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Papers already gathered: 1857

Female mill workers in england and japan: how similar were their experiences?

Female Japanese workers had to work more, got paid less, and accepted the role that their society gave them. This is the reason that female Japanese mill workers got low pay and worked more hours.

Guest lecture response paper #+

In the recent past, John has gone around the world promoting sustainability in the development of physical structures. Additionally, energy saving is a critical component in building physical structures, and it is essential to ensure that the materials used are effective in meeting the objectives of sustainability in building.

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Edward morgan forster forster invisible man

I believe that putting personal relations over your country labels you ignorant and self-centered For example, you find out that your brother is a spy for a rival country and is stealing information from your home country. A moral question is presented, whether to betray someone close to you for the safety of your country and turn him

Natural sight

While sight allows her to appreciate color, light and the glory of nature, when she sees nature around her after she has let go of the search for meaning, her personal shutter allows her to view the world in a new light. She sees the world around her as being magnificent and finds all shades of emotion and

Personal perception of organized crime

Personal Perception of Organized Crime In answering this question of what Angie's personal perception of organized crime, it takes me back to the days of organized groups that united for financial gain, control over business, law enforcement, the public and anyone or anything that they could rule. When thinking of organized crime it takes us back to the

Too much homework

If it was the weekends it would not be all that bad because we do not spend all our time in school. All those kids out on the street all because they did not have time to do their homework.

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Information technology

The word 'franchise' is of Anglo-French derivation - from franc - meaning free, and is used both as a noun and as a verb. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced.

Walt changes the attitude

In fact, the only thing he adores at first is his prized possession, the Gran Torino, from which the name of the movie is derived. One would also argue that he did hate other races, but he is getting soft and allowing emotions to take the better part of his judgment.

A space odyssey comparison assignment

The detachment of the majority of the population in Science Fiction books seems to be caused by the particularly trustful and deadly environment they live in in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the astronauts are trained to deal with the peculiar challenges of living completely isolated on a spaceship for months on end, and dealing with stressful problems like

Respond to classmates-sexuality around the world

These practices often result in sexual desire and arousal implications relative to what the young girls are made to believe and practice. Societies and governments can help in minimizing sexual dysfunctions by creating cultural and social awareness about the implications of sexual practices related to different customs.

How to write a cause and effect paper essay

How to Write a Cause Effect Essay Writing Tips for a Causal Paper Whether it's a paper on the causes of air pollution or the effects of texting while driving, establishing causal relationships between subjects is a great source for academic writing material. A well-organized cause-and-effect paper should identify a clear relationship between two subjects, have a clear

Hope assignment

We then all together voted on a picture that we wanted to use for the assignment, which was two girls standing on the left with one girl whispering something in the other girl's ear, and a girl to the far right standing alone looking sad. For instance, I will try to give more feedback to the group members.

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Imagination of place

The uniqueness of the town is harmonized between the nature of humans living in the area and the lively ecosystem. When the tourists come to this area they identify with it and develop a sense of place with the area.

Why i want to be a doctor

When I entered elementarily I would always volunteer to help out in the labs, and my teacher allowed me to work with the microscope. My exposure to this incidence provided me with a sense of fulfillment, a motivation to gain more knowledge in the clinical profession, and most significantly determination what I want to do for the rest


The author refers to the former research in this subject carried out by Sarasvathy et al, Buchanan and Vanberg, and Littlechild to conduct an in-depth study of three of the most fundamental processes of entrepreneurship namely the creation, recognition and the discovery of the opportunity. In the latter part of the research the author identifies the insinuations of

Piece one

I do my best to listen to them, even though they are only 11, and twins at that. She claims to " face the darkness" with strength and bravery.

Remembering babylon chapter 10-18

Page 114where did Jimmy vanish to? Page 117what did the natives bring Jimmy?

Moving to another country

In general, the United States has strict immigration policies; in addition to enforcing existing measures, it has introduced new ones, including the construction of a fence along the Mexico U.S.border to curb illegal migration into the country. The decision to migrate depends on the income that an individual expects to receive in the destination country relative to the

Atricle summary about handedness

Because people with left handedness have had plenty of stigma and curiosity surrounding them, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Christina Tsuei looked into the reasons behind a person being left handed and different statistics having to do with handedness. In 2008 it was found in a study that people who are mixed of left handed may

Exercise for depression essay samples

The section criteria used in the review involved the use of randomized control trails whereby comparison was drawn between exercise and a standard treatment, a placebo treatment, psychological therapy, pharmacological treatment or any other possible treatments for adults suffering from the condition. Impact of the Results and Implementation The impact of the results is that those using exercise

Traveling: mind and new cultures essay sample

When you travel you gain new ideas and experience new things. Travelling enables you to become aware of differences in lifestyle whether they are regional or national and to learn how different people interact and generally what they base their ideas on.

William faulkner, as i lay dying study questions

With each chapter the reader is moved into a slightly new context-that of the mindset of the currently speaking character. Since the reader is obliged to follow the mental meanderings and preoccupations of each character, one at a time, it is inevitable that the reader will become confused.


The video where Alaska native Liz speaks about the possibility of changing the racial discrimination by talking about this problem is really inspirational and brings up a concern of the discriminated people, their feelings, and their emotional state. And even if the signs dont exist anymore, still the Natives remember them and feel insulted, because racism is not

Writing a term paper is one of the

The term papers usually tend to count for a very significant part of the students final grade. When you buy a term paper at our writing service, be rest assured that it will meet the standards of your professor or lecturer.

Final case term

Making an automated system in a video store has become a The Existing System Objectives of the System Video Club aims to lend obscure videos for both the members of Exclusive Golf and Country Club and the Gentlemen' Club with more variety on movie selection. Specific Objectives To lend obscure videos to video club Scope of the System

Catalina hour plinian eruption. crops that were

Animals were killed by the hot ash, tephra falls and other natural disasters that were caused by the eruption such as a forest fire or earthquake. As leaves fall from the trees that provide the canopy cover, leaves will fall into the water and begin to start creating a benthic detritus cover.

Letter with a salutation

Productivity can also be defined in terms of total factor productivity which measures output in terms of the contribution of all other factors of production except labour and capital. The productivity of an organisation can therefore be measured in terms of the overall performance of the organisation in utilising its resources.

Clothes by chitra banerjee divakaruni

Although many aspects of the story are expected and even gratuitous, a particular sentence of the author's analysis near the end of the story stands out as a jolting representing of the reality that grips Mita as a function of the lost dreams and expectations that now explain her life. In such a way, the author helps to

What is management

The response of the employees to a particular style of management is the most important indicator of its success. It is the manager's task to strike the balance and decide which style of management would produce the best outcome.

Political socialization

Political Socialization Political socialization is the process by which the political values of a society are passed on to the next generation of citizens. The social and cultural environment can also act as an agent of political socialization.

Tidball’s category of churches (discussion)

Tidball's Category of Churches Tidball's Category of Churches In his book d Ministry by the Book, Derek Tidball has described the various models of church ministries as they are present in the gospels. Tidball has derived greatly from the New Testament articulating the various models of ministry work.

Databases maintains information

The primary purpose of a DO Is to combine Information, more specifically strategic information, throughout an organization into a single repository in such a way that the people who need that information can make decisions and ender-take business analysis. Data Mart - contains a subset of data warehouse information.

The effects of sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is a very common disease, the disease affects people very badly. Being a family member of someone who has the disease, you may not know what the disease or what it I wanted to inform people of what sickle cell anemia is and what the symptoms are because of my experience with the disease.

Abbreviated plan

RUNNING HEAD: ABBREVIATED RESEARCH PLAN Abbreviated Research Plan of the of the Abbreviated Research Plan Introduction to the Topic The topic of the research will be elaborated upon in this section briefly. The extensive amount of literature searched on the issue will be able to provide the evidence to the viability of the research questions under discussion.

Ernest hemingway: a farewell to arms assignment

Henry's commitment to the war is not genuine. This type of attitude shows he is not committed to the war.

Three that is:text alternatives for any non-text content,

In 1997 The World Web Consortium launched the Web Accessibility Initiative which consisted of different working groups trying to improve web accessibility such as " web content, web browsers, media players, authoring tools and evaluation tools". WCAG 2.0.also outlines three basic levels of accessibility: Level A the most basic level of web accessibility; Level AA - deals with

The effects of illiteracy in adults

The effects of illiteracy in adultsMillions of people in the world are illiterate. For instance, in the rural areas of China, there are still lots of people who are illiteracy and live on relief.

Free essay on descartes and hume

The premise of his reasoning is to ask the question, " How can be distinguish when we are awake from when we are dreaming?". The origins of the ideas help Descartes classify them.

Self- reflection

I spent a great deal of time doing the planning and setting of timetables that I intended to follow over the period of the semester that was to follow. One of the main reasons that I feel that I failed in my attempts to achieve my goals the last semester was that I ended up spending a large


Also, it seemed that Mercy was not aware of what a majority of the gadgets were for as she, at times, innocently threw her toys against the wall, which is simply a way of seeing what would happen to them. Also, he made sure that he solved a majority of the puzzles and the ones that were hard

Chapter 4 reaction paper

I considered my own position in the world in a very different way after reading this chapter. I began to try to unwind some of the strands of my personality which had led me to see myself in a certain, stable way.

Technology and modernity

Engrossed to the trend of coolest or most hip as they say, the majority are sure to acquire from technology which people would not only buy into but would as well spend every deal of penny just to get into the hive and satisfy both curiosity and obsession. With thousands upon thousands of users tied up to it

Reaction paper narrative essay

Introduction: This year, is the year 2 of the said talk show in which the Holy Name University High School Department were preparing. The title of the talk show was STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART YEAR 2.

Explain the function of two hormones on human behavior

The results were as expected; they found that those who were injected with testosterone propionate had a reduced behavior of aggression, and testosterone restores aggression in castrated mice. The hormone plays a key role in affecting social behavior; it is claimed to increase the level of trust and generosity in humans.

The effect of water cement ration upon the compressive

Water is important for all forms of life and it covers about 70% of the Earth even in the deserts as well as the clouds. It is amazing that the amount of water on Earth does not change as it is the same since the ancient days.

When it was used to promote industry. as the on results or outcomes. in september 1989,

The first is by Godechot who believed Napoleon " changed the history of France and the world". Two of those goals related specifically to academic achievement:* Goal 3: By the year 2000, American students will leave grades 4, 8, and 12having demonstrated competency in challenging subject matter including English, mathematics, science, history, and geography; and every school in

Bonnville power administration

Mechanical Engineer, GS-07: To be well versed in design and Project Engineering in the development of design packages to build transmission lines. Civil Engineer, GS-07: To support Project and design Engineers in the development of design packages to build transmission lines.

Cell phones!!!

Or what if there is a choking student in your class and someone needs to call 911 and you just happen to have your phone out and have them on sped dial? I also agree that middle schoolers also are mature enough to have there phones in class, so just give us a try and just see if


In addition, I am strong in organizing my work in a logical flow that presents the information to the reader in a simple approach that was easy to understand. The outcome to this struggle and the situation is that Amy is embarrassed of herself, her family, and her heritage.

Quickbooks online payroll, invoicing, and payments

If all these are performed well, they contribute to the accuracy of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and even the cash flow statement. The functionality deals with the invoicing role and therefore all the transactions made with respect to the accounts receivable are recorded here.

Straw man fallacy essay sample

This is a correct representation of the straw man fallacy because Ezekiel Cheever is trying to over exaggerate the fact that John Procter has plowed on Sundays and Cheever is trying to make Procter's argument that he loves God more unbelievable. This is a representation of the straw man fallacy because Ezekiel Cheever is trying to over exaggerate

Base value and trade value after five years essay sample

Her research indicates that the trade in value for Model A after 5 years is 50% of the initial purchase price. If she plans to be in the home for 10 years, what is the present value of all future maintenance?

The quest for identity

This is not to say that disposition is unstable, on the contrary, it is an integration of constancy of character. It is not only within the walls of the school that an adolescent's identity is developed.

Word statment

At that time, I have had no clear understanding of the term or the field of psychology as such, but I thought it would be an interesting field of study and I would be able to help a lot of people by taking up such a profession. I am also sure that with my dedication and commitment, I

Indian society and social systems in india

Living within the embrace of the Indian nation are vast numbers of different regional, social, and economic groups, each with different cultural practices. Particularly noteworthy are differences between social structures in the north and the south, especially in the realm of kinship systems.

The meaning of history

The history of any civilization should be open to little interpretation as to how it begun, what it achieved and should run the gamut of all the civilization? s societal systems without breaking the chain of logic. Conclusion: The meaning of history should reflect a reliable account of what transpired during a given epoch.

Political broadside detailing your objections to new constitution

Ratification convention in the state, which is one of the ways that was established by Article V of the constitution of the United States for ratifying constitutional amendments that have been proposed, will be used to make the amendments valid by confirming them. The new constitution was suggested when the war was over, and the United states was

Peter’s declaration to alexei

Thus, this was a cause of great frustration to Peter and in the end he imprisoned his son who died there only. Peter's own son, however, failed in this area and it was his decision to disinherit him as he is of no use to the kingdom he would be getting after Peter I.

Escherichia coli growth curve

The measurement of absorbance may be used to analyze bacterial growth since the absorbance or the measure of the turbidity is directly proportional to the number of cells. The lag phase is known as the adjustment period of the bacteria.

Of purpose

This qualification has given me a head start in many aspects of my academic life in the sense that I have had the opportunity to participate in practical situations in areas related to my accounting field. When it comes to my personal experience especially in the field of business and accounting, I feel privileged to report that I

Cyper ethics

Cyber Ethics Homework Section Response to question 2 In his book, On Liberty, Mill explains " tyranny of the majority" as a scenario whereby, decisions made are in accordance with the will of the people or those who succeeded in making themselves accepted as the majority. He explains that this is as a result of increase in the

Benefits of morning exercise

The fresh air in the morning fills up the lungs, which is helpful in keeping the person going all through the day. Elevated Energy Levels The best time to exercise is in the morning.

American born chinese book analysis

Melanie does not want to go out with Danny because of how Chin-Kee treated her when he arrived from the airport. People treat Chin-Kee and the people he is associated with differently because of how he acts.

Whether or not there would be a time to use deadly force against an unarmed suspect, based on the provision of the case

The use of deadly force on an unarmed suspect goes here number goes here Due goes here, month day, year goes here The use of deadly force on an unarmed suspect The use of deadly force is a hard decision and for many the belief remains that deadly force should be withheld unless in fear of one's life.

Around in developing places that have died

As reported in document 2, there were lots of children in which were forced to be child soldiers. This treaty rightfully secured therights of the children and helped prevent them from being forced to be childsoldiers.

Objective summary

He is of the view that the availability of torture has given rise to unauthorised tortures. There is a resolution to this problem - the obtainment of warrants for authorising torture of suspects.

Gift cards breakage

In addition, the value of the gift cards, which is unused, causes serious accounting complications to the auditors because; the pattern of redemption differs considerably. As a result, most of the companies rarely provide the figure of gift cards' sales and the total of breakages.

Career in human resources

In most cases, however, it is not the subject of the degree that matters, but the fact that the individual has obtained a college degree in the first place. General and top management positions are easier to get if the potential worker has a master's degree in any business field; or in human resources or labor relations specifically.

Characters in oconnors stories

Turpin - comparison The characters of the grandmother in O'Connor's story ' A Good Man is Hard to Find' and Mrs. Turpin, the latter however does not live in a world of fantasy or dreams and in contrast, she is more practical as she knows the ways and directions and keeps herself updated with the news of the

We 2 &3 response

However, the use of alternative judgment would have a positive impact to the prisons by reducing overcrowding and rehabilitation of offenders. This facilitates allocation of resources to the offenders whose change would have a positive influence.

Mother tongue reading response

The way Tan's mother speaks effects the native English speaker think that she is not able to express her thoughts perfectly and do not want to communicate with her. The second section how her mother's limited English affects how she is treated and how Tan's English was restricted.


Maybe it is this frequency that I share with the sound of a piano that it helps me explore my hidden capabilities and surprise my friends and family with that. Likewise, piano helps me retain and indeed strengthen whatever feeling I have at a particular point in time while I am hearing piano, but surprisingly, the sound has

Human resource

HR Manager: Introduction: As the implies, an HR manager is an individual who serves to manage not only the HR department, but also plays an important role in the general management of the projects, and hence the organization as a whole. Daily duties: Daily duties of an HR manager include but are not limited to allocating staff to

Summary and analysis

The final stage was to evaluate the viability of the project by projecting the sales, costs and the profit. The quantitative information collected like the number of events under the three categories of big, small and medium, event frequency, number of customers covered, selling prices and costs for different items, cost of equipment, various costs listed out

It is up to you

Moral Relativism Relativism is the concept that all opinions or points of view are equally valid and is a to one's perception and consideration. Cultural relativism and moral relativism share a lot of similarities and it is widely believed that after World War II, following the popularization of the principle of cultural relativism, the term " cultural relativism"

Swami vivekananda essay sample

It is he who is now known to the whole world as ' Vivekananda' this name was given to him in recognition of his spiritual merits and achievements. The progressive rational approach of his father and the religious temperament of his mother helped in shaping his thinking and personality.

Audience analysis worksheet

Of the three Face-to-face would be the best channel because the presenter can interact with the audience based on the expression of the audience. What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?

Broken age

It's single player, so sorry for multiplayer fans, and the main aspects of the game is to move your character, examine objects and items, and talk to non-playable characters, to get your way through the game. Now that we have talked about the type and distribution of the game, let's get into the game itself.

Book review: modern poisons: a brief introduction to contemporary toxicology

Kolok, the Director of the Center for Environmental Health and Toxicology at the University of Nebraska, utilizes his 20-plus years in the field to bridge this divide. Kolok's book examines and historically situates toxicology as a discipline and provides a credible and accessible account of present day themes and approaches within the field.

Biography project for black history month

It was the day that an African American lady, Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat in the Montgomery bus for a white person. Rosa Parks is a source of inspiration for people who want racial equality in the society.IV.

Career goal statement for nursing program

Career Goal ment in Nursing Who am I and what I would like to achieve in life I am a prospective intending tojoin the generic nursing program. Expectations to achieving from the nursing career in the long run I would like to hone my nursing skills and attain a top nurse status in the state.

Answer this question in 2 pages

Interestingly, there has been a great deal of study into the impacts of the " at-will" doctrine on the firing process and how this negatively or positively promotes the interests of the organization. Ultimately, it is the view of this student that the " at-will" doctrine, in application, provides for a decreased sense of employee security; and likely

Two one page orders for a discussion post – not a paper just to be done as a discussion board post

Early childhood is the phase when children are most vulnerable not only to react to the myriad emotions of the adults but it is also the learning phase when they are able to imbibe the most important lesson of life the discipline that is required in the social interaction within the society which serves as the basic module

Investigating mathematics

This paper will expansively present what caused men to investigate mathematics and what is the outcome of using mathematics." Most of the mathematical notation in use today was not invented until the 16th century"." The evolution of mathematics might be seen as an ever-increasing series of abstractions, or alternatively an expansion of subject matter. Outcome of using Mathematics

Classroom practice for children with asperger syndrome in a mainstream school

In addition, I would maintain the classroom as a safe, supporting and accepting community where students take responsibility for each other so as to make Terry feel loved and part of the community. As such, I would consider keeping constant communication with Terry's parents and the inclusion of special education parents and other teachers.

A degree in business economics

Watching the way my father handles his business has inspired me to want to improve my knowledge in business by learning some of the important concepts in the field. My professional and academic backgrounds are impressive and prove that I am the best candidate to pursue a degree in business economics.

Food and beverage department essay sample

Origin of Food & Beverage Service Industry The origin of Food & Beverage Service Industry can easily be understood by studying the origin and history of the same, which are detailed below: 1. It was the traders and the pilgrims who wanted the provision of food and accommodation.

Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school

The mere feeling that I cannot always achieve supremacy without doing my bit of the hard work is enough to allow me to proceed with the devotion that I require for my study domains. This essentially helped me to move ahead with the issues that I had in my high school.

Persuasive paper part 3: possible disadvantages, answers, with visuals

Disadvantages of Stem Cell Research Although it is believed that stem cell research will result in a breakthrough in treatment of human diseases, it is faced with very many limitations. According to Sorensen and Mikkel, one of the major disadvantages of stem cell research is that it is inconclusive.

Housing units in australia – assignment

Get Your Papers On The Housing Units In Australia The difficulties facing social housing in Australia are a legacy of past policies, which decreased its funding and tended to reserve social housing to the poor. Most of the first generation of social housing for over 50 years and are concentrated in specific areas as residential developments.

Bahrain bay case study

Communicate a wide range of messages to the broadest range of audiences, such is the example of taking a risky marketing move to go to Cannes and advertise themselves there to a wide range of people.2. Support the brand name of Bahrain Bay as a vision of the business future: for example helping their surroundings to blossom in

Comparisons between the hobbit and beowulf essay sample

One is a story that was once a simple bed time story for the author's children and the other is a poem that is the oldest English literature that we have today. The famous swords that appeared in the poem and story was Naegling which was Beowulf's Sword, Hrunting was Unferth's sword and the two swords in The

The arab spring

The Arab Spring is the series of events, which happened and is still happening in the Arab world when the people of the various Arab nations started mass protests and open revolts against the autocratic regimes ruling over them. In this paper, we will discuss some of the events which led to the Arab Spring and how most