing peers in the training and active practice of social skills can significantly contribute to the acquisition, maintenance, and generalization of sociability. Acting is interactive, a dynamic process that can fundamentally enhance the attention to, practice of, and motivation to engage in reciprocal social interaction.

Rhythm perception, production, and synchronization during the perinatal period

The only limit to the number of possible SMS combinations is the capacity to produce a rhythmic motoric pattern with some part of the body and the capacity to perceive an external rhythmic pattern via any of the perceptual systems the combinations are almost infinite. To maximize the chances of observing SMS in young children it is essential

Pituitary remodeling throughout life: are resident stem cells involved?

The topography of SOX2 + cells at birth shows multicellular layers in the MZ, particularly prominent in the merging region of the anterior and intermediate lobe where " streams" of SOX2 + stem cells appear to move into the developing AP. Genetic deletion of Notch2, one of the NOTCH receptors expressed in the pituitary stem/progenitor cells during development

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Vection and visually induced motion sickness: how are they related?

These and other results indicate that the occurrence of VIMS is tightly linked to the occurrence of vection, in the sense that VIMS does not seem to occur in participants who do not perceive vection. If vection is causally related to VIMS and a determinant of the occurrence and/or strength of VIMS, one might predict that the strength

Management wisdom in sri guru granth religion

All the frauds of the concern universe are the result of untruthfulness and dishonesty in the behavior of the concern leaders. The desire and ability of the leaders should ever be to better the predicament of the people working for the concern.

Effect of grafting on viral resistance of non-transgenic plum scion combined with transgenic ppv-resistant rootstock

Managing the rootstock-to-scion mobility of specific functional compounds is of particular interest, especially in the context of the rapid development of transgenic technologies. To identify the endogenous small RNA transferred from transgenic " Elita" rootstocks to non-transgenic " Startovaya" scions, several criteria were used: The expression of transferred sRNA in samples of wild-type rootstock " Elita" and two

Forex management assignment

The business in foreign exchange markets in India has shown a steady increase as a consequence of increase in the volume of foreign trade of the country, improvement in the communications systems and greater access to the international exchange markets. At these physical markets, the banks meet and in the presence of the representative of the central bank

Mesenchymal stem cell-derived hepatocytes for functional liver replacement

Liver progenitor cells called oval cells in rodents emerge in the periportal areas of the liver lobule comprising the Canals of Hering, structural links between the terminal biliary branches and the periportal hepatocytes surrounding the proximal parts of the sinusoids. There is emerging evidence that the etiology of the liver disease may imprint the phenotype of the cells

Exercise in the treatment of youth substance use disorders: review and recommendations

A concerning trend surrounding substance use is that the age of initiation for use of many types of illicit substances has decreased, with the age of initiation of first use falling to between 13 and 15 years. Consequently, the availability of substances through one's peers, and a decrease in perceived risk associated with the use of illicit drugs

The intestinal microbiome and the leaky gut as therapeutic targets in alcoholic liver disease

The severity of liver injury positively correlates with plasma LPS levels in patients with cirrhosis, which could also be related to a decreased clearance of endotoxin from the blood by the liver. SIBO is more frequent in cirrhotic patients and directly correlates with the severity of liver damage.

The social neuroscience and the theory of integrative levels

The development of matter in the universe has been attributed to the combination of the fundamental laws and a contribution from historical accidents, and although to reduce one level to the lower one together with historical contingence is possible in principle, it does not by itself allow to understand the world: at each level of organization new regularities

Anomalous experiences, trauma, and symbolization processes at the frontiers between psychoanalysis and cognitive neurosciences

The origin of the scientific and clinical understanding of anomalous experiences dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and is based particularly on work conducted by scholars and members of the Society for Psychical Research, in Cambridge, the American Society for Psychical Research, in Boston, and the Institut Metapsychique International in Paris. With a patient

Mouse genetic models of human brain disorders

The advent of genomic manipulation in mice began in the early 1980s through the microinjection of exogenous DNA into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs that randomly integrate into the mouse genome. In particular, the copy number and site of integration of the transgene in the mouse genome is random and therefore, cannot be controlled, often resulting in non-specific

Counselling: overview

The first phase of the study, completed in May 2000, indicates that youth would like access to HIV testing and counseling services if the services are confidential and inexpensive and if the results are reported honestly. Given the focus of the study on services that youth had received, regardless of their HIV status, the research team felt that

Eeg correlates of self-referential processing

To evaluate event-related changes in oscillatory activity EEG is usually recorded before and during presentation of stimuli or performance of a task; EEG changes in the test period relative to baseline are treated as " event-related" activity and are believed to reflect brain activation involved in the processing of the task in hand. Wu et al.using parallel ICA

Intersectionality in the liminal space: researching caribbean women’s health in the uk context

Whilst analysis of the role of race and gender pre-dates the work of Crenshaw, use of this term names the realities of " being" in the social world as a Black women, spanning centuries of racialized and gendered existences. Taking such a position, seeking to place the research at the intersection with the research subjects, the research sought

Is beauty in the hand of the writer? influences of aesthetic preferences through script directions, cultural, and neurological factors: a literature review

This paper is a review of the literature dealing with the impact of directionality on aesthetics, the degree to which this is a result of cerebral processing, and the degree to which it results from habit or cultural variation. Such a definition embraces rather than resolves the diffuse nature of perception, as it is based on the types

The role of the serotonergic and gaba system in translational approaches in drug discovery for anxiety disorders

To this end, this review focuses on the convincing evidence stemming from preclinical and clinical studies that genes involved in the serotonin and GABA system play a pivotal role in the development of anxiety disorders. The most intensively studied candidate genes are related to neurotransmitter systems implicated in the regulation of anxiety, to various neuropeptides, and to stress-related

The function of the nmda receptor in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

At the early stage of development, the GluN2B-containing NMDA receptor is dominant, and the expression of the GluN2A-containing NMDA receptor gradually increases in the later stage of development and eventually outnumbers the GluN2B-containing NMDA receptor. Furthermore, the overexpression of Fyn enhances the phosphorylation of GluN2B in neonatal HIE and exaggerates the neuronal damage, suggesting the pro-death role of

Ch 1 – the nature of art

Within the art context: The philosophy of art focusing on questions regarding what are is, how it is evaluated, the concept of beauty, and the relationship between the idea of beauty and the concept of art.creativity - Ability to see and to respond.subject - Objects depicted in representational art.form - In the broadest sense, the total physical characteristics

Mathematics anxiety: what have we learned in 60 years?

Mathematics anxiety has been defined as " a feeling of tension and anxiety that interferes with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in...ordinary life and academic situations". Mathematics anxiety has also generally been found to correlate with measures of general anxiety; and it is indeed possible that this may serve as a background variable

The fundamentals of written english, comm. 117

VERB CHART The tense of the verb is the time that the action/state is performed; the verb type explains the duration or completeness of the action or state. In brief include: The title of the source; The name of the author of the source; Only the information given and you must keep that order in the body of

The role of virtual reality in screening, diagnosing, and rehabilitating spatial memory deficits

Ecological validity refers to the degree to which the findings of a study or a diagnostic assessment relate to a real-world setting; in this case, how well the VR spatial memory task represents real-life spatial memory challenges faced by MCI and AD patients. This review article will discuss: the utility of VR for the screening and diagnosis of

Normal glucose metabolism in carnivores overlaps with diabetes pathology in non-carnivores

Lessons learned from species such as the dolphin and the domestic cat may cast light on general metabolic pathways that have evolved to meet the unique glucose needs of carnivores as well as the defects in metabolism that contribute to diabetes development and progression in humans. There is evidence from dolphins and related toothed whales for the presence

Fluidities and fixities: examining the alignment of digital platforms within nairobi’s heterogeneous infrastructural configurations

In challenging this deficit in understanding, work examining the proliferation of ride hailing apps in Africa by, the rise of M-health in the Global South and the impacts of digital labor platforms across Africa and Asia provides some examples of critical examination around the manifestation of digital platforms in these areas. In answering the first research question around

Mind the map: technology shapes the myeloid cell space

To understand the individual role of each of these subsets, it is crucial to understand the full heterogeneity of these cell types and their subsets to pinpoint the dedicated functions. In the first part of the review, we discuss the current principles and strategies of defining cell types and subsets, while highlighting the different aspects of resolving cellular

Neuroimmune system as a driving force for plasticity following cns injury

In a detailed review by Bradbury and Burnside that goes beyond the scope of the present review, the neuroimmune system exhibits a complex and diverse role in mediating neural plasticity after CNS injury that can be portrayed as " good vs.bad"; however, the multifaceted properties of neuroimmune and inflammatory cells are an even further impetus to understand targeting

Ratio analysis of mundra port and sez essay

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT * To do the analysis of financial condition of Mundra Port Special Economic Zone * To study the overall financial performance of the firm.* To find out the financial position of the company from stakeholders point of view * To analyze the financial statements to find out the firm's financial position Limitations of the

Supporting transgender inclusion and gender diversity in schools: a critical policy analysis

It is the policy frames informing the production of these texts, which rely on a fundamental logics of accommodation as a basis for addressing the problem of the need for trans inclusion, that is a critical focus in our analysis of these texts. It was the first school board in the country to develop a trans-affirmative policy in

Beggary: poverty and chief commissioner

In France and Britain, by the end of 18th century, an estimated 10 percent of the people depended on charity or begging for their food." THE SURVEY OF A MAJOR ISSUE Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment, is the problem of beggary which is a social problem of great magnitude and grave concern in developing countries.

A new, better bet: rescuing and revising basic emotion theory

Section " Reasons to BET On BET" shows that, once that distinction is understood in terms of non-basic emotions having an additional ingredient, it is possible to provide a plausible account of how non-basic emotions arise and how they relate to basic emotions. For this reason, it is possible to have a crisp, clean and clear distinction between

Martin luther

The biographer ought to record all the known facts of a man's life, important the unimportant, pleasant and unpleasantand then it should be the task of the reader to form his own judgment on the character of the man who has been described to him. Satan become, in consequence, the dominating conception of his life"." It is one

Flexible resource allocation during plant defense responses

Darwin cited the " law of compensation or balancement of growth" of Saint-Hilaire and Goethe from the early nineteenth century, quoting Goethe:" The budget of nature is fixed; but she is free to dispose of particular sums by an appropriation that may please her. For example, the roots and stems of many tree species alternate sink status to

Investigating misophonia: a review of the empirical literature, clinical implications, and a research agenda

Many of these studies share as aims the need to characterize the subjective experiences and responses to triggers in those with misophonia, the relationship between misophonia and other conditions, and whether misophonia should be considered unique and distinct from established psychiatric disorders. For example, it is important to gain a more precise understanding of the clinical symptoms and

Cross-presentation of cell-associated antigens by mhc class i in dendritic cell subsets

In summary, there is extensive in vivo evidence acquired in mouse models, and in vitro with human cells, supporting the relevance of cross-presentation by MHC-I for CD8 + T cell responses to cell-associated antigens. Finally, selective depletion of migrating langerin + cDC1s was shown to be required for the constitutive cross-presentation of keratinocyte antigens formally demonstrating the key

Challenges and prospects in ocean circulation models

At present only the ACCESS and the IPSL-CM6 have implemented and plan operational use in CMIP6 of the new TEOS-10 equation of state with the exception of the preformed salinity. Thus, numerical and parameterization improvements will continue to define the state of the art in ocean circulation modeling, in concert with integration and co-analysis of observations.

Becoming in resistance: the (un)creative relation between non-heterosexual identity and psychological suffering

Although the more obvious result of such a process is the emergence of different forms of psychological suffering, a less monologic theory of non-heterosexual identity, that is, a theory that goes beyond identity as solely the effect of the norm and focuses also on processual and creative aspects of non-heterosexual identity development, can find creative spaces for potential

Contributory factors affecting level of academic performance

In the school environment, the study showed the following causative factors: lack of facilities, unavailable learner support materials, lack of discipline, English as a medium of instruction, heavy workload due to rationalisation and redeployment of educators, and confusion with regard to the application of the new curriculum. 4 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE The objective of the study: The objective of

World history study guide 1st semester

This formed the new covenant between the Hebrews and God After Moses freed the Hebrews they wandered in the Sinai Desert for 40 years Israel - a kingdom of united Hebrews in Palestine lasting from 1020-922 BC: later the northern most of the two Hebrew kingdoms: now the Jewish nation that was established in Palestine in 1948 King

Internal control over financial reporting

Use OF CASE1The rich content of the EC/SS instance can be used to advance interesting treatments of a broad assortment of subjects associating to the appraisal of a client's control environment. The teacher can inquire the pupils to do all the preliminary appraisals or inquire them to merely do the overall rating of the control environment.

How we do things with words: analyzing text as social and cultural data

For example, the choice to work with data from a particular social media platform may be partly determined by the fact that it is freely available, and this will in turn shape the kinds of questions that can be asked. We are looking for a definition of the concept that is flexible enough to apply to the data

Public participation in health and social care: exploring the co-production of knowledge

There has been a surprising lack of progress in the development of such public and patient involvement in health and social care and a tendency to isolate the issue from its broader relations, for example, institutionalizing it as separate entity and abstracting it from its ideological connections. It was service users' exclusion from this process, their consequent revulsion

Spoilage, rework, and scrap

Solution Exhibit 18-18 calculates the costs per equivalent unit for direct materials and conversion costs, summarizes total costs to account for, and assigns these costs to units completed and transferred out, to abnormal spoilage, and to units in ending work in process. Solution Exhibit 18-20 calculates the costs per equivalent unit for direct materials and conversion costs, summarizes

The activity view of inner speech

Be it as it may, we are ready to accept that the association between the strong consciousness and the format theses is more central for the format view than the product thesis, and that any commitments to a certain kind of product typically arise as a consequence of endorsing the two former theses. If we take Carruthers's model

Embodiment and sense-making in autism

Sense-making plays out and happens through the embodiment and situatedness of the cognitive agent: her ways of moving and perceiving, her affect and emotions, and the context in which she finds herself, all determine the significance she gives to the world, and this significance in turn influences how she moves, perceives, emotes, and is situated. This notion brings

More than words can say: a multi-disciplinary consideration of the psychotherapeutic evaluation and treatment of alexithymia

Level 1: Awareness of bodily sensations: the individual's experience of emotion will only be reflected in a report of the sensations from their body Level 2: Awareness of the body in action: emotional experience is through action tendencies and sensation; the ability to experience emotion does not reach the level of feeling Level 3: Awareness of feeling states:

“i trust in staff’s creativity”—the impact of covid-19 lockdowns on physical activity promotion in nursing homes through the lenses of organizational sociology

With the emergence of the coronavirus disease of 2019 pandemic in the early spring of 2020 and the associated national lockdowns and restrictions, nursing home residents were restrained from being physically active. The lockdown included the prohibition of visits by relatives and service providers, restrictions to leave the institution, and the limitation of group activities as well as

David copperfield by dickens summary

Summary–PREFACEIn the preface written to accompany the first single-volume publication of David Copperfield, Dickens tells us that the completion of the novel is, for him, both a regret & a pleasure. He rejoices in the completion of the novel because the novel was a long time in coming–he is satisfied...

Ecotherapy – a forgotten ecosystem service: a review

This means that from an ecotherapy perspective, the health of a human being is viewed in the context of the health of the Earth and its natural ecosystems. Anxiety was reduced in these patients and the recovery times of patients with a " view" of nature was half that of those with a view of a wall.

Urinary tract infections attributed to diverse expec strains in food animals: evidence and data gaps

A continued reliance on phenotypic traits, such as VF and AR, and the use of study designs inappropriate for documenting frequency and direction of transmission, has resulted in the propagation of the ill-defined inference that animal ExPEC cause a substantial fraction of human ExPEC infections, including UTI. A, and Bordon, J.M.

Math self-efficacy and stem intentions: a person-centered approach

Based on the fundamental assumption of social cognitive theory that behaviors are derived from the interplay of person predispositions and the environment, Lent et al.proposed social cognitive career theory, which outlined the interactive variables and paths that are involved in a person's decision to select and enter a career field. In addition to understanding the number and characteristics

Postnatal human genetic enhancement – a consideration of children’s right to be genetically enhanced

In sum, these features of PoGE not only allow for a proper child rights discourse to take place but will also compel us, as enhancers, to consider the position of the minor on the matter; namely, to be attentive to her preferences, commensurate with her age, and to be mindful to the putative effects of PoGE on her

Ego, drives, and the dynamics of internal objects

Due to the id's lack of concern for external reality and safety, the ego assumes the role of an executive agent, attempting to satisfy the id through activity in the world: " As a frontier-creature, the ego tries to mediate between the world and the id, to make the id pliable to the world and, by means of

Non-additive effects in genomic selection

Shortly after the rediscovery of Mendel's rules, it was observed that, in some cases, the addition of the individual action of genes could not explain the mode of inheritance, and Bateson coined the term " epistasis" to describe the cases in which the actions of two or more genes interact. In the first, the dependence was modeled through

Applying unoccupied aircraft systems to study human behavior in marine science and conservation programs

The Supreme Court has observed that in the 18th Century, " to ' search' meant '[t]o look over or through for the purpose of finding something; to explore; to examine by inspection; as, to search the house for a book; to search the wood for a thief".' 17 However, the courts have departed from this common understanding of

Learning activity as a means of developing theoretical thinking capacities

The consequence of this external origin of the motives for studying is the disagreement between the social position and the contents of the activities in which the student is involved in the classroom, leading students to lose, often in the first years, their interest in the school activity. The learning task, as the main component of Learning Activity,

The role of outsourcing customer services commerce flashcard

The primary thing is to understand the organisations ends and aims and to take the determination about outsourcing in footings of the overall scheme the company wants to prosecute. This type of outsourcing is by and large done when the company feels that the best place can non be filled by person in the locality and that the

A review of the challenge-hindrance stress model: recent advances, expanded paradigms, and recommendations for future research

The basic premise of the CHM framework is that stressors can be conceptualized into the two broad categories of Challenge Stressors and Hindrance Stressors. For example, an impending work deadline may or may not be perceived as stressful, and there are a number of factors that would impact this judgment such as the importance of the deadline, the

Self-objectification and cognitive performance: a systematic review of the literature

The objective of this review is twofold: to examine the strength of the evidence for a relationship between self-objectification and cognitive functioning, and to evaluate potential mechanisms behind such a relationship. State self-objectification refers to the momentary, situationally activated internalization of the objectifying gaze, while trait self-objectification refers to the frequency with which the state of self-objectification is

Annual report of laxpana batteries assignment

To receive and consider the Annual Report of the Board of Directors and the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2011, with the Report of the Auditors thereon.2. A review of the Company's business and its performance during the year with comments on financial results and future developments is contained in the Chairman's Review, which

Model potash plant design

4 m Height of Impeller from the bottom of the vessel 0. GASKET DESIGN AND SELECTION The gasket factor m is the ratio of the gasket stress under the operating conditions to the internal pressure in the vessel or pipe.

Vicarious liability

It is proposed that the solution to the puzzle of vicarious liability rests within the contractual relationship between employer-employee and not the relationship between the employer and the tort victim. 10 Third, A 's tort must be com mitted in the course of A's 6 7 8 9 10 For the sake of clarity, the theory which will

Islamic economic system

The incurred loss will be the same as the benefit of some beneficiaries leading topovertyof the poor and wealth of the rich and violation of rule of dominance in private ownership. Teachings of Christian, Judaic and Islamic religion, all condemned in varying degrees, the taking of interest, in more recent times, however, usury has come to be regarded

Creative argumentation: when and why people commit the metaphoric fallacy

The first premise of the syllogism contains the term " shark," used with a metaphorical meaning, which also acts as middle term of the syllogism, i.e, the term that appears in both the premises of the syllogism, but not in the conclusion and that connects the premises. In other words, because of the shift in the meaning of

Understanding and accounting for relational context is critical for social neuroscience

Whereas large literatures have accumulated in which researchers explain interpersonal interactions in terms of the characteristics of the actor, or, alternatively, the characteristics of person with whom he or she is interacting, far less frequently do researchers account for, or attempt to explain behavior in terms of the characteristics of the relationship between the actor and the target.

Things that go bump in the literature: an environmental appraisal of “haunted houses”

And as the name of the ritual suggests, the tent is supposed to tremble mysteriously during the ceremony. Edensor echoed this perspective in asserting that " ghosts ' are a ubiquitous aspect of the phenomenology of place,' ' ineffable and quasi-mystical' dimensions which emerge in encounters with the material, the mediated, the sensual and the affectual".

Hemophilia a: an ideal disease to correct in utero

Plasticity of human stem cells in the fetal sheep model of human stem cell transplantation.Int.J. A, Porada, C, and Zanjani, E.D.

The impact of the activities of quacks on the practice of real estate

Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Act 1981 defined estate agency practice as acting or holding oneself out to the public as ready to act, for a commission, fee, reward or other consideration, as an agent in respect of the sale or other disposal of land and buildings and of any interest therein or the purchase or other acquisition

Motility control of symbionts and organelles by the eukaryotic cell: the handling of the motile capacity of individual parts forges a collective biological identity

The re-activation of the genes responsible for bacterial motility is a crucial aspect of the disassembly of the EPS matrix, and therefore, the destruction of a biofilm and the re-appearance of the planktonic state. Therefore, since the presence of flagella is unnecessary and energetically expensive, it has been suggested that the re-functionalization of the flagellar genes of endosymbionts

The economic and social impact of colonial rule in india

As the civil service was ultimately subject to the control of the British parliament, and the British community in India was subject to close mutual surveillance, the administration was virtually incorruptible. After the Mutiny in 1857, the size of the British contingent was raised to a third of the total strength and all officers were British until the

The (ir)responsibility of (under)estimating missing data

If data is not recorded due to issues related to the biological, psychological, social and/or cultural diversity of subjects, or for reasons arising from the effect of the treatment administered impeding the effective recording of the variable of interest, or impeding attending the appointment due to the deterioration of the necessary functions to issue the response, it is

Making memories: why time matters

The fundamental role of circadian timing processes has been emphasized by the award of the Nobel Prize in 2017 in physiology or medicine to Hall, Rosbash, and Young for their discoveries of the genetic mechanisms that create circadian 24-h timing in drosophila and humans alike. An important factor in sleep loss is different chronotypes, and the failure to

Key factors contributing to the israeli

To the west of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea which makes up the majority of Israel's 273km coastline and the Gaza strip, Israel has a small coastline on the Red Sea in the south. In the mid 19th century, persecution in Europe led to the formation of the Zionist movement, which was able to win international support for

Autism as a developmental disorder in intentional movement and affective engagement

People diagnosed as autistic exhibit disabilities in regulation of the order and timing of moving, in the feelings of their bodies and emotional control, in selective expectation of objects for experience, in attention to other persons expressions, in the playfulness and humor of their social engagements, and in collaborative learning.cognitive disabilities attributed to failure in special modular mental

Growth and nutrition in pediatric chronic kidney disease

The prevalence of ESRD is about nine per one million children in the United States, with the highest incidence of new patients with ESRD appearing in early and mid-adolescence. The impact of nutrition on growth is significant in any child with CKD, but is most profound in infants and young children.

Why cognitive sciences do not prove that free will is an epiphenomenon

In fact, the idea of free will could be summarized in, and circumscribed to, that of " conscious control" on one's choices and decisions, where the qualification of " conscious" does not entail constant and relentless behavioral control but can also rely on habits or brain processes triggered at a time prior to the exercise of control. In

Intuition and insight: two processes that build on each other or fundamentally differ?

Both, similarities and differences will be addressed against the background of the research history of intuition and insight as well as in light of predominant, experimental paradigms that have been used to investigate the two phenomena. However, this is in sharp contrast to a lay perspective on the two phenomena, which would rather endorse the perspective that intuition

The last decade in india social work essay

To explain night shift schedule, it can be defined as work schedule that is full time, extending after midnight with atleast 8hours and 5 days work, which means that the employees are expected to work in the dark and sleep during the day, bringing in major alterations to their life styles and the life styles of those living

Senior housing as a living environment that supports well-being in old age

The aim of the analysis was to examine what the man-made, natural, and social environment meant for the residents in their day-to-day life, and to answer the question of whether this type of senior housing met their expectations and has allowed them to age well. The analysis examined the meanings to residents of various aspects of the physical

The perception of adolescents’ encounter with a flipped learning intervention in norwegian physical education

In universities, a significant improvement in the ability of students to engage in self-study of the PE curriculum is observed as FL enriches the teaching resources of sports courses and enhances the students' interest in learning. Flipped learning interchanges the general organization of the lessons and may be used to rethink, from both an epistemological and didactical point

Replication, falsification, and the crisis of confidence in social psychology

Popper was not blind to this problem." In point of fact," he wrote, in an under-appreciated passage of his famous book, " no conclusive disproof of a theory can ever be produced, for it is always possible to say that the experimental results are not reliable, or that the discrepancies which are asserted to exist between the experimental

Stability and variability in aesthetic experience: a review

Aesthetic appreciation entails the evaluation of sensations and perceptions against relevant concepts like the beautiful, the elegant, the harmonious, the melodious, the rhythmical, and the like. For instance, the identification of the brain correlates of aesthetic judgment of beauty of novel, formal graphic patterns required the formal modeling of the participants' individual judgments.