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Components of a case brief legal document

A case brief is a legal document that summarizes the arguments that are presented to a court in favor of one party over the other in a case. The holding or the answer to the issue is then presented in a nest section.

Copper sun – chapter 4-6

The variety of noises screeching monkeys in cages and vendors loudly proclaiming their goods from the side of the road.shrill, high-pitched scream or cryproclaimingex. The variety of noises screeching monkeys in cages and vendors loudly proclaiming their goods from the side of the road.announce something publiclywailsex.

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The time i went to cabo san lucas mexico

The time I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico There once was a time that I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico with myfamily. I can still remember the way the pool look and felt because I got cut on one of the tiles in the pool.

To kill a mockingbird free essay

In the bestselling book To Kill A Mockingbird by: Harper Lee, a book that is based on segregation and labeled the narrator, a young girl Scout Finch tells the story about her older brother Jem Finch and her dad Atticus; who is a lawyer in the fictional Maycomb county who has been hired to be the defendant of

Words cannot describe…

I signed up for the class, even though I am a junior, because I wanted to be in a class with mature, intelligent students, that I could relate to. And the last thing I want for my kid to fail in life...

Fletch – 346 words – college essay

The movie " Fletch", staring Chevy Chase, is a movie about an investigating reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper, Erwin Fletcher " Fletch", loitering around a beach in attempt to pass as a beach junkie with the intention of getting to the bottom of the drug trade and attempting to figure out who is behind the whole thing.

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Social forces and progress: focus on the oppressed group essay

With the coming of the 19th century, there were social forces that successfully destroyed the old order. The individual was the icon of the dominant group.

How did the rise of the corporation affect the united states what factors helped corporations form, and

The leaders of the United States found it logical to spearhead the economical growth of the country due to the rise in technological innovation at the end of eighteenth century and the beginning of nineteen century. The rise of corporations led to the growth of the population in urban centers.

The role of pride in santiago’s plight

Santiago says: " It is good that we do not have to try to kill the sun or the moon or the stars. For him, it is the only way to avoid new mockery and suffering.

Rosseau’s influence on laugier

Rosseau's greatest influence on Laugier is the theory of the natural man. Laugier asserted that the principles of architecture, like those of the other arts, are based on nature and the process of nature influences architectural rules.

Сampaign to save the environment

So, that is one of the reasons why we have to take care our nature. Next, we can also do campaign to save the environment.

Summary of discourse theory and practice: the multivoicedness of meaning

James Wertsch pointed out that mediated action has various implications and conveys a lot of meaning from the one who owns the meaning to the receiver. Human communication in the English language has a preferred framework such as the transfer of thoughts from one person to another, through the words and text as conveyed by feelings, and how

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Minimizing extraneous variables in clinical research

Minimizing Extraneous Variables in Clinical Research Minimizing Extraneous Variables in Clinical Research It is true as per the postthat research studies or research topics are usually set towards answering a specific concern; therefore, it can be noted that quantitative studies often aim at answering a specific concern. It is unfortunate to the post that this type of survey


In the research paper, I will argue that the increasing fire outbreak cases in America are as a result of poor or lack of effective measures vital in preventing and dealing with fire outbreak cases. I am particularly aware that it is unethical to utilize someone else's work and ideas as my own as this will be an

United states v. ziegler

The court argued " Because Ziegler had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his office, any search of that space and the items located therein must comply with the Fourth Amendment". United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Would the nixon/kissinger approach have worked right after world war ii

Nixon and Kissinger's Approach Nixon and Kissinger's diplomatic strategy and approach were specific to circumstances andissues of the profound power politics of their time. The principles of Nixon and Kissinger's approach also applies to other regions where multiple players exist with each important to US interests.

The london olympics have started!

I wonder if he could get a gold medal in the next Olympics. He was the deffending champion in this field.

Apple iphone case study essay

With the ROKR they had limited say in the production of the phone, being that they were partnered with a third party in Motorola, whom was the ROKR's overall designer. AT&T agreed to partner with apple for exclusive rights to the iPhone.

Gatrell europe—the major area withrefugee population from all

Gatrell studies the process which leads to the making of refugees in the twentieth century. In one of the initial chapters, he is curious as tohow these people on the move became a problem to the world and the processwhich would provide them with suitable solutions.

Genuien communciaion essay

Either make a simple line drawing of a face on each of 8 cards and write a typical name to go with each face eg French Pierre, Japanese Shoo OR If you cannot show the nationality by your drawing, draw the national flag on the card instead. You are NOT required to send in the set of cue

Ford pinto case study critique essay

Ford Pinto case and unethical decision making According to the article, Tioga is inclined to make unethical decisions due to the nature of his work. HIS decision making process Is based on the utilitarian model which means that he seeks for a decision that would maximize his overallhappiness.

The korean war

Korean War al Affiliation) According to Halberstam, the Korean War was a result of a combination of factors and events that followed the end of World War II, but the primary cause was North Korea's act of invading the Republic of Korea by crossing the 38th parallel that separated the two nations. MacArthur Based on the literature I

Pricing – priceline essay

The customers of Priceline would also show attributes of Price searchers. What effect would Priceline's prices be likely to have on the reference prices customer's born in mind for travel and mortgage services?

Waiting for superman notes essay sample

Deviant Behavior can be related to both students and also teachers if one observes of how well they doing while there in school you can tell that some of them are either careless or just arrogant and do not believe that they can learn because they do not have the fundamentals for them to keep moving forward. Symbolic

Ikea-case study essay

The globalization of market made IKEA establish its stores almost in every country in the world as the cost of transportations, labor, and materials can be reduced.2. How has the globalization of production benefited IKEA?

Good comments on essay example

If you look at your last paragraph, it has started with a description of what validity is, then the next sentence brought out the different types of validity. Your work lack order on how the points should be arranged, for example, you start your essay by giving challenges of external validity and later defining validity on your last

How christianity and judaism are alike and different! assignment

Judaism and Christianity are two of the many religions of the world. There are over 1, 000 million Christian followers all over the world Christians believe that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem so they consider Jerusalem to be a Holy City.

The cask of amontillado, the interlopers, the most dangerous game essay sample

The three stories, " the most dangerous game" by Richard Connell, " the cask of Amontillado" by Ed Poe, " the interlopers" have the same mood of murder and horror. The theme of the story " The Cask of Amontillado" by Ed Poe, is when Fortunado got tricked into going to a basement to check the Amontillado.

Dota hypothesis

When they are having a problem in school, they use DotA as past time to relieve frustration. And Instead of going to school, they are cutting classes and goes to internet cafes with friends to play DotA.

Corrigendum: spatial–temporal analysis of the heat and electricity demand of the swiss building stock

The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way. The authors apologize for this error and state that this does not change the scientific conclusions of the article in any way.

Critical thinking on your brain and behavior

The occipital lobe of the brain is heavily involved in the process of reading. The occipital lobe of the brain is located at the posterior aspect of the brain.

Product development process

One of the major differences is that in sequential product development process each step that is followed in the process of design must be completed before the next step can begin. Another difference between the two processes is that in sequential, once the product is obtained, it is taken through the testing process in order to check the

Application for the william d yaxley memorial scholarship

I am a firm believer that everything and anything is possible to those who have the tenacity to achieve. I used to be a factory laborer for the past nine years before I decided to go back to school and finish my education.

Ezra and benton case study

You have been hired as a consultant to a small clothing manufacturer who wants to emulate the success of Ezra and Benton. The small clothing Manufacturer must increase its variety, in addition to providing the consumer with product innovation such as that of Ezra and Benton.

Nightmare on telecom street case study

0 One of the outsourcing services that complement the need of the company is the service being provided by call centers.2. 0 Outsourcing projects can help to provide a good service to the customers.


That experience shaped the way I see my future in life getting cancer was a major expeirence that had an effect on my life. My height is the most things i get made fun of that is 6.

How to conduct garage sale

It helps in cleaning out the mess you have been dumping in your garage for years and letting you earn a few bucks at the same time. The garage sale is a venture of time and passion and turns out to be very rewarding at the end.

The contrast of thomas more’s utopia with nowadays england

Reaction The approach of viewing Sir Thomas More's Utopia on the lens of practicalism may have touched some important points of the work Utopia but were not able to completely grasp the essence of the work. This was geared towards a productive society and the aversion towards golds and the trappings of life are only an aspect

Comparative life of pi

You will be writing an in-class comparative essay based on the essay topic you have been assigned, and the investigations completed by you and your classmates. If you choose to work with a partner, you will both contribute to the introduction and conclusion; each partner will contribute a category of comparison.

A pedagogic placebo for plagiarism

The other definitions of plagiarism include the use of another person's ideas and thought processes as one's own and imitating the style and tenor as well. The whole issue of plagiarism assumes serious proportions in an academic environment as the students are expected to do their papers with due diligence and without recourse to other people's work.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying from a corner shop or a supermarket

You can name in and out more rapidly than you can in a supermarket.particularly if you want merely a twosome of points. Disadvantages of supermarkets What you may happen in the supermarkets might non precisely be fresh.

Homework analysis essay

The concepts of competencies in a chicken processing plant are probably basic, one must be able to perform a task, understand the language to be able to do the task properly, and to understand and meet the basics standards set by the company. Due to the change in the eating habits in the United States this industry, these

Topic proposal

The problem researched in my work has a number of historical analogues and may be useful in further studying of original and migrant Americans' cultures interplay. It should be considered in details while studying of cultural diversity, because Native and Anglo Americans' cultures diversity is the most lengthy and controversial on the America continents.

Tresspass business essay

Bidder's Edge had a similar idea to yours they used their servers to connect to E-Bay in order to compare prices on certain items. The definition of trespass to personal property differs a bit from the definition of trespass to computer services, whose definition is as follows: " Knowingly and without permission provides or assists in providing a

Sirius xm competitive strategy

By merging Sirius and XM radios together, they have really planted themselves as the gorilla in the satellite industry, and it would be tough for another satellite company to enter and take away the customers already committed to Sirius XM. The last of the five forces is Rivalry, and Sirius XM has attempted to separate from the high

Anti-semitism in multicultural cultures

Anti-semitism resulted in the decimation of religious Jewish communities, produced political and social factions, and complicated associations between various nations and operations of global organizations. Anti-semitism is an intense variety of unreasonable hate, and should not be confused with tough criticisms of policies of the state of Israel.

Village cricket match

The author has used humor as the main ingredient of the story. The blacksmith ran up to bowl climbing the slope superbly like a amettlesome combination of Venus and Vulcan Anadyomene'.

Anatomy: polydactyly essay sample

When assessing the patient's family medical history the doctor will often ask questions like: I s there a history of other family members, particularly parents, siblings, and grandparents, being born with extra toes or fingers, Is there a family history of the disorders associated with this disorder, or Is the patient experiencing any other medical problems or symptoms.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation research paper examples

Then, check if the person has a heartbeat or pulse. If the person is conscious, there is a heartbeat.

Major principles for purchasing a new house essay sample

One of the major principles that will play a major role on deciding to purchase a home will be principle6: Markets are usually a good way to organize economic activity. A person has to take into consideration that once the go from renting to purchasing a home there are many financial responsibilities they must take on.

Educating and disciplining children or students

The sentiment expressed by the members of the public saw the civil rights attorney taking matters to court by using the state for negligence and biases. Segregation has been rampant at the state of Minnesota and the meeting was called to iron out the integration plan and set remedies to address the issues.

Communication is misunderstood

However, when itcame to the next day, the guy that responsible for collecting document told methat two of the documents had major updates and need to reprint. I asked him when he got theupdated paper, and it turned out the paper were sent before the time I print.

Expanding on short stories

3 Poems are traditionally used to express one's emotions and feelings about a particular subject matter and therefore, the short stories have some commonalities with the medium of poem as both of them are composed in order to express an individual's feelings.Q. The short stories have become a medium that is used to dump psychological pressures on to

Canterbury tales lines 796-799 of the prologue essay sample

The most amusing and at the same time filled with astuteness is the story told by the Wife Of the Bath who is depicted in the prologue by the narrator as " In al the parisshe wif ne was ther noon That to the offrynge bifore hire sholde goon. THE STORY The wife of the bath relates the

Cryptography can decipher what the other enciphers.

The basic components of cryptographic systems are used to encipher information so that it is difficult to determine the meaning without the appropriate key or key to decipher the information. Symmetric systems use the same key to encipher and decipher.

Barack obama fulfils the dream

A black man has been elected to the highest office of the most powerful country of the world". However, it resulted in a positive surprise for many, and a historic event has taken place: the United States has chosen the first African-American to be the head of the country.


The accrual system of accounting record revenue when it is earned hence shows the actual financial position of a business periodically. Accuracy involved in the above process can be improved by double checking system and by using a computerized system of accounting.

Environment science

Clean Air Act, the U.S. Endangered Species Act, and the U.S.

Stop and frisk

The action was deemed unusual by Trevizo " but she had no reason to believe that Johnson either was engaging or was about to engage in criminal activity " Trevizo then engaged Johnson in conversation not related to the current reason of Johnson's detainment. The Arizona Court of Appeals recognized that.once Officer Trevizo began questioning him on a

Political science

It is also at the fore front of efforts to understand and help various governments respond to new developments and concerns, such as information of the economy challenges and corporate governance. Beyond the reach, of fiscal tools such as monetary loosening and fiscal spending, wide spread and lack of trust threatens to keep the global economy in doldrums.

Problem solving

The problem solving process I choose to implement is the simplex process. I call my three friends and separated two weekends to paint the rooms.

School uniform: argument

I think wearing uniforms is a great idea because there is less bullying and teasing, it helps keep you focused on school work, and its more convenient for parents and teachers. The final advantage to wearing a school uniform is the convenience for parents and teachers.

Reseach paper proposal

CNC it helps me to transform and cut the metal speedier, precise and lively than some time recently. Anyway dependably workstation engineering improved human life and lead people to a propelled level of development.

Travelling makes them striking and great. venturing

There is a wish in each individual to see various appearances of nature and to get to know other individuals of the world. These days, travelling is part of the curriculum in schools and universities.

David hume’s moral philosophy analysis

I think that in such a way he wants to show that business and decision-making should natural and instinctive. David Hume concludes that there are four categories of qualities necessary for moral business running and decision-making: 1.


Poor Hand Washing Practice by Health Care Providers Health care providers play an important role in championing health related requirements. Some of the objectives of Poor Hand Washing by Health Care Providers practicum include: Provision of appropriate hand washing resources such as soap and washing areas - some of the health facilities lacks appropriate resources to champion good

Pick the most suitable and easiest to you

Under Justified True Belief, knowledge and the meaning contained in sentences can be derived using the below set of conditions, which are necessary and mutually sufficient: S knows that p P is true, S believes that P, and, S is justified in believing that P. The Gettier problem refers to a philosophical reasoning that questions whether something that

Promoting content area learning

Two major instructional practices from this week's learning resources that will be incorporated to promote the academic English for the students are setting of specific learning objectives and the promotion of feedback. From this week's learning resource, the type of grouping option that would be used to promote academic language in the students is mixed competency grouping.

Richard nixon assignment

Nixon is considered to be one of the worst presidents of our time and for very good reasons. He did a lot for our country and does not deserve all the mistrust that people feel towards him.

I) ordinarily, issue in the first instance. it

i) There must be a gang of persons, ii) That the accused belonged to it, iii) The gang must be associated for the purpose of habitually committing dacoity. It is essential to prove that the women themselves were associated with the husbands or protectors for the purpose of themselves habitually committing dacoits.

Differences in character between americans and germans

However, the cautious character in Germans is admirable since it represents practicality in life although Americans associate it as with a lack of creativity amongst the Germans. It is evident from the foregoing discussion that Americans and other nationalities may view some characters in Germans stereotypically.

Business failures

One of the tough decisions regarding financial management that organizations have to take is do decide the amount of cash the organization should invest in the business and the amount of money it should keep in hand. This means that the organization needs to ensure that the organization has enough money in order to pay for six months

More than one billion indians: a gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities

Moreover, 30% of the population is between the ages of 10-24 years which clearly shows the amount of untapped energy that India has. On the other hand, the resources that the country has are limited and therefore a burgeoning population restricts the per capita availability.

Life science

Distant education is increasingly being employed as a means of imparting education to people whose tendency to attain education is hindered by the geographical distances, or busy schedule that requires them to work along with studying. I feel connected to the science through virtual education.


The argumentative essay is a much more personal essay paper where I am to write a brief summary of my argument hether I agree with it or not and have to support this opinion. The writing assignments I have written for this course I think have allowed me to acquire new knowledge with every paper and speak my

Intercultural cooperation

Dr Hofstede is the first psychologist who undertook the most wide-ranging analysis of how good values influenced by culture affect on the working condition of the workplace. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster." Understanding the Ethical Issues by Global Sullivan Principles Accountability and the corporate responsibility is the core of the Global Sullivan

Amathus sarcophagus essay

The most interesting and attractive feature of the Amathus is the scene illustrated on the sides of the sarcophagus and the block of stone covering it. The patterns on the borders of the scenes were elaborately done, incorporating stylistic value and intricacy into the surface of the sarcophagus.

Joe turners come n gone essay

Joe Turner is a man described by the characters in this play, as a ruthless man who captured many African-Americans. In Act II, Scene II, pages 510-511, Herald Loomis walks in the room as another character in the play, Bynum Walker, is singing a song about Joe Turner, which Bynum heard from the women down around Memphis.

Network configuration management documentation

Network ConnectivityAn important part of the network that must be documented is the network connectivity. To give detailed information on how devices on the network connect, a network diagram needs to be created as well.

Lord of the flieshook essay

The Lord of the Flies is of great significance and is substantial for the development of the story because he made lots of points in the story. Simon's actions in the novel can be effectively compared to Christ and his actions.

Writing #2

This is because the court agreed upon and documented cannot be refuted unless there are grounds to show that it was not valid or lawful in either two states. The solving of disputes having been rendered to a particular state and court in writing shows that the other must recognize their rulings, foreign or not.

Sons of liberty

After the crowd had dissipated McIntosh and a few of his crew ransacked Oliver's abandoned house, under the cover of darkness and it was clear by the end of the evening who ruled Boston. The Boston Tea Party - It was the Boston Committee of Correspondence that directed the 'Boston Tea Party' that took place on December 16th,

Response to shame by dick gregory essay

As I was reading the writer's background I found out that he was a comedian and I automatically assumed that this story was going to be funny and I was wrong. When I was in high school, my parents had to file a bankruptcy and we had to move to a studio which was a small room that

Marketing meredith case study assignment

Meredith Corp.uses a combination of decision trees, linear and logistic regression, and other data-mining techniques to segment customers on the database. Using of regression and database analysis to find the best prospects.

When he gave up his office in 1962

When he was a boy he joined the Congress. In 1951 he was elected the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee.

Modified school day essay sample

Some reasons are that the parents who work will have to change their times to see their kids more, their will be less learning time and more homework and recess and lunch will be shorter. Many younger kids like recess and lunch because it is a time for fun, but in a modified school day, they will not

Pros and cons of administration dichotomy

The supporters of administrative dichotomy believe that since one primary objective of politicians in a democratic society is to get elected, so if the politics and administration are not separated, the politicians may misuse their influence to make public administrators function in a manner that may attract immediate public support and popularity, though not being most beneficial and

Internet as a way of getting information

The number of people who find the internet a convenient tool helping them in studying or working is increasing steadily, so is the number of those who believe the internet to be harmful and overestimated as the best source of information. On top of that, it's easy to find some key information about places you wanted to visit

Discussion 6

Prosocial Behaviour Vs Literature on Aggression Comparison between Prosocial Behaviour and Literature of Aggression Summary of McCullough and Colleagues Materials The human body is believed to be functioning under the control of various processes within the body. Hence, in the case of prosocial, the move is positive as the aim is to help another person.

Dual language learning

It is claimed by Goldenberg that a very intimidating situation is encountered by millions of American students who do not speak English as fluently as is expected by their teachers. It is implied by Passe that careful planning is essential to support language development in this age of diversity.

Methods of cell centrifugation

There are two methods of centrifugation: differential centrifugation and gradient differential centrifugation.1. For example, centrifugation at a speed 700 times gravity of a tissue homogenate suspended in 0.