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Corrigendum: thymoquinone inhibits virulence related traits of cronobacter sakazakii atcc 29544 and has anti-biofilm formation potential

02220 In the first paragraph in the " Introduction" of this article, the number of Cronobacter species was incorrectly described as ten. The original sentence should be corrected as follows: Cronobacter currently considered to consist of 7 species: Cronobacter sakazakii, C.malonaticus, C.universalis, C.dublinensis, C.muytjensii, C.condiment, and C.zurichensis, among which C.sakazaii is one of the two group 1

Hear-old case study

During the past year or so, Elaine has managed to save around $8, 000, and she expects to continue saving at least that amount each year for the foreseeable future. Altogether, she has a nest egg of nearly $18, 000, out of which she would like to invest about $15, 000.

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In a healthy person body heat, blood pressure,

In a healthy person body heat, blood pressure, heart beat thespeed, the number of breaths and the depth are in balance. One of the mostimportant thing that supports the protective system of the body is eating anddrinking healthy.

Graphical user interface

The aim of this unit is to provide an understanding of the importance offer, GUI and HCI in the development of user friendly computer software and to inform the reader about the components that may be involved in these features. The motivation I had to pick the topic of database usability Issues was that I have learned about

Pay utility bills with bitcoins

The Founder and CEO of Bankymoon, Lorien Gamaroff, told Bitcoinist: " You would think that with all the smartness happening in our grid, that the problems are solved. One of the main issues with the utility bills payment involves the multitude of middlemen.

In national government and some of the

Cooperative Federalism, a concept in which state, local, and the federal government share the responsibility of the people. Federalism is like a competition between the national government and the states.

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“cold war abroad and at home” on group discussion board

After the World War II it was seen that the communists were spreading all throughout the world and as they were gaining power it was assumed that they would soon try to take over the U. In those times, it can be said that the cold war was becoming an existential threat as China was overtaken by the

Investigating organized criminal activity: the choice theory

In addition to this statement, he also stated that a certain criminal activity is undertaken by any human being after making a rational decision or in simple terms, the benefits and drawbacks of the decision is highlighted before actually committing the criminal act by the person. The theory of choice explains that a criminal takes part in any

The attached to the middle ear is

The ear-drum is a thin membrane located at the end of the canal and it makes the inner boundary of the external ear. The cochlea is the organ of hearing.

In getting married but still wanting to continue

In such a case, it may be better to have the residential campus near but outside the boundary of the main hospital. On the other hand, for hospitals developed in areas remote from urban centres, many of the staff members may leave if residential accommodation appropriate to their status is not available.

The evolution of social commerce

The paper " The Evolution of Social Commerce" is a wonderful example of a business essay. The network of social commerce grew tremendously in 2007 and business models and strategies became more refined.

Translate business needs into technical requirements

Structured: The interviewer asks the same series of questions in the exact or to a number of people. It is useful in keeping the interviewee's interest and attention through a variety of questions.

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Role of engineers in making india

The United Nations estimates that an area of fertile soil the size of Ukraine is lost every year because of drought, deforestation, and climate instability.[3] Lengthy periods of drought have long been a key trigger for mass migration and played a key role in a number of ongoing migrations and other humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa


NSU is renowned for its exclusive use of highly credentialed professors who conduct lectures and researches and have worked with professional therapy societies in the USA. The US Department of Education acknowledges that NSU is the country's most culturally diverse university, which offers students more than just academic learning.

Important reasons for choosing richard stockton college

Having been a patient, I have reason to believe that a major factor in the healing process is the reassurance from the healer and the importance of the patient understanding the disease, its effects and ways of overcoming it. I will look forward to being part of the science program around Lake Fred and participating in the many

4 main issues that divide israel, palestinians by dion nissenbaum

Jerusalem is a major point of conflict between Israel and Palestine. The fourth major issue between Israel and Palestine is of security.

Operations and strategy analysis

Once the firm has determined which customers it wants to serve, it must develop its competitive priorities, or the capabilities and strengths that the firm must possess to meet customer demand. Because of the soundness of their long-range planning process, world-class producers confidently invest in all areas of their business for the long haul: personnel training and education,

Tesco annual report 2010

As we grow, our customers increasingly look to Tesco to take the lead in these areas and we are. The Tesco team is now 472, 000 strong and we remain united by our goal to improve the shopping trip for our customers.

In these models from others is the focus

In the field of education, the terms instructional leadership and transformational leadership have emerged as two of the most frequently studied models of school leadership and become more popular. According to Burns, the transformational style creates significant change in the life of people and organizations.

Marketing scenario assignment

Leader in quality, performance and technological innovation Product lines Carton sealing and industrial tapes Specialized adhesives Other packaging products SKI tape Manufactured using patented technology and a brand name for pressure sensitive carton sealing tape Every high tensile strength and sheer resistance Positioning High Price K Products Low Quality High Quality ' pack Tensile New Product Low Price

Marketing assignment

[Your full full June 17, Consumer to Business and B2B Before going into the discussion regarding C2B and B2B marketing, let us a get a better understanding of what these terms actually are. The major difference between C2B and B2B is the types of parties involved in both modes of transactions.


The chapter elaborates the characteristics of Normal distribution, which include: Continuous probability random variable, Uni-modal, bell-shaped Symmetrical to the mean Mean = median = mode = The area under the normal distribution is equal to unity i.e.1. 7% of the area under the curve is within three standard deviations of the mean Mean of the normal distribution is

Chapter 7, in half the human experience, by janeth hyde

Other Chapter 7 in Half the Human Experience by Janeth Hyde The book " Half the HumanExperience" by Janeth Hyde generally presents a critical analysis of a wide range of multidisciplinary issues regarding feminist psychology. Throughout chapter 7, Hyde not only presents a well researched scientific viewpoint on the relationship between age and female development but the authors

Chapter 9 key terms

Sputniks orbit of the earth A solution to preventing logjams in data communication during the early days of computer development was calledARPA net Which of the following was NOT an early use of the Internet? multimedia sharing What helped to encourage private investment in the Net? E-commerce and Cookies Which of the following is a site of an

Strengths and weaknesses of the electoral college essay sample

Amongst the weaknesses are: States with larger populations get more votes, thusly eliminating the voice of some of the smaller states; candidates can win the popular vote and still lose the election in two different ways, one being that there is no punishment for a member of the college who does not vote according to the popular vote

Individualism in twentieth-century america

Responding to this message requires appreciation of the fact that being accepted in the group while one is individuated will mean to be accepted in the group without conforming to the norms of that particular group. This is the degree to which individuals are attracted to the group and the benefits that are drawn from that group.

The precise effect of this provision

The plaintiff's claim for the determination of the fair value of the shares and for an order that the directors should purchase the shares at a fair price succeeded. Vaisey said: the articles of association are simply a contract as between the shareholders inter se in respect of their rights as shareholders.

Importance of following instructions in military training essay sample

It accomplishes a number of things in addition to the task the instructions are specifically given for, but the foremost reason for the importance of following detailed instructions is to successfully and correctly complete the task. In every part of life, doing things the way they need to be done is important, but this is especially true in

How ethics and laws influence business assignment

To understand the essentials of law, a business must know the definition. Due to the definition and purpose of law, many confuse its meaning with morals.

Judge a book by its cover

He has symbolized the appearance of a dentist with the cover of the book. I believe that the outer appearance is the reflection of a person's inner standards, morals, and values.

Information technology

In this essay, I would reveal the merits and demerits of living In a small village. Apparently, the downside of living in a small village Is people cannot even take chances to study-and-work best and have healthy life.

Should vending machines be allowed in school?

Another good reason to have vending machines in school is to help school profit. There really is not a valid reason why there should not be vending machines in school.

3 unusual scholarships

3 Unusual Scholarships There are many scholarships that are offered for colleges, but there are some that are out of this world. You must be under the age of 21, and be attending your first year of college in the upcoming Fall As you can see, there are some strange scholarships.

Social&technology analysis of revlon

The age range of consumers is developing to both younger and elder. Since the majority of personal care products are currently sold in the United States, Japan, Canada, and European countries, the potential for sales of personal care products around the world is excellent.

Lesson plan assignment

At the end of the lesson students will be able to: 1. After this Introduce to the students the use of conjunctive adverbs then come up with some actlvlty.5.

Avoiding plagiarism assignment

The easiest way to avoid plagiarism In your writing Is to take notes of what you read and where you read It from. When working in a group setting, to avoid collusion, you should have a clear idea of what is expected to be joint work and what is expected to be on your own.

Net present value calculation

74DCF2 = 1450000/^2 = 1450000/1. 32DCF3 = 1300000/^3 = 1300000/1.

Labpaq – properties of gases essay

Properties of gases General Chemistry Introduction Background This report covers Properties of Gases and will allow me the opportunity to explore chemical and physical properties of gases. Purpose of Experiment rhea purpose of this experiment Is use water, chemicals and metals along with election tubes to extract a single gas and to store It.

Descriptivepsychology essay

To be an effective leader, a person needs to be a decision maker, have great communication skills, great values and able to persuade others. An effective leader will master the art of speaking, and speak with someone and not at them.

Health science

00 ml of apple juice was taken in a clean 150 ml conical flask and diluted with 50 ml of distal water. 00 ml of solution of Pasteur's salts were added to the above conical flask.

Advantages and disadvantages living in the city

The percentage of agreement by the students that the increment affect their lives is higher than that stated they were not affected. So, the level of oil consumption by the female students were higher than the male students.

Issues of self-reflexivity

In addition to this, authority in the area has to be informed before going to collect data in his area. Since this research has no ethical issues to be put in to consideration, my position will have no effect on the research.

Introduction to marketing: business and society portfolio assignment

Answer: The Clean Water Act establishes the structure for regulating the discharge of pollutants into the water within the United States. Describe a real or made up example of the tort of interference.

Waiting for godot

In the English translation, this play's subtitle is " a tragicomedy in two acts". Try to relate this idea to Didi's and Gogo's fate in Waiting for Godot.11.

The trustworthiness of his evidence, he must be

It is not necessary to have corroboration of all the circumstances of the case or every detail of the crime. It is sufficient if there is corroboration as to the material circumstances of the crime and of the identity of the accused in relation to the crime.

Expansion of westward settlements

In late December of the same year, O'Sullivan employed the term ' Manifest Destiny' in explaining another issue related to the seizure of the western territory. According to him, the claim was by the right of America's manifest destiny not only to overspread, but also to possess the whole areas of the continent that Providence had ordained the

Nintendo – case study essay

Offering the cheapest, faster version of the console to the market Rigorous control over supply and quality of video games 2)How was Nintendo able to capture value from the home video game business? Use the Value Net as a starting point for your answer Competitors )Security chip in place to avoid counterfeiting and lock out competitors 2)Nintendo Seal

Conflict resolution inlong term care assignment

The purpose of this paper is to examine a conflict situation on a health care setting and discuss the positives and negative aspect of a conflict throughout examples of nursing work situations. One positive aspect is that during conflict situations, nurses have the opportunity to listen different point of view and opinions to develop a proper solution to

Ancient egypt/world civilization

Ancient Egypt is considered to be a prominent civilization in the Mediterranean world, and there are some essential factors that play a significant role in shaping the success of this nation. That is why Egypt civilization easily obtains the sense of security and safety from other factors.

Obesity is seen more in americans than other cultures

On the contrary, fast food is something that complies with the standards of the modernistic life style. In addition to the fact that healthy food is expensive in America, Americans generally remain too busy to find time to make food in home for themselves.

Can the subaltern speak by gayatri chakravorty spivaks

The essay titled " Can the Subaltern Speak?" by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivaks questions the western perspective of post-colonial literary analysis, which, as she argues, only serves to further the interests of the west in a well-orchestrated move meant to silence the voices of the third world [the Subaltern]. Hardly impressed with efforts, she wonders whether data harvested without

Self reflection piece – marketing assignment

Marketing has the ability to Influence many aspects of my career In any organization as It Is put at the heart of all business decisions. Each of these factors greatly benefit the modern day organization as a whole in the competitive environment.

Universal rules essay sample

One of the most important universal rules of marketing is that marketers need to find a way to break out of commodity status to meet customers' needs better than competing firms. Marketers often conduct and analyze research to see the needs, opinions, and attitudes of the customers.

Chec and the washington readicare medical group

APPLICATION: The agreement signed between Norbert Eelbode and Grothe and Chec is an adhesion contract which did not offer Norbert the opportunity to negotiate its clauses. This is unfair to Norbert, and, therefore, the agreement signed by him and Grothe and Chec is an adhesive one and should not be enforced.

Dwarf planet

Dwarf planet: The coining of the term Dwarf Planet is one of the more recent additions to the dictionary of astronomy. The other notable dwarf planets in our solar system are Ceres and Pluto.

50 years from now

In 50 years we will have the ability to go outer space without need of all the training that astronauts nowadays require, and our cars will be nothing like how they are today because within 50 years the world as we know it will be completely different. It seems that 50 years from now, it will be a

Western civilization reflection paper # 5

That in and of its self shows that Otto was a legit ruler! He finally takes back his kingdom and is recognized as the first official King of England.

Timeline and 5 stages essay sample

The only thing I am left to wonder about, that the timeline does not show, is when the ' explosive growth' or branching of the profession began to happen. Review the five stages in the development of nursing theory and philosophy.

Billing and coding errors

Claims are often rejected or downcoded because of medical necessity errors, coding errors, and errors related to billing. Or that you billed a code that does not match the age or gender of the billed patient.

5 years from now

My goal is to contribute my skills in creating an equitable and strife free society with the help of media. After graduating, apart from worked as an IT support executive, I prepared for Civil Service Exams, and worked as volunteer for couple of NGOs which gave me exposure to various Socio-Economic issues and learnt how media can be

Black people and young black man essay

What does the action of his crying in the police station suggest to us? How does this moment contrast with " The farmer carried him in his arms, to the truck.

Time and destination in travel essay

On the weekend before we leave, someone remembers that all the diving equipment is still in storage, none of the laundry is done and we have not spoken to our dog sitter either. Afterwards, we only have some minor preparations left to do, everyone makes themselves a sandwich for the drive, our Guiana pigs get fed, and the

Organizational theory design and change

To achieve this, organizations need to put in efforts to grow in different stages which include growth through creativity, growth through direction, growth through delegation, growth through coordination, and growth through collaboration. Growth through creativity may result in crisis of leadership because of lack of skills in the entrepreneurs.

Faraday’s in the magnetic environment of the

It could be produced by the change of magnetic field strength, the position of the magnet from the coil, the movement of the coil into or out of the magnetic field and other ways possible. 4? r?^2 The equation stated gave the magnitude of the magnetic field but the magnetic field is a vector.

Public health

On the other hand, quality issues in health care organizations will improve considering the technological advancement, and if there the implementation of pay for performances and non-payment of " never' events stipulations, which I suppose can greatly enhance and encourage high quality among the health care institutions. This is because some people are very ignorant of their health

How to become a writer

The one rule that is not okay to break, though, is that you have to learn the rules before you break them.8. The only known shield to that sword is to write pointless junk until an idea pops into your head.

Sample essay on what are the worst instructions you have ever received (personal or professional

Conflicting and confusing instructions are prone to be misunderstood and could create conflicts in the workplace or in the setting that provided these instructions in the first place. A situation in the workplace where instructions were received that did not particularly make sense are those contained in a policies and procedures manual for code of conduct and discipline

Anaphy assignment

Assignment in Biology Anatomy is the branch of science that deals with the Investigation of the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts.2. Responsiveness it is the ability of an organism to sense changes in his/her environment and make adjustments that help maintain its life.

Richard o’barry and “flipper” essay sample

Since that time, he has become one of the leading advocates against cetaceans in captivity and for the preservation of cetaceans in the wild. O'Barry and filmmaker ' Louie Psihoyos ' go about trying to expose one of what they see as the most cruel acts against wild dolphins in the world in Taiji, Japan, where dolphins are

Skill demonstration paper

The technique that I will use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The following steps will be used to ensure the success of the therapy; 1.

Data-driven decision making

The Changing World of 26th February, The Changing World The children in the society need to be prepared for the changes in the world therefore the curriculum developers need to be able to assess the needs of the children and the youth to prepare them for the future. Oliva and Gordon II stated that the important role of

Human cloning laws

Arizona and Missouri have measures that address the use of public funds for cloning, and Maryland prohibits the use of state stem cell research funds for reproductive cloning and possibly therapeutic cloning depending on how one interprets the definition of human cloning in the statute. Rhode Island law does not prohibit cloning for research, and California and New


According to Pyne, the responses of the government following the attacks of September 11 gave a chance to many scientists to develop their theories which are being used by many people in the United States to discriminate against Muslims and Arabs. Orientalism is the act of studying colonial masters by the people in the West thinking that, being

Cultural view of life after death

In this paper, I will be comparing the concept of death and life after death from the perspective of the American culture and the Indian culture. This is predominantly the Hindu belief of death and post-death life.

Maldoror by comte de lautreamont

One of the important aspects of this work is the tension between humanity and the animal kingdom. This tension exists because Maldoror, as a form of evil, wants to try to erase the distinction between man and animal.

A summary about a primary source about american history before 1865

In the letter, President Abraham Lincoln explains his desire to end slavery. He explains that he seeks to end slavery by influencing a change in the country's constitution.

The story of the erie canal in the united states

A densely forested pass in the Appalachian mountains was cut through using instruments like the ax and the shovel. The young nation became a well-knit nation because of the canal According to the author, if the canal had not been built during that time, the western states of the United States might have formed a separate nation.

Carnaudmetalbox engineering

The UK's CarnaudMetalbox Engineering chose an e-supply chain solution to improve its customer ordering, support and stock control of spare parts for its metal packing machines business. CarnaudMetalbox Engineering users now have the ability to place and track orders on the Web.

Go for it

Personal Goals Personal Goals After a careful consideration of the modules, I realize that there is a salient need for ensuring that I set realistic goals and that I can stay motivated to achieve them. The modules convinced me that I have to move beyond my comfort zone if I have to achieve my dreams.

Estimates manufacturing is very poor and a cause

0 per cent and 1. Mohan Rao estimates the trend rate of growth at TFP at 2 per cent.

In your opinion what factors constitute to a good movie essay sample

TEST 1 The test will cover Microeconomics. By drawing demand and supply curves, analyze and explain its impact on the condominium market.No.of pages: 3- 4 pages Spacing: 1.

Is fashion important

Fashion models tend to be skinny to the extent that it is extremely unhealthy. In conclusion, fashion is good because it can boost our confident level and makes people comfortable to hang out with us.

Comparing cost control strategies essay

Comparing cost control strategies of employer-sponsored health plans and self funded health plans employers do what they can and offer plans that will fit the employees. With the self funded plans the riders cannot be purchased, there is no open enrollment, and there is usually third party administrators to help manage insurance claims and needs.

Cross-cultural and international criminal justice: exporting crime

Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking is referred to illegal transport of drugs and drug like substances from one nation to another, US is even one of the nations that has been negative impacted by drug trade. Drug abuse has even been linked with diseases that are sexually transmitted, due to drug abuse, individuals end up indulging in sexual activities

Health and public policyassignment assignment

This is the amount of money in which you pay a doctor's office based on the coverage of your health insurance. My personal opinion on this, is I feel that the government should be involved in health insurance.

Active and passive voice essay sample

Presentation Make the student construct sentence about the picture. The egg was laid by the bird.3.

The tyger by william blake

However, the poem's volta occurs at the very end, or the last line, of the poem, and demonstrates why teenagers should not pick this path. The people envisioned in the poem are obviously living a rough life with the reference to fighting apparently in the poem, and the hard-living as well.

Should students be shown the grading rubric? assignment

Your questions must be appropriate for the grade level on which the assessment is focused. Content: The content of the assessment must clearly relate to the topic and grade level for which you designed the assessment.

Orgnization mission statment

Products and Services Sprint Nextel is the third largest American telecommunications provider behind Verizon Communications and AT&T. In addition to spectrum telecommunications services, Sprint Next provides wireless services and data plans.

Stop the attack on americas poorest and most defenseless people

The paper " Stop the Attack on America's Poorest and Most Defenseless People" is an outstanding example of a law assignment. The content of this bill is of great interest to me and to all Americans.


For instance the administration of the RCM dealt with conflicts of interest due to the fact that they had to decide whether the music school was going to focus on the academic side or satisfying the needs of its corporate sponsors. He administered the separation of the RCM from the University of Toronto.

Post-1950 poetry compared to postmodernism

Elizabeth Bishop's " Lullaby for the Cat," Robert Lowell's " For the Union Dead," and Sylvia Plath's " Kindness" differ from postmodernism by using autonomous narrators and clear representation, as well a lack of irony and self-reference. In terms of style, Bishop's work is the most conventional, with a strict meter and rhyming scheme, while Lowell and Plath

Business memo: the theory of the declaration and the constitution

The Theory of the Declaration and the Constitution Constitution 101 was particularly eye opening. This class provided for a general overview of the history and foundations of the constitutions as embodied in the declaration of independence.