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Polycystic ovarian syndrom & fertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom, also known as the Stein-Leventhal syndrome, is possibly the commonest endocrine disorder, which accounts for most of cases of anovulatory infertility, hirsutism and menstrual disturbance in women. Elsheikh and Murphy explain that this condition is known to cause excessive hair growth in the body and the face, acne, scalp hair thinning and worse still, infertility.

Chapter some of the symptoms and signs to

One of the goals from SDGs is Zero Hunger, this goalis included in the Sustainable Development Goals because the saddeningsituation in a lot of countries all over the world that still experience crisisof food and malnutrition especially in under develop and developing countriesincluding Indonesia.1. How the condition of the world community, especially in Indonesia related to the problem

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International monetary economics flashcard

The purchase of the German stock is a debit in the Canadian financial account. Therefore, the tourist is selling an asset to Spain and generating a 200 CAD credit in the Canadian financial account.6.

Farm-raised salmon essay

According to numerous resources, farmed salmon contain high levels of BPCS, which have been " linked to reproductive and immunological problems in several species of wildlife." Unlike some consumers, I do not think the low cost of farmed salmon outweighs the health risks from BPCS. Anon, 2007) When these salmon reach their harvest size the harvesting process is

Discharge option

There are factors that must be considered in providing for the best array of discharge options to the patient such as federal regulations that will ensure the full recovery of the patient. The case of John Doe is a good example of the application of the importance of discharge options to a patient who has obvious psychological and

Dental hygienists essay

Dental Hygienists also have the opportunity for caring, and dedicating their time to Individuals to help Impact the overall health of the society. Dental Hygienists are always needed in the field of dentistry.

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Editorial: health disparities—an important public health policy concern

Editorial on the Research Topic Health Disparities An Important Public Health Policy Concern Health disparities are an important public health policy concern as they are related to the social inequalities in population health. Take the an example, there are large health status gaps between racial groups, and the health of the racial minorities in the U.S.will negatively

Business ethics

The truth of the subject is that the female gender has been plagued by the domestic ideology, the belief that the public sphere belongs to the male gender while the domestic sphere belongs to the female gender. According to Eagley and Carli, the problem of barriers to the top positions in both politics and in corporate environments is

The forecasting the manpower requirements: the management

The process has gained importance in India with the increase in the size of business enterprises, complex production technology and the adoption of professional management technique. These Charts or Skills Inventories help in determining and evaluating the quantity and quality of the present human resources of an organization.

The implications of the security act of 1933

Managerial Finance The Implications of the Security Act of 1933 The passing if the Security Act of 1933 was the beginning of federal regulation of the securities market. The rationale for the Act was the belief that the investors in the new issues had been hoodwinked by inadequate disclosure and exaggerated claims of the true financial position

The brotherhood of war by tae guk gi

The growing division between Jin-seok and Jin-tae reflects the growing division between the people of North Korea and South Korea following the communist revolution while reflecting on the many tragedies of the war. In parallel to the growing division and final reconciliation between Jin-seok and Jin-tae, " The Brotherhood of War" also depicts the divisions between the Koreans

Irac brief essay sample

A patent infringement issue is what the Triton Tech of Texas LLC alleged against Nintendo of America, Inc and the creation of the Wii Remote. In the case of Triton Tech of Texas and Nintendo of America, Triton sued Nintendo of America, Inc, alleging that the Wii Remote TM used in combination with a related accessory infringes the

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Business report sturbacks china

It is regarded as the pioneer of the coffee culture in the US and other countries. The company did not change the methods of operations in the Chinese market.

The effects of instability on countermovement jump performance

In terms of drop jumps performed on unstable surfaces, this could mean: a) an increased co-activation of agonist-antagonist lower extremity muscles during the amortization phase of the jump which will result in a high state of readiness to respond to perturbations; b) an increased activation of abdominal and lumbar spine muscles which may allow a better conditioning of

English language and technology

Therefore, the non-standard spacing and punctuation simply suggests some haste in composition and it may be implied that the use of the letter/number homophones and phonetic spelling are simply signs of how language had changed our language through the use of technology? however. The use of the 'x' at the end of the messages acts not only as

Global warming summary assignment

AY Gore had said that Global Warming is really basic, the suns rays comes to the earth and the earth reflects infra red rays but the clouds thickens the atmosphere that is why these infra reds are reflected back to the earth and then the temperature rises. We should not wait our children in the long run to

Happiness in brave new

In Brave New World, Aldus Huxley argues that a society can redefine happiness through the governments manipulation of the environment and the human mind itself. This differs from happiness as the American society sees it: the ability to pursue and enjoy individual desires.

The bell jar and one flew over the cuckoo’s nest analysis

In this essay, I plan to discuss the way Plath and Kesey use insanity as a device in their novels One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and The Bell Jar to rebel against society and it's expectations upon the individual. In ' The Bell Jar', from the very beginning, it is obvious that Esther is different from the

Computer application: chapter 2 : the internet and wo

URLA Web page has a unique address, called a ________ buisness/marketingThe purpose of an__________ web site, as shown in the accompyaning fiure, is to promote or sell a product or service.multimediaThe term _________ refers to any application that combines text with graphics, animations, audio, video, and/ or virtual reality graphicAs shown in the accompanying figure, an _______ is


Key Features of One-to-One Training One-to-one training moves the site of the training from classrooms, where there is limited scope for simulation of the job environment, to the actual live environment of where the job will be performed. The scope of one-to-one training programs is enlarged to take in the actual job requirements vis-a-vis the knowledge and skill


The Practice Educator may use this feedback to contribute to the holistic assessment of capability of the student. The descriptors below outline end-of-placement expectations of first and final placement students By the end of the first placement student social work should demonstrate effective use of knowledge, skills and commitment to core values in social work in a given

Target essay essay sample

She removes the rifle's cover, checks that the mount is stable and lowers her eye to the sight. She removes a small magnet from her pocket and runs it over the grass till it attracts the rounds casing.

The pearls of indifference rhetorical anaylisis

Throughout the speech, Wishes uses anecdotes to personally connect to the a audience and to hook the audience. Wishes uses this anecdote to hook the audience and get them interested in the rest of his speed Chi.

A about: there is no security policy to guarantee the safety of the electronic health records

Safety of Electric Health Records An electronic health records system consists of a longitudinal compilation of health information for and about people in electronic form, where only authorized users are allowed access to the system on both the person and population levels, and whose functions include provision of data and decision support for the improvement of the quality,


She appears, in the course of this encounter, to be repenting her hasty decision of burying her brother Polynices rather than sticking by her belief as the following lines convey-" Denied my part in the wedding songs, no wedding song in the dusk has crowned my marriage". This feeling is rather contradictory to her earlier speeches and convictions

My point of view on assisted suicide

This essay begins now with a concise introduction to euthanasia and the ethical, social and legal aspects of euthanasia in America. Jack Kevorkian and the UK's Alan Reyes, participating in an assisted suicide can carry harsh penalties and is a crime throughout much of the world.Dr.

Marilynne robinsons housekeeping

The plot fringe is tied to the rail of bridges which goes over the lake, the dark and damp woods which surround the town, and the ties to the lake. According to Teaching Thomas, the quality of the story is added by the location and the geography.


From the flow of speech to the content and the movie they chose, I can see the efforts they put in there. This way of learning is helpful and I really appreciate the in class word and phrase pickingup after watching the movie.


The mood then changes for the last two stanzas, each of which is completed with a full stop, breaking the flow of the poem in a way that mirrors the images of brutality. In conclusion, the author enlightens his readers with a vital message of getting inside the poem to experience.

Chris and alison weston essay

He was running the day to day operations, and spoke how different firms were doing the same thing that he was. My recommendation for this on Chris' behalf was that he should have spoken to his bosses' right away, and let them know what was going on behind the scenes.

Disneyland profile

Main Street is filled with people anxious to explore the rest of the park and full of smiles to start their day. Then we cruise to Tomorrowland, which has a futuristic design to it and all of the attractions are based on outer space.

The prince/man of all seasons: ethics assignment

I also believe in order to be successful, it is necessary to take into account the fact that one may have to arouse fear in ones people in order to preserve and keep them well off. Machiavelli knows that for a Prince to be successful, his people have to be loyal and respectful.

Sexuality at different life stages assignment

The therapist would then translate data as a simplified version of advice for the child, to be capable of using them as their own rather than something that was becoming an imposition upon them as their own rather than something imposed on the child." Laying down the law" is not likely to be s effective as providing information

Introduction the respondents in order to get

The survey was conducted with the aid of the research questions which included; what type of computer was owned by the respondent and the brand of the primary computer. Research questions and analysis The first research question was about the type of computer that the respondent owned.

Ammonia stripping vs ion exchange

Free NH3 is converted into air stream from falling water and discharged into atmosphere Advantages and disadvantages of ammonia stripping: It is a simple mechanical process which is not affected by waste water fluctuations and is not disrupted by presence of toxic substances given the air temperature and pH remains stable. Ion exchange process: Ion exchange is one

Leaders, ethics and schools: case of good intentions

Another issue is the harassment of employees, it can be in reduced by giving them both the chances they need and listening to their plea concerning the reduction and changing of their health caretaking from a single comprehensive to an inexpensive health organization, this can be intended especially to belittle the employees, it can be alleged and intended,

Who stands to gain/benefit the most as this energy related drama plays out over the next several centuries, and was the manner in which it was achieved ethical

World Energy and the Issues Surrounding It World Energy and the Issues Surrounding It Smil s that modern civilizationsare striving to find safe and sustainable energy. The UNEP report on Global trends in sustainable energy investment shows that governments and large companies continue to pump billions in resources in companies selling " green energy" with the belief that

What is the group promise?

The group Promise helps lower perceived risk to consumers, due to the fact that there Is gimmick, they can return the group if they are unsatisfied. Since the recession the increase in the importance of saving has attracted many people to websites where they can get a bargain and many people turned to Group to satisfy their need.

Great depression and technology assignment

So not only has modern technology made us lazy but also unintelligent." Who can remember the days when you had to go to the library to do research for a research paper, had to pick up the morning newspaper to get the latest news, or had to buy a stamp and put a check in an envelope to

Barrack obama as a good communicator

The second quality that makes him a good communicator is the fact that he knows how to read his audience and is able to customize his presentation to make the audience listen to him. As a political leader, he proves to his audience that he has a good understanding of the issues he is talking about and that

Personal statement, medicine field

When I stood at the altar of deciding upon my career, I chose to take up nursing owing to the fact that I was not only compassionate, but also possessed good amount of interest and skill in communicating with the human body, as a miraculous creation mechanism! I deeply respect every human being as a miraculous creation and

Prejudice in to kill a mockingbird

Prejudice in " To Kill A Mockingbird" Prejudice in " To Kill A Mockingbird" Prejudice is a many faced demon which comes in many shapes and disguises. In this way, Cal tried to stop Scout from gaining the class prejudice of Maycomb and to treat all people equally.

Case study: slavery in the chocolate industry

The second issue is that the laws are not enforced due to the lack of control of the government to its people and the lack of resources or the desire to enforce the laws. They are the root of all this commotion, the African farmers who knows that child slavery is wrong, kidnapping is wrong, beating and whipping

Cari’s story essay

How would the resistance of Cari's airways be affected by excess mucus and fluid in her lung? a. How does the elevation of Cari's respiratory rate alter her minute ventilation? a.

About friendship

If you do not care for your friend then your friend will not care for you and the whole point of you trying to be a good friend will diminish. In the long run this skills will not only help you to be a good friend but also to be good to yourself and to others.

Existentialism, have insisted, accordingly, that personal experience

Perhaps the most prominent theme in existentialist writing is that of choice. Humanity's primary distinction, in the view of most existentialists, is the freedom to choose.

Comparison of the oddyessy by homer and night by elie weisel essay

When Elie and his family arrived at the concentration camp in Birkenau, he was separated from his mother and sister, whom he later found out, had been killed. It was hard for him to deal with the fact that he would never see them again, and he wanted to give up.

Military orders and the outcomes

Military orders are given to soldiers, but the orders are impact the civilian population as well as the military. Military orders and the structure of the military has effect today's society all over the world.

The man who loved flowers

Firstly, the hammer murderer seems so in love that the flower vendor eliminates the negativity around him because he is so infatuated with and focused on how the young man looks. Citizens of New York are so infatuated by how the young man appears to be in love that they do not see who he really is.

Medical test about allen

970 The rationale for the dry skin and fever is that Allen had lack of sympathetic and hypothalamic control. Allen's blood was acidotic due to a decrease in lung expansion and an alteration in the perfusion to his spinal cord.

Response to the 9/11 attacks

I was quite young to understand the events of that day but I remember that all the television networks in my country kept covering the events at the World Trade Centre, especially the striking of the South Tower. In Mayblum's statement to the terrorists, he cited that they did not destroy us." Us" meant America as a whole,

Case study on the topic of business ethics assignment

At the moment he is a higher level manager and supervises the designing department. 00 pm Jonas and Romas have meeting, concerning one of the projects in " Mirax", and Jonas decided to tell his colleague about his plans on a new venture and propose the position of designer in the new company.

Andrew jackson and indian removal assignment

TO pay for the stealing of the Native Americans' land, US government brought up ideas like that it is their " duty to make new efforts for the preservation, improvement, and civilization of the native inhabitants" as in the First Annual Message to Congress of President James Monroe. In the full message exposed his ideas of expansion by

Object-based image analysis using multiscale connectivity.’

They have also used the concept of multiscale connectivity to design a hierarchical data partitioning tool and apply this to construct another image representation scheme, based on the theory of component trees, which organizes partitions of an image in a hierarchical multiscale fashion. In this paper, it is shown that the idea of multiscale connectivity leads to a

The talisman essay

The Talisman In 1981, Stephen King and Peter Straub teamed up to create the first " dark fantasy" novel, two horror novelists' take on a classic adventure story of a child moving from the mundane real world to a larger-than-life fantasy world right next door, for the sake of a quest critical to the survival of each world.

Effects of domestic violence on children assignment

This is due to the development process, which happens in stages and this kind of unhealthy environment and atmosphere growing up is making parts of your growing process incomplete or handicapped and not equally balanced. Domestic violence does affect our children's development in to adults and I have proven this with facts based on experience's from my own

It development

E-commerce is applications of internet which has expended exponentially in the post few years and will keep on develop rapidly in the coming years. It becomes the largest online cosmetics firms in Japan and covered a lot of customers all over the world nowadays.

Cycle incense sticks

So the challenge was to make the category and the relevant for that part of society that had not given them a thought yet. Building brand salience for Cycle brand was the key and had to explore, create and exploit opportunities where one would have to leave reason to rest and just had to keep the faith.

Marketing memo assignment

Being that Australia also plays an active role in the World Trade Organization expresses to a business like U Drive Transport that this country already has the experience and the knowledge of the business world. HTML Demographic External Environmental Factors Opportunities: Being that the life expectancy at birth is long and healthy, U Drive Transport will be able

History of international terrorism

Building up to the timeline, there is some thought given to the word terrorism and how it has changed its meaning and interpretations through the course of history and how modern terrorism differs from that of the past. The report may be useful for those wishing to trace the history of terrorist acts throughout the world and how

Addictions essay

Tobacco is the most easily to obtain as a youth, but also can be the hardest to overcome. Tobacco of any kind is a very dangerous product and should not be allowed in Canada.


According to Goldstein, myopia is the inability of an individual to perceive and see things clearly, especially objects that are far from the eyes. Myopia, an eyesight defect affecting millions of young adult Americans, according to Goldstein, is a phenomenon wherein distant objects appear blurred on sight because of the formation of parallel rays coming mainly from a

The white progressives in the 20th century

Early 20th Century white progressives favored policies rooted in racist and imperialist ideas The white progressives of the early twentieth century fought for solutions to the many social and economic problems that bedeviled the country. White progressives' support for policies rooted in racist ideas One of the things that can account for the fact that the white progressives

Ethics case study assignment

It would be unethical for Jerry to call in the prescription for the patient without consulting the doctor first. In conclusion, Jerry is not authorized to refill patients prescriptions without consulting with the doctor first.

Case briefing: people v goetz essay

Statute: Criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree: a person is guilty when they have committed the crime of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree and such person possesses a loaded firearm. Assault: a person is guilty of assault in the first degree when with intent to cause serious physical injury to another

A history of the telephone

In researching the biographies of the inventors of the telephone, it became apparent that Alexander Graham Bell had the most influence and is credited the most with the invention of the telephone. In order to get to this point though, the history of transmitting only electricity over a wire, to sound, to the telegraph needs to be understood

Adoption: in california, more then any other

The reasonable amount of time it takes to adopt a child is about a year." Independent adoption is an alternative to agency adoption and is the means by approximately 85 percent of all newborns are adopted in California. The first is because the independent agency is flexible, secondly it allows the birth mother to personally meet and select

Developmental psychology

The growth of the child' brain includes more sensitivity of the brain to the external environment of the child. The brain of the child also develops in such a way that the child becomes more attentive and can connect ideas logically.#2 According to Watts, Cockcroft & Duncan, the theories of childhood development advocated by Piaget and Vygotsky can


The girl would sometimes lean on the shoulder of the boy and the boy would complement this by leaning on the head of the girl. In the situation B, in terms of personal territory, the girl and the boy were seated across each other with a three feet square table between them.

Job search websites report

This is the site with perhaps the most name recognition of the three, and was a pioneer in the web-based job search engine market. The most critical feature, the simple job search is front and center on the home page, and easily enabled the test search for this study to be run.

The leaning tower of pisa

The Tower of Pisa serves as the campanile or the freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. It is positioned behind the cathedral and is the third oldest structure in Pisa's cathedral square after the Cathedral and the Baptistry.

Behavior of activities of thymidine metabolizing enzymes in human leukemia-lymphoma cells

Behavior of Activities of Thymidine Metabolizing Enzymes in Human Leukemia-Lymphoma Cells This paper discusses the modulation of activities of four important enzymes involved in the metabolism of thymidine in malignant human leukemia-lymphoma cells as compared to the activities of the enzymes in normal human lymphocytes. However, in all leukemia-lymphoma cells examined, the thymidine degrading enzyme activities were decreased

Maus essay

If you portray the German people as cats and the Jewish as mice, everyone instantly knows the cats are the ' bad guys' in the story. I believe the reason Art Spiegelman chose animals instead of humans in his book is the fact that it's easier to portray specific social groups as animals to really show difference between

Does prison work assignment

The aim of this essay is to analyses and discuss the prison system in England and Wales to determine whether or not the current prison system works. Another problem with rehabilitation in prisons is that the majority of offenders receive short sentences, this can affect their rehabilitation as rehabilitation staff are given a limited and insufficient amount of

Spiritual assessment

The assessment of a patient's spiritual status, especially a patient suffering from cancer, poses a challenge to many clinicians as they try to guide the patients and stay by them during the most trying times of their lives. The patient suffering from cancer was in a lot of pain at the time of my assessment, and I had

The less traveled road

Keating believes strongly in not caving under the pressure of conformity, the difficulty of maintaining your own beliefs in the face of others. Keating's response after hearing " to prove dangers of conformity," going on to enforce tradition in the curriculum and discipline in the classroom.Mr.

Vampires and popular culture essay sample

Vampires and their followers have become a large subculture in the past two decades Hollywood was the first to change the image of the vampire from the ugly zombie like creature to the suave seducer of women. In the 1990's we had Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's offshoot, Angel, another tragic love affair and the first glimpse

The great debate

Uniforms prepare students for what they will have to wear once they get a job. In conclusion, uniforms are, and always will be, the best way to improve your school.

Swot analysis opportunities: definition & examples

Examples of Opportunities in SWOT Analysis Practical examples always help to explain topics better than just words, so here are some both general and specific examples of opportunities that you might come across in a SWOT analysis. That's all there is to opportunities in SWOT analysis.

The mass media in a democratic society: keeping a promise

This is in their mind a way to get the popular vote when it comes down to the election. It does not seem practical to me that journalists are covering the political ads to look for news but this is what the authors tell us in this chapter.

Trials and tribulations of college admissions

The prospect of not staying up until 2: 00 AM one night to study for an AP Chem exam is a frightening thought for me, telling myself that getting that " A" is more important than the extreme toll that it takes on my body to achieve this. My top school is now my most economically viable option,

The impact of political institutions

Initially, the US Constitution allocated power over the issues regarding defense, foreign affairs, the control of the currency and the control over commerce among the states to the federal government. In short, the Scottish Parliament is old news to the US states.

Production management argumentative essay

The resulting brine is then pumped in the surface, boiled and when it evaporates, salt crystals will occur with some moisture but can be removed through the drying process. The salt is then stored in silos until it is transferred by conveyors to each of the production area; one of which is the round can production.

Writing assignment – model in action

The ethical decision making process involved in the scenario was the analysis of the alternatives proposed to solve the problem. The hype in the number of beneficiaries was found to be miniscule in comparison with the total achievement and the total cost involved.

Correct the grammar and make it clear

After I saw this interesting video, I realized my duty as a teacher, to help the students strengthen these concepts and encourage them to accept other students along with respecting their feelings, despite of any color difference. To cooperate with the most important strategies and to begin applying them, I educate the students to encourage and promote their

Value chain analysis for starbucks in australia

Value chain analysis of Starbucks Australia The value chain analysis of Starbucks in Australia can also put light on the failure of the chain in the country. Operations: In the case of the Starbucks in Australia, the company operated as in the case of the other countries.

Importance of diversification

The management of trade debtors is a very serious topic, because it holds a direct effect on the sales revenue of the company. Overdraft Facility encompasses a sum ofmoneygranted to a company by an authorized bank normally in order to finance the working capital of the organization.

The consequences of violence

If the world was mature enough to see that war and violence are not the solution to anything! The effects of violence on people will destroy the world one day.

Corporate finance course notes

Capital budgeting; Capital budgeting techniques; Payback period method, Accounting Rate of Return, Advantages and Disadvantages of Payback and ARR method for capital budgeting Making Capital Investment Decisions: Discounted capital budgeting techniques; Net present value method vs. Internal Rate of return method of capital budgeting; Questions and problems Making Capital Investment Decisions: Profitability Index; PI advantages and disadvantages; Mutually

Where v. state of andhra, a.i.r. 1954 s.c.

41: S.C.R. The State of Saurashtra, A.I.R.

Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome: causes and effects

According to the article, Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome " In more severe cases there's a risk of further problems. NRDS is a scary diagnose for parents to hear, however the majority of cases can be successfully treated." Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome".

Research proposal

At the same time, the team should be conscious of the core values of the organisation and its mission and vision in the process of formulating the plan. M, & Nixon, J.