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Article review 2

The Price is too High for Imported Food by PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY1 The article starts with the greatest bounties of the United s resources as depictedin the favorite patriotic song, America the Beautiful2 with its " amber waves of grain. As the article is about the Permanent Normal Trade Relations for China, the author twists and turns the tide

Business article review

Business Article Review The business article summaries the first quarter labor situation in the United s and their implications on business organizations. The article reported that as labor productivity in the country increased by 3.

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Project management counting the benefits of solar power in hempstead town article review example

Among these, the sun is the best source of renewable energy considering that there is never a shortage of it despite advanced technologies' dependence on solar energy. The goal of the project is to add to the growing number of Hempstead facilities running on solar power as main source of energy.

Example of article review on international journal of advances in engineering & technology, 2013

The identified aim of the authors for writing the paper was explicitly noted as conducting a more in-depth investigation of relevant factors that could be contributory to work-related injuries; and to determine appropriate design of an ergonomics program which would address work-related injuries. In the introduction to ergonomics, for instance, the definition, goal and scope of ergonomics were

Good urban density and the rate of invention article review example

This is done through a review of the article " Urban density and the Rate of Invention" by Carlino et al. This section will then be followed by a summary of the main findings and conclusions made by the authors of the study.


The author attempts to compare actions of both the old and the new NAACP Hollywood bureau and cautions the new bureau against the consequences faced by the old bureau. According to the author, Walter White's attempts serve as the lessons of history to the pioneers of the new NAACP Hollywood bureau.

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Article review

Using a meta-analysis in order to identify which of these measures are able to produce the high-order components of love using various theories, it was found that a range of self-report measures of love are consistent in using one general love factor only. It is important to understand whether a self-reported measure of love involves high-order factors in

Article review

Article Review Name: Course: Date: Article Review The article is a report written after a study conducted in Multnomah County, Oregon to assess the effectiveness of intermediate sanctions done by the Vera Institute of Justice for the Department of Community Justice in the county. The purpose for writing this article is to observe the trends in intermediate sanctions

Good article review about biometrika: time series by howell tong

The difference of the time series, correlation difference is obtained. Estimation For a weakly stationary time series the autocorrelation is given as pt = corr a natural extension of correlation.

Article review

Article Review: " Effects of Prosocial Video Games on Prosocial Behavior" al Affiliation " Effects of Prosocial Video Games on Prosocial Behavior" Explanation on the Rationale for Picking the Article The article entitled " Effects of Prosocial Video Games on Prosocial Behavior" was written by Greitemeyer and Osswald and published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Article review for benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees

Article Review for " Benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees" The explains the significance of the provision of childcare in the workplace and its effects on the employees' performance. However, there is a definite need for a summary review of the literature to provide a current context for the research which examines the need for

Criminology : journal article review assignment

The social theory being investigated in the paper is the development of cultural capital in children of black middle-class families through various ways through which their parents intervene in their socialization on art. The main variables in the study are concerted efforts of parents in development of their children's connection with visual art, exposure to arts organizations as

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Internationalization readiness article review management essay

The review emphasizes on pre internationalization behavior of the firms, indices to measure their internationalization readiness, stimuli s to go for internationalization, different models to explain internationalization process, internal and external factors affecting internationalization of the companies and managerial attitudes of the companies toward internationalization process. In the course of the paper the Uppsala model is enhanced to

Example of critical reflections and conclusion article review

The authors evaluated the implementation of Seguro Popular, a medical programme in Mexico seeking to provide health services to uninsured citizens. The authors used quantitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme within a 10-month period.

Sensation and perception article review

In this study, researchers examined the effects of exposure to mercury and lead on children's attention. Besides the link between mercury and ADHD, children with low levels of lead also were found to be more likely diagnosed with having an attention deficit.

Example of article review on when stars go bang

The ability to differentiate between the different types of stars or rather ' novae' has been a challenge to most of the astronomers. One of the characteristic features of novae is the emission of a gamma-ray burst.

Tlmt 441 article review

Supply Chain Game Changers - Mega, Nano, and Virtual Trends- And Forces That Impede Supply Chain Design.] According to this article, for a company to gain competitive advantage, it is very important to include strategic systems design to structure and govern supply chain. It is, therefore, very important that the managers to up their game as the success

Example of article review on blog posts on technology and scent

The art and design of human health and the wellbeing cluster of the society aim to offer a center to provide motivation, development, and to spread new knowledge. With the glassy illustration of the human brain, the doctors and other stakeholders in the health concept are able to find cures and solutions to brain problems.

Activity analysis #6 – newspaper article review

The case shown in the report cited from the newspaper article reads the terrific fact of 7 people loosing life in a rampage in a reportedly profitable company Edgewater. The description of what had been witnessed at the crime spot looks dramatic with its detailed narration of the position and status of objects in the scene.

Therapists’ integration of religion and spirituality in counseling: a meta-analysis article review example

In the survey, the author sampled the therapists as religious and secular therapist, from which he discovered that the religious faith of the former was associated with the frequent use of religious and spiritual counseling techniques. The other aim of this meta-analysis was to analyze the relationships between the personal religiousness of therapists and clients and other variables

Here you can find how to write an article review

The format of your article should always match the style of the quotation that your professor assigned to you. We hope that now you have a good understanding of how to write a review of the article.

Good similarities and differences article review example

Summary In the research by Ferreiraa et al, the most beneficial strategy of improving the performance of muscles is through the intake of nutrients, especially carbohydrates and protein during peri-exercise. In the research by Bird et al.the blood samples were taken before and after training.

Innovation article review

To keep pace with these aspects of the economy, the businesses are supposed to be race along the grounds of innovation to achieve their goals and aims, ultimately their success. The foremost step in the process of designing the innovation strategies requires outlining the targets and goals of the company.

American struggle over health care reform | article review

Review and Reflection of Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle over Health Care Reform by Paul Starr Paul Starr author of Remedy and Reaction: The Peculiar American Struggle of Health Care Reform captures a chronological order of the historical journey of American health care. Starr affectionately refers to the third foundation as the rollercoaster phase in the

Statistics article review essay sample

Bayesian School of statistics promotes the idea that subjective probability should be used to quantify the degree of belief in different models. On the left-hand side the theorem represents the posterior probability the probability after seeing the outcome of the experiment or observation.

Critical discussion and synthesis article reviews examples

In fact, the research study focused on the relationships that people might develop with robots that are created to play " different social roles" as they pertain to distance; and the study was also designed to determine how the different aspects of social distance form individuals' experiences with and " acceptance of robots" [ 4]. The solutions provided

Article review responses

Teacher Article Response Penguin's case is very reminiscent of Enron and Worldcom where they employ exotic accounting method that is not consistent to GAAP to make the company appear stable and profitable. In the case of Penguin, it removed depreciation from its Cost of Goods Sold which is a standard cost of recognizing wear and tear to make

Stand and deliever article review

Summary Fromm 2003 to 2009, the use of VHA outpatient care nationwide by women grew by 47 percent, and the demand is expected to increase even more as thousands of women veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan. From 2000 to 2012, 76 women received breast cancer treatment; the time from diagnosis to the start of treatment increased from

Article review

The Incredible X-chromosome The main idea in the article is highlighting the superiority of the X chromosome in males than in females. The X gene in males is stronger than that in females due to the strong genes from their father and the Y chromosome factor.

Article review on technology in education

Latham conducted a research in which teachers were contacted for their feedbacks; two third of the teachers stated that the interactive whiteboard offers effective approaches to create interactive sessions; interactive sessions increase the level of interest of the students. Teaching and Learning Primary Mathematics: The Impact of Interactive Whiteboards.

Ethics review

Importance of Ethics in Accounting and Financial Decision Making written by Sheila Shanker stresses the importance of ethics in any kind of business in order gain the trust and confidence of customers. The article has a lot to do with the assigned readings on ethics in accounting and financial decision making since it stresses that people involve in

Example of passing article review

What makes the passive verb a literary sin is the ambiguity it is often used for: filler, also to be known as the Hex. The best way to solve the latter is to Smash, a simpler way of saying Do not Do It.

Review on the characteristics of effective and dynamic followers

Article Review on the Characteristics of Effective and Dynamic Followers Leadership, defined as the influence over a group of people, is one of the essential elements in organizations and defines the type of followers in an institution. Webber, therefore, successfully explores the five categories of followers and points to survivors as the most effective and dynamic followers because

Reviewer report sung-young lee article review

The question of minimalism is addressed thoroughly, taking an aspect from each designer's perspective on the art form and melding it into a more comprehensive thesis. All in all, if the language were cleaned up and streamlined a bit, this paper would be great.

Journal article review – phonemic awareness

One of the issues in the study of phonemic awareness is the phonological processing skills in children with prelingual deafness. Aside from the methodology undertaken, the presentation of the data and the analysis of the results had been presented in a commendable manner.

Newspaper article review

On January 11th, 2012 Sabrina Tavernise reported about the conflict between the rich and the poor class in America which extends its periphery into the conflict that is subsequently noticed amid the immigrants and the native born Americans almost taking the shape of the racial faction and strain. This very fact is supported in the article and the

Article review – “the indian view of the 1885 uprising.” essay

Though the historical account of this series of events, which led to the prosecution of many Aboriginal leaders, seems to be biased from both the official reports and Stonechild's account, the political position of the Native Peoples was set back for many years because of these historical incidents. Stonechild attempts to right the wrongful depiction of the Aboriginal

Research article review

The goal of the current research was to compare incidence of false memories resulting from suggestive interviews involving forced fabrication with those involving exposure to misleading suggestions by the interviewer. For some false event questions Pp forced to generate the response which is considered a force fabrication condition.

Journal article review

This is due to the fact that participants are most likely to refer to mental health professionals or counseling centers instead of other community resources including the services offered by the clergy for their needs on mental health care. In other words, there may be a good point to question the validity of the research knowing the fact

Article review: face the fats

In order to find the amount of these fats you should subtract your saturated and trans fats and you are left with mono and poly. The number one benefit to a high fiber diet in my opinion would be that it is good for your digestive tract and it keeps you regular.

Review and comment

The CBO report s that, across the line, spending and policies have conspired to increase the size of the deficit. The major problem is that the whole deficit discussion is absurd on the face of it.

Psychology journal article review

The researchers of this article explored the connection between positive emotions affecting trait resistance as far as dealing with the widowing of a spouse and as a result of martial satisfaction during the course of the marriage. For example, if the marriage was problematic and had issues during it's course, the death of the individual might bring stress

Human buyology 101

It first presents the arguments of those supporting the idea of the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising, the correlation between religion and branding, then the influence of culture and gender divide and lastly, the influence of sense. Besides that, the author of the article highlighted in the article with the opinion expressed by the correlation

Muscle training intervention in heart failure article review

Statement of the problem & purpose of the study Padula et al.begin by discussing the clinical problem that led to the research being conducted. The purpose of the research emerges logically from the clinical problem which is to determine the effectiveness of an inspiratory muscle training intervention on dyspnoea and health-related quality of life.

Article review on a revised british constitution

Studlar, a distinguished of political science in the of Virginia, USA, was actually a lecture delivered in the university of Cincinnati in 1998 when, Tony Blair, prime minister of Britain, was in the process of introducing radical constitutional amendments. The highlight of Blair's election manifesto was the constitutional reforms that his part would introduce in order to empower


Richard starts by giving the outline of the article, which clearly guides the reader and every section of the article is well written and thus the reader does not get confused. The outline makes the article easier to read and understand about the international aid ideas a fact that makes the article interesting and keeps the reader both

Article review

Drug Abuse in American Youths Drug abuse remains one of the most pervasive issues in the community today. The American community has implemented measures to ensure that teen drug abuse is dealt with.

Example of ethical aspects of counseling profession article review

This is where counseling adopts the diversity in client's culture and the approach that counselors need to practice in dealing with a variety of clients. In LeBeauf et al, multicultural diversity is the focus of the study in which cultural differences were explored to create a model that will encompass an ethical standard to avoid conflicting views between

Good the economic value of life: linking theory to practice article review example

In the article, the author concludes that the best approach to value human life is the Willingness to Pay Approach. The author notes that the willingness to Pay Approach accounts for the shortcomings of the Human Capital approach.

Free visual search article review example

Results of experiment 2 indicate that the number of items presented to a subject has significance on the time taken to process that information.8. For example, a distracter which is similar to the target in terms of shape, color, size and orientation is likely to confuse the subject.

Review on depression

All these have helped in the recognition of depressive symptoms as apposite subjects of research in adolescents and as such the number of studies on the subjects has exploded. B, Stemmler, M, Ey, S.& Grant, K.E.

Working with ones hands article review examples

Compared with the intellectual work, which many people over the world eye and long for with the thoughts that it is a decent work, the benefits of manual work go beyond those of the intellectual work. There is a lot of science in the manual work.

Training floor article reviews examples

After the humans paired up, they are faced with the challenge of deciding whether to run away or participate in the plan of the Oankali. Following the death of Joseph, Lilith, felts too distanced to side with humans.

Literature review

Personality Literature Article Review Here Here Here Here Personality Literature Article Review Introduction A 2010 study by DeYoung and colleagues examined the relationship between personality, brain structuring, and the Big Five Personality Inventory. In response to the information shortage, this article describes an experiment that examined the connection between the Big Five personality items and individual differences in

Article review on main theme / purpose

The model that the authors proposed serves as a framework for broader and deeper study of the dynamics of sport tourism by other practitioners in the field. The authors also carried the hypothesis that Sport Tourism Quality impacts tourist satisfaction, which consequently positively affects the tourist's intention to return to the place of the sport event or to

When the jobs inspector calls: an article review

The success that Apple has achieved could mean that they do not need to take any of the mistreatment allegations seriously, but all the evidence points to the opposite. I think that many large corporations choose to outsource work to foreign third world countries is so they can take advantage of the loose labor laws in place.


Review of Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth By JOSEPH STIGLITZ The article is talking about the scar of opportunities in the US much as it is claimed that it is a land of opportunities. This is also despite the fact that the president reaffirmed in his inaugural speech of the fight to ensure equality among all the aspects

Article reviews

Teacher 4 October Salem Witch Trials Article Review The article " New England Witchcraft," by John Neale was published in May of 1839 in Baltimore, Maryland and discusses a woman, Sarah Good, that was a victim of Salem Witch Trials. This article was written as a news story that appeared in the area newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland in

Good article review about the roman giant: overgrowth syndrome in skeletal remains from the imperial age

synopsis of the content and rationale of the work The increased attention of anthropological and archeological research towards PalePathological studies has significantly lowered the focus and examination of various skeletal samples as well as to evaluate the presence of numerous diseases that afflicted ancient populations. The commonly known etiology of excessive growth disease results from dysfunction of the


The theory is by Lev Vygotsky and was aimed at explaining the psychological changes and development in children. The relation of language to maturity and psychological development is also analyzed.

The article review

In conclusion, retailers could stop the trend of showrooming through exclusive issue of products and conduction of campaigns that advise customers to avoid excessive costs that they have to pay because of online shopping. More so, retail stores could use the new trend of showrooming to move their shoppers to their online venue where they could still make

Example of article review on lexical decision

Level 3: The top string was a word while the bottom string was a non-word. Level 5: The top string was a non-word while the bottom string was a non-word too.

Article review about the core proffesssional values of nursing

CPNVs and Cultural Competencies Lutheran School of Nursing NR 105: Fundamentals of Nursing II Fall Semester Introduction According to Shaw and Degazon, there is expected to be an extreme increase in the need for nurses due to an aging workforce and the lack of students enrolling in nursing programs currently. In order to make this transition more effective,

Yahoo`s stragegy formulation & implementation article review examples

Firstly, as the mission of Yahoo! is to create a " deeply personal digital experiences" and to keep " people connected", the expansion into local content and the alliances with technological companies makes it easier to enhance user experience in a way consistent with the company vision. The attention Yahoo! has received regarding its strategic alliances could definitely

Good example of social media creates new customer relationships article review

With the growth in social media websites including; Facebook and Twitter, companies have moved to these platforms in promoting themselves. Companies must identify who would make the final decision of the purchase and then identify whether these people are going to be Facebook or Twitter users, and then make a decision of advertising on these networks.

Free the battery technology article review example

The major drive to the development of the battery has been for the companies to meet customer needs by making sure that the customers get the best products which satisfy their tastes and preferences. Consumers will most probably prefer batteries that do not need any recharge than ones that after a short duration of time will require the

Good article review on analyse for “from social class and the hidden curriculum of work.”

The article illustrates very well to the readers on the overall state of the schools being that they are classified according to the amount of money that the parents have in that, the students from affluent families would likely go to better schools that will provide them with better education. The article has, therefore, succeeded in showing the

Example of article review on outsourcing

These myths are assuming: that an outsourced vendor can be efficient, effective, and flexible all at the same time; that an outsourced service is like a commodity; that contracts should be tight and binding; that contracts are not at all important; that outsourced services are a form of insurance; that the responsibility is rests solely on the vendor,

Ethical drift makes standards slip article reviews examples

We need leaders that have an understanding of what is right and what ought to be done with the power people have invested in them. After this it is the job of the people leading others to set a precedent that should be followed in all facets of company practices.

Example of article review on products

Technology epiphanies refer to various strategies that led to the emergency of such products as apple's creation. Therefore, it is fundamental to note that in any conventional development of products, different companies are obliged to look for any updated technology that assist them in serving their current needs, as well as those of their clients.

Good brief summary article review example

The article is solely based on growing concern of parents across the world regarding the maturity ratings of android and iOS apps. A comparison study of maturity ratings on Android and iOS Applications ".

Article review on is google really making us stupid

What the internet is doing to our brains," writer Nicholas Carr suggest that while Internet has helped today's generation gain limitless amount of information at the click of a mouse, this easy access to information comes at a cost. Some opponents to Carr's article may contend to his theory that Google and Internet are changing the way people

Marketing and sales practice article review example

According to this article, the primary audiences are the company executives who impose accountability by creating a new set of associations between the purpose and the rest of the organization. The companies need to be the marketing vehicles while the marketing organization should be the customer engagement vehicle responsible for creating priorities and stimulating dialogue throughout the enterprise.

Southwest airline corporate culture article review examples

In the event that there are passengers who just want to sleep and utilize the time to rest during the flight after a long day's work, Southwest should be able to respect the needs and wants of the customers. They should also know when is the right time to conduct the games and other recreational activities for singing,

Balanced scorecard article review examples

Unlike the traditional performance measures which used ad hoc collection of measures that were more like checklists to keep track and improve, balanced score card aligns the activities of the organization to the goals, visions and strategy of the organization. It gives a way to link the intangible assets in the organization to the tangible assets to create

Is silence killing your company article review examples

The purpose of this memo is to share and discuss the main points in the article because they are helpful to company management. Price of Silence: It is important to speak up when something is not going well in a project.

Article review on innovating on the cheap by lance a bettencourt and scott l bettencourt

Bettencourt In the article Innovating on the Cheap, the authors Bettencourt & Bettencourt pointed out that innovations did not have to be costly. The authors intended this article for entrepreneurs, that is, to help them realize that they do not have to spend much on innovations, that they can still grow their companies and introduce new product lines

Monitoring employees on networks: unethical or good business article review samples

The key message of the article is that the continued use of internet for social purposes during work hours has negative effects on people's concentration at workplaces. The article reiterates the importance of technology and internet in companies and their dependence in information sharing and innovation despite the dangers that technology poses on businesses.

Using the transfer pricing and tax treaties between contries us companies cut their article review example

The current system allows offshore profits to be exempted from U.S.taxes to encourage the formation of foreign subsidiaries and maximize U.S.companies' earnings from such. But in a nutshell, the roots of their problems lie on their dependence to offshore sales for profit, and the high tax rates in the U.S.

Article review on branding turkish olive oil for export

The name of the new Taris brand should communicate both the characteristics of the oil and its health benefits, while being easily understandable for the American users. The colour combination of the logo and bottles should emphasise green and white, which would help to outline the purity of the product and its natural content.2.

Free article review on revelant to the study of finance

The article is related to increase in earnings for Australian companies and how this affects the sentiments of investors, which in turn affect the value of the stock index. The major finding of this article is that ASX 200 index, that is an index made up of the 200 of the biggest companies in Australia by market capitalization

Innovating on the cheap article review examples

The message of the article informs readers that in order for a business to continue growing, it must introduce fresh offerings in the market, which appeal to the diverse needs of the clients. The authors have educated the readers about the six types of innovation, which need to be understood in order to enhance cheap innovation.

Advice to the cbc board article review

The company's Board must hire a lawyer to represent in the case and all the proceedings. To deal with the issue, the board must take the right step to restore public confidence and inform the public that the company and Ghomeshi are separate entities and the law must be followed to the latter.

Good example of article review on data

The article is also appropriate to the audit profession because the author gives important insights that may be useful in noticing management of earnings within an organization. I agree with Clikeman that earnings management is something that auditors may tend to overlook, though it is the equivalent of fraud.

Article review on fundamental concepts of corporate finance

A survey on America's best companies in the book In Search for Excellence identified the best managed and also the " unexcellent" companies. In the 1988- 1992 period, there was a domination by reversion in the price/ earnings and price to book ratios.

Example of social media strategy article review

Organizations the world over are adopting the use of social media to increase their sales in the market. This strategy is uncertain due to the uncertainties of posting from the individuals.

Free article review on occupational fraud

Occupational fraud is a fraud that is committed by the employee to an employer is also called employee fraud, there are much common in most companies which it leads to financial much as the people working stay in the company they will hide the fraud forever. The relevance of the article to the fraud industry for example

Example of new media strategy article review

This is actually a symbol of the Durex brand association and support for the campaign towards fighting and eliminating sexual harassment and violations occurrences in the world. The company has focused on the use of social media and internet marketing as its new media strategy.

Authors jeffrey pfeffer and robert i sutton article review sample

Dwelling on the importance of making the right decision for managers, the authors emphasize the obvious at first sight, yet not fully researched and not always considered, step towards this tough process that every manager faces on a daily basis before the actual decision-making, a good manager is required to study the issues inside out and only after

What are the typical reasons of doing turnover in company article review

It is more than a rapid grateful for functioning with the organizations and all the fine in the new job, other than a controlled chain of inquisitive inquiries that are definite to both of the job and the employee and planned to draw out the utmost amount of helpful information. J, & Davis, S.W.

Article review on answering 3 questions

The continued use of the internet by the society will have significant implications on the future of e-business. The availability of the internet will increase the scope of the needs of customers for choices of holiday destinations.

Role of compensation and benefit in attracting and retaining qualified employees article review samples

Based on the above argument, the following discussion provides an analysis of an article that focuses on the role of compensation and benefits in attracting and retaining qualified employees. According to Smith, most employers make a mistake when they pay employees based on who the employee is and the period they have worked in the organization instead of