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Spurgeon, heir of the puritans ernest w. bacon

Through the bible and the book of the puritans, Spurgeon formed his theology and that led him to become the Heir of the Puritans. He strongly believed in the Word of God, attainment of Christ, holiness, the work of the Holy Spirit, perseverance of saints and the come-back of the Lord.

Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies

One of the fascinating issues in human history is the discussion as to why some nations gained power and others failed in that area. The author takes the dig at the same traditional question of why the Europeans countries colonized Africans and why Africans were unsuccessful in that count?

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Family guy and freud – jokes and their relation to the unconscious

The examples she provides evoke pathos by relating her arguments to the day-to-day reality that her readers experience. Thus the writer appeals to the outrage, sympathy, shame, horror and anger of readers in relating to certain episodes which she tries to provide as examples top prove her point.

Many peoples, many faiths: women and men in the world religions by ellwood, robert s. & mcgraw, barbara

The of the reading is Submitting to the Will of God: Building the House of Islam and this is actually the message the chapter of the book was trying to preach. The authors also explained the importance of the hajj to Muslims and the significance of the mosque as the main place of worship to the Muslims.

Treading grapes by martha bennett stiles

Itshould be noted that Martha Bennett Stiles's " Treading Grapes" examines the official and unofficial uses of public and private spaces in order to illuminate some of the problems of poverty. The author of the short story has also mentioned that Rebecca moved to several places along with her son in order to get a place where she

Shakuntala by kalidasa

One day the Shakuntala with his father and son came out of the forest to search for the king. Later a fisherman found a royal ring in the belly of a fish and took him to the king.

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The human persona and numerous emotions in langston hughes, plato and john stenbecks poems

The Allegory of the Cave by Plato is the classic metaphor where he shows that education is a process and that ultimately it is a matter of freedom. It is the knowledge of the circumstances that he is in which is the start of liberty and this may be brought through a slow process which can be aided

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This individual is a passenger on the train, Mr. Sincethe Express was barricaded by snow the entire night, it is an inevitable factthat the murderer has to be someone on the train.

History of the united states of america

One of the primary aspects of the attack on Pearl Harbor was the surprise nature of the attack. Previously the United States had adopted a policy of isolationism in regards to the World War, yet had continued to supply the allied forces with weaponry and financial support; after the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States fully entered

Alien rule: the liao,jin,and yuan dynasties

This chapter gives the wide view of life in China under Alien rule after the fall of the Tang dynasty in 907. The Jurchens' Jin dynasty expanded the territory to include the whole of north China, after defeating the Lioa, and then came the Mongols' Yuan dynasty that took the whole of China after defeating Jin.

Grapes of wrath by john steinback

The of the novel, Grapes of Wrath, a phrase is taken from the " Battle Hymn of the Republic, is full of biblical allusions. The Joads leaving their home in Oklahoma, in search of food, and a better life in California is an example of the Israelites leaving their homes to go to Egypt in search of food.

Dawn by martha dudman

Xiaodan bit her lip and strained herself from crying as she flashed to her former school prior to the current one. She was bumped on again making her so invisible on the first day.

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The tyger by william blake

However, the poem's volta occurs at the very end, or the last line, of the poem, and demonstrates why teenagers should not pick this path. The people envisioned in the poem are obviously living a rough life with the reference to fighting apparently in the poem, and the hard-living as well.

Dover beach by matthew arnold

It is, however, contrasted in terms of the language used, the style of presentation and the mode in which the idea is represented. She asserts her individuality and of course, is in no way inhibited by the man's presence.

Summarize: ‘of the state of nature’ in chapter ii by john locke

Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Second Treatise of Government Second Treatise of Government and a Letter Concerning Toleration by John Locke: A Summary of Chapters III and IV Chapter III: State of War In this chapter, Locke indicates that self preservation is significant in

Atlantic creoles

During the 17th and 18th century, the Atlantic Creoles were transported to the expanding new world such as Brazil and Jamaica where they provide labor in sugar plantations. The Creoles employed the slaves in North America to work for them as they worked on behalf of the Europeans.

Book report two old women

The timing of the novel was very crucial and the author did an exceptional job in the timing of her book. It is the olden times of the novel that gave the tale logic in terms of few and scattered communities of people.

Gift cards breakage

In addition, the value of the gift cards, which is unused, causes serious accounting complications to the auditors because; the pattern of redemption differs considerably. As a result, most of the companies rarely provide the figure of gift cards' sales and the total of breakages.

State security and peoples liberty: the us policy

As a result of this occurrence, the US Department of Homeland Security, the agency in charge of the security of the US, border patrol, counter-terrorism planning and implementation, as well as the other agencies of the government had to review and overhaul the intelligence system and strategies so that same or similar attacks would not happen again. The

Biography project for black history month

It was the day that an African American lady, Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat in the Montgomery bus for a white person. Rosa Parks is a source of inspiration for people who want racial equality in the society.IV.

Program description (purpose, supporting literature, program targets, and operation)

Number of graduates Time The Geili broadcasting project comprises videos in series that the COMM team through the help of the other two departments and the agency mentioned will use annually in the recruitment advocacy. The marketing team also plays a significant role in the project as it is tasked with the role of funding the project to


It is a tough task to understand the complexities of China-America relations in the last century and into the next. Violation of human rights by China is a major thorn in the relations between the two countries.

Long way home by david laskin

Their experiences in World War I from the training camps to their service on the battlefield transformed their views about America. The war demonstrated to the immigrants, that America was built through hard work, unity, and struggles.

Long way home: an american journey from ellis island to the great war by david laskin

David Laskin in The Long Way Home follows the lives of eleven individuals on a journey that starts from Ellis Island to the time they fight in the Great War. The short-term impacts included tension in America, as some immigrants refused to fight in the war due to conflict of interest.

A modest proposal by swift

It would be surprising to find out that a rational man, Swift, proposes this work and contributes to the beating of another man's child. This narration is the main to the presence of irony and satire in " A Modest Proposal".

Comunication 2

Here it will be explained why the Language Style Matching system works and can accurately predict the future success of a relationship in the vein of loving oneself, loving others, and being an emotionally and spiritually strong person. In addition to loving yourself, you must also learn how to love other people.

Sociology of deviance: reefer madness

The book deals explicitly with the illegitimate underground enterprise of drugs and pornography trades practiced and executed by the immigrant labours and provide a glimpse how marijuana and pornography trades are instrumental generating and operating an economic trend in the American society. But the book, Reefer Madness can be treated as a Bible for the understanding and perceiving

Reading response 6

RESPONSE TO CHAPTER 15: ATTENTION AND AWARENESS IN SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Almost every theoretical research garnered from the body of existing works on cognitive science and linguistic studies indicate a direct relationship between attention and awareness in second language acquisition. The effect on the input and intake of the second language learner in terms of the instructional facilities

Las vegas marriage: mockery of a sacred union

The author thinks that marriages in Las Vegas have made a mockery of the sacredness of the institution of marriage. The author thinks that the Las Vegas marriages are absurd as they lack depth, seriousness and above all, the sacredness involved in the act of marriage.

Synopsis of the of daniel

BOOK OF DANIEL: SYNOPSIS Book of Daniel: Synopsis The Book of Daniel is a book of the Old Testament, and is in fact one of the more complicated books in terms of where and when and why it was written. In content, the book discusses a series of events which took place during the exile of the

Hope by lisel mueller

Lisel Mueller's " Hope" is a strong poem, which describes the meaning of hope and where it is possible to find it in this world. In the final line, the author shows that this poem is just another evidence of hope.

The crucible a.p. book report

Although plagued by his affair with Abigail, the biased and foolish leaders of the church, and the underhanded intentions of his fellow neighbors, he still somehow is able to remain in our minds as a respectable man that stood honest until the end. The townspeople bring in Reverand Hale, a witch craft expert, and he accuses the leaders

The dragon heir

The author has also to keep the interest of the reader going and the suspense mounting. This is a deliberate ploy by the author to keep the readers guessing about the outcome of the event who will pick up the reigns and champion the power of the Dragonheart stone and finally rule over the Weir guilds.

Information diet-based on clay johnson

This is determined by correct media diet factors such as proper time to consume the information, the right media channel to source the information from and the reason and correct purpose for the consumption of the media information. Consistency is to be considered a fact in the consumption of media information.

No need topic

Steve Herbet in ' The " Battle of Seattle" revisited' illustrates a situation where the demonstrations on the first day of the World Trade Organization forum interrupted the schedule meant to commence on November 29, 1999. In my opinion, the orders were the best possible forms of obtaining a balance between the constitutional right of free speech and

Violence prevention

Describe in detail examples of violence prevention that fall under the 5 general prevention ideals Reevaluation of thenorms tat glorify and legitimate violence in the family and the society In order to prevent family violence, it is significant to denounce the norms such as those that assert that a man is the powerful figure in the house that

Bonus #3

Bally was extremely concerned that Trump's further encroachment into their company's pool of stock would threaten the company at-large, and their positions in the leadership. Overall, Donald Trump was a good influence on Bally Manufacturing, but in the short-term it did come at an expense to that firm.

Genre paper and presentation

The two are separated for over ten years and are finally reunited when Allie is engaged and forced to choose between her fiance and her young love.P. For example, in the scene were Lon, her fiance, proposes to her, instead of becoming excited, she becomes quiet and sees Noah's face instead.

Reading report of or

READING REPORT OF THE TALE OF GENJI AND GENJI MONOGATARI Reading Report of The Tale of Genji and Genji Monogatari The catchy work by Shikibu is one that encompasses numerous themes that deepen the readers' audience understanding of the Japanese culture and society in the times. The issue of rape and its relation in to the marriage of

Economics: on the road to serfdom, friedrich a. hayek

He had a front row seat to the clash of the collectivist titans from the mild socialism he saw in the West to the national socialism of Germany and the communism of the Russian state. It is interesting to note that outside of Germany and the USSR during the course of WWII, the United Kingdom was considered the

Tom clancy’s net force: changing of the guards book report

Sam Cox is the main villain of the novel, who, he and his company are worth billions of dollars, and he was a soviet spy in his youth. The book Tom Clancy's Net Force: Changing of the Guards Book Report is a great book that will hook you in and not let you free until you finish it.

Article critique

With such changes in the career sector, Wagner emphasizes the need for adopting a proactive approach to the personal management of one's career path. In many cases, the identification of career goals and personal preferences can help an individual identify new skills that may present a competitive edge in one's career.

Huckelberry finn and the war prayer by mark twain

Huckleberry Finn exposes the brutality and cruelty of the slave system and of racism not by showing brutal beatings in the manner of Roots, which would be well enough, but by humanizing Nigger Jim, making it clear that this person is a man worthy of respect. Huck's a kid, and Jim protects him from the horrible truth of

Discussion 3 6087

The amount of resources and time allocated to the disabled persons needs may have some significance to the caregiver especially the lifestyle and mental health. The care given to a person with a disability has a mental health effect on the caregiver.

Living in sin

The speaker is referencing the " record" of the innocence of nature vs.humanity.#1 " History": The title history means documented evidence through an individual's eyes, the history that was experienced and explained by that individual and its relevance to the times." His-story" is told from His point of view." Her-story is told from her point of view. How

Indians in unexpected places

In the initial chapters Philip explores the historical context of non-Indian expectations where their interest in the Indian product of cultural artifacts is concerned. Deloria raises a lot of theories pertaining to non-Indian anxieties where the inclusion of the Indians in the American society was concerned.

Siddhartha part 1 quintessential quotes and analysis

This quotation from ' The Son of the Brahman' throws light on the personality of Siddhartha that he was brought up among wise people and at a very young age he was full of knowledge that Brahmans possessed which proved to be insufficient for him. Gotama, the Buddha, the enlightened and the perfected man brings peace and calmness

The lives of children and the conscience of a nation

Kozol feels that everyone living comfortably at the expense of the ghetto must be aware of how their silence and inaction affects the lives of the ghetto's children. The people of the ghetto find hope in religion.


According to Jens Pruessner of the Douglas Mental Health University, being born and raised in city increases the lifetime risk of certain psychiatric disorders like anxiety and mood disorders like depression and schizophrenia and this is mainly related to stress in city living. The researchers evaluated volunteers from rural and urban areas and found that those living in

Synopsis of the of psalms in the bible

Synopsis of the Book of Psalms in the Bible The book of Psalms is alleged to be the most widely read and valued book in the bible. The book of Psalms also contains the shortest and the longest verses in the bible and the verses that are at the center of the Bible.

Symbolism in the lottery

The author has used black color in the story to symbolize death. The black box set on a stool that is missing one leg indicates the purpose of death, to destroy one of the members of the community.

Acting white by stuart bucks

This has also led to the stereotyping of African American children as people feel that they are not well prepared for the job market. Using the education system to stereotype the African American children is wrong as it has continued to suppress them through the education system.

The end of the black box

He had seen others who had fallen to the stones, sacrificed for the good of the town. He sat for hours trying to see the connection between the horrific act of stoning the one and the success of the fields.

From slavery to freedom, edition 9, chapter 14, odyssey part 6/2

However, the increasing death rates in the war and the German attacks on the American ships forced the President, Wilson to call for a joint session of the Congress and seek the permission for engaging in the war. The Congress the rejected the idea of " whites-only draft" and passed the Selective Service Act in May 1917 which

Voltaires satire on optimism

In the novella " Candide" Voltaire deals with a series of themes such as the ' folly of Optimism', ' bitterness of stern reality', ' futility of philosophical speculation', ' the corrupting effect of money', ' hypocrisy of the religious system', etc that are stitched together with the common thread that Leibniz's optimistic philosophy simply failed to perceive

Almost french: love and a new life in paris by sarah turnbull

In doing this, the author uses language sparingly often infusing French in the book just so she develops an emotional appeal to her audience as the discussion below portrays. Her inclusion of the French words in the plot is a deliberate strategy she employs in her attempt to prove the extent of the difficulty she endured.

Shevchenko poems

In the last and ninth last lines of the poem, such rhetoric questions have been posed.' will speak of me?' Rhetoric questions help in arousing the audience to reflect on the value of liberty and his need for being recognized as a legacy. Taras used a range of symbols, images and the poetic forms in general to pass

The steve jobs by walter isaacson

Commentary Steve Jobs is a captivating and entertaining book that explores the life of an innovative genius that rose from the dust to the helm of one of the most successful electronics giant in the world. This is manifested when the Fortune Magazine at some point wanted to publish a damaging article about him focusing on the negative

The monk who sold the ferrari

The paper " The Monk who Sold the Ferrari" is a great example of a literature book review. The Monk who sold the Ferrari is the book that made me realize the depth behind the saying by Mr R.D.


Response Although the government has a man ensuring that it provides services even to the less fortunate in the society, it should not impose extreme measures in order to collect money from the members of the public. Response to the post I agree that the government should not force itself to the people.

Woodrow wilson wouldnt yield

The story of America's rejection of the League of Nations revolves largely around the personality and character of Thomas Woodrow Wilson. Holding aloft the torch of idealism in one hand and the flaming sword of righteousness in the other, he aroused the masses to a holy crusade.

Review on the the old man

Book Review: " The Old Man Who Danced Naked Around the Flag Pole" by James Scott Introduction The book, " The Old Man Who Danced Naked around the FlagPole" was written by James Scott and it appeared before his readers by the Authorhouse Publication in the year of 2005. Thesis Statement The book " The Old Man Who


Blue, Black and Du Bois After the war that freed Black American from slavery, it seemed that the freedom is just another setback for them as White Americans regarded them more with anger and even disgust as to say. For Du Bois, the blueprint or the basis of their road to success is when Black Americans receive the

Review of the art of war by sun tzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu: A Book Review The Art of War by Sun Tzu: A Book Review Chinese military general and strategist Sun Tzu's" The Art of War" is a well-known literary classic that has widely influenced not only the leaders of military studies all over the world but politicians, business people and athletes as

Political parties and party systems by alan ware

Chapter 10 in the book by Alan Ware " Political Parties and Party Systems" provides a reader with both concise and detailed information on the way parties approach their campaigns in order to overcome the rivals. It is a formula of keeping up a good job by taking voters' suggestions into account and persuading they will be resolved

The prince of los cocuyos by richard blanco

Richard Blanco, through the seven chapters of his book, The Prince of Los Cocuyos, focuses on specific memories to enable his audience to navigate briskly through time as sheer delight. All these personalities in real sense appeared to be part of me as a freshman.

The fury of overshoes by anne sexton

In the lines " and thinking nothing of it", the poem expresses how the author seems to want to have that innocence of a child, wondering how it is to be an adult, without any idea of the hardships.2. In this poem, the line " If ever two were one, then surely we" is a personal favorite because

Streetcar named desire by tennessee williams

With alcohol, as with his other brutal acts, he was attempting to bring down everybody's lives down to the level of his own. The most important lesson, however, that a reader would find in Kowalski's character with all his redeeming factors, which are few is that he represented the side that of humanity that are least preferable in

The story in winners go first by trent masiki

The writer has, very skillfully, described the dialogues of the main characters, because the reader comes to know the internal psyche of the two brothers through their conversation. On this statement, Torrie feels a conflict between his internal conception of character and the reality of the outside world.

The narrators changing character in the yellow wallpaper by charlotte perkins gilman

Towards the middle of the story, the narrator loses her hatred for the wallpaper and is quite intrigued and absorbed by it. The wallpaper comes to mean to the narrator a kind of representation of herself, her life, and her sufferings.

Discourse on the method – part iv by descartes

It persuades me to agree with the power of reason as Descartes acknowledged that something or someone is greater than him and his potential to form thoughts or ability to doubt where he justifies the validity of reason over senses and cognition by reasoning itself. The philosopher at the time seems capable of being open to the light


In his speech to the Congress, President Roosevelt was categorical in saying that under the circumstances the US could not remain a silent spectator and was prepared to do everything to protect its territories and the interests of its people. He asserted that the Americans judged Nazis by their own standards in not going to the extent of

The curious case of paul

For Paul, the whole world is all lies, and the theater is one more of Paul's illusions. The truth that he had been able to lie away, to escape, and to run from had come out of the darkness to confront Paul.

Preparing financial statements and costs associated with it

Daske and his colleagues examined the outcome of the mandatory shift from local FASB standards to IASB standards. Auditing is the most effective form of enforcement of FASB and IASB accounting standards.

Meditations on first philosophy by rene descartes

The statement is the result of an earlier discourse in which Descartes called into question all of the assumptions he would come to believe as a result of the philosophical thought of his day. His idea of discovering truths about the world was defined by whether he had a clear and distinct perception of them and that was

A case of mistreatment at work

A Case of Mistreatment at Work The primary problem in the case is that there is a culture that has been nurtured in the organization that discourages employees to air out their grievances. Diversity in the workplace is usually considered an advantage to the organization because it allows the organization to enjoy the skills of persons from

Bellamys looking backward

Therefore, the author has been highly effective in suggesting the relevance of scientific and social developments to enhance the quality of life for an American city in the future.3. In fact, the scientific and social developments have not resulted in a great change in the quality of life for any American city.

Book report for maniac magee

No, I would not like a friend like Maniac because he would be better than me at everything and I do not think I would feel like I was good at anything if I hung around him. I would not like that nickname because I would not want to be known for doing everything like a maniac.

Leviathan by thomas hobbes

These are the essential elements of human beings which offer them the diversity of appearances and the most essential element of them all is sense because it is the organs of sense which help the man in making conception in mind. According to Hobbes, the cause of sense is the external body or the object which initiates the

Cinderella analysis, summary ,essay ,outline

Perrault's version of Cinderella portrays the story of a girl who is entirely submissive to the will of her stepmother and her two stepsisters. This moral value is highly misleading simply because of the assumption that being beautiful is mandatory for a girl to achieve her desire and dreams.

Civil war in the fires of jubilee: nat turners fierce rebellion by oates

Reading about slavery and the condition of slaves makes me think that what Nat Turner did was justified. I did not like the killing of the infants and school children by the slaves.

Muhammad prophet for our time by karen armstrong

Book Review: " Muhammad Prophet for Our Time: by Karen Armstrong Karen Armstrong's " Muhammad: A prophet for our Time" is a biographical representation of Muhammad that shows how the majority of Muslims understand his life and the Islamic faith. The book indicates that the terrorists misunderstand the Islamic faith by selectively misinterpreting the teachings of the Quran.

Is history fiction & a global history of modern historiography

Curthoys and Docker question the validity and truth of History by identifying the ' doubleness of history'. This book also highlights the questioning of the truth of history that took place in the 1960s and 70s known as the postmodernism.

Revisiting sacred ground by n. scott momaday

The reason he is revisiting these places and describing them in his articles is because he is of the opinion that a person can never forget the land where he is brought up and raised. This trip is because of the reason that he wants to feel the scent of his land again.

Meditations on first philosophy by descartes

Remembered today primarily as the father of modern philosophy, Descartes introduced a shift in thinking from the empiricist school of thought in which people believed all knowledge ultimately comes to us through our senses to the rationalist school of thought in which it was believed that human reason was the source for all human knowledge. After rejecting all

Kierkegaards account of faith

The reconciliation of the knight of Faith with his fate of not getting the princess ever is surpassed by a belief in the absurd, i.e, an amorphous, formless, and intangible feeling based on the fact that through the power of God everything is possible. According to the writer Pojman, the difference in the two accounts of faith, that

The underground welder as a piece of literature

The theme of the story in terms of its contribution to the literature and the overall world. The use of monochromatic illustrations and art gives the piece the feel of emptiness.

Platos republic: seven and the allegory of the cave

In Book 7 of his book The Republic, Plato pulled together the ideas of Socrates and Pythagoras with his own ideas to develop his Theory of Forms which is presented in his Allegory of the Cave. However, after they have had a chance to live another way, they will begin to understand their new perception as being the

Brian fawcetts politics and the english language

Both Fawcett and Orwell share the same opinion that the political and cultural degradation of our society can be attributed and manifested with our use of the English language. Therefore, we have to be more critical listeners, and we ourselves should avoid talking in the same way that the political speeches are delivered.

Nicomachean ethics by aristotel

For Plato and Aristotle, politics and ethics were closely connected.'He who would duly inquire about the best form of a state ought first to determine which is the most eligible life'.'Virtue must be the care of a state which is truly so-called' For Plato's judgment of the attempt to practice politics as an art separate from ethics see

Book report

The book under analysis is the work by Frey James My Friend Leonard. However feeling of rage and the weight of reality makes James be scared of relapse thus he appeals to his old friend Leonard.

Uglies book report essay

Although many other themes are also conveyed in this book, the main message is clear: Fear of alienation in society causes one to suppress to conformity. In the book, society is perfect and everybody is peaceful.